Star Wars REBELS (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

In the Name of the Rebellion: Part One

We're coming up on Yavin 4.
I wonder what this rebel cell is like, and how big it is compared to Phoenix group.
According to Hera, it's more well-equipped than we were.
The remnants of Phoenix group are now a part of this cell.
Hera said you're getting an oil bath when we get there, whether you like it or not.
(CHOPPER GRUNTING) Welcome to Yavin 4.
Zeb! Whoa, easy there.
What, you haven't gotten weak since I've been gone, - have you, big guy? - Where's Hera? She's on a supply mission.
Come on, I'll show you around.
So many different ships and people.
There are cells gathered here from every corner of the galaxy.
And it's still not enough against the Empire.
As long as we can help Ryder and Lothal, I'll take what I can get.
(ALARM BLARES) Ezra! You're back! Rex! What's going on? Where's Hera? Well, if you're looking for Hera, there she is, coming in hot with what's left of her squadron.
Base One, this is Phoenix Leader.
Stand by for emergency landings.
Come on! Come on! Move it! Check your speed.
Angle forward deflectors.
HERA: Wedge, dump your fuel.
Got it, boss.
- Kanan? - Don't worry.
She's got it.
Whoa! (METAL SCRAPING) (METAL GRINDING) (ALARM BLARES) (GRUNTING) No, my astromech didn't make it.
What? Chopper! Boy, I could have used you on this mission, buddy.
Captain, are you all right? I'm fine, Wedge.
I'm glad you all made it down in one piece.
Sorry about the mission.
If we just could've This wasn't your fault.
Any of yours.
Our intel was bad.
If you hadn't handled yourselves so courageously, we would have lost everybody.
Thanks, Captain.
Now get cleaned up.
I want a full assessment of damage to the Y-wings to see what's salvageable.
KANAN: I've seen worse landings.
Kanan? You're all here! (GASPS SOFTLY) And Sabine, you came back.
What about your family on Mandalore? They'll be fine.
Right now, my family here needs me more.
Well, I'm glad to have you.
And there's plenty enough work to go around.
Well then, let's get started.
A reunion.
How nice.
But as Commander Bridger suggests, it's time to get to work.
Mon Mothma requests your presence.
Captain, I commend your bravery in protecting your fellow pilots.
I just want to know what went wrong out there.
As do I.
Senator Organa may be able to shed some light on that for us.
My sources in the Senate confirm that the Empire has established a new communications relay in the Jalindi system.
It greatly expands their command and control throughout the surrounding sectors, and enabled them to respond much more quickly to your incursion.
(SIGHS) I hate to admit it, but it appears Gerrera's rumors were true.
Hmm, how does Saw's ragtag group have better intel than we do? Because Gerrera has absolutely no qualms about how he acquires it.
Well, if he gets results We do not mistreat our prisoners.
Now, the question is, what course of action do we take? We can't allow this relay to hamper our missions.
Perhaps there is another way.
If we could somehow tap into this relay, we could use it to monitor Imperial fleet movements and adjust our own operations to avoid them.
Can it be done? My crew and I have done plenty of jobs just like it.
Are you confident your ship can get in and out undetected? We don't call it the Ghost for nothing.
You are authorized to proceed.
That's it? But what about Lothal? Ezra, now's not the time.
If not now, when? Huh? We promised my people support.
Our attack failed, but they're still waiting.
Ryder's counting on us.
Lieutenant Commander Bridger, let's you and I talk for a moment.
I am sympathetic to the plight of your people, Ezra.
Like Lothal, my home planet of Chandrila is suffering at the hands of the Empire.
(HOLOCOMM WHIRRING) But if we help these two worlds, what of Onderon, or Ryloth, or Montross? (HOLOCOMM CHIMES) What of the thousands of other worlds who need us? Where do we start? Yeah, but we already told Ryder we would send help.
If Thrawn hadn't found our base, we would've launched an attack.
But, instead, when we amassed our forces, we were routed by Thrawn's starfleet and taught a valuable lesson, that we are not ready for open war.
Yeah? Well, some people say it's already begun.
Indeed they do.
