Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e17 Episode Script

The Disappeared

1 Â Â [dramatic music] Â Â [cheers and applause] And in the final lap, Hype takes the lead, followed by Torra Doza and Bo Keevil.
  Whoo-hoo! It's been nice playin' with y'all, but now it's time to pull out all the stops.
[cheers and applause] [ships whooshing] Doza, you do realize these races pose a potential security risk? If positive morale is a security risk, then I am willing to take that chance.
And you wonder how pirates are able to infiltrate your platform? I'm still in control of this platform, Pyre.
And as long as I am, we will continue to race.
Of course.
For now.
[triumphant music] [dynamic music playing] Â Â - [beeping] - Hey Ack.
Excuse you! [beeping] Hey Okay, I got it.
I got it.
I was leaving.
I was leaving anyway.
[mumbling] Ugh, I wish I had a blaster.
Kaz, Tam! Did you hear the news? There is a new Ace Run happening next week! You both will have the chance to become an Ace Pilot! Yeah, I guess that's one bright spot.
With so many troopers around, it's nice to have something to look forward to.
Well, I'm looking forward to winning that spot.
Hey! You kids gonna order something, or just take up space? Three Cirilian Sour Pastes, please! [ominous music] Â Â [beeping] [thud] [beeping] [beeping] You the owner? That's me.
What would you like to drink? We're here for volunteers, not refreshment.
Oh, no, that's not going to work.
It doesn't exactly fit in with my decor.
[unsettling music] It's not a request.
[beeping] [TIE fighters whirring] It seems like every day there's more of them.
When will it end? I don't think it will, Torra.
Commander Pyre to see you, sir.
Captain Doza.
Go back to your room, dear.
I need to brief you on a security matter.
And what's that, Commander? You must cancel all races until further notice.
They pose a potential breach in security.
Cancel? But it's all the people have to look forward to.
It's more than just racing, it's a vital part of the station's livelihood and community.
Of course.
But with the First Order defending the Colossus, I can't risk an accident with undisciplined, non-military pilots in the air.
I'm sure you understand.
Cancelled? Are you serious? Oh, that's just great.
Well, there's more.
Until further notice the Aces are to stand down.
First Order squadrons will provide all aerial security.
We can't race, can't fly, what are we supposed to do? Doza, you better fix this, 'cause I am not gonna waste my best years! Where are you going? - Hype? - Let him go.
He just needs to blow off some steam.
[machine whirring] [comlink chatter] Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here? This your ship? Yeah.
What, you got a problem? I'm taking it out to run some speed trials.
No, you're not.
All racers are officially grounded.
Hey! Don't touch my ship, nerko! Okay, okay.
[laughs nervously] Okay.
I didn't there's a lot of you, wow! You can touch my ship if you want to.
Just, uh, be gentle? [mysterious music] Â Â What did you do to the ship, Kaz? The injection turbine looks like it's been melted, and this looks like carbon scoring.
Were you in some kind of battle? Huh? What? A battle? No, those are reentry burns.
I I came in a little hot last time, that's all.
Remind me where you were again? Oh, you know, just out and about.
Guys! Did you hear? All future races have been cancelled! Neither of you will have the chance to become an Ace pilot! Well, that's just too bad wait, what? By order of Captain Doza himself.
Well boys, it's true.
The First Order made Doza ground the Aces and suspend all racing until they deal with the pirates.
They say it's only temporary, but [laughs] I've seen these kind of scare tactics before.
Why would the First Order ground the Aces? Unless they're threatened by them.
Or they aren't needed anymore.
The platform is better guarded now.
That is true.
No pirate attacks, no power outages, plenty of food in the marketplace.
But the First Order has basically trapped us here.
On our own platform! Hmm.
Also true.
The curfew, stormtrooper patrols, TIE fighter escorts, and communications blackout are all quite restrictive.
Well, sometimes there have to be sacrifices to maintain order and safety.
[beeping] Well, pretty soon there'll be so much order and safety we won't be able to do anything or go anywhere! I thought all you wanted to be was a racer, - and now there are no races! - [beeping] Torra? Have you seen Hype? He stormed off when my father grounded the Aces, and nobody knows where he is.
