Star Wars REBELS (2014) s00e02 Episode Script

Special First Look (short)

And now a first look at the new Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels.
Your identification, now.
I'm just trying to sell a couple yogans, here.
All trade must be registered with the Empire.
I remember what it was like before your ships showed up, before you Imperials ruined Lothal, like the rest of the galaxy.
This is LRC 01.
I'm bringing in a citizen under a charge of treason.
Copy that, LRC 01, dispatch to cell block AA33.
- Take him away.
- You can't do this! Well who's going to stop us? You? You? - Hey, mister, a spare yogan? - Move along, luff rat.
Sorry, sorry, not looking for trouble.
But it sure has a way of finding me.
All officers to the main square! This is a code red emergency! It's your lucky day, Lothal scum.
You two, come with us! Stay on alert! Repeat, this is a code red.
- Thank you! - No, thank you.
Wait, wait, what are you doing? Hey, a kid's gotta eat.
Who is that kid? Copy that.
We have reached the location, and we are standing by.
- What's the emergency? - Emergency? - You called in a code red.
- I'm not sure what you mean.
My orders are to get these crates to the Imperial Portal.
Well, get them loaded, then! I almost feel bad for them.
That was weird.
I Interesting.
Get those crates out of here! Keep them secure at all costs! All costs, huh? I like the sound of that.
How's it going? Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.
- Gah.
Now what? - After that kid! Pretty gutsy move, kid! If the big guy catches you, he'll end you.
Good luck! Who are these guys? Who is that kid!? That's never good! - Okay, you caught me.
I give up.
- What the Just kidding.
If Kanan catches that kid, I'm gonna end him.
- Who are you? - I'm the guy who was stealing that crate.
Hey, look, I stole this stuff, what whatever it is - fair and square.
- And you made it pretty far.
But I've got plans for that crate.
So today is not your day.
- The day is not over.
- Oh, wonderful.
Have a good one! This is Spectre-1, I need a lift.
Whatever is in these crates, must really be worth it.
Better be worth it! The premiere of Star Wars Rebels, coming this October, on Disney XD!