Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


Our target is known to be
working with a local rebel cell,
so don't let your guard down.
From the intel, it seems unclear
whether a Jedi is involved or not.
The Grand Inquisitor wouldn't send us here
if the intel wasn't credible.
You should know better
than to question that.
[controls beeping]
These people have nothing.
How can the Emperor allow this to happen?
They reap what they sow.
When the people show loyalty
to the Empire,
they will be allowed to flourish.
But not before.
Then let's complete our mission
and allow them to prosper.
[villagers chattering]
Where is the Jedi hiding?
There is no Jedi here.
You would be wise to tell me.
We're here to protect you.
The Jedi are dangerous.
They can control your minds.
Make you do things
you otherwise would not.
[Barriss] You know something.
It's all right. You can tell me.
Is that better?
Now, will you tell me what I want to know?
Do not press our patience on this matter.
I give you my word.
There were never any Jedi here.
You should tell me the truth.
Was there a Jedi here?
It's okay.
They're hiding in the mountains.
You did the right thing for everyone.
Sister, the mountains.
You gave me your word.
People are judged by their actions.
Well, then
[villagers murmuring, screaming]
[Governor] No!
[screaming continues]
[screaming stops]
[lightsaber retracts]
[Barriss] Don't look back.
[Barriss] As Inquisitors,
we bring order, not chaos.
Rebellion creates chaos.
Eliminating it brings order.
But creating fear
will turn the people against us.
They were already against us.
Now those
who witness our strength will respect it.
Hold it!
Look out!
[grunts, screams]
[lightsabers clashing]
[Lyn grunts]
[the Jedi grunting]
[Barriss] You need to surrender.
You're a traitor and a murderer.
[Barriss] Not true.
[grunts] You expect me to believe you?
[Barriss grunts]
The Jedi are gone.
[the Jedi pants]
They paid for their hubris,
but you don't have to.
Set down your weapon. Come with me.
I know what it's like to be lied to,
to be deceived.
But that's over now.
Turn yourself in.
You have a chance for a new life.
[pants] No.
Aren't you tired of running?
I'm so tired.
And I feel so alone.
Then come with me.
- [Lyn screams]
- [Barriss] No!
It's finished.
They're still alive.
We need to get them to the ship.
We can save them.
[Lyn] Forget it. Let them die.
It's not worth the trouble.
They were about to surrender.
The Jedi are a threat to be eradicated
wherever they are found.
Then you have one Jedi left to deal with.
[Lyn screams]
[Barriss] I won't let you die.
You're not alone.
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