I'm telling ya, it's all the First Order.
[beeping] Shh.
[beeping] I'm not afraid to say it loud.
It's the First Order! The people they don't like, fwoosh! They make disappear.
[beeping] [foreboding music] Â Â [ominous music] Â Â We were informed there was a disturbance.
What's the problem here? There's no problem here, no problem at all.
I'll tell you what the problem is: The problem is you! People are disappearing and I know you're behind it.
- What did you say? - [beeping] Huh? Conspiracy theory? That's crazy! No conspiracy here! No one no one's talking conspiracy.
Our friend has gone missing and people got a little creative as to what happened to him.
What's your friend's name? Hype Fazon.
We need a location check on Resident 1-5-5, Hype Fazon.
[comlink chatter] Uh-huh.
Copy that.
Your friend had clearance to depart at 0-100 hours.
He's gone.
Wait, he left? That makes no sense.
He's my friend, he would never leave without saying good-bye.
[chuckles] Honestly, I'm not surprised.
Sounds like typical Hype to me.
Thank you for clearing that up, sir.
Just doing our duty to protect the platform.
Remember, each of you could have a future in the First Order if you want it.
Don't ya get it? We're not interested.
Go find your recruits somewhere else! These young people are too good for ya anyway.
[tense music] Â Â [beeping] [beeping] - [sighs] - Huh.
The nerve of those bucketheads.
Stinkin' up my place with their propaganda.
You gotta help me find Hype.
You got it, Torra.
What are you thinking? We can start by checking the hangar.
If Hype's ship is still there, then we'll know he's in trouble.
[mysterious music] Â Â The Tower is under complete lockdown.
I can only access certain areas.
The rest is off-limits.
[beeps] Hmm.
I think I know a way to get us in there.
[beeping] Cargo and destination? [beeping] This is an unscheduled delivery.
We're gonna have to open these up for inspection.
[beeping] [beeping] What the [gorgs screech] [both groaning] [yelps] [gorgs screeching] [squeals] [both groaning] Ah, come on, you little - [grunts] - C'mon, this way.
His ship is locked down.
This ship is everything to Hype.
He would never leave without it.
You know what that means.
Those stormtroopers were lying.
Whatever happened to Hype, they know about it, I'm sure.
[comlink chatter] Routine check citizen 1-5-5.
Starship is still in lockdown.
That's a nice ship.
Shame it's going to be scrapped.
We don't give the orders, we only follow them.
Let's go.
Why would the First Order take Hype and not the rest of the Aces? Why would they make him disappear? When my father said the races were over, Hype stormed off.
He was really angry, that's all I know.
Has he ever said anything bad about the First Order? Bad would be an understatement.
[sighs] That's what I was afraid of.
C'mon! Oy, where's my Jet Juice? [all clamoring] Excuse me? Hello? Over here, excuse me.
- Haven't gotten my drink yet! - [beeping] [all clamoring] - Any time now! - Hey, hey! Glitch, where's Aunt Z? Well, pardon me, sweetie.
Hey! Is my drink ready yet? I'm parched over here! [beeping] What do you mean "she's gone?" Where is she? [beeping] The First Order took Aunt Z too.
But took her where? - What kind of place is this? - Let's go somewhere else.
[foreboding music] Â Â Let me out! I have rights.
You can't do this! Will you be quiet, Z? Jeez! We've been locked up in here for hours.
They're not gonna let you out! They're not! You're here! With me! It's us! I'm not gonna be like you, sittin' there, not doing something! Doing something is what got me thrown in here in the first place.
- What about you, shorty? - Eh.
I didn't show the "proper respect" for the First Order.
Might have punched a trooper in the shin too.
[laughing] Hey, you listen up.
I'm gonna say what I want, when I want, as loud as I want.
And no First Order is gonna tell me otherwise! Your big mouth's gonna get you shipped off-world too.
Off-world? Are ya kiddin'? [door whooshes, footsteps approaching] Prisoners are en route.
Prepare transport for loading.
Wait a minute! Aunt Z, c'mon! [squeals] Wait a minute! Hey, [stammers] what are you doing? - Quiet! - I will not be quiet.
