Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (2017) s02e15 Episode Script

A Disarming Lesson

- AHSOKA: Ezra.
- EZRA: Oh! - Where did you get that? - EZRA: Ahsoka.
Uh, I built it.
Well, with help from Master Yoda.
- Really? - Sort of.
I heard his voice in a Jedi temple, and I followed it.
EZRA: He gave me this crystal.
I see.
How does it feel being one of the few to have a lightsaber? Uh Strong, I guess? Confident Powerful! Oh? - So you're not powerful without it? - EZRA: Hey! Why'd you do that? - Do you still feel powerful? - What? - No.
- No? Why? I thought your weapon made you powerful? Not without the crystal! [lightsaber ignites] What are you doing? Teaching you.
Kanan never taught me like this! Good! It can be a new lesson.
I don't have any way to defend myself.
Don't you? How am I supposed to concentrate on finding my crystal, if you keep attacking me? How, indeed? [lightsabers sizzling] - So, you needed your weapon after all? - No.
I learned that if I focus, I can evade you without it.
So why did you get it? Because I was getting tired.
[both laughing]