Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

The Serene Squall

Previously on Star Trek:
Strange New Worlds
You do not want to be late
to the captain's table.

Captain wants, you know, regular people,
to hear what's actually
happening on the ship.

- You ready for this?
- I am more than capable
of managing any pain you can induce.


Now you're just toying with me.

- That was not my intention.

- I've noticed.

Your time in Starfleet
may be causing you
to behave in a manner so human,
we may ultimately find
ourselves incompatible.

Maybe T'Pring just feels misunderstood.

Thank you for your advice.

Never get in the middle
of a Vulcan relationship.

They will hit you with a lirpa.

Circumstances are complicated
between Spock and myself.

Personal log, stardate 1997.

My last few weeks of service
at the Ankeshtan K'til Retreat
have been productive.

It is difficult to guide those
who once walked a destructive
path back to civilized society.

Helping them purge the emotions
that lead to thievery,
abuse, even murder.

Most challenging has been stealing time
for Spock and myself.

We are making the most of
our long-distance endeavor,
but I sense in Spock a desire
to explore his human side.

So I've been attempting to
introduce experimentation
into our relationship in an effort to
as humans are apparently
fond of saying
"spice things up.
I have been doing research on human sex.

- What?
- InTropic of Cancer,
the human author, Henry
Miller, has a very specific idea
about sexuality, which
strikes me as very male.

- I have not read it.

- Meanwhile,
Erica Jong's Fear of Flying
presents a female point of view,
while still tied to a
20th-century conception of
I am not familiar
with that book, either.

I found The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
to be more interesting,
as a study of the transformations
some humans go through
in the process of

Perhaps we should read some
of these texts together.

As you wish.

But as you are half-human,
I thought the onus was
on me as full Vulcan
to better understand the
culture that makes you you.


Thank you, T'Pring.

That is thoughtful.

Of course, there is no replacement
for seeing each other in person.

Have you met Dr.
Aspen yet?
They seem very sharp.


Has razor blades for palms.

You know, to shave?

Earth to Spock.

I am sorry.

I am distracted.

Also, a master of understatement.

I am experiencing
challenges with T'Pring.

The last time I gave
you relationship advice,
- you kind of went overboard.

- I promise not to do so again.

I need a friend.

Ah, spill it.

T'Pring has been researching
human sexuality.

She has been quite thorough.

That doesn't sound so bad.

One would imagine.

She appears more eager to explore my
"humanity" than I am.

Spock, are you telling me your
girlfriend is moving too fast for you?
Reconciling my divergent
cultures of origin is complex.

- The journey is challenging.

- Spock, do you know
why it's fun to be friends with Vulcans?
Because Vulcans are honest.

Don't try to be smarter than the truth.

That's what got you
in trouble last time.

Thank you.

Also, pro tip
pay better attention
to me when I'm talking
You are very charming, and
I am completely missing it?

You're learning.

I've been running aid missions
in this sector for years,
Captain, and the colonists
we're trying to help
are as desperate as any I've ever seen.

They've been stranded
on the edge of non-Federation
space for months.

When did the colonial
ships lose power, Dr.
26 days ago.

They're toughing it out,
but malnourishment and
dehydration are setting in.

And, being where they are,
they're a long way from help.

My guess is we'll have our new friends
back on their feet in no time.

Thank you.

This means everything to me.

To them.

I see why Starfleet
calls you their Boy Scout.

They do not call me that.

Chris, it's actually in your file.

But I'm not Uh, come
on, I'm not the Boy Scout.

It's actually been really difficult
getting people out here.

Starfleet doesn't relish
their ships getting this close
- to non-Federation
- Well,
this sector is the quadrant's
version of the Wild, Wild West.

- So, risk assessment?
- There are reports
of an unaffiliated vessel
called the Serene Squall
carrying out raids along the border.

- Unaffiliated?
- Pirates.


My organization has lost
several aid missions to that ship.

The Enterprisewould doubtless
prove superior to any pirate vessel.

These pirates are outsiders,
fiercely loyal to each other.

That bond can be more
powerful than any weapon.

It's best to steer clear.

Your file says that you used to
serve as counselor on Starbase 12.

Why the switch to humanitarian work?
My experience on the border showed me
that not everyone who needs help
is lucky enough to be in the Federation.

