Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Elysian Kingdom

Previously on Star Trek:
Strange New Worlds
I read that the Aenar have a
form of precognitive ability.
I knew you were going to ask that.
SPOCK: Hemmer may not be able to see,
but his other senses compensate.
UNA: You're keeping something
in the pattern buffer.
Rukiya. My daughter.
A year ago, she was
diagnosed with cygnokemia.
Story time?
You bet.
You've read this, like, a hundred times.
That doesn't mean that the ending
couldn't miraculously change.
M'BENGA: Chief medical
officer's personal log.
Stardate 2341.6.
The Enterprise is conducting
a routine survey of the Jonisian Nebula.
There isn't a great
deal for sickbay to do,
so I've been continuing my own research.
The patient's condition
has not improved.
Months have become days
and have become hours.
Every minute has become invaluable.
She has so little time left.
RUKIYA: Daddy,
finish the story.
I like it when you read the ending.
You need to go back in, Rukiya.
Just finish it with me.
"King Ridley scanned the
battlefield as Queen Neve's forces
approached the border of his kingdom.
Things were dark.
The king's chamberlain,
Sir Rauth, had turned against them.
Their only ally
Princess Thalia,
had fallen to the evil queen.
And now King Ridley
- was gravely outnumbered and "
- I hate this part.
But you wanted me to read it to you.
I know.
It's just I always wish the Huntress
would come along and help.
You know, like get
together with Sir Adya
- and rescue the king.
- But that's not what happens.
King Ridley is forced to choose.
- Give up his greatest weapon
- The Mercury Stone.
or rescue Princess Thalia.
I know.
But what if we could change the ending?
when you're a grown-up,
you'll write your own stories.
And you can have any ending you like.
But I have to get better first, right?
When I'm better, can
I see your quarters?
I'll take you to see the whole ship.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too.
Good night.

COMPUTER: Chemical 3-QND contained.
Doctor, the shuttle crew
landed several hours ago.
Is there a reason they haven't been
cleared for active duty yet?
I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] I must have gotten
a little lost in my research.
I'll get right to it.
Are you getting any closer?
The last thing I tried
literally blew up in my face.
Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard.
Rukiya has been living in
that transporter for too long.
Much longer than I anticipated.
And even so,
her time is now running out.
There has to be a cure.
I just need to find it.
I sympathize with your
duties as a father.
But I also have to remind you
of your duties as our
chief medical officer.
Understood, Commander.
I will ensure that the landing party
is cleared for duty immediately.
But first, why don't you get some rest.
- You can see to the landing party
- when you're feeling better.
- I'm fine.
Take it as an order then, Doctor.
The crew isn't going anywhere.
And neither is Rukiya.
Thank you, Una.
Cadet Uhura informs me
that all data buoys have been retrieved.
And with that, our survey of the
nebula appears to be complete.
I could get used to this.
PIKE: This.
No battles. No chaos.
Just scanning a nebula and
focusing on the science.
Nice change of pace, wouldn't you agree?
Captain, you have repeatedly told me
that humans have a superstition
against calling attention to good things
by saying them out loud.
Why, Mr. Spock,
I never took you for
the superstitious type.
Hmm. Erica,
set a course for McNair Starbase.
Drinks are on me.
Course set
and ready for warp on your mark, sir.
You gonna say the thing?
Hit it.
I said "hit it."
I'm hitting it, Captain, but
we're not moving.
Mitchell, what's going on with my ship?
All systems are in the green, sir,
but we're frozen in place.
- Mr. Spock?
- SPOCK: Scans indicate
a minor synchrotron flux
emanating from inside the nebula.
Perhaps that has affected
our warp capabilities.
Perhaps you did, indeed, jinx it.
Let's hope that's all we have
to worry about, Mr. Spock.
Pike to Engineering.
We still got a warp core down there?
Despite our lack of
motion, the warp core
seems to be functioning
within normal parameters.
Perhaps the nebula has merely affected
our ability to achieve
a static warp bubble.
Suggest we engage impulse thrusters
until we are clear of its
gravitational influence.
HEMMER: I concur with Mr. Spock's plan.
