Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s03e21 Episode Script

Conquer (part 1, part 2)

1 [" I'm from Another Dimension" by Brad Breeck plays] It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird Gonna have a good time I ain't from 'round here I'm from another woo-hoo Yeh-heah I'm talking rainbows I'm talking puppies Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa Paaa It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension Okay, okay, me next, me next, me next! - Who am I? - Oh! Oh! Oh - I don't know.
- Me, neither! [both laughing] - Got your unicorn! - Not for long! [laughing] [splashing] [laughing] [panting] Hmm? [laughing] Where's my unicorn? I don't know, watch.
Watch, watch.
- Oh, that looks super-duper fun.
- Well, it ain't half bad.
- You should try it.
- Cannonball! [unicorn whinnies] Oh, what are you doing here? You're coming with me.
[chanting] Where'd the hairy lady go? I don't know, I don't know.
[phone buzzes] Ohh! [Star on recording] You are Star Butter Hey! [gasps] Guess what I found? - Butter? - A unicorn! - [unicorn] Hi.
- Cool! Where'd you find that? Oh, just in the other world at the top of the waterfall.
Another world?! [pleasant music] I'll always take care of you.
Uh Uh, hey, where are you going? To see if there's more worlds.
Come on! Okay! [squeaking with each squeeze] Turdina! I'm getting bored! Well, I guess I'll just be on my way.
All right, we gotta come up with a new plan.
Oh, I got one.
Let's run for it! We could just hang at the tavern, - wait for this thing to blow over.
- I second that.
- Uh, that does sound pretty good.
- Oh, come on, guys! We're on a mission from the acting queen! Wait! She's not even queen?! Marco, the plan didn't work, man.
Well, of course it didn't work! I thought we all knew that when he named it "The Doom Nut.
" - Aw, come on! - Look, we're not following Marco's plans because they're good.
We're following them because he's Marco.
He is gonna come up with another terrible plan, and when that one doesn't work out, he'll come up with another, and then another.
That's why he's our leader, 'cause he's just dumb enough to never give up.
- Um, yeah, that's true.
- Yeah! Hey, uh, inspirational speech and all, but I ain't gettin' my dang soul sucked out of me! - We'll take a group photo.
- I'm in.
Well, what are we gonna do about those eyes? Um, we could put some shades on her.
That'll keep her cool.
- Ugh, Talon! - Geez, man! Come on! Oh! Only Turdina can come up with ideas! Guys, I got a plan.
- Ohh! - Ohh! [Moon] I've never seen anything like it.
Who's the guy with the hot dog head? - Oh, he's creepy.
- But I like it.
- Oof! - Oof! Hey! Let's see what's up there.
[straining] This is dumb.
This world is dumb.
- Let's go.
- Okay! [deep breaths] - Where you wanna go next? - [unicorn] Hey! What's that? I don't know, but it has way too many legs.
- What should we do? - Run! We have less legs than you, but we can still run! [grunting] How does this thing work, man? - Just unhook the clasp in the back.
- Oop! Oh, there it is.
- Now get in position! - Got it, ma'am! - Aah! - [Marco] Over here! Hey! [mariachi music playing] Welcome to Britta's Tacos.
Can I get your order? Your friends are doing all the fighting for you? Are you afraid, Turdina? Turdina fears no one! - Oh! Ohh! - Kelly! Floor it! [engine revving] - [Kelly] Let go! We're good! - Tom! [demonic chant] Talon! Cinch the rope! Yeah! That's how you do it! You're only making things worse for yourself! - Whoo! - Oh! Ah! [bell chimes] - Hey, nice work, guys.
- [Hekapoo] I'm impressed.
I was pretty sure Talon would mess it up.
Hey! I'm a professional! [revving engine] - [tires screech] Whoa! - Whoa! - Huh? - Ohh! Ohh! Oh, no.
[groaning] - Whoa-ho! - [Tom] I got this! [demonic chant] [Meteora shouts] And that takes care of that.
- [rumbling] Huh? - She's gone.
- Is it gone? - Hmm.
What am I looking for? [gasping] - Aah! - Who are you? - Uh, who are you?! - I'm um [gasping] Where'd she go? - She wasn't supposed to be here.
