Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s03e19 Episode Script

Bam Ui Pati; Tough Love

1 [" I'm from Another Dimension" by Brad Breeck plays] It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird Gonna have a good time I ain't from 'round here I'm from another woo-hoo Yeh-heah I'm talking rainbows I'm talking puppies Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa Paaa It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension [singing K-pop song in Korean] [speaking Korean] [slurping] Yeah, how's the girl supposed to sing with a cursed body bone? [burps] [speaking Korean] [soft piano music playing] Mmm, yeah, I should get a pizza.
Or Or I got an idea.
Why don't you pay me for the pizza you already ordered? You're still here? Just, like, put it on my tab or whatever.
Yeah, I'd love to do that.
The problem is, in order to put it on your tab, I need to see your I.
[clenching teeth] It's at the end of the bed! Uh, this isn't you.
The girl in this picture has one of those, uh - What uh? - Uh, fine, here.
Oh, yeah.
There's a weirdo looking in your window if you're interested.
[Star humming] Huh? [panting, giggling] Okay, guys, I can't get her to look.
What's Plan B? You're Plan B! You need to get back to that window and get our sister out of bed so we got somethin' to do, or else.
What, are you threatening me? [unisono] No, Star, we would never threaten you.
[shudders] All right, you guys gotta stop doin' that.
Imagine [sobbing] you woke up one day, [music] and you were so beautiful.
What are you talking about? What are you talking about? [sobbing] All right, so you know what? We're goin' with my plan.
Should've done this all along.
I'm gonna give her some sweet treats and just be nice to her.
Did you ever think about that? Is that all right with you, Azniss? Krysthalle? Shonda and Shinda? Where Where did Shonda and Shinda go? You know what? I don't care.
I really don't.
[grunts] - Gimme the treats.
- Unh! Look what I got for you.
Ah! Oh, good Mewni, what's that smell? [sing-song] Look, your favorite! Kitten donuts.
[mewing] Ooh, whatcha watchin'? [speaking Korean] Okay, Pony, I'm just gonna say it.
You don't have a horn.
Heinous took it from you, and that's awful.
But you gotta pick yourself back up and just move on.
Don't touch that! [TV show playing] - What's the matter with you?! - See, Star, we told you she won't get out of bed! Yeah, she's being so difficult, uh! Oh, and believe me, we've tried everything.
Go away and let me watch my show in peace! [inhales] [woman speaking Korean] Oh, wow.
Hey, girls, can we talk for a sec? Come on.
Maybe we should give her a break.
I mean, she's lost her horn.
She can't fly anymore.
Uh, excuse me, I don't have horn, and I can fly just fine! [window opening] - Hmm! - [gasping] Pony! [TV show continuing] Hey, Boo, thanks for showin' up on such short notice.
You're a good boyfriend.
Your satisfaction is my number one priority.
Wow, all right.
Blah blah blah, uh-huh.
I understand you, okay.
Just get me out of here, please! [engine starts, tires screech] [thunder blasts] Oh, no! She's driving into that storm! She's gonna die! Girls, we gotta save her! [grunts] Aaaah! [scream diminishing] Ugh! Oh, sorry.
Cloudy was a lot further down than I thought he was.
We gotta go! [music] [straining] Ahhh.
[girls crying on Korean TV show] I'm sorry, but tampering with company property - is strictly prohibited.
- Shh! Keep it down! You know the longer your mouth is open, - the less I want to be with you! - Uh [gulp] [crying continuing on TV show] It appears your friends are following us.
- Shall I pull over? - What?! Oh, no, no! No, no! Lose 'em! Step on it! At Reflectacorp, customer service is our number one priority.
[music] [speaking Korean] [Ponyhead sniffling] I I feel you, girl.
Your friends are faster than Reflectacorp's top utility van.
Uh! Then start throwing something at them or whatever.
Geez! Customer service is our number one priority.
You're gonna have to do better than that! - Your friends are very persistent.
- Deal with it! It is my pleasure to find you an adequate solution.
[loud bump] [gasps] Ponyhead! Oh, no! My Ponyhead! Ponyhead! Oh! [groans] What the Ponyhead?! [printer whirring] 3-D printing! Cool! [thunder blasts] [Cloudy] Whee! Ha ha! Whoo hoo hoo hoo! This has gone too far! Let me help you! [melodramatic music playing] [bang] [muffled] You can't run away from your problems! Are you listening?! Ponyhead! Come on! Let's end this and go home! Caution.
There's a slip stream ahead.
Oh, yeah, yeah, take that.