So I decided to leave to
run aid missions myself.

That's a shame.

Starfleet could use more
people with your perspective.

Captain, we're at the coordinates
of the damaged colonial ships.

I think you'll want to see this.

- What am I looking at?
- Debris.

It's all that remains of the colonists.

Ship signatures match two of
the three colonial vessels.

Any survivors?
No life signs, sir.

Maybe they escaped to the third ship.

Is there any sign of it?
None, Counselor.

But I am detecting an
unidentified warp signature.

Your pirates?
The people in these ships
didn't have food or supplies
nothing worth stealing.

Unless they wanted the
colonists themselves.

Outside of the Federation,
slavery is upsettingly common.

If you're right, and I hope you're not,
then they're already
back across the border.

Sir, entering non-Federation space
requires Starfleet approval.

How long for a request
to reach Starfleet?
At this distance, two days.

This sector is too far from
Federation subspace relays
to provide rapid communication.

To put it simply, if we head
in, we would be on our own.

Send the request, Mr.

Ortegas, set a course.

We'll drop subspace buoys
as we go to maintain comms.

Those buoys will be our only
connection to civilization.

I'm aware, Mr.
Spock, but
I'm not waiting to be told
it's okay to keep people
off the auction block.

We're going to find those colonists.


The final frontier.

These are the voyages of
the starshipEnterprise.

Its five-year mission:
to explore strange new worlds
to seek out new life
and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no
one has gone before.



The captain has been
trying to reach you.

Your presence is
requested on the bridge.


I used to club-hop
during my academy days.


Helped me work off the stress.

It is natural the colonist's
predicament would cause anxiety.

And no small bit of guilt.

I should have gotten here sooner.

Self-blame is counterproductive
and often results in the
very anxiety we wish to avoid.

Well, not all of us have had
the pleasure of a Kolinahr
to purge all emotion.

You are familiar with the ritual?
I've worked with Vulcans before.

I never got Kolinahr.

You naturally have
emotions, so why erase them?
Kolinahr offers clarity.

An ability to see
one's self without bias.

I very much look forward to mine.


He hasn't snipped his emotions yet.

Captain on the bridge.

We picked up a distress signal
in a nearby asteroid field.

Could the colonists have
the capacity to send one,
even without their ships?
It's possible.

But I've also heard of
pirates setting ambushes
by cloning ship signals.

Exactly what I told the captain.

And I reminded Mr.

Spock that regulations
still strongly suggest that we
investigate any distress signal.

Yellow alert.

Erica, take us closer, please.

How close do you want to get?
First date or third date?
Blind date.


Proceeding with caution, sir.

The signal's growing stronger,
but I have yet to detect
a vessel of any kind.

Red alert.
Full stop.

It looks like a net.

Except, you know, made of lasers.

It's formed by multiple asteroids
equipped with high-energy
electromagnetic reflectors.

Recommend we do not
cross one of the beams.

What happens if we do?
At best, it will shut down the ship.

And at worst?
- Kaboom?
- Indeed.

We should avoid the laser net.

- Weapons?
- Unwise.

The reflectors are likely attuned
to minute energy changes.

Shutting one off could cause
a cascade of escalating detonations.

That does not sound good.

Can we find a way to
push apart the reflectors
- to create a space to pass through?
- Motion would result
in timing delays, which may
trigger the same cascade effect.


Sir, the net appears
to be growing smaller.

If each asteroid has a reflector,
the further we get from the source,
the more the signal should degrade, no?
Which would mean that
whichever asteroid is emitting
the highest amount of energy
is likely the source of the beams.

Isolate that one, and the
entire trap should shut down.

But if we choose wrong?
I'm not gonna say it.

Scanning electromagnetic
signatures of each asteroid.

There's our boy.

Target phasers.


Belay that.
Equal levels of degradation
suggests either asteroid
could be the source of
electromagnetic energy.

So which asteroid do we shoot?
Sir, it is impossible to
determine with any certainty.

This thing is contracting.

If we don't fire on one soon,
we won't be able to fire on any.

Go with your gut.

Just make a choice, Spock.

Designee 22A.

Firing phasers.

Well done, Mr.

Good hunch.


May I help you, Counselor?
I came to ask you that.

