Star Wars REBELS (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Heroes of Mandalore: Part 2

There were rumors the Empire was working on a weapon to neutralize Mandalorian armor, that it had even been tested on our people.
I I didn't believe it.
Not the Empire.
This is all my fault.
Sabine, you can't blame yourself for this.
You tried Everything my father said was true, Ezra! This is my work! I created the weapon that did this, and because of me, the Empire is going to turn my world into a graveyard! Because of me, Mandalorians are going to die! My mother and brother are URSA: (IN DISTANCE) Sabine! (GASPS) (GASPS) Tristan! Mother! Mother, Tristan, I I thought I lost you.
We were caught at the edge of the weapon's range.
Thanks to your warning, we made it out.
The others weren't so lucky.
(BEEPING) Chopper's picked up something.
The Empire's coming back to finish the job.
(CHOPPER WARBLES) (YELLS) EZRA: Get back! I'll cover you! (YELLS) Get Sabine's mother and father out of here.
EZRA: Come on! (ALL GRUNTING) Are you all right? EZRA: Ugh.
Better than the bike.
Sabine! We have to leave now! All right.
Let's go.
We're losing power! I can keep us in the air, but we can't take another hit like that.
Where are you going? Rau said our weapons are down.
(WIND WHOOSHING) BO-KATAN: A Mandalorian with a jetpack is a weapon.
I'm not a Manda Mandalorian? I don't want to be a Mandalorian.
(JETPACK WHOOSHING) EZRA: Oh, oh, oh! (YELLING, GRUNTS) Hey! Huh? Whoa! Whoa! In this recording, you will see the first test trial of the weapon used against Clan Wren.
(AT-DP HUMMING) (GROANING) (SIZZLING) As you see, the Arc Generator's energy pulse is drawn to the beskar alloy in the Mandalorians' armor, superheating it and instantly vaporizing the target, and all the while, doing no harm to our Imperial stormtroopers.
The weapon is fully operational, as promised, Grand Admiral.
Effective, yes, but you miss the true artistry of this weapon, Governor Saxon.
It turns an armor legendary for its strength into a crippling weakness, and it strikes at the very heart of your people's tradition.
You said the Emperor wanted this uprising dealt with quickly.
This will end it.
You're different than your brother.
How would Gar Saxon feel about you betraying your heritage? He no longer feels anything.
I have evolved.
Mandalore must evolve with me.
Once your people see their sense of security turned against them, do you believe they'll swear loyalty to the Empire? A Mandalorian without armor is no more than a common soldier.
Fear will compel them to join the Empire.
We shall see.
Of course, the weapon's range is far more limited than you promised.
Or perhaps you thought I wouldn't notice? I only had pieces of the prototype.
I've done everything I could.
You cannot make it work properly because you do not truly understand it.
You need the weapon's creator.
You need Sabine Wren.
Governor, I mean no disrespect, but what will stop the Empire from using the weapon on us as well? Unquestioning loyalty, Captain.
Now, find Sabine Wren.
You told us you destroyed it.
I did.
The Empire must have rebuilt it.
They (YELLS) You're a Mandalorian! Why would you create such an abomination? This is the weapon of a coward.
I was young.
It was a challenge, and I was arrogant.
But when I realized the Empire tested it and actually planned to use it, I sabotaged the prototype and destroyed the plans.
I thought that was the end of it, I swear to you! Okay, so this weapon only targets Mandalorian armor, right? So why not make your armor out of something different? Ezra, the armor I wear is 500 years old.
I reforged it to my liking, but the battles, the history, the blood, all lives within it, and the same goes for every Mandalorian.
This armor is part of our identity.
It makes us Mandalorians who we are.
And now it's going to make us dead.
Sabine Wren! We know you built that weapon.
You betrayed us all! You're a traitor to Mandalore! Lower your weapons! Sabine did everything she could to stop this from happening.
You must believe us.
Any attack on my daughter is an attack on Clan Wren.
Sabine! What are you doing? I'm prepared to take responsibility for my actions.
It's true.
I designed the weapon as a loyal student at the Imperial Academy.
The Empire is using my prototype, but it's only functioning at a fraction of its capacity.
At full power, it will destroy armies.
So you've got a choice to make.
We can fight each other, or we can destroy this weapon once and for all.
I understand your anger.
In many ways, I feel the same.
But Sabine is right.
Now is not the time for us to be divisive.
She knows the most about this weapon and how to destroy it.
We need her.
It's time for you to prove your loyalty, not just to your family, but to all of Mandalore.
Saxon has worked hard to keep the weapon a secret, so he likely has it aboard his Imperial Star Destroyer, outside of Sundari.
Needless to say, it will be very well guarded.
Once we get inside that ship, we'll need two teams, one to find the weapon, and one to wipe out every shred of data on it from the Imperial computer systems.