Great. Let's do it.
- Transferring power to impulse.
Ortegas? Get us out of here.
Kissing this nebula goodbye, take two.
Bridge to Dr. M'Benga. Emergency.
Lieutenant Ortegas is injured.
On my way, Captain.
- Hi.
- [WHISPERS]: Move!
All hail the king!
ALL: The king.
What the hell?
PIKE: Space.
The final frontier.
These are the voyages of
the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission:
to explore strange new worlds
to seek out new life
and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no
one has gone before.

I came to see Ortegas, but
Ortegas ?
You mean Sir Adya. Come, come.
Sir Adya?
From the book?
The book, sire?
Is this some kind of a joke, Captain?
If it is jokes you desire,
I could summon the court jester.
- Summon the court jest
- No.
Hold the jester!
M'BENGA: It's just
You're all dressed up like characters
from the book I've been reading to my
Well, Ortegas is Sir Adya.
And you are clearly
Sir Amand Rauth?
Your loyal chamberlain.
Was this your idea?
My idea to what, sire?
Mm, perhaps it would be best
if you took a seat, King Ridley.
Maybe I should sit.
Perhaps Your Highness is parched.
A sip of wine would refresh you.
ORTEGAS: What are you doing?
I'm just trying to help
our poor, tired king.
Where did the wine come from, Rauth?
PIKE: Let's see.
It came from beside the carafe.
It is my sworn duty to tend
to the king's well-being.
He shall drink nothing
I have not tasted first.
And as chamberlain,
the king's health is
my greatest concern.
Your words could polish the
finest of apples, Sir Rauth.
Perhaps they are better suited
to the kitchen.
I need a moment. Computer,
are you registering any
abnormal readings on the bridge?
- "Computer"?
- He obviously means The Oracle.
[WHISPERS]: Computer?
The explosion.
Perhaps the 3-QND is
causing me to hallucinate.
- I need to get to sickbay.
- To sickbay.
Uh, sorry, Your Highness.
Where is this bay?
And, ooh, do I need
to commandeer a ship?
I knew this dreadful fog was a
bad omen as soon as it appeared.
What fog?
A mysterious smoky wall.
It has engulfed the
entire kingdom, sire.
Poisonous air.
I wager it's a curse sent by Queen Neve.
Sorcery is a coward's weapon.
Give me a clean kill by sword any day.
- Uh
- Where are you going?
- Sire?
- I'm going to get a medical
A magical device.
Called a tricorder.
It will give me some answers.
Just stay here.
- Both of you.
- My king.
- My liege.
It is wonderful to see you, King Ridley.
What brings you to my sanctuary?
I'm looking for this.
Some sort of
healing stone?
M'BENGA: Its readings
indicate I'm perfectly healthy.
Allow me to examine you.
So much pain.
- It weighs down your spirit.
You should have come to me sooner.
And what does your device say of me?
- It seems your dopamine levels are highly elevated.
- Dopamine?
My king.
I know you said not to follow,
but Princess Thalia insisted.
My dear,
brave King Ridley.
I'm so grateful to
have finally found you.
Queen Neve
has invaded my kingdom.
She's obsessed with the Mercury
Stone. She thinks I have it.
Her Crimson Guard captured my
throne and imprisoned my subjects.
I mean, I scarcely escaped with my life,
not to mention my poor little Runa.
- Isn't that right?
- That, uh
- LA'AN: Mommy loves you so much.
- That is terrible.
LA'AN: I know
you have the Mercury Stone
safely in your keeping.
The stone is safe.
Heed me.
If you do not harness the stone's powers
to capture and stop Queen Neve,
she will have all of us in chains.
Your kingdom will fall as mine has.
Uh, what is this?
This does not look
like the Mercury Stone.
You are very perceptive.
It is not.
You have another weapon
in your mighty arsenal.
Oh! Brutal Queen Neve stands
nary a chance, Runa, does she?
My Princess Runa applauds
What are her dopamine levels?
Also higher than normal.
LA'AN: Is that bad?
Is it good?
It's curious.
It's a sign of heightened
neurological activity.