- Have I acted in a way that suggests I need assistance?
- No.

That's why I ask.

I would welcome your aid
with these scans of the asteroid field.

I am endeavoring to learn more
about how the Serene Squall operates.

You looked like you were
going to have a heart attack
when Pike told you to go with your gut.

Captain Pike is comfortable
operating off of hunches.

I have found the experience
to be disturbingly similar to guessing.

What's wrong with guessing?
They are derived from
incomplete premises.

It is illogical.

Says you.

Says all Vulcans.

Well, aren't you half-human?
That is merely genetics.

I was raised on Vulcan.

And that's geography.


You know, all species
put things into boxes.

It's like you're either
this, or you're that.

sometimes we act a certain way
to fit people's expectations,
but that's not necessarily who we are.

And sometimes, like on
the bridge just now
it can limit us.

You are proposing I better balance
my human and Vulcan natures.

I'm saying
maybe you're neither.

That is nonsensical.

If I am not human or Vulcan, what am I?
I mean, that's not
my question to answer.



I've just known a few Vulcans is all.

And about this stuff.

I wouldn't waste time analyzing it.

The trap wasn't set
by the Serene Squall.

If it had been, we'd be dead already.

Steering without mapping
relays is no easy task.

Ensign Hsu can relieve
you if you need a minute.

Actually, I enjoy flying manually.

Feels like the ship and I
are in a deep conversation.

You know, like a third date.

Picking up a ship's signature ahead.

Looks like the other colonial ship.

Life signs?
Detecting 200 life
signs in the cargo hold
and 30 more spread through the ship.

The manifest for all three
colonial ships was about 200.

It would appear they're
being held prisoner.

The doors are sealed.

Squallcould've hijacked the ship
and left a boarding party behind.

That would account for
the other 30 life signs.

Have the colonial ship's
sensors detected us?
Not yet, sir.
Out of range.

Then we have the advantage.

Let's use it before we lose it.

La'An, Una, you're with me.

Unauthorized trips into
non-Federation space,
heading up away missions.

Someone's playing fast and
loose with the rules today.

Who, me? The Boy Scout?
Watch your six.



Pike to Enterprise.
No colonists.

Captain, we're pulling you out of there.

Stand by for transport.

Copy, Number One,
and we'll maintain
Uh, something's jamming comms.

Spread out.
Find the crew.

Commander, ship sensors
detected multiple life signs
beaming aboard the Enterprise
as we transported the team
to the colonial vessel.

Intruder alert.

Defensive stations.

Come in, Enterprise.
Come in.

- I don't like this.

- I don't, either.

Think we should get moving
before the bad guys decide
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.

Battle stations! Computer,
initiate security
protocol Omega-Beta-Nine.

Access to Enterprisecontrols
is fully locked down on my mark.

Breach the bridge!
Get over there.

Go! Go, go, go!
Deck Four.

Welcome to the Serene Squall.

Remain calm, Counselor.
will be in sickbay shortly.

move into the transporter room now.

We're going to get caught if
we don't find a place to hide.

This way.


I'm the last one to go
and wreck a great jawline,
but we need the codes to undo
your ship's lockdown, Cap.

Huh? Come on.

Look, we've taken your ship, yeah?
Caged your crew.

So this whole defiant captain drama?
It's sad.


We're wasting our time.

So she's the smart one.

Handsome and witty.

Aren't you a charmer?

You guys eat that stuff?
It's an Orion specialty.

Crew loves it.



Look, my crew, they need food and water.

Now, you take care of that,
and I'll show you how
a proper meal tastes,
huh? What do you say?
I asked for codes
to control your ship,
not food.

So we'll discuss it over dinner.

Ow! Okay.

How about I start air locking
your crew into space, huh?
Does that sound appetizing, huh?
We're far from the Federation.

The Enterprise isn't going anywhere.

And let's be honest.

The crew might like a good meal.

What's wrong with my cooking?

Go pamper his crew.

Hope you can cook.

Your crew's lives depend on it.

I will never understand why it's
so hard to send a simple SOS.


Turn around.

Don't hurt me.

I'm-I'm just a nurse.

- Drop your weapons.

- I don't have any.

Like I said,

Don't move.

There you are.


It's edible.