Yaah! [thunder blasts] Ponyhead, what are you doing? [gasps] Oh, my goodness.
He's at the hospital! [speaking Korean] [tires screech] [thunder rumbles] Hey! What's goin' on?! Why you stopping?! [thunder blasts] I am unable to travel any further due to hazardous weather conditions.
- Uh, okay, cool.
Then I'll drive.
- What? Ugh! [kiss] Here we go now.
Okay, this is a new life on the road! It's just for me! Here I come! And no interruptions, either, except for commercial breaks! Mmm, just me and my shows till the end of time! Forever! Ah ha ha ha ha! [upbeat music playing] [Ponyhead shouting joyously] [crash] [car alarm blaring] [alarm slowly dying] [thunder] [TV show playing] [girls shouting in Korean] I can't miss the finale.
[wind whistling] Oh, girl, yeah.
you been doin' that.
Mmm I love you, too! [sobbing] [singing K-pop song in Korean] She did it! The hot TV people are right! They're right! Just because my tour didn't sell out doesn't mean I should hide away! The world deserves Ponyhead! I deserve Ponyhead! [music] - There she is! - So dramatic.
We get it.
You had an emotional journey and came out as a changed pony.
- Eee! - Girl, thank you! Okay, I know I can be, like, a lot to deal with, like, all the time, like, tick-tock every single second, but I really appreciate you helping me.
I'm just so glad you're okay.
I would also help during the business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Oh, my goodness! I thought you died! - What? - Oh, no, I am unkillable.
However, I do have a gift for you.
I utilized Reflectacorp's newest 3-D printing technology to analyze your needs.
Reflectacorp assessed that artificial horns would suit you perfectly.
Oh, wow! You are so sweet! That is so adorable! Thank you so much, Boo! - May I do the honors? - Unh! No! That is reserved for my favorite sister.
Ohh! Uhh! Are you dense? I'm talkin' 'bout Star! [gasps] Aww! Huh! [woman singing in Korean] [whispers] I love it! Mmm, you know what, though? I am afraid that it's time to break up with you again.
Hey, do you think I can get one of those horns, too? Why do you always have to be at the center of attention, Hornanne? Just like, why?! Why?! Why?! Why do you need to do that? Why are you always thinkin' about you? Why?! Why?! Why?! [ominous music playing] [crows cawing, pigeons cooing] Okay, let's just make this fast.
L-Lord and Lady Pigeon, I understand your fear for your people's safety, but, please, let us take care of Meteora.
It's safer for everyone if Eclipsa and I get to her first.
[cooing] - Well, that's going well.
- Let me try.
[cooing] [Rich Pigeon] They can't understand you! You'll have to talk to me! Oh.
Turn around again.
[mechanical noises] Hold on.
You'll have to talk to me! Rich, we know that you're upset, but, please, don't take matters into your own hands.
Let us deal with Meteora.
[Rich straining] Look what she did to our castle! [buzzing] [pigeons cooing] - Does it not normally look like this? - No! Keep looking! [dramatic music] - [gasps] Oh, my.
- Behavior like this must not go unpunis [mechanical noises] [straining] Unpun Come on, make a fist.
Unpunished! Oh! No, no, no, no, no, no! Stop! [gasping] Oh, no! Aah! [squawks] - Rich, are you all - [yells] Get out of my house! - Uh, I'm so sor - Get out! Out! Out! - Okay, so, what do we do now? - Oh, I don't know, Eclipsa.
I was thinking we'd just, you know, follow the trail of destruction.
[flames crackling] [sighs, clicks tongue] Right, yeah, I I suppose that works.
[clicks tongue] Can you believe that little bird man? How upset he got? He's all, "Get out of my house!" You know, you might want to take this a little more seriously.
Oh, sorry.
You're right.
I get jokey when I'm nervous.
And just, it's been such a long time since I've seen my daughter.
Yes, but this isn't a rebellious teen.
This is carnage.
Meteora may be beyond your reach now.
- Well, I can try.
- Well, of course we'll try.
It just won't be easy.
Even the little monsters can be a handful.
Now let's keep going.
We're getting close.
[people shouting] Is that an angry mob headed in our direction? [shouting] Everyone, please! What's going on here?! We're out to get the fire-breathin' monstrosity with 23 heads and a tail what come and smashed up the town! You said she had a tail? A tail, which she used for destroying me humble cottage! [sadly] Me humble cottage.
I lost everything! Me life is ruined! [sobbing] Uh, perhaps you could take [sobbing uncontrollably] Oh, no! Me bad luck! I can't believe me bad luck! Oh! [thud] That thing destroyed our town.