My king, the princess is right.
If you're not prepared to
use the power of the stone,
then allow me to lead an attack
against the Crimson Guard.
- Their heads will roll.
Perhaps we could refrain from
any unnecessary head chopping.
Oh. That's disappointing.
- HEMMER: Lieutenant Mitchell,
take your hands off me.
I'm your superior officer.
- The Crimson Guard.
Let me go. I'll have
you court-martialed.
Silence. Did you think your crimes
would go unpunished, wizard?
I'm not a wizard.
- I'm the chief engineer.
- You wear a wizard's robes.
HEMMER: This is absurd. I don't know
where these came from.
They just appeared.
Proof of your powers, wizard.
LA'AN: Halt your dark deeds,
accursed Crimson Guard!
Your hour of cruelty is at an end,
for King Ridley is here to
strike fear in your evil hearts.
Uh, release Caster the Wizard at once.
We don't answer to you, false king.
Unless you're here to
surrender the Mercury Stone.
But what about the Letter of Accords?
Are not Lady Audrey's
woods neutral territory
by royal agreement?
You have no rights here.
The king speaks the truth.
Queen Neve no longer acknowledges
the Letter of Accords.
These are now her woods,
and it won't be long before
your kingdom is hers, too.
- Hemmer.
- HEMMER: Dr. M'Benga,
please, help me. Everyone
else has lost their minds.
My king, perhaps it is time
to unleash the stone's power.
I don't actually have the stone.
- What?
- M'BENGA: But I know who might.
That wizard, Caster?
He knows where it is.
We must rescue him.
Absolutely. Good plan.
PIKE: Queen Neve will be
keeping Wizard Caster here
in the deepest part of her dungeon
at the center of her realm
surrounded by her most powerful forces
and weapons.
My good king, you mustn't go.
You will surely fall victim
to her most terrible magics.
PIKE: The princess is shrewd, as always.
Staging a rescue would be unwise.
Diplomacy might be more prudent.
I'm sorry, but we
need the Mercury Stone.
And it's hard to hear
- over the sound of your trembling boots.
- That's enough.
We're going to try diplomacy.
If that doesn't work, then
you can cut something in half.
Thank you, sire.
Starfall is thirsty.
Ridiculous name for a sword.
- You're ridiculous.
- M'BENGA: You are both
going to escort me to Queen Neve.
With as little bickering
as possible, please.
And what of me, my Lord?
- And Runa?
She should stay here.
And, um, you should stay to protect her.
[CHUCKLES]: Oh, a wise plan,
my king. We shall await your return.
And if you should fall in battle,
I will sing
an epic song
Of mourning. ♪
Let's go.
I think I might be
more useful staying
- M'BENGA: Oh, man!
- All right.
ORTEGAS: This forest is
full of Crimson banners.
Queen Neve grows more brazen by the day.
We are not alone.
Step forward.
Please point that elsewhere.
Pollux the Wizard?
King Ridley.
I'm surprised to find you here,
though I cannot say if I
think it foolish or brave.
Well, we're looking
for the Wizard Caster.
Ah. A fool's errand, then,
for he is now in the
hands of Queen Neve.
ORTEGAS: And what is to keep us
from simply marching
in there and taking him?
The Swamp of Infinite Deaths.
- Oh, that is not a good swamp.
- SPOCK: Alas,
the only way to her kingdom
takes you straight through it.
Oh. Oh, turn back then?
- Yes? No?
- I would die infinite deaths
to no longer hear your whining.
Are you sure, Pollux,
that there is no way for you to help us?
- Why should I help you?
- M'BENGA: Because Caster is your brother?
- He is?
- I had no idea.
How did you know?
I read it in a book.
And you would help Caster?
Not merely use him for his power?
If you lead us through the swamp,
I promise to free him.
I shall aid you, then.
There is a way around
the swamp. A secret way.
A dark way.
Follow me.
Queen Neve has my brother
Caster in her dungeons.
This tunnel should lead us there.
Are you sure we can trust him?
I'm sure we can't trust him.
But that's okay.
This is still the only
way to get to Caster.
ORTEGAS: If you say so, sire.