This weapon Is there any way it could be turned against the Empire? I've studied stormtrooper armor, and while the thought has crossed my mind, that That isn't our mission.
No, we have to destroy it.
I will lead the attack team.
With respect, Countess, you can barely hold a blaster.
I'm just as good with my other hand.
Yes, Mother, but we'll need you for tactical support.
So be it.
If I can get to the weapon, I can make sure it's destroyed.
I'll get you there.
Ezra and I will take Chopper to the data core.
SABINE: All right, let's go over our infiltration path.
I'm surprised to see you so swayed by Sabine Wren.
You seem to be as impressed with her as I am.
I had my doubts, Rau, but she came back to face her past, and her bold initiative has impressed me.
She has become a courageous leader.
She reminds me of the best of who we were and could inspire us to become more than we have been of late.
I will not allow her efforts to be wasted.
(SCANNER HUMMING, BEEPS) I can't help but notice the weapon's core isn't here.
SABINE: Thank you, Fenn Rau.
That's helpful.
(SCANNER WHIRRING) Best bet, they're working on The Duchess up there.
BO-KATAN: "The Duchess"? You named your weapon after my sister? The former ruler of Mandalore? It was a series of bad decisions, okay? Hey.
Hey! (GRUNTING) Hold it right there! SABINE: Hold them off! Bo-Katan and I will get to the weapon.
FENN: Those will complicate things.
Look out! SABINE: There it is.
BO-KATAN: It doesn't seem so dangerous like this.
(WEAPON HUMS) What's that sound? SABINE: Oh, no.
It's been activated.
You truly are brilliant, except for thinking you could infiltrate my ship unnoticed.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Sadly, as much as I would like to end your life, I need you alive.
You are going to upgrade your little experiment and deliver a weapon that operates at its full potential.
(PANTING) - Never! - Let's see if I can persuade you.
Governor, stop! This is too much.
I understand using the weapon against rebels, but if she makes it more powerful, how will we prevent the Empire from using it against all Mandalorians? I am the Empire! Palpatine has shown me the way to true power.
(GENERATOR SIZZLING) (SCREAMING) This is not enough power to kill you, just to teach you a lesson that, in the end, all of Mandalore will bow to me.
Every piece of data on that weapon they've got.
Sabine, we're in.
What's your status? Sabine? She's in trouble.
Go! Chopper and I will finish here.
(DOOR HISSES) Don't move! CHOPPER: Poodoo.
Oh, I'm moving! Whoa.
Whoa! Oh! (GROANS) (AT-DP CLANKING) (AT-DP WHIRRING) TRISTAN: Bridger? EZRA: I finished my mission, now I have to finish yours, too? The data core was the easier mission! FENN: Will you two knock it off? - Where's Sabine? - Up there.
(GENERATOR SIZZLING IN DISTANCE) Are you impressed by how well your weapon works? I believe you can do better.
Help me to increase the range of the weapon, or she will die.
Stop! I'll do what you want.
Sabine, don't! You're doing the right thing, Sabine.
This weapon of yours, it can unite the houses.
It can bring peace.
As long as our people are on their knees before you and your Emperor.
Mandalore must adapt to survive.
Would you rather we destroy ourselves in a fight that cannot be won? At least we'd die free, as true Mandalorians.
It's done.
The weapon is at full power now, but I'm begging you, don't use it.
I'll take that into consideration.
(GROANS) (SIZZLING) (ALL GROAN) (GRUNTS, GROANS) EZRA: What's happening? FENN: The weapon's been turned against the Empire.
Hands up! (SCREAMS) This isn't enough power to kill you, just to make you suffer.
How does it feel? Sabine, stop! Mandalore must be free! At what cost? To beat the Empire, this is the only way.
It's not our way.
It's their way.
You came here to make things right.
Will the future of Mandalore be one of honor or cowardice? (GROANING) Hope or fear? The choice is yours.
For Mandalore.
(GROANS) Whoa, wait! No, it's me! Well, that was fast.
Kanan! Power core's been breached.
KANAN: Well, the data's wiped, but the stormtroopers are recovering and heading this way.
Don't worry about them, because this entire place is about to blow.
KANAN: We should probably go, then! (CRACKLING) This is only the beginning.
The Empire will send everything they have to crush Mandalore.
That is why you should lead us, my lady.
You had the courage to make a difficult decision.
With your guidance.
You have the wisdom of a ruler.
There's no one I trust to wield the Darksaber more than you.
And I am not alone.
Clan Vizsla is with you.
Clan Rook is with you.
Clan Eldar is with you.
Clan Kryze is with you.
The Protectors are with you.
Clan Wren is with you.
Now I understand why the saber came to me.
It came to me so I could pass it to you.
I accept this sword for my sister, for my clan, and for all of Mandalore.