Star Wars Resistance (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

The New World

Almost finished, CB.
And there! - [EXHALES.]
Just have to get a brand new stabilizer.
Good question.
What is going on? Come on, CB.
Neeku, what's going on? Are we under attack? Attack? [LAUGHS.]
I do enjoy your sense of humor, Kaz.
That was merely turbulence from our atmospheric entry.
- Entry? - Of course see for yourself.
Citizens of the Colossus, after scouring the Outer Rim, we have finally found a place for the Colossus to call home.
Welcome to the planet of Aeos.
Captain Doza, what what's going on? What is this place? Scans indicate this is not a high value planet, therefore it won't be on the First Order's scanners.
We've finally found a safe haven for the Colossus.
Settling on a planet is what the people want, Kaz.
We can't ignore that.
But, docking on some unknown world is a big risk.
So is continuing on as we have been.
How long until our supply levels become critical again? It's time to stop running and start thinking about our future.
It's a simple recon mission.
Pair off, conduct a sector search, then report back.
If the planet's safe and secure, we'll dock here on Aeos.
Bucket will issue field kits in case you run into anything unexpected meds, emergency food and water, the usual.
Any questions? Sounds easy enough.
I can't wait to get back to beating Kazuda on the race course.
You'd have to catch me to beat me.
The way I understand it, things are about to go back to the way they were, which means I'll be beating you both! Am I right or am I right, R4? [BEEPING.]
You know I'm right! Hustle up, Sunshine.
We got a job to do.
All right, you heard Yeager.
Let's split up and look around.
I don't know, Griff.
Are we making a mistake? Look, just trust the captain, kid.
He's seen a thing or two.
And all of us have done our part, haven't we? I mean will anybody even notice if we stop fighting? I mean I-I want to fight, but But now you've seen real war up close, kid, and you're different because of it.
Looks like there used to be a village down there.
Could be a fresh water source.
Let's check it out.
So, why did you stop fighting and leave the Empire? Doza he was my commanding officer, one of the best I'd ever known, too.
Got to the point where he'd had enough.
He said I could either stay and fight for a corrupt Empire, or leave with him and start new.
Oh, that's why you're so loyal to him.
He gave you a choice.
The truth is, in the end the Empire wasn't worth fighting for.
Doza saw that and he knew when to walk away.
But how would that solve anything walking away? Well, for one, it keeps you alive.
And ultimately, the Empire fell, so in my book, things worked out pretty well.
There's something up ahead.
What happened? Somebody tried to wipe out whoever was here and not that long ago, either.
Local trouble? Warring tribes? Could be anything what's that? First Order troopers? Doza said they weren't supposed to know about this place! Griff, we gotta to get back to the Colossus and - [BEEPING.]
- Griff? Uh Griff's droid? Hello? [GROANS.]
Be nice if he told me where he went.
Griff! Griff? - Griff, are you in here? - [BEEPING.]
Me? You're the one with the light.
You go first.
Fine, we'll go together.
Deal? Griff? Griff How did Griff get down here so quickly? CB, promise me we stick together, okay? Who knows what's down here [BEEPING.]
Looks like these caverns got damaged as well Wait a control center of some kind.
It's an old Rebellion outpost! That's why the First Order was here.
They want to make sure nobody can use this base against them [BEEPING.]
CB, we have to get back to the Colossus.
Oh, um, hi.
Wrong cavern.
Our mistake.
We we're just gonna see ourselves out.
Oh, no.
Any word from the Aces? All have reported their sectors clear, except for Griff and Kazuda.
Kaz, come in.
Griff, do you copy? I've been going over the sector recon scans.
There's a freshwater aquifer, signs of food we could thrive on this planet for years, Jarek.
Well, I know you wanna believe that we all do.
But we still need to be sure this place is everything it seems to be, and I'll feel a lot better when everyone has checked in - [ZAPPING.]
- [YELPS.]
Well, I'm guessing hospitality's not their thing.
See? Told you those high-pitched screams were his, R5.
Griff! Griff, you're okay! - Oh, am I glad to see you.
- Yep.
That's it? No, "Thanks for risking your life to rescue me, Kaz"? Depends did you tell the Colossus where we were before getting captured? Uh not exactly.
Okay, okay, that one's on me.
CB, contact the Colossus.
We tried that, genius.
The cave is too deep.
The signal won't go through.
We're on our own.
Okay, uh, it's not ideal, but we can figure a way out of this.
What are some of the ways you've escaped in the past? Well, I've never been captured by fish before, so I'm open to whatever.
What is it, 4D? Scans indicate several life forms approaching the Colossus.
Can you make out what they are? Negative, Captain, but they appear to be originating from the ocean.
Let's just hope they're friendly.
We passed Griff and Kaz's sector on our way back, but never had a visual on them.
What's going on, Yeager? We've lost all contact with them.
I got 20 credits that says Griff ditched Kaz on some deserted island.
Who wants in? Well, I'm not waiting around to find out.
I'm going to look for them.
Perhaps they might know what's happened to Kaz and Griff.
Um who are they? I'm guessing the locals.
Okay, everyone stay calm and do not engage.
This is no way to treat guests, Yeager.
- Allow me.
- Uh Neeku? Hello, new friends, welcome aboard the Colossus.
I am Neeku.
What are your names? [HISSING.]
Well, that is a very interesting name.
However, judging by your glowing spears, you are perhaps not in the best of moods.
