Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (2017) s02e16 Episode Script


[engines roar] QI'RA: [panting] [laser zapping] IG-88: [grunting] Stop and surrender! Hmm.
Oh, Qi'ra, Qi'ra.
It does look like you have fallen into our little trap.
Catching you was quite difficult, my young friend.
I had to partner with IG-88 here.
IG-88: A Crimson Dawn Lieutenant will fetch a nice bounty.
You're splitting bounty credits? Mmm That's not like you, Hondo.
And I thought you hated droids.
HONDO: Well, true true.
But Eh.
Why are you bothering with me anyway? That droid is worth more than I am.
Well, actually, the bounty on me is more than you two put together! [laughs] IG-88: Really? Aha! IG-88: Huh? Aah! [sparking] [power thrums down] Did you see that? Hmph.
HONDO: That droid was obviously going to double-cross me.
[metallic click] HONDO: Ah! Good idea! [both grunt] - What? - Hmm.
Wha? - HONDO: This - You were right.
That droid was useful as a distraction.
How did you? Where were? What is going on? You're about to make me rich.
I am? But that is robbery! Extortion! It's a crime.
You never would have caught me if I had not caught you first! - IG-88: You double-crossed me.
- Well But she triple-crossed you.
That is much worse.
Start walking.
HONDO: All right, tell you what.
I will split the bounty with you 70-30.
[sighs] Fine! 80-20.
IG-88: We are in no position to negotiate.
Quiet, you! HONDO: You see, this is why I don't like droids.
"We're in no position" Ah-buh-buh-buh - Always interrupting! - IG-88: [sighs] HONDO: Now, what was I saying?