Welcome to my kingdom.
Now kneel before me.
Yes, of course.
ORTEGAS: My king, we
have been led into a trap.
I suspected as much.
You knew?
In any case, I knew
Queen Neve should be entering
the story right about now.
And I knew I should have
stayed in the castle.
It's always safer at home. Ow.
Welcome, King Ridley.
Now, where is the Mercury Stone?
Could be anywhere, really.
I'll let my torturers drag
its location out of you, then.
They love their work.
They're very thorough.
They look everywhere.
I promise you'll be compensated
well for your loyalty, sorcerer.
Thank you, Queen Neve.
You wanted to see my brother?
Now you can join him.
In the dungeon.
I can't take it anymore, I tell you!
The walls!
The walls are starting
to close in on me!
Hemmer, am I glad to see you.
Are we the only two crew
members who are unaffected?
- It would appear so.
- Do you have any idea
why everyone's acting so strangely?
They're all playing characters
from a children's book
- called The Elysian Kingdom.
- A children's book?
- How do you know this?
- Because I read it to my daughter.
It's a long story.
The important question to ask
is why you and I aren't affected
and why they are.
I thought the important question is
where is the Mercury Stone?
- Stone?
- M'BENGA: It's a weapon.
But it's fictional. From the book.
- Where is this weapon?
- Well, in the book,
Caster helps King Ridley to find it.
- I have no idea how to find it.
- I know. I came to rescue you
because you're the only
other person unaffected,
which means you can help
solve the real problem.
How do we undo all of this?
Where were you when it started?
In Engineering.
I had just checked the warp engines,
and I suddenly felt
I don't know,
a consciousness press against my own.
Luckily, my years of telepathic
training allowed me to block it.
Coming from where?
I didn't have time to figure it out.
I assume I'm able to keep my memories
because of my telepathic abilities.
Have you considered,
Doctor, the entity I sensed
might have pulled the
story from your mind?
But why?
Impossible to know without asking.
do you think you can make contact
with this entity again?
Contact with it is unpleasant.
That's why I blocked it.
It felt as if my brain were
being squeezed through my nose.
I did that to a man once.
HEMMER: I was, however,
able to sense that the
entity's not on another ship
but rather a part of the nebula itself.
Do you think if we access
the ship's scanner array,
we can learn more about this entity?
It's quite possible.
Engineering is close by.
I can control the ship's
systems from there.
We have to find a way out of here first.
And fast.
Maybe I can get us out of here
with the help of some
powerful magic called science.
What would a human magician say?
Abracadabra. I like it.
Don't look. It'll blind you.
What about you?
I am a wizard.
Oh, thank goodness.
Not bad, wizard.
I like this
What do you mean that the
prisoners have escaped?
The wizard conjured
his way out of the cell.
And yet you stand here cowering
instead of going after them.
- MITCHELL: I was about to.
- UHURA: You were about to?
You were about to lose your head.
Be grateful your queen
is feeling merciful today.
I will give you another
chance to earn my favor.
would you be so kind as
to take my Crimson Guard
and bring back my prisoners
before I toss you in the
dungeon in their place?
As you wish, my liege.
Once inside, I can block the door.
That should give us time to
access the ship's scanner array.
And what ship, pray
tell, are you speaking of?
- Spock.
- M'BENGA: Pollux.
Get out of our way.
Or what?
You're unarmed.
I have armed myself.
It would seem Adya has this
fight well under control.
Perhaps I would serve you best
from the safety of the castle.
- M'BENGA: Sure.
- Thank you, sire!
Sir Rauth isn't exactly
known for his bravery.
This isn't over.
UNA: Yes, it is.
What's happening? Who is this?
Z'ymira the Huntress.
She's an ally.
You said you would call on me.
- Been a busy time.
- ORTEGAS: A raven would be too much trouble?
Can we not do this now?
I saved your life.
That's something, right?
As grateful as I am
for whatever this is,
but we really should be
hurrying on to Engineering.
Yes. We should put
an end to this fantasy
before someone seriously gets hurt.
This is most unusual.