Everyone else seems to like it.

You know,
it doesn't hurt enemies to
give each other compliments.

For instance, you.

You seem way too intelligent
to be taking so much lip off your crew.

They know who calls the shots.

I'm sure they do.

Maybe instead of focusing on me,
you should focus on what's
gonna happen to your crew
if you don't give us the codes we want.

Look, I don't want to tell
you how to do your job.

Come here.

The Federation is
perfectly happy to ignore
whatever happens outside
of Federation space,
but then you go and you
hijack their flagship?
You just know the entire
fleet's coming after you.

Before they catch us,
we'll have sold your ship.

A lot of people in the quadrant
who'd pay a high price for it.

Do those people really want the
Federation coming after them?
- 'Cause that's what they'd be buying, too.

- No.

- The ship isn't all we have to sell.

- Mm?
Wonder what the Klingons would pay
for some Federation slave labor?
The Klingons.

well, you know why people like you
don't get into deals with the Klingons.

It's 'cause they tend
not to get out alive.

I know what I'm doing.


Thank you.

You are fortunate their
weapon was set to stun.

They clearly want to capture us alive.

I guess they'd rather
ransom us than kill us.

The commander's security
lockdown is still in place.

However, our invaders
have secured access
- to all ship levels.

- What about the escape pods?
Abandoning a ship as powerful
as the Enterpriseto criminals
is not an acceptable option.

We must retake the ship.

You do not want to get
captured by these people.

Your affect suggests a
more personal connection
to our adversaries than
previously disclosed.

My husband directed refugee relocation
efforts to Federation colonies.

The Squall raided one of his transports.

He fought back.
He lost.

It's why I left Starfleet.

You entered your current line
of work to honor your husband.

He was Vulcan.
Skipped his Kolinahr.

He was torn.

I'd tell him to stop worrying
if he was being too emotional,
too logical.

Logic probably told him
to fight back that day.

I wish
he would've let himself be scared.

We need to abandon ship.

The Jefferies tubes will
get us to Engineering.

From there, I can override
the security lockdown
and redirect ship systems
in order to send a
distress call to Starfleet.

I'm not a fighter, Spock.

Based upon what you
just shared, Counselor,
I believe you to be wholly incorrect.

Oh, hey, guys.

How's everybody doing? You good?
Let me examine you.

Good news.

- Your head is not scrambled.

- Yeah, well, more good news.

I convinced these guys to
sell us to the Klingons.

You sure that thing's not broken?
- Let me check.

- N no, I'm I'm fine.
Trust me.

The captain thought
selling us to the Klingons
was a great idea.
Rest of the crew?
Not so much.

Oh, Chris.

Oh, no.

Not Alpha Braga IV.

Oh, yeah.

- Alpha Braga IV.

- Um,
what's Alpha Braga IV?
We're starting a mutiny.

Access denied.

Access denied.

Happy to see you, too.

Your handiwork?
You seem surprised.

I've been trying to send a
distress call to Starfleet,
- but it won't let me.

- I can lift the lockdown
so we may command the
ship from Engineering.

It'll buy us some time for
Starfleet to send backup.

Computer, this is ranking
officer Lieutenant Spock
commanding you to
override security lockdown.

Access code Spock

Access granted.

Transfer all command systems
from Bridge to Engineering.

Command systems transferred.

Seal Engineering doors.

Engineering sealed.

I will scan the area for the
location of the Serene Squall.

Nurse Chapel, can you
access communications?
- Working on it.

- Dr.
Aspen, can you check the transporter system?
I want to know if we can bring
the crew back to Enterprise
before they realize we're in control.

- Checking.

- Wait.

Comms just rerouted back to the bridge.

Not just comms.
All systems.

Engineering doors are no longer sealed.

Angel, actually.

Captain Angel.

The Serene Squallis your ship.

And now so is the Enterprise.

Your deception was quite thorough.

Oh, no, you feel betrayed.

I hate it when that happens.

You're so cute, too.

Feelings are not my concern.

- Only the safety of the Enterpriseand her crew.

- No feelings
even without a Kolinahr.

Where's the real Dr.
Aspen now?
Probably still wandering around
the uninhabited planet I dumped them on.

What? It's not like I killed them.

- Where are the colonists?
- Oh.

