Star Wars REBELS (2014) s00e03 Episode Script

Art Attack (short)

1x00c - Art Attack [blow lands] [groans] Move along.
This is a restricted area.
[groaning, panting] - [Sabine] Spectre-5 to Ghost.
- [Hera on radio] This is Ghost.
We are in position and awaiting your diversion.
Copy that.
This is gonna be fun.
Very fun.
[spraying] Do you hear that? I don't hear Wait.
- [spraying continues] What is that? - This way.
What? What do you think you're doing? What does it look like? Art.
- Well Well, stand down.
- Or we shoot.
[banging] You call that shooting? I think you boys need a little more time on the practice range.
This is TK-626.
There's an intruder on site.
[alarm blaring] [Commander] On our way.
Where did - Over here, bucketheads! - There! - You guys are too predictable.
- There! Always by the book.
I read your book! [Sabine] It's a short one.
- What do we got? - One intruder in Mando gear still at large.
Split up.
Capture her.
I want her alive.
Something missing.
[sprays] There.
Hands up, you rebel scum.
Ha! Too slow! Intruder was headed your way.
- We had her.
- Isn't this where we started? [beeping] Uh-oh.
[Hera on radio] That was some diversion, Sabine.
Did the job so well, we can see the explosion from here.
Forget the explosion.
Look at the color.
[all groaning] [lasers firing] Hey Kanan, we have a small situation here.
If you'd care to blast one of those TIES.