When I scan the nebula, I find
evidence of a single life form,
including brain activity, and yet
there is no sign of a physical body.
A consciousness without a body.
Floating in space.
With the power to create a new reality?
Sounds almost like
you're describing a god.
Doctor, are you familiar
with the theory of the Boltzmann brain?
I recall learning something
about it in university.
A Boltzmann brain
is a theoretical, spontaneously
generated consciousness.
It may be we have just encountered one.
So one day
out of nothing,
an all-powerful being just
And this consciousness has somehow
trapped our ship in the nebula?
And turned the crew into the
characters from a book I've read?
At least it made you the hero.
Let's say you're right.
How do we get it to stop?
Because until we do,
we are stuck here.
Perhaps you are the problem.
It's recreating a story you read.
It is possible the entity
is reading your brainwaves.
If we can find a way to
sever that connection,
like by hurting you,
the entity might let the Enterprise go.
You dare to threaten my king?
Stand down, Adya.
I can shoot him with
an arrow if that helps.
I don't really understand
what's going on.
I thought the point
was to hurt the king.
What's wrong with you?
I have sworn an oath to protect him.
You'll just never
understand that, will you?
I am Huntress of the Forest.
I swore my allegiance to no one but her.
You know that.
Sometimes I wonder if we
have anything in common.
HEMMER: Perhaps it is your
differences which drew you together.
M'BENGA: Hold on a second.
Something's wrong here.
Your Majesty?
This is not how the story goes.
The two of you
Adya, Z'ymira you
don't even know each other.
Not to contradict you,
but we know each other quite,
quite well.
Quite well.
But you're not supposed to.
The two of you never
actually meet in the book.
Except Rukiya.
Rukiya? Is she a character?
She's my daughter.
She has always hated
how the story ended.
She wanted Sir Adya
and Z'ymira to team up.
I told her when she grew up she could
become a writer and give
herself the ending she wanted.
Are you suggesting
the entity did not
take the story from you,
but rather from your daughter?
Where is Rukiya?
She's gone.
She was beamed out of the buffer
at 08:45 hours this morning.
To somewhere on the ship.
But it won't give me her exact location.
That's very odd.
my daughter is very sick.
The longer she stays out of the buffer,
the faster her illness will progress.
- She's dying.
- I'm so sorry, Doctor.
Let me help.
We have to find her.
I'm starting to think she might be
the only one who can
put an end to all this.
The Mercury Stone is a girl?
If this is true
I shall take her from him.
And make her my own.
How will you do that, my liege?
No. No, no, no, no.
Unhand me, you brute. Ow.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm too young to die.
I beg you spare me.
Whether you live or die
depends entirely on you,
Sir Rauth.
What do you want from me?
Your loyalty.
The forest calls.
Damn it!
I take it you've had
no luck finding her.
I have not.
took her out of the buffer and hid her.
Perhaps we are thinking
of this the wrong way.
Where would your daughter want to go?
My quarters are down here.
Rukiya always said
she wanted to see them.
Your Majesty, I am so glad
to see you alive and safe.
No thanks to your cowardice.
I lament.
I am not a fighter.
But what purpose would
my death have served,
if it merely led to
King Ridley's downfall?
You would worm your way out
of anything, wouldn't you?
Please now is not the time to fight.
We need to get into
my quarters right away.
I am sorry, my liege.
Did you really think
I was going to let you destroy
everything I've worked for, King Ridley?
ORTEGAS: I should have known
you would betray us, Rauth.
Truthfully, I should
have known it as well
since that's what
he does in the book.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
I am sorry, Your Majesty.
But she promised me your kingdom and
who could turn that down?
- All right.
As you were not willing to bend
to my will, I found someone who would.
Give up, dear brother.
Your powers are no match for mine.
There is no reason you have to die.
Pollux is right.
All I want is King
Ridley's secret weapon.
This so-called
Mercury Stone.
The girl in his quarters.
Let us have her, and I'll
let you and Caster live.
You shall not touch my daughter.
Or I will bring the might of my kingdom
down upon your heads.
HEMMER: He's right, Queen Neve.