Them? Imaginary.

I made them up.
I told
a nice, little story
that I knew would bring you out here,
and you believed me.

Frankly, that's on you.

All right.

Let's see what this thing can do.

Fire phasers.

Oh, this is fun.

What is your objective?
You have control of the ship.

- Why are we still alive?
- Spock.

I have an extremely logical reason.

I'm enjoying your fancy ship,
but I didn't actually come
here for the Enterprise.

I came for you, Spock.

Whatever information you
want, I will not provide it.

I don't need any information.

All I need is for you to just
keep being you.


A subspace transmission
for you from the Enterprise.

Thank you, Stonn.

Who are you?
Nice to meet you.

Got to say, you are very attractive
for a prison guard.

Ankeshtan K'til is not a prison.

It's a rehabilitation center.

Pok tar, pok
Gonna cut to the chase.

I've got a captive here.
I think you know him.

you are holding a
friend of mine prisoner.

A Vulcan named Xaverius.

How about an even trade?
Vulcan for Vulcan?
I am sure you are aware
that if I were to free him,
the high council would
revoke my position,
I would face criminal charges
and disgrace my family.

But you are bonded to
Spock by ritual engagement,
are you not? Which makes
him your responsibility.

So, you can endure
the stigma of losing a prisoner
or the stigma of letting
one of Vulcan's favorite sons,
your one true love, die.

Like I said,
potato, po-tah-toe.

Intimidation will not
influence my decisions.

I'm transmitting
coordinates anyway.

The Enterprisewill meet you
at the edge of Federation space
to make the exchange.

Oh, and if you choose to
involve the Federation
Trust me,
you won't have a fiancé left to rescue.

Set a course.

We've got a date with
Spock's girlfriend.

She just told you she's not gonna do it.

She'll comply.

Vulcans are not swayed by emotions.

I've been using emotion
to sway you all day.

Oh, those poor, sick colonists.

My tragic love lost in battle.

Stories, emotions
compelled you to do
exactly what I wanted.

I don't know if it's
because you're part Vulcan,
part human or both.

When you figure out who you
are, maybe you could fill me in.

I must point out the irony
of you questioning my identity.

Oh, come on.

I may have fudged a detail or two,
but I never lied about who I am.

I lost the man I loved, even if it was
to a Vulcan prison, not pirates.

You stole a Federation ship
and are blackmailing Vulcans
for love?
My friend, let me tell you something
that, from those
rock-hard eyes of yours,
I think you know.

Love is the only thing
that makes the cold
loneliness of space bearable.

That's why T'Pring will make the deal.


We are charting a course
for the colony of Qu'Vat.

We have some cargo to
sell to the Klingons.

All crew remain on standby.

You really think Remy has what it takes
to negotiate with the Klingons?
He can't even make a decent gruel.

As a medical professional,
I do see signs of
malnourishment in the crew.

Uh, well, he is captain.

I guess they have to do what he says.

He's not the captain.

All he's saying is if Remy's willing
to change plans unilaterally,
who else will he turn on
if things go south with the Klingons?
Whenthings go south.

I can protect myself.

But what about the rest of the crew?
You are the only person
thinking about them.

That makes you captain
material in my book.

- Remy has friends.

- Mm.

I've tasted his cooking.

How many friends does he really have?
Bet you have friends, too.

And if you needed backup, I
I might know where you
can find some more friends.

Eat your gruel.

- Alpha Braga IV.

- Mm.

Works every time.

Look who showed up.

- Open a channel.

- Aye, Captain.

T'Pring, you made a
very logical decision.

Keep Spock alive.

I sympathize with your predicament.

Now, let's get those transporters hot
and trade lovers.

Not that mine cares at all about logic.

Of course.
I believe I have
deduced who this prisoner is.

This is me waiting.

- Preparing to send the
- T'Pring, do not do this.

You cannot give them a starship.

You must destroy this vessel.


You have ten minutes
to hand over Xaverius,
or next time, I set it to kill.

Wait, don't sit up so quickly.

If I assure Xaverius's safe transport,
you will not harm Spock?
You have my word.

Deliver Spock to the transporter room.

I apologize in advance
for any liberties I take.

- Please follow my lead.

- Okay.

I will give you the transport
codes for the prisoner's cell.


