Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

The Path of Anger

These designs allow
for increased maneuverability
and lower fuel consumption.
And most important,
shields to better protect your pilots
and keep them on the field of battle
for longer intervals.
[clears throat]
Aside from the cost,
which would be astronomical,
how feasible is the production
of these starships?
My base of operations is on Corvus,
a planet ripe with raw goods
and materials,
as are many of the planets
in that star system.
Thank you for your presentation,
Unfortunately, we will not
be moving forward on this deal with you.
Why is that?
When your plans
for these advanced starfighters
first came to our attention,
they were causing quite a stir
in some circles.
Not because of their unique design.
Our interest was never in your plans.
These fertile systems, however,
now those are interesting.
We will be there in short order
to take what is rightfully ours.
I suggest you return to your world
and prepare for our arrival.
[footsteps approaching]
[Pellaeon] This is sophisticated work.
You've changed the engine manifold.
The interior twin ion engines
are inefficient
when you're using that much power.
It's simple logic.
I suppose the Empire
is going to steal my ideas,
as well as my resources.
But I am curious to know about the mind
that came up with them.
I don't understand why.
My superior sends me to these meetings
to search for people
with a particular vision.
However, I have a question for you.
Why is it that you want to lend
your substantial talents and vision
to the Empire?
Why, for the glory of the Empire,
of course.
I see.
Thank you for your time, Magistrate.
Were you successful?
But you promised us work and prosperity.
The Empire wants only your resources.
Not your people.
Not my ideas.
You said the Empire
would help to change things.
We trusted you.
Put our lives in your hands.
When I found your village,
you were nothing.
Just one of a thousand
backwater worlds rotting away.
I built your fortifications.
I gave you strength
to control the local systems.
And we let you run our lives.
We worked for that success.
You promised us wealth.
We sacrificed for you.
You lied, Magistrate.
[villagers clamoring]
Everything comes at a cost.
Including failure.
[villagers clamoring]
- [villager 1] Failure!
- [villager 2] Witch!
- [villager 1] What will we do?
- [villager 2] You promised us more. Liar!
- [villager 3] What will we do?
- [villager 4] You owe us!
[villagers clamoring]
- [clamoring continues]
- [villager 5] Witch!
They're all willing to turn on me.
After everything I've done for them.
These are not my people.
How could they ever be?
[footsteps approaching]
- [groans]
- [screams]
[electricity crackles]
[breathes heavily, growls]
[grunts, groans]
[both grunting]
[grunts, breathes heavily]
[both grunting]
[grunting continues]
[weapons clanking]
- Call the guards.
- No.
[exclaims, grunts]
[both grunt]
- Who sent you?
- [panting, growls]
Who sent you?
- [Pellaeon] Well done, Magistrate.
- [gasps]
Thank you, Rukh. That will be all.
Forgive the theatrics,
but we had to make sure
you were capable of handling yourself.
- You're testing me?
- You will understand in a moment.
Now, if you please.
[Rukh grunts]
I look forward to working with you.
[Rukh grunts]
[Thrawn] History remembers
the witches of Dathomir.
I was curious to witness
a display of your particular skills.
Why not experience them firsthand?
Oh, you misunderstand.
My interest is based
on admiration and ambition.
Who are you?
Admiral Thrawn.
Captain Pellaeon told me
the finer details of your presentation
and how you were upended by Moff Isdain.
Isdain is a shortsighted fool.
[Thrawn] I agree.
The Empire is a magnificent construct.
it's not without its vulnerabilities.
While many of my colleagues
think on a grand scale,
they often overlook where problems begin,
and they always start small.
You speak of the growing rebellion.
A sickness which kills
both common man and king.
We'll need minds like yours
if we are to eradicate them.
Isdain made it clear the Empire wants only
this planet and its resources,
not my mind.
Shortsighted indeed.
Your designs are brilliant,
but not cost-effective.
Many in the Empire
will trade lives for profit.
Over time, this will create a weak
and disillusioned military.
The Empire will slowly crumble.
Why do you care?
Or more to the point, why should I?
I believe this is a question
Captain Pellaeon already asked you.
Your answer was a lie.
Men like Isdain
join out of greed and self-interest.
Others out of fear.
All with ambitions of power.
Answer again.
Why do you seek Imperial favor?
[villagers clamoring]
[villager 1] Witch!
[villager 2] Failure!
Years ago,
my people were all but destroyed.
Our culture, our beliefs,
are fading into memory.
Yes, I seek power to ensure my future,
to destroy my enemies.
My anger gives me strength,
and it is that strength
that I offer the Empire.
Offer accepted.
[Elsbeth] Isdain?
[Thrawn] No,
that is a portion of my fleet.
They'll be at your disposal
to begin your operation.
What does this mean?
Is it good?
It means she won.
Long live the Empire.
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