Star Wars REBELS (2014) s04e01 Episode Script

Heroes of Mandalore: Part 1

How sure are we your father is in there? SABINE: Well, our spies in the capital say he's here, and they've been right so far.
(COMM CHIMES) Rau, I've got a squad of stormtroopers in front, plus multiple cannons.
FENN: Copy that, Spectre-5.
Moving to your right flank.
Sabine, doesn't it seem suspicious that the Empire would move your father so far from the capital? SABINE: My father has many friends.
He's not just important to me.
The Empire probably locked him up out here to prevent someone from attempting to do what we're about to do.
FENN: That may be true, but I'd put nothing past these Saxon clan traitors.
We're in position, Spectre-5.
SABINE: Copy, Rau.
All right, Clan Wren, check your fire for the captive.
We're going in the front door, on my lead.
What's wrong with you? I wish I had more practice with this jetpack.
You're a Jedi.
I'm sure you'll pick it up on the fly.
(GRUNTING) Yes, on the fly.
I get it, Chopper.
Target acquired.
Sir, we have a single target approaching from the north.
Correction, multiple targets.
We have multiple targets.
SABINE: Forward! Ahh! (ALL YELLING) (GRUNTING) EZRA: Whoa, whoa, whoa, ohh, ohh! (GROANS) Uh Whoa! I'll handle it.
FENN: Show-off.
(GRUNTING) EZRA: This is not as fun as it looks.
(GRUNTING) Ahh! Whoa! - I can't see him.
- Just keep firing.
(LIGHTSABER WHOOSHING) Ahh! As you anticipated, Sabine Wren is leading the attack.
You may do away with her allies, Commander, but I want her alive.
Lord Saxon, I I cannot even guarantee we can hold the tower.
I know how stubborn Clan Wren can be.
That's why I've dispatched reinforcements to help you.
EZRA: Well, this just got more and more SABINE: Interesting.
The word you're looking for is "interesting.
" Nope, just more.
(GROANS) Sabine! Stand down, Jedi, or she dies.
Surrender Now! (BLASTER COCKING) (CACKLES) Don't just stand there.
Protect her! FENN: It's Clan Kryze.
Fall back.
Abandon the base.
SABINE: Clan Wren, follow me.
Where's your father? The outpost is empty.
There's no one here.
This was a trap set to lure you in.
Your mother received this intel, but she couldn't get word to you.
The Empire was jamming all transmissions.
She sent me ahead to reinforce you.
I understand she's on her way.
Who are you? Kanan and Ezra, this is Lady Bo-Katan of House Kryze.
Her sister, Satine, once ruled Mandalore.
Bo-Katan was made regent by the Jedi before the end of the Clone War.
She's still seen by many as Mandalore's rightful ruler.
So what happened? After the Empire took over, I refused to obey the Emperor and was betrayed by the Saxon clan.
Your commitment to Mandalore's freedom is legendary, my lady.
This belongs to you.
I had my chance to rule, and I failed.
I am not my sister.
I am not the leader you seek.
- See if you can contact my mother.
- Right away.
You know, your home planet is very different from mine.
Once upon a time, these plains were covered with grass, but I never saw it.
This destruction happened before I was born.
And it never grew back? Never had a chance to.
This is what continuous war has done to my home.
Well, maybe Maybe this is your chance to help change things here.
(CHOPPER GRUNTING) Mother, any news? The Empire's changed their plan.
They're moving your father back to the capital for a public termination.
I don't see anything yet.
Just give my mom a chance.
We were hoping you could have freed him by now.
What's the outlook? (SIGHS) The Empire is moving Sabine's father to the Mandalorian capital of Sundari.
Only chance we've got for a rescue is to ambush the convoy before it gets there.
What's the status of the Imperial occupation? Mandalore is under complete lockdown.
Civil war is raging.
I'm sorry.
I hate to say it, but sounds like the planet is lost.
Sabine's father is important, not just to her, but to her people.
That's how I persuaded Mon Mothma to let you help.
But once that's done, I need you to come back.
Oh, having trouble overthrowing the Empire without me? Our team is an important asset to the rebellion.
An asset? Is that what we are? You know what I mean.
Well, you know how I feel.
Are we still talking about the mission? That depends.
