Star Wars REBELS (2014) s00e01 Episode Script

The Machine in the Ghost (short preview)

1x00 - The Machine in the Ghost [lasers firing] Hey Kanan, we have a small situation here.
If you'd care to blast one of those TIES out of the galaxy, - I don't think anyone would object.
- Working on it, Hera.
It's not like you gave me a lot of warning.
Oh, as I recall, raiding an Imperial supply convoy was your plan, love.
Well, it made sense at the time.
Shields down.
Chopper, fix them.
[squawking] [explosion] Kanan, what part of "blast them" did you not understand? [explosions Continue] Kanan? Kanan, do you read? Internal comm is out.
Chopper, go back to comm control and fix it.
[squawking] I know you're fixing the shields.
But I need comm operational to coordinate our attack.
Now go, before I pull your battery.
And while you're back there, tell Kanan to "please hit something.
" [squawking] I'm a little busy, Chop.
Wait, what are you doing back here? Shouldn't you be fixing the shields? [squawking] Did you say you're fixing the comm? I don't need to talk to Captain Hera right now.
Get back up there and fix the shields.
[grumbling] Oh, yeah, and when you see Hera, tell her to fly better.
[squawking] - Oh-ho-ho.
He said that, did he? - Whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa! Whoa! Do I have to do everything myself? [computer beeping] Just reduced Kanan's targets by half.
Tell our fearless leader he should be able to handle one lone TIE fighter on his own.
[squawking] What was that? Chopper! Chopper, where are you going? [chittering] [whooping] [Hera] All right, I'll admit it.
That was some fine shooting.
[Kanan] Thanks.
You too.
[warbling] - Just kidding, Chop.
- We know you got that last one.
Good work.
[squawks] Now get that comm fixed.
And the shields.
Don't forget the shields.
[grumbling] [both] What was that?!