Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

The New Trooper

Captain Doza, sir.
Commander Pyre to see you.
Commander Pyre.
The pirate spy you were looking for is gone.
Therefore, I do not need this many stormtroopers acting as security here.
The spy escaped.
Someone on this station helped her disappear.
I intend to find her accomplice.
Just remember, Pyre.
I am still in control here.
Not the First Order.
Of course, Captain.
Our job is simply to maintain order, as we agreed.
Hold tight, Eila! Take it up slow.
Come on, don't lose it.
Whoa! We got it, we got it.
He's a feisty one.
Steady Just hold on We almost got him.
At least we already caught a few for the day.
What are you doing here? Let's see some identification.
We--we don't have any identification.
We, um, we lost it.
Then you're coming with me.
Leave us alone.
Don't touch her! Stop.
Let me go! What the-- I think we're in trouble, Kel.
I can't believe Doza gave those stormtroopers free run of the Colossus.
I mean, we have our own security droids and we have the Aces.
There's no reason why they should be here.
Like I said before I feel a lot safer with them than without them.
Safer? How could you feel safer? I, too, feel far safer, in a "threatened by the military" kind of way.
Well what do you think, Yeager? Well, this is nothing new.
Just like the Empire, they add more security, then take away your freedom, all under the guise of their protection.
You grew up in an age of peace.
You have no idea what the Empire was like.
I know the stories.
My grandfather worked at an Imperial factory.
Put food on the table when he couldn't find work anywhere else.
Did that make him evil? You're just too young to understand, Tam.
The Empire exploited the vulnerable that-- Oh, I understand.
I understand that you're taking Kaz's side.
Big surprise there.
Excuse me.
Some of us have actual work to do.
I will help you, Tam.
If you will graciously allow it.
Thanks, Neeku.
Okay! The Resistance put me here to spy on the First Order, and here they are everywhere.
Be careful.
You get caught, the First Order has a way of making people disappear.
Uh, speaking of spying Hey, there.
You kids hungry? - No.
- Are you? Hey, you guys shouldn't be up here with all these troopers around.
That's why we're here, Kazuda.
We kind of uh, we sort of Could you just come with us? Please.
Neeku, BB-8.
Let's go.
I'm going too.
I'm sorry, Tam.
I think we've got this covered.
- It's better if we-- - I'm coming to help them, Kaz.
Not you.
I suppose you're going too, Bucket.
So why are you kids so quiet? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad-- Okay, okay, that's bad.
Very, very bad! Uh, he's out cold.
Did you kids do this? He tried to take us away.
Well, if he wakes up now, he's gonna kill us! Kaz, stop being so dramatic.
Neeku! Well, I didn't want him to kill us, Kaz.
These kids attacked an officer of the First Order.
And now we're involved too.
We've got to turn ourselves in.
You're kidding, right? They'll lock us up for good.
Okay, uh, we've got to get him out of here, fast.
Follow us.
This way.
What are you doing? Eh, he's fine.
He's wearing a helmet.
We are in so much trouble.
Don't mind us.
Just, uh, need to let him rest a little.
I still can't believe those kids knocked him out.
We need a plan.
When that trooper wakes up, it's all-- Over.
Trooper CS-515, you have not checked in.
Hello, I don't recognize your voi--whoa! Come in? Copy, CS-515, is that you? Yeah, this is, uh, CS-515, over.
Having uh, comm-uh, comm problems.
Affirmative, CS-515, head back to command.
We'll take a look at that transmitter.
I know, BB-8.
Now they'll be expecting him to report in.
Maybe he should report in.
You're not seriously considering We need to find out what info they have.
I'll go topside as this trooper and see if he reported the kids.
And what if he did? Then I'll erase the incident from their database.
Just keep him out of sight until I come back.
That is a very creative and yet extremely dangerous plan, Kaz.
Wha--but what if he wakes up? Neeku can deal with him; he seems pretty good at that.
Whatever happens, do not get caught.
Well, if I do, I hope the First Order is as friendly as you think they are.
This suit takes some getting used to.
I'm up.
Standing by on private channel.
Who? Me? Come with us.
Where were you, CS-515? Right.
Uh, must have been interference, sir.
I was, um, in the lower levels, looking for, um, anything suspicious.
Fall in line.
So, umm, long day, huh? Yeah, I feel like I've verified the identity of every citizen on this platform.
Oh, right.
I got so busy I forgot to log my latest census data.
Oh, then you better get over to the transport and upload it.
Cut the chatter, troopers.
We have an incident.
We're heading to the Marketplace.
Now to get on that transport.
Sir, these protesters are refusing to leave.
Troopers, go home! No First Order! Free Colossus! This is an illegal gathering.
Disperse, or face immediate arrest.
This is a free platform! Go back to your own world! We don't need your help.
Leave us alone! Hey! Stop.
Stop! Disperse now and move along.
Stop! I said stop! Neeku, come in.
I am here, Ka-- I mean, CS-515.