Turn away now,
or I'll unleash the full power
of my powerful wizard
I'll I'll I'll
send you to the Event Horizon.
A dark realm full of
chaos and monsters and
There is no such place,
My Queen. He's bluffing.
What are you doing?
- cadabra!
Nice wizard powers.
I found this in Sickbay.
I set it to trigger the transporter.
They're in Cargo Bay 12.
Once again, the magic
of science prevails.
Too much?
I know.
Sir Adya, guard my quarters.
With my life, Sire.
Daddy, you made it!
There's no trace of cygnokemia.
You're healthy.
My friend made me better.
Your friend?
She woke me up, and we've been playing.
I could see you, Daddy.
You did such a good job.
Did you have fun?
I did.
But it's time to stop playing.
Can we put everything
back the way it was?
Why? My friend said we
could play as long as I want.
Your friend doesn't mean to,
but she's hurting my friends.
They need to return to their lives.
Do I have to go back
into the buffer, Daddy?
I don't know.
Frankly, I don't
understand what's happening.
Can I talk to your friend?
It doesn't really work that way.
I can be of some assistance.
You said if you tried to connect
to the consciousness
again, it could kill you.
I know, but
maybe if Rukiya told her
friend we need to talk,
the entity might be more
inclined to cooperate.
They'd like to talk
to you if that's okay.
If you would like,
you may speak through me.
Please be gentle.
must not take the child.
We don't mean you any harm.
But I need you to stop this fantasy.
You're putting my crew in danger.
The needs of your crew
are inconsequential.
You must protect the child.
You have an attachment to Rukiya.
We are alike.
She was lonely.
Like me.
How did you know?
When I probed your ship,
I felt her imprisoned in your machine.
I sensed her loneliness.
It matched my own.
I created this world for her.
To give her a piece of her
childhood you didn't allow.
I was trying to protect her.
Everything I did was to
keep my daughter alive.
I was looking for a cure.
But I'm all better now, Daddy.
And I thank you for that.
But whatever you are doing
to create this fantasy,
the crew cannot live like this.
You have to let them go.
If I leave,
the child will die.
My being near her cures her.
If I release the ship and
the child goes with you,
she will grow sick again.
The ship cannot stay here.
Then you must make a choice.
The crew or your daughter.
You can't ask me to do that.
I had fun out here.
But I'll go back into the
buffer if you want me to, Daddy.
There must be another way.
There is.
You could leave and she could stay.
How would she live?
It is her body that is ill.
But her consciousness
could join with me.
She would be free of sickness.
She will never know death.
Your friend.
She wants you to go with her.
Can you come, too, Daddy?
You know how in the story
King Ridley has the Mercury Stone?
He wants to keep it.
It protects him.
Makes him happy.
Until he learns
that it has a soul.
And that it will die
if he holds onto it.
He has to let it go.
Even though it means
he won't be happy anymore.
You're my Mercury Stone.
Remember I told you you could
write your own stories someday?
Maybe that someday is now.
But it's up to you.
I want to.
Okay, brave girl.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too, baby.
It tickles, Daddy.
Hello, Daddy.
Thank you.
For everything.
You were right I've been
creating my own adventures.
I wish I could tell you what I've seen.
You just left.
Moments for you have been
years for me and Debra.
You named the entity after
You look
so much like her.
Do I?
I'm happy.
I'm safe.
You did the right thing.
Someday we'll see each other again.
I know we will, but
you have to live your own life now.
Create your own stories.
Promise me you'll be happy.
I promise.
I have the worst headache.
am I in your quarters?
You don't remember?
The last thing I recall
is becoming stuck
in the Jonisian Nebula.
M'BENGA: Chief medical officer's
personal log, supplemental.
None of the crew remember what happened.
The entity's doing.
My daughter's doing.
I'm sure.
The surveillance logs are blank.
It's as if every one
of them lost five hours.
Except for me.
UNA: Joseph?
She's fine.
She's alive.
She's safe.
But, Una,
I have been through something
And no one on the ship remembers.
You know what happened
in the missing five hours.
Sounds like a hell of a story.
It is.
It begins
like all good stories.
Once upon a time.
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