- And we intend to do something about it! - Something violent! - [all] Yeah! - Violence! After what she done, there's no forgivin' and forgettin'.
She destroyed me teddy bear collection! [first villager] I love teddy bears! She gave me this neat hat! - I like it.
[all shouting] - Let's get out of here.
How are we supposed to find my daughter before a bunch of villagers with pitchforks do? Eclipsa, it will be fine.
We'll find her first.
[Eddie] Psst! Hey! Down here! Looking for the beast, are we? [music] - Yes.
- No.
Well, that's a confusing answer.
But we'll go with yes.
I've been tracking the beast for quite a while now.
Boy, is she gettin' big! Imagine the size of her mother! [laughs] Her father deserves most of the credit.
Can you take us to her? Well, that depends.
Do you have legs? Oh, look at that.
Answered my own question.
You both have legs! Uh, well, follow me.
[ribbiting] Is this the bog? Well, it was the bog, till that beast drank it up.
[gasping] Every last drop of it.
The true Bog Beast of Boggobah, - on account of her drinking the bog.
- How big is she? Well, I must say, as a Bog Beast expert, I reckon she's this big.
Not this big! I mean, this is just her foot.
A footprint! But, yes, she's big! And her tracks just keep getting bigger! [Eddie] Follow me! [sniffing] How does she keep getting bigger? Well, if you drank a bog, you'd put on a few pounds, love.
- But what is she eating? - Ooh! I can answer that one.
[dramatic music playing] She's been eating the souls of my family.
At first, I thought I'd quite like the peace and quiet, but then I, uh I realized I-I do I do miss them.
Except for Tim.
I do not miss Tim! Thanks, Tim! You're gone! - Oh, dear.
- How is she doing that? Well, her tracks end here.
[light snoring] She must be close.
Let's try to find her.
[hushed] Eddie, no! Stop! - Get out of there! - No! Wow! She's bigger than I thought! You ought to come look at this! - [hushed] No, no, no! - Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! No! [Eddie] I think I better give her a nudge.
See if we can wake her up a bit.
Nudge, nudge! Yep, I think that that's worked.
[dramatic music playing] Oh! - [gasping] She has magic.
- Mm-hmm.
We have to stop her.
You have to let me try something.
- What? - She might listen to me.
What?! [hushed] Come back! [exasperated sigh] Hello there.
Oh! [stammering] Before you kill me, I I brought you something.
Bo-Bo! Is it really Bo-Bo? - [whimpering] Up we go! - Can't believe it! - It's really - Yes! It's Bo-Bo! What's a Bo-Bo? But Mama made Bo-Bo.
Are you my my mama? You know, I think I prefer "Mother.
" - What?! - You know, "Mama" is just fine.
What should I call you? - Baby Smooth.
- Okaaaay.
[sighing laugh] Mama? Where have you been? Well some terrible, terrible people locked me up in a dingy old crystal deep down in a dark dungeon.
They were a rather backwards, maladjusted people, - especially their old queen.
- Oh! But that is an era bygone, and I'm hoping that now we're together again, we're going to have everything we've ever missed out on.
Like what? I don't know Uh, how about ponies? Bedtimes past 8:00.
Ice cream for breakfast.
- I hate ice cream.
- Then no ice cream.
What would you like instead? You can have anything you want.
- The throne of Mewni.
- What? I'm afraid that's not possible.
[heavy thuds] You said I can have anything I want.
But the throne is not mine to give.
It's ours by right! A lot has changed since we've been gone, and after everything that's happened at St.
Olga's I was a great head mistress! But you were stealing the life-force - of those girls to preserve your youth.
- Oh, you noticed.
Look, we have each other now.
- You don't need this kingdom.
- Are you saying "no?!" [inhales] - Yes, I am.
- Ugh! [stomping] Young lady, you turn right back around! All right, that's it! Meteora! You have to stop! [gasps] Mama, you set me up! I don't want to hurt you! That's too bad, because that's all I want to do to you! [groans] Yah! Ah! [growling] [groans] [screaming] I love you! [music] I know you haven't heard these words in a very long time, but I'm saying them again to you now.
Please, Meteora, come back to me.
I-I [groans] Aah! - I am ending this.
- No! [screaming] [sound fades] [high-pitched tone] [groans] [wind whistling] Moon! [frightened gasp] No! [gasps] [ominous music playing] She's a princess winning battles Through the break of dawn Don't worry when it's night 'Cause she will keep the lights on Ohh, there goes a shining star - # Evil won't deter her # - No, sir! # - # 'Cause magic flows through her - Star Butterfly # She is a shining star