- Aw.
Well, now I'm all alone.
You're not supposed to be here, either.
[wind whistling] - [Kelly] Are they gonna be okay? - I I don't know.
[fighting tears] I guess it's time for that group photo.
[sniffles] Get over here, guys.
[rumbling] [laughing] Dang it.
- Run! - Not today, you turd! Ohh! [groans] Oh! I'm okay! I'm okay.
- [weak voice] Kelly - Wait.
What? Tad? Kellyyyyy! - Kellyyyyy! Unh! - What are you doing here? You were supposed to move out.
I was just collecting the last of my [cough cough] things.
That's really mature of y And, uh, writing the greatest love poem of all time.
- Can I recite it for you? - You don't have to.
Rose are red, your hair is blue.
I was a bad boyfriend, I don't deserve you.
[zapping noises] Just let me go.
I'm gonna I'm gonna die now, baby.
- Okay, no, you're not gonna die.
- What? - You're not gonna die.
[zap] - How do you know? Are you some kind of doctor or something? [coughing breath] Because you never go away.
That's the thing with you, Tad.
You never go away! [zapping] Every time I think you're gone, you're back, living inside my hair.
But where am I 'upposed to go? Live in the woods, Tad! [loud groan in background] Live in the woods! [zapping] [weakly] Kelllyyyyy! Uhh.
Delicious! [sing-songy] Turdina! Marco, it's over.
We're the only ones left.
I don't think the Marc-nificent Two is enough to stop her.
You're right, Tom, but someone needs to go warn Star.
I'll stay and buy you both some time.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I'm not leaving you! You're You're my best friend.
- I kissed Star.
- W-What? Yeah, so you don't owe me anything.
Now go [footsteps running away] Wow, no hesitation.
Hey! Oh, hello, Turdina.
I've been looking for you.
[clangs] Well, I'm right here! Whoa! What are you doing? You're a smart girl.
Figure it out.
But aren't you gonna savor this? I'm Princess Turdina! Yes, I know.
But I'm looking for a queen.
[zapping] Rah! - Tom! - Huh.
What are you doing? - [gasps] Calling your bluff! - No! I really did kiss Star! - Oh.
Well, it's too late now.
- Let's try that again.
- [groans] Tom! - [gasps] You're You're back? I have thousands of spirits in here! Wha [gasps] This might [gasps] take [gasps] a while.
Huh? She's She's getting bigger! I may not have Aah! [gasps] thought this through.
Aah! Tom! Hi-yah! Aah! [Tom groaning] Oh, what happened? Marco? Marco! - [Meteora] Marco?! - Run.
Turdina! What are you doing in bed? You're supposed to be looking for your mother.
Oh, Papa, I had the most wonderful dream.
There were unicorns with too many legs and marshmallows and Mom.
Mom? [gasps] Mom! You found your mother! Where is she? - I don't see her.
- [sighs] No.
I mean I mean, I did.
I did.
But she was there.
She was standing right next to me, and I let her get away.
It's okay, dear.
We'll just keep looking until we find her.
Meteora! Then it has come to this! - Ryah! Ha ha! Ha ha! - Dad! Ha ha! To battle! My queen, Sir Marco's expedition has returned.
- [panting] Marco! Tom? - I tried, Star.
What happened? Where's Marco? [gasps] [dramatic music playing] Aaah! Scatter! Star, she's right behind us.
What do we do? - Wait a minute - Uh Meteora? - I'm so dumb.
- What? - I'm an idiot! - Uh Oh, no, don't say that.
How could I forget the Magic Sanctuary? What? But Meteora Aah! [Tom] Star, where are we going? [Star] This is where me and my mom ought the Magic High Commission when they were all balloonified.
Obviously, I can't bring the whole kingdom here, but at least we can start with Marco.
[bubbling] [gasps] There he is.
Hold my balloon.
Bwah! Bwaaah! Bwah! Bwaaah! - She's lost her marbles.
- Bwah! Bwah.
[music] Yah.
What?! No! No, no, no, this is not how this works! Go get the Sanctuary! Wh What did you think was gonna happen here? I-I'm doing the thing my mom showed me! You talk to the Guardian, he swims in, he goes down, the Sanctuary comes up out of the water.