I demand to know where you're taking us.
That's the back.
I think you broke it.
Yeah, you'll find out.
When the next transport arrives.
[yelps] Oh, this can't be happening.
This can't be happening! - I'm too handsome to die! - Stay calm.
- And keep your eyes open.
- [yelps] Trust me.
We'll find a way out of this somehow.
[transport whooshing] [dramatic music] Â Â - Neeku, where's Yeager? - In his office.
But he does not want to be disturbed.
[loud thudding] Go away! Yeager, we have to talk to you.
Not now, Kaz.
Hype Fazon is missing, and now so is Aunt Z.
Pretty sure it's the First Order.
We have to [yelps] [ominous music] - Captain Doza? - [beeping] Father? Â Â The First Order is taking people away, aren't they? What's going on, Father? It doesn't concern you, Torra, please But it does! They took my friends! And who knows how many other people.
Who's next? If you know what's happening, you have to tell us.
The First Order is arresting people who defy them, and holding them on the West Docks before transporting off-world.
- Where off-world? - I don't know.
You have to stop them! Stormtroopers control the entire platform.
Openly defying the First Order now puts everyone on the Colossus at risk, including you.
Look, Doza and I want to find a way to take down the communications blanket, so we can coordinate with the Resistance and kick the First Order out.
We we don't have time for that.
If we don't act now we'll never see our friends again - Kaz! - What? You're right.
Good luck.
Thanks, Yeager.
So what was that all about? Uh, just planning a gathering, a little celebration! You know, to cheer everyone up with the races being cancelled and all Oh, what fun! I love celebrations! Any social gathering, really.
Gotta go.
Lots of planning to do! Something's going on.
Yes, didn't you hear? A celebration! I hope there will be food.
I like food.
Food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food! [TIE fighters whirring] [grunting] [beeping] Whoa! This is your plan? We've got to sneak to the docks without being seen.
Whoa-oh! Oh, oh! [beeping] [grunts] Thanks, CB.
- [beeps] - [sighs] This is going to be fun.
How far to the containers, CB? [beeping] Okay, great.
Stay close by in case we need your help.
[tense music] Â Â Whoa! Â Â [beeping] [grunts] [grunts] Whoa! and that's when I told him if he orders another one, I'd have to charge him rent for the bar stool.
- [all laughing] - You know why that's funny? 'Cause it's true.
- [all laughing] - Psst.
Aunt Z.
- Aunt Z.
- Shh, quiet.
Who's that? Aunt Z, down here.
[yelps, whimpers] - Not again.
- Torra, Kaz! - What are you doing? - We're here to rescue you.
[panting] Torra, Kaz, you gotta get us out of here.
We can't get on that transport! No, that's exactly what you have to do.
If we bust you out, the First Order will tear the platform apart looking for you.
But if we steal that ship We can fly off before they realized we've escaped.
- Decent plan, kid.
- Get ready.
[comlink chatter] Â Â [footsteps approaching] All right in there, let's go.
- You ready? - Let's do this.
- [grunts] - [yelps] What the? - [grunts] - Oh! [wailing] [grunting, laughs] [blaster firing] [yells] - [yelps, groans] - [panting] [groans] [grunting] You can do this, Hype.
You got this, man! [screams] [splash] Way to go, Hype.
[laughs] You're not too bad yourself.
Hype! Couldn't have done it without you, Torra.
Thanks for the rescue.
I'm just glad you're safe.
So can you fly this crate? [laughing] Hey, hey! I can fly anything.
But where are we going? Set course for Takodana.
I have an old friend there who can help us.
Good luck, Aunt Z.
[engine powering up] We did it! I can't believe we did it.
Don't get so excited.
Sooner or later the First Order will realize they're missing a transport.
Ugh, by that point, at least they won't know it was us.
[beeping] Come on, CB.
Let's go home.
[victorious music] Â Â Yeager, you're not gonna belie [ominous music] Â Â [beeping] Oh.
What's going on? Kazuda Xiono.
You and your friends are under arrest by command of the First Order.
  [triumphant music]  Â