On what? You know.
See you soon.
(EXPLOSION IN DISTANCE) Yep, that's my mom.
Blowing things up definitely runs in your family.
It's a Wren specialty.
(COMM CHIMES) URSA: Sabine, we've engaged Tiber Saxon's Imperial dogs.
The prisoner convoy has changed course toward the canyon.
BO-KATAN: Then the diversion worked.
FENN: There.
I'm scanning a single passenger, no armor in the center transport, the one most heavily guarded.
SABINE: If we attack the lead vehicle, my father's transport will fall back.
Then someone could sneak up and sabotage its controls, forcing it to stop.
FENN: By then, the rest of the convoy will be too far ahead to do anything about it.
So who's going in? Yeah, that sounds like a "me" plan.
Are you sure? You haven't exactly mastered that jetpack yet.
Hey, I got it.
(GRUNTING) You can do it, Chop.
Just get ready to jam their comms.
The traitors are putting up a stronger fight than expected.
What's your status, Captain? We have altered our route to avoid the battle, but remain on schedule, Governor Saxon.
Continue to Sundari with the prisoner.
I am ordering the weapon to be readied.
The rescue effort failed, traitor.
We will reach the capital within the hour.
I do love the capital.
It is a masterful expression of our architecture.
I'm glad you enjoy it.
It will be the last thing you see.
EZRA: Go easy on him.
SABINE: No chance.
Sir! Paint.
STORMTROOPER: I I can't see.
Sabine! CAPTAIN: Blast her.
Ugh! SABINE: Ahh! CAPTAIN: Fall back.
Argh! EZRA: Ahh! STORMTROOPER: Hold your speed.
Copy that.
FENN: I'll take the two on the left.
BO-KATAN: I got the two on the right.
Break! (GRUNTING) How we doing? - SABINE: It could be worse.
- Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Drop your weapon.
I've got a better idea.
This is where we get off.
Ezra, quit messing around, and get my father out of there.
Yeah, working on it.
Argh! (GRUNTING) Are you with Sabine? Yeah, I'm with her.
I mean, not with her, with her.
I'm just friends With her.
(CHOPPER GRUNTING) A cliff? What cliff? Are you a Jedi? Let's hope so.
Ezra, get out of there! Take this, sir.
How will you get out? Trust me.
I'm better off without you.
Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh! Was wondering where you were.
Captain Hark, is there a problem with the prisoner? The renegades and their Jedi allies attacked my convoy and were able to liberate Alrich Wren.
They planned well.
Withdraw all remaining forces.
I am going to deploy the weapon.
Before the end, they will all kneel before The Duchess.
Thank you, young Jedi.
SABINE: Father When I got word that you had returned, I did not believe it.
And Sabine, you are my daughter.
I was pleased then.
Even more now.
Well, we would never leave you in the hands of the Empire.
Oh, that was fine.
I meant your artwork.
You've progressed.
Your use of color and line is better.
Better? What do you mean, better? It's great.
(HESITATING) It's getting there.
Your design aesthetic is still derivative of the Pre-Exile Masters.
Ah, Tojnun was an influence, obviously, but I made it my own.
I thought you had a sharper eye.
Now I see where Sabine gets her creative side.
Oh, no, Master Jedi.
Sabine's artistry comes from her mother.
Ursa knows how to destroy her enemies in so many creative ways.
And here I thought we were rescuing another warrior.
My dad fights with his art.
We need to get moving.
We're too exposed here.
FENN: Countess Wren, we've rescued your husband.
Alrich is free.
URSA: Then we have two victories today.
Saxon's forces are in retreat.
TRISTAN: Hold on.
They're not all running.
Looks like we've got an incoming Imperial transport.
Reinforcements to cover their retreat? TRISTAN: They've deployed a single scout walker, with no other support.
It's moving into attack position.
URSA: Laughable.
Destroy it.
(ELECTRONIC HUMMING) SABINE: That sound It can't be.
Tristan, get out of there! Now! (LOUD RUMBLING) Mother? Tristan? (LOUD EXPLOSION) What is that? No Let's go, Chop.
What happened here? Where are the survivors of this battle, the wounded, the victors? I see only the defeated.
Mandalorian armor? What could do this? A weapon did this, a weapon created by my daughter.