This is a time of difficult choices, sometimes impossible ones.
I understand.
Thank you, Senator.
What is it? I just feel so helpless.
I thought being here would get me closer to helping Lothal.
But now that I am, it seems farther away than ever.
Find your center.
(BIRD COOING) (SIGHS) Something else? When we were on Geonosis with Saw, we didn't always agree with how he did things, but it seems like he's the only one who doesn't care about all the politics.
He just fights.
Ezra, it's not whether or not we fight, it's It's how we choose to fight that matters.
I know, Kanan.
Maybe we're choosing the wrong way.
(HOLOCOMM CHIMES) Members of the Alliance to restore the Republic - Saw.
- Your losses today stemmed from your leaders' cowardice, their unwillingness to take decisive action against the Empire.
All across the galaxy, your people suffer while the leaders of this (CHUCKLES) "Rebellion" refuse to act.
Should I shut it down? No.
I want to speak to him.
Madam Senator, I'm honored.
What is your business here? You ignored my warning about the Jalindi relay and paid the price.
Now you have confirmation, yet still you refuse to destroy it.
So long as our allies in the Senate have hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict, I will not risk If you continue to allow this war to be fought on the Empire's terms, not yours, you are going to lose.
I will not be lectured on military strategy by a man who has proven himself a criminal.
The Empire considers both of us criminals.
(CHUCKLES) At least I act like one.
You target civilians, kill those who surrender, break every rule of engagement! If we degrade ourselves to the Empire's level, what will we become? There she is! That's the leader the Rebellion needs! Where is that fire, that passion, when your people need it most? I hope, Senator, after you've lost, and the Empire reigns over the galaxy unopposed, you will find some comfort in the knowledge that you fought according to the rules.
That's enough.
What are you afraid of, Senator? The truth? (HOLOCOMM CHIMES) Return to your duties.
The Imperial relay is situated in a field of stone towers on Jalindi.
The Ghost will approach at a high altitude and Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper will rocket-jump down onto the dish to install the repeater spike.
When you're done, we'll swoop back in below the outpost's sensors to extract you.
Any questions? Spiking it won't do anything to hurt the Empire.
It'll just make it a little easier for us to sneak around them.
Yeah, that's really more a comment than a question, Ezra, but you do have a point.
You're not seeing the bigger picture.
If we destroy the relay, the Empire will just build another one.
This way, we can use it to stay one step ahead of them.
Yeah, but It's not up for discussion, and we have our orders.
You all right? Never better.
I don't need to see you to know something's wrong.
Ezra's right.
This won't hurt the Empire.
And after what they did to my squadron, that's all I want.
To hurt them the way they keep hurting us.
Go straight at them and blow that relay right off the map! That's Gerrera talking, not you.
You're doing the right thing.
I'm not even sure I know what the right thing is anymore.
Better scramble the Ghost's signature so they won't detect us.
(CHOPPER GRUNTING) I know I don't need a jetpack.
I happen to like wearing one.
Just don't hit your jets too early or their sensors will pick us up.
What if we hit 'em too late? Hey, I like abstract art.
I just don't want to become it.
I don't like this.
They're dropping too fast.
Relax, Zeb.
They have to keep their speed up until the last minute so they're not detected.
SABINE: 1,200 meters coming up on us real fast! 500 meters.
Get ready.
Now! EZRA: We're still too fast! We're gonna crash! (STATIC ON MONITOR) SABINE: Grab on to something! - I got you! - (GASPS) (SIGHS) Well, that could have been worse.
He must be fine.
(COMM CHIMES) Spectre-5 to Ghost.
We made it onto the dish in one piece.
Copy that.
Now get to work on that spike.
- We're on the clock here.
- Uh-oh.
Picking up an incoming light cruiser.
Headed for the relay.
Guys, you've got an Imperial ship headed in your direction.
SABINE: What was that you said about how this could be worse? KANAN: If they see you, this mission's blown.
They didn't see us.
At least I don't think they did.
We're good.
SABINE: Let's just do this fast and get out of here.
Chopper, give me a hand.
Okay, isolate the secondary comm circuit.
There, there.
Hold it right there.