I owe you an apology.
You were right.

About what?
I have been giving in to my human side.

More so than I wish to admit.

I cannot deny the emotions
within me any longer.

Spock, you are failing to
communicate effectively.

Nurse Chapel and I
He's trying to tell you
that we're having an affair.

We're in love.
I'm sorry.

You're kidding, right? You
expect her to believe this?
Obviously, it's entirely a ruse
to convince you not
to make the transfer.

Oh, you guys are fun.

T'Pring, feel free to beam over here.

I feel like you could probably
straighten things out in about a minute.

In light of this new information, Spock,
it is only logical that we
terminate our mating bond.

I understand.

- And I agree.

- Wait, what are you doing?
Parted from
me and never parted.

Never and always touching and touched.

- I sever what was.

- With these words, Spock,
you are freed of our bond.

I hold it broken, T'Pring.

- You know I'm still going to kill him.

- He has made his choice,
and I have made mine.

Goodbye, Spock.

Goodbye, T'Pring.

Are you kidding me?
Destroy that ship.

Powering up phasers.

Something happened.

Uh, weapons are immobilized.

- Shields just went down, too.

- What is going on?
Incoming transmission
from the Serene Squall.

On screen.

I'm only gonna tell you this once.

Get the hell out of my chair.

Our backdoor codes
have successfully paralyzed
weapons and defense systems.

Fire to disable impulse thrusters.

But gently.

Aye, sir.

I said gently.

What does firing gently even mean?
Impulse power is gone.

We can't get to warp, either.

The logical move would be to surrender.

I think there's more to life than logic.

And so, I suspect, do you.

For what it's worth, I did
enjoy meeting you, Mr.

Xaverius always talked about you.

I urge you to consider
that you do not need to be
either Vulcan or human.

That is and always has
been a false choice.

The question isn't
what you are.

It's who you are.

See you later.

Did we win? What happened?
Pike to Enterprise.

Everything okay over there?
Yes, Captain.
pirates have surrendered.

We are preparing to beam
the crew back toEnterprise.

Oh! Uh, before you do,
any chance you could
get us out of here first?
We might have taken over the
bridge a little prematurely.

Our mutiny is still in progress.

Sure would be easier to deal
with this crowd from over there.

Right away, Captain.

Captain's log, supplemental.

Starfleet has taken theSerene Squall
and its colorful crew into custody,
although the whereabouts of
Captain Angel remain unknown.

Argh, me mateys.

If we ever catch Angel,
we should make them
walk the plank.

Please stop.

- I wasn't sure you would come.

- I was in the vicinity.

I apologize for the
incident on the bridge
between Nurse Chapel and I.

Why apologize?
It was an impressive gambit
to protect both my reputation
and my patients' safety.

- You knew?
- Of course.

I never actually believed you could
have feelings for Nurse Chapel.

Of course not.

I assumed it was part
of some greater plan.

And I was right.

I was also right about something else.

- What?
- Your human side
can be a source of strength.

There is no way you could
have sold the passion
of that kiss without it.

Thank you.

You know me well.

Perhaps we should perform
a rebonding ritual.

That seems logical.

I came here to thank you.

And to applaud your
performance on the bridge.

Yeah, well,
lying isn't your strong suit,
so I just did what I could.

We don't have to talk about it.

I thought, because you are human,
you might need to discuss your feelings.

like I said earlier, I like Vulcans.

I know where I stand with you.

You're an honest man.

You're not the guy who would
chase after another woman
while you have a girlfriend.

I know for certain
there's no feelings between us.

I'm glad to hear that.

You know me well.

You're a good friend, Mr.

As are you, Nurse Chapel.

Spock, one last thing.

You said that on the bridge,
you suddenly realized
the identity of the prisoner
that Angel was trying to free.

Things they say were specific
to one Vulcan in particular.

Ambassador Sarek had
a child out of wedlock.

He, although full Vulcan,
has rejected the teachings of logic.

- He's one of the V'tosh ka'tur?
- Yes.

Isn't Ambassador Sarek
- your father, as well?
- Yes.

I believe Xaverius
to be an assumed name.

I believe the Vulcan Angel
was attempting to free
is someone I was told
to avoid at all costs
my half brother, Sybok.

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