I will just safely move away now.
Stand back, security coming through.
Uh, B1, I would be very cautious around these locals.
We've got this under control, Commander Neeku.
Neeku, tell B1 to stand down.
Intruders are not allowed! State your business here.
B1, do not get too close to them they might [ZAPPING.]
Oh, no.
This planet is everything we dreamed of.
Beautiful, peaceful [SCREAMS.]
Whoa, what was that thing? Something looking for its next meal, I'm thinking.
Whatever it was, there's more up ahead! [CRACKLING.]
Droids, stand down.
I repeat stand down! [INTERCOM BEEPS.]
Yeager, is everything okay? We spotted some not-so-friendly fish circling the station.
Hold your position and do not engage.
The locals think we're a threat.
Everybody fall back! [ZAPPING.]
- Hurry, Neeku! - Hurrying, hurrying.
Okay, so what do we do now? They clearly don't want us here! Whoa! Ya think? Yeager! Griff hey, Griff! Griff, guess what I found before we got captured? - No.
- An old Rebellion outpost.
And? I figure the First Order must be targeting old Rebel bases all over the galaxy, so if they took this one out, they probably moved on, right? Yeah, don't count on it.
We can't be sure they didn't leave a probe or a beacon behind.
If we stay here, we'll always have to be looking over our shoulder.
Wait what's happening? Where are you taking us? All right, all right.
Ahh all right.
No need to be pushy.
Okay, we just need to figure out how to explain we are the good guys - that we just wanna help.
- Yeah, well, seeing what happened up there, I doubt they're gonna listen.
Oh wow.
I think she's the one in charge.
Ooh, you're quick.
Don't worry I'll handle this.
My name is Ka-zu-da.
My friend here is Griff.
We mean you no harm.
Why do you speak so strangely? Is there something wrong with you? [LAUGHING.]
Sorry she said it, not me.
Ooh, I'm so sorry I didn't realize you could understand us.
You, Kazuda and Griff, are intruders to our home.
We lost many of our people in your attack, including our healer.
For this, you will face punishment! Wait, what? Attack you? No, no, that wasn't us.
It was the First Order! And if you lost your healer, please let us help.
We have medics and supplies Quiet, child.
Your ship hovers over our planet like a vast pyramid just as before.
Just as before? Look, I can explain.
That was a Star Destroyer, not us Oh, great.
We found this, your majesty.
And this one bears the markings of those who destroyed our village.
No, no, no, no! I know how this must look, but we did not do this to your people.
We just came here to look for a new home Silence.
You will be punished for your deeds.
Feed them to the krakavora.
Feed? Did she say, "feed"? - That's what I heard.
- No, no, no this this is a mistake! We didn't do anything! I don't wanna be dinner Okay, Griff, uh we need a plan.
Any plan doesn't have to be a good plan just one where we're not a meal.
- Anyone? - [BEEPING.]
Uh, R5 votes you get eaten first.
I'm with that.
Oh, no [MOANING.]
- We can help them.
- They don't want our help.
We have to try and it will prove we're not the bad guys.
Excuse me, Leader uh, ma'am? I see your people are hurt.
They they need medical attention.
- If you let us go, we can - Not another word, child.
- That went well.
- CB - [BEEPS.]
- It's time for plan B.
Hang in there.
These meds will help you recover.
Look, we only want to help.
I will not let you wreak more havoc upon my people.
I wouldn't do that, your majesty.
Excuse me? If you wanna pick a fight, then it's gonna have to be with me.
He is healed.
You are a healer? No, but we have plenty of medicine back on our ship.
If you let us go, I promise we will help your people.
Take them to the krakavora! What! No no krakavora! Please, no krakavora! No krakavora! [ROARING.]
They're not going to stop! What do we do? Yeager, I'm sending security droids your way as back up.
Doza, wait.
The plan was to not engage.
This is their planet.
We're the ones trespassing.
Oh, we're all gonna die! Uh, shall I try diplomacy again? Just stay behind me, Neeku.
Whoa, whoa, whoa [SHOUTING.]
Griff, Kaz! What happened out there? Everything's okay.
There was [EXHALES.]
there was just a big misunderstanding.
Her majesty has agreed to let us help her people.
Well, that is very good news.
Welcome to the Colossus, your majesty.
Whatever you need, just let us know.
That is very kind.
Thank you.
You know, these guys are starting to grow on me.
Here's the medicine for your people, as promised.
And, uh, no hard feelings about almost feeding me to the krakavora.
I apologize for trespassing on your planet.
Our ship will leave at once.
Captain Doza was only trying to keep us safe.
The First Order, the ones who attacked your village, they took our home from us and that's why we came here.
We allowed a small group of your kind to find shelter here in the past, and they were most helpful and honorable.
I see that you and your tribe are similar.
For this, I shall allow your people to stay on Aeos.
Thank you, your majesty.
We are very grateful.
Come, Captain.
Let us discuss this further.
Something's on your mind.
Let's hear it.
I wanted to believe that we could hide here, and I could feel how much Doza wanted that for us.
Having the chance to race again, live our lives, start over but seeing what I saw today that bombed-out village, those wounded people I know we'll never be able to walk away.
We have to fight until we win.
The war is coming for us, Yeager.
Even in this peaceful place that seems so far away from everything it's gonna find us.
You may be right I don't know.
But I do know this.
Whatever comes, we'll face it together.