Installing the spike.
(PANEL BEEPING) (MACHINERY WHIRRING) Got it! We're patched in.
MAN: (OVER COMM) Jalindi outpost, this is Marauder requesting clearance to dock.
What's going on? SABINE: We must have patched into the main comm circuit by mistake.
We're intercepting all incoming transmissions.
MAN: Jalindi outpost, your signal is garbled.
Please repeat.
Chopper, run a bypass, connect that ship to the outpost commander now! EZRA: Chopper, give me comm control.
I've got an idea.
(GRUNTING) We don't have time.
If someone doesn't respond to them, they're gonna know something's wrong.
(IN IMPERIAL ACCENT) Uh, Marauder, this is Jalindi outpost.
You weren't scheduled to arrive until the next rotation.
You're creating a lot of difficulties for us.
Maybe come back tomorrow? MAN: What difficulties? Who is this? This is Commander Brom Titus.
Is this some kind of a joke? I am Commander Brom Titus, and I demand an explanation immediately.
(NORMAL VOICE) Ugh, this is so typical of our luck.
(DISH WHIRRING) (BEEPING) The Empire's realigning the dish! EZRA: Chopper, switch it back! (GRUNTING) What is that? EZRA: Whoa! Whoa! It's him! That boy! Get me the real commander of that outpost, now! Ghost, we've been spotted! We're gonna need a pickup, fast! HERA: Copy that.
On our way.
- Here.
- Detonators? I take it we're changing the plan? Ezra, do you want to salvage something from this mission or not? Let's blow this thing.
(BLASTERS CLICKING) Way to go, Brom Titus! Well, I didn't know! SABINE: Hera, we've got stormtroopers over here.
We need that pickup now! Hold on! We're almost there! EZRA: You plant the detonators! I'll hold them off! (DETONATORS BEEPING) (BLASTERS FIRING) That's holding them off? EZRA: Chopper, level out the dish! (GRUNTING) (CLICKING AND WHIRRING) (DISH WHIRRING) Sir, a small ship is approaching the relay at high speed.
Launch our new fighters to intercept and ready the gunners.
(CANNONS WHIRRING) (DISH WHIRRING) (GRUNTS) Ezra, come on! We've got two TIE defenders coming in fast! Zeb, I need you in the turret.
Spectre-5 and 6, I gotta break off.
HERA: Hold tight.
Be right back.
These are the nasty ones.
Just concentrate your fire.
Their shields can't last forever.
Yeah? Well, tell that to them.
They may have the better fighters, but we've still got the better pilot.
Would you like a chance to prove that? Try me.
Go down into the fog.
How's she gonna see in the fog? She won't have to.
I will.
Boy, I must really trust you.
I know you do.
Hera, on my mark, go left, then make a quick right.
Turn to point three.
Climb to point five now.
One down.
Whatever you're doing, keep it up.
Sir, another ship just came out of hyperspace.
It's moving to attack position.
(BLASTERS FIRING) SABINE: Who is that? I don't know, but they're my new favorites.
Deflectors are down.
We still have weapons.
Bring us about.
I want that ship.
(EXPLOSION) Whoo! Got 'em.
We're clear.
Let's pick up the kids.
You rebels need a ride? BOTH: Saw? Heads up.
(BARRELS CLANGING) I wouldn't think too long.
Those charges are on a real short fuse.
(CHUCKLES) (BARREL CLANGS) Chopper, we're leaving.
Let's go.
Run for it! We're out.
Go! Go! Go! Pursuit course.
After them.
(ALARM BLARING) Now that's how you deal with the Empire.
Did they just Ezra! Sabine! Are you there? Talk to me.
EZRA: Hera, we're okay.
SAW: Relax, Captain Syndulla.
I've got them.
HERA: Hold your position.
I'm coming alongside to get my people.
No time.
Don't worry.
Your kids will be fine with me.
Besides, they might enjoy fighting with a real army for a change.
Gerrera, return them to me at once.
Unless you two have any objections, we're going to leave.
What choice do we have? Get us out of here.
Where they going? I'm not worried about where they're going.
I'm worried about who they're going with.