I'm gonna try and sneak aboard their transport and access their mission logs.
I'll see if they know anything about the kids, and anyone else for that matter.
Okay Okay.
- Oh, right.
Gotta keep these floors nice and clean.
You know, this would go a lot faster if you had a floor sweeper.
I can't believe I got caught up in this.
I mean, I don't have a problem with the First Order.
They're just trying to keep everyone safe, protect the platform from any danger.
It's strange that you would consider trusting the First Order over your friends.
Well, okay, tell me.
Why are the troopers after you? The First Order, they came to our world.
Started destroying everything.
Our family, our friends-- we escaped before they could get to us.
I'm so sorry.
But they must have had a reason to do that, right? We don't know.
Um, guys? Hey, guys.
Mm, guys I think he is waking up.
What where where am I? Who are you people? Good morning.
You are experiencing disorientation associated with being knocked unconscious.
What? Because of this, your surroundings might seem unfamiliar to you.
Ah! Wha--what is that? - Take it easy.
- Calm down.
Calm down.
I'm--I'm so tired.
Well, allow me to help you go back to sleep then.
Oh ah, thanks.
That works too.
The transport.
This is my chance.
What was that, 515? Oh, uh, routine inspection.
If you could just step aside, that'd be great, thanks.
Ah, there we go.
Let's see what the mission logs say.
Whew, okay.
Looks like the trooper never reported the incident with the kids.
Now, let's see what else the First Order's up to.
Locked out? Oh, hello.
You, uh, you startled me.
Just doing my due diligence and--and inputting my census data.
All done here.
A data rod? Great, that will have the information I need.
Droid, hand over that data rod.
The Commander is requesting it.
I'm sorry, but it's critical I give it to the commander.
What are you doing? I said, hand it over.
Come on.
Give it to me! It's official business.
I need that data.
There it is.
Pesky little droid.
You want your head? Huh? You want your head? Then go get it.
What are you doing here? I was just, uh I was, uh, double-checking security feeds.
Is that so? All right, let's move, 515.
Where to, sir? We're going to see Commander Pyre.
Of course.
Commander Pyre.
I've been meaning to ask you, Doza.
Why did you leave the Empire all those years ago? Ultimately it came down to a personal choice.
Though I wouldn't expect you to understand, even if I explained why, Pyre.
Leave us, Captain.
This is still my office.
And these are my troops.
I just received word from Captain Phasma.
A full garrison is armed and on its way.
Citizens may remain, so long as they are sympathetic to the Order.
All others will be arrested or otherwise dealt with.
Yes, sir.
Now to your personal reports.
You heard him, CS-515.
- Report.
- Report.
Yes, sir.
We, um, rousted a fruit uprising.
Roughed up a few rabble rousers.
That's about it, really.
Who's next? Indeed.
You were correct, Sergeant.
This trooper's conditioning is erratic.
Perhaps even compromised.
Escort him to the transport for a full mental wipe and reprogram.
Reprogram? Affirmative.
Time for a brainscrape, 515.
No, really--I'm-I'm-- I'm fine.
Uh, totally fine.
No need to wipe my brain or anything.
Halt! After him! Outta the way! First Order coming through! Tam! Neeku! A little help! Kaz, where have you been? Long story.
Meet mesomewhere.
Gotta get this armor off.
Stop! I didn't do anything! Stop.
I'm in corridor G-9.
Near the market.
Hurry! Is that young man all right? Stay back.
He's, uh, very ill.
We're taking him to the med station.
We've lost him, sir.
Scan the area.
That armor is linked to our trackers.
Got it.
He's down that corridor.
No! A dead end? No, no, no, no.
Hello, Kaz! Neeku! I could kiss you.
I'm sorry, Kaz, but I do not feel the same way about you.
398, what's taking so long? Having a hard time scanning in these corridors.
Got him.
This way.
Drop your weapon.
Now! How'd I get here? My head hurts.
Take him to Reconditioning.
Have you seen my green friend? He's such a nice guy.
Okay, I think we're finally in the clear.
I checked the First Order's logs and the trooper never reported the incident.
There's no record of you kids being here.
Well, that's good.
But I have some bad news.
The First Order is sending a lot of reinforcements soon, and I don't think they're coming to protect us.
If you would have gotten caught, Kaz, you would have put us all at risk.
At least you helped those kids.
Both of you.
My office.
I hope you didn't get into too much trouble.
What did you find out with those kids? They're cataloguing and ID-ing everyone on this platform.
Well, that's nothing new.
The First Order does that all the time.
I have this data rod.
Maybe there's something more.
Worth a shot.
It looks like a system map.
What are all those red dots? Too hard to tell.
Based on their location, they could be First Order fleets.
Not even the New Republic Navy has that many.
I can tell you one thing.
If those are ships and the First Order is preparing for war, they're gonna need a way to refuel.
You mean, the Colossus? It's perfect for a military supply line.
That's why they want this station.
And they'll destroy every one of us to get it.