Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


[screaming, clamoring]
[lightsaber ignites]
[lightsaber humming]
[gasps, panting]
Guard! Guard! What's going on?
Keep quiet.
Tell me what's happening.
Has there been an attack?
Just be glad you're not a Jedi anymore.
By tomorrow they won't exist.
[explosions continue]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder continues]
[woman] Stand up, Barriss Offee.
I don't go by that name anymore.
Things have changed.
What does the Jedi Council want?
I am not here on behalf of the Council.
You are serving a life sentence
for crimes against the Republic.
But at your trial, you accused the Jedi
of murder and treason.
It seems you were right after all.
The Jedi tried
to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine.
What does this mean for me?
It means I'm here to present you with
an opportunity, Barriss.
A rare and precious opportunity.
Will you take it?
[blasters click]
[Force rumbling]
[door closes]
- Barriss?
- Dante.
It's good to see a familiar face.
I thought you were in prison.
Nice to see you too, Ahmar.
[Grand Inquisitor]
Now that you've all arrived, we may begin.
You're here because
the Jedi failed the Republic.
And now that they're gone,
we must build a new coven
to ensure the security of our empire.
What empire?
The Republic has been reorganized
into the First Galactic Empire,
Barriss Offee.
Out of chaos,
Emperor Palpatine will bring order.
But the task will not be easy.
His vision must be protected at all costs.
Prove yourselves worthy
of this task today,
and you may join us.
For now, you may go to your quarters.
I advise you not to leave
until we meet again.
[comms chatter]
[Ahmar] We need to get out of here.
What are you talking about?
What he said back there doesn't sound
any better than the Jedi, Dante.
Whatever all this is,
it's not what we thought.
I wouldn't.
Why should we listen to you?
W-What about us?
What happens
when they find out you're gone?
That's not my problem.
Follow me.
Your friend had a terrible accident.
Sadly, we must proceed without him.
[gem clinks]
I told him not to go.
You were wise.
Please take the boy.
Barriss, come with me.
The lessons you learned from the Jedi
greatly limit your power.
[Force rumbling]
But I will help you overcome
this weakness.
I don't understand.
Take this weapon and attack me.
You're not armed.
I don't need to be.
Go ahead.
You're holding back.
It makes you predictable.
Try again.
Stop fighting like a Jedi. Attack.
[Barriss grunts]
Now I feel your anger.
Mercy only breeds defeat.
Perhaps you're not as powerful as we
[Force rumbling]
[Barriss panting]
[panting continues]
[Grand Inquisitor]
I must confess, you've impressed us.
You both have.
Unfortunately, there is only room
in our ranks for one.
And so, you must face one final test.
You may choose not to fight, of course.
In which case, both of you will die.
We don't have to do this.
They won't kill us.
They killed Ahmar, didn't they?
[Force rumbling]
- What are you doing?
- Embracing the future.
[groaning, choking]
[Force rumbles]
[Lyn] Welcome, Sister.
[footsteps approach]
Brothers, sisters. Enter.
Now, it is time you meet your new Master.
[mechanical breathing]
Rise, Inquisitors.
Long live the Empire.
[Darth Vader breathing]
[Barriss] Long live the Empire.
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