Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

The Path of Hate

[villagers chatter]
[speaks alien language]
[ship approaching]
[droid beeping]
Open the gate
in the name of the New Republic.
[console beeps]
Nadura, is that you?
Hello, Wing.
Why have you come back?
I'm now an ambassador of the New Republic.
There was a special assembly.
They were looking for people
to go to distant worlds
and petition for membership, so here I am.
The New Republic?
Yes. The Galactic Empire was defeated.
[inhales sharply] You don't know?
Some news reaches us
more slowly than others.
[Nadura] Hmm.
I see things have only
gotten worse since I left.
I should have never allowed the witch
to take over.
I was a fool.
What has Magistrate Elsbeth done?
No one has seen her in a long time,
and yet her guards keep us working
night and day.
There have been strange folk about.
Mercenaries, I think, coming and going.
The people are afraid.
I have my guards.
It won't be enough.
I will speak with her.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
It's doubtful she'll even see you.
No one goes in.
Do not worry, Wing. Things have changed.
Everything has changed. [inhales sharply]
Maybe even Magistrate Elsbeth.
Let's see.
I'm coming with you.
[distant coughing]
[thudding, whirring]
[door thuds]
[door whirs]
[spear clangs]
Magistrate Elsbeth,
I am here on behalf of the New Republic.
I brought a petition to the Senate
for Corvus to become a member planet.
They are willing to accept.
[water splashes]
However, first, you must step down
and relinquish your control
of the local systems.
If you will not comply,
I will have to arrest you.
Leave now.
It's what the people want.
And how would you know
what the people want?
I remember you, Nadura.
[spear clangs]
You left many years ago because it
did not suit you to work in our factories.
[spear clangs]
You felt it was beneath you.
I had no intention of laboring for you
and what you call fair wages.
You have all but enslaved these people.
You cannot stop what has begun.
No one can.
I've had a vision,
and I will fulfill my destiny.
I won't allow that to happen.
I hope you're prepared
to back up that statement.
Please, there's no need for conflict.
He's right, Magistrate.
Your crimes are well-known.
Step down willingly.
Turn yourself in.
I can help you get a fair trial.
Don't burn everything down around you.
My world has been burning
since I was a child.
Why should this one be any different?
[blasters powering up]
[spear clangs]
Kill her.
[clamoring, screaming]
Get to the ship!
[New Republic guard groans]
You should be careful with your tongue.
Your people need you more than I do.
[panting] R8, send a distress signal.
[villagers screaming]
[groans, shouts]
[whimpering, crying]
[spear clangs]
I understand that you must be frightened,
but I'm here to reassure you.
You are all under my steadfast protection.
The fires will continue burning.
You will work night and day,
but you do so knowing
that you will be part of an effort
that will save our galaxy from ruin.
[panting] Be brave.
[sniffles] No matter how dark things get.
[Nadura breathes shakily]
I can't.
You can. [pants]
Help will come
[gasps] but you must be ready
to do your part.
[groans] Even if it is small.
You can make a difference.
[comlink beeps]
[Bo-Katan] Who is this?
I received your distress signal.
Come in.
Who is
No one is coming.
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