Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

The Way Out

[wind whistling]
[creature huffs]
[traveler] We seek the healer.
Follow me.
[whispers indistinctly]
Come. She will see you.
[baby babbling]
[Barriss] Come forward.
You're safe here.
There doesn't appear to be
anything wrong with you.
We thought so too.
But the Empire came to our village
and examined all of the children.
They took samples of their blood.
Something about Micah frightened them.
[father] They wanted to take him away,
so we-we fled.
That's when we met the traveler
and he told us to find you.
I know of what you speak.
Long ago, before the Empire,
my family faced a similar situation.
But it was the Jedi who came and took me.
They trained me as their own.
I saw amazing things.
Traveled the stars with my Master
before a darkness took me.
But that was long ago.
Are you saying our child is a Jedi?
But your child,
according to the old ways of the Jedi,
has within him the potential.
He would have been taken, like I was,
to the Temple
and trained as a Jedi Knight of old.
But now such gifts are a curse.
You are right to run.
The Empire will take your child
and use them.
If not, something worse.
[attendant] Wise mother,
someone is coming.
You are dismissed.
Take this family and go.
Use my starship.
But, wise mother, we are here to help you.
You already have.
The coordinates are
in the ship's computer.
Where are we taking them?
To see an old friend.
She'll understand what to do.
Once we've completed what you ask,
we'll return.
There is no need.
You've done more than you should.
Take everything I've taught you
and pass it on.
We are grateful for your knowledge
and kindness.
What can we do to repay you?
Now go.
Of course it's you.
How ironic that when I am not seeking you,
I find you at last.
We had almost stopped searching.
You should leave, Lyn.
I have been sent for the child.
Is this who you have become?
Chasing down innocent children
for your Empire?
You're a traitor.
I wouldn't expect you to understand.
You're correct, Lyn.
I do not.
Do not call me that.
Now step aside.
Your anger makes you predictable.
It's only proper
to give them a head start.
Stand aside.
I will.
But I warn you not to follow the child
into that cave.
You do not know the path.
And if you go in, you will not come out.
Fear is my ally, not yours.
You choose your allies poorly.
Once I am finished with the child,
I will be back for you.
[mother panting]
[panting continues]
[voices whispering]
[ship powering up]
[grunts, panting]
[breathes heavily]
[Barriss, echoing] You're lost.
I warned you.
[Lyn] Enough of your trickery!
[Barriss] There is no trickery.
I don't want you to die in here.
Lay down your weapon,
and I'll show you the way out.
Do you know what they'll do to me
for my failure?
It seems fear is not your ally,
but your master.
[grunts, shouts]
I am here.
- [grunts, pants]
- Let me help you.
- [groans, sighs]
- [gasps] Barriss.
[Barriss breathing heavily]
I forgive you.
I don't want your forgiveness.
I want you to show me the way out.
You know the way out.
You just have to accept it, Lyn.
Stop calling me that.
But that is who you are.
There is no way out, is there?
That's what the Empire wants you to think.
[Lyn breathing heavily]
I am gonna get you out of here.
[creature chittering]
[chitters, sniffs]
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