W-Why are you looking at me like that? [pop] Star, I'm sorry.
It It would have worked if my mom was here.
But I'm not her.
It's all over.
Where are you going? [demonic chant] Star, I promised Marco I'd keep you safe.
We need to go.
Meteora won't find us in the Underworld.
We'll be safe and very, very warm.
[wind whistling] [thunk] What the? [somber music playing] [Star] Eagles! She got Dad? What am I doing?! I can't leave! - Star? - I am the queen, and these are my people.
- I have to stay and fight.
- But Meteora will destroy you! Stay here and take care of Marco.
Wha? Did Did Did you know she could do that? [gasps] [door creaking] [music] - Globgor! - Aah! Glossaryck! Ohh! You almost gave me a heart attack! - Now where is Meteora? - Globgor.
Star?! [gasps] [Meteora growling] Oh, shoot.
[gasps] [squeaking] Oh, great! Eclipsa got out! That's awesome.
Another thing I gotta deal with.
[Tom screams] [gasps] - Aah! Ooh! - Tom! That was so much easier than sucking all those souls.
- Just one punch.
Bam! - Tom, you gotta wake up.
Don't tell me you've forgotten all about your other boyfriend.
Marco! Isn't it ironic? All that time I was chasing after Princess Turdina, I barely even noticed you.
As it turns out, I was chasing after the wrong princess! Mega Narwhal Bla Whoa! Oh, man, this form really packs a punch.
Winterstorm Hyperblow! Ohh! Cupcake Blast! Strawberry Annihilation! Supersonic Leech Bomb! [beeping, popping] [groans] Aah! [music] Raspberry Ribbon Lasso! - Unh! - Ohh! Aah! Aah! Aah! [straining] [groaning] - Jellybean Hallucination Mist! - Ohh! [shouting] Thermonuclear Butterfly Bla Whoa-ho! End of the line, Butterfly.
[straining] Okay, I get it.
You're angry.
If I were in your shoes, I'd be angry, too.
But you don't have to do this.
We can fix everything.
You can't fix what your family's done! [groaning] You're right! I can't! You want my power? Take it! [straining] [shouting] [grunts] [groaning] You little brat.
Where are you? Where are [whimpering] [growls] Nah Narwhal [groans] Narwhal Huh? Eclipsa! [gasps] - Found you! - Midnight Shriek.
- Mama? - Whaaaat? - You blasted me! - You can't do this, Meteora! But this this should all be ours! They stole it from us! So, what, you're just going to destroy it all? Something like that.
Stop! [groaning] - You're on their side? - Black Velvet Inferno.
[gasping] Mommy? No! No! [pounding] [Meteora screams] [gasping] - I'm sorry.
- What did you do? What I had to.
[balloon squeaking] I'm I'm alive! [laughing] [squeaking] [balloons squeaking] They're They're turning back! [gasps] Marco! Aah! I gotcha! I gotcha! Aah! Oof! Marco! Marco? Marco? Huh? Star! What happened? I got you, Marco Diaz! Aww! I'm I'm just gonna make this weird.
Tom! Okay, Marco, this is great, but your butt's making my legs fall asleep.
[laughs] Sorry.
[music] Eclipsa, you You saved us.
Star? Well, thank you for letting me borrow this.
No, keep it.
This wand was yours.
It belongs to you.
Things haven't been right since my family took the kingdom.
The best thing I can do as queen is return what my family stole from you.
[baby crying] Uh [baby crying] [cooing] Hello there little one.
- What? - Thank you.
Oh, yeah Totally, totally, totally.
Uh, Eclipsa? - What did you just do? - Where is she going? Globgor! Globgor! Globgor! Globgooor! Yes, Glossaryck, Globgor.
We know.
No, no, no! Eclipsa's monster love, Globgor.
She's going off to be with him.
I've been trying to tell you for months.
Anyway, see ya around.
[chimes] [light thud] Is his voice different? [music] Hello, my love.
We're home.
She's a princess winning battles Through the break of dawn Don't worry when it's night 'Cause she will keep the lights on Ohh, there goes a shining star - Evil won't deter her - No, sir! - 'Cause magic flows through her - Star Butterfly! She is a shining star