Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


Separatists pushed to the brink.
Republic forces continue to mount victories on battlefronts across the galaxy.
After the Jedi Knights thwarted an attempt to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, the evil droid, General Grievous, retreated to the Outer Rim.
With his legions of battle droids severely depleted, Grievous mounts a desperate and brutal counterattack across several star systems.
We find Republic clone troopers locked in deadly combat on the besieged world of Kaller.
Lead by Jedi Master Depa Billaba, they struggle to hold their position as they wait for reinforcements to arrive.
Not to be a pessimist, but if the commander isn't back soon with those reinforcements My Padawan will be here.
Master! Here.
I'm here.
Caleb, where are the reinforcements? Don't worry.
They're right behind me.
Where are they? Caleb.
Trust me.
- Well, how many are there? - Five of them.
Five? We're done.
Yeah, that's what I thought, but you gotta see these clones.
They're different.
Hold your positions.
Make a hole! Hey! I don't believe it.
That's Clone Force 99.
Crosshair, let's get these tanks moving.
Sir, yes, sir.
Stop that.
Adjust the stabilizers.
We're going over.
Hey, clanker.
I guess I'm in charge now.
What's that? No Drop your weapons and surrender.
If you're done hiding down there, I suggest you launch a counterattack.
Another droid battalion's approaching.
The general is the one who gives the orders around here.
He's right, Captain.
This is our chance.
Launch the counterattack.
Yes, General.
All right, men.
Let's go! Sir, yes, sir.
Move it! Move it! There you are, little Jedi.
You missed all the fun.
Watching your team in action was the fun.
Care to introduce your new friends, Caleb? Yes, Master.
This is Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, Tech and Crosshair.
While I'm not sure "fun" is the sentiment I would express, I agree with my Padawan.
Your exploits were quite impressive.
Exploits? Don't overthink it, Wrecker.
Thank you, General.
Now, would one of you please explain where my actual reinforcements are? Rerouted to the capital.
We're all you're getting.
Ha! We're all you need.
Actually, if my intel is correct, the general will not need any of us.
The Clone War may soon be over.
Better tell that to the clankers headed our way.
I am referring to the encrypted comm chatter.
Clone intelligence is reporting Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi has found and engaged General Grievous on Utapau.
If he captures or kills Grievous, the Separatist command structure will collapse.
And most likely the droid armies along with them.
A fascinating theory, yet unfortunately not something we can control from here.
I suggest we focus on the task at hand.
Any orders? Or shall we do what we do? Let's blow something up.
Yeah! Well, Caleb, shall we let them do what they do? Only if I can go with them.
Very well.
Hey, kid.
You ready for this? We move fast.
That's the only way I know.
I like him.
Execute Order 66.
Master! You must run! Run, Caleb! Stay away from me! Kid, wait! What What just happened? The comm channel is repeating one directive, "Execute Order 66.
" Yeah, I heard that too.
What's Order 66? I am not certain.
Talk to the reg Captain.
Find out what you can.
Crosshair, you and I will track down the kid and make sure nothing happens to him.
Wrecker, stall anyone who tries to follow us.
He's close.
Come on down, kid.
We're here to help.
No! Liar.
What are you doing? Following orders.
We don't even know what the order is.
Stand down until we know what's going on.
Good soldiers follow orders.
Where's the Padawan? Yeah, don't worry.
Hunter's handling it.
We have orders from the Supreme Chancellor himself.
That's great, but like I said, Hunter's handling it.
Step aside, Trooper.
Sure thing, boss.
Hunter, you've got regs inbound.
Copy that.
We have a situation.
Tell me something I don't know, Tech.
It appears the regs have been ordered to execute the Jedi.
What? Which Jedi? All of them.
They're saying the Jedi have committed treason.
That would explain things.
It doesn't begin to explain things.
I suggest you get back here.
Haven't found the kid yet.
Crosshair, stand down.
Don't! Take it easy, kid.
I'm on your side.
Stay back.
Just hear me out.
No! You killed her! The others did.
I'm just as confused as you are.
Stay back.
Stay back! I can help you.
Come with me.
I'm sure he went this way.
Come on! No! Where's the Jedi? I stunned him when he jumped.
He didn't make it.
We're coming up on Kamino.
It's good to be home.
How long has it been? One hundred and eighty rotations in a standard cycle, but galactic zone changes put the adjusted figure at around 205.
What? A long time.
You got that right.
What? You sure that Padawan died when he fell? Sure I'm sure.
Why? Well, usually when someone falls you look down, not across.
Well, some of us don't like to watch.
Unidentified transport, transmit your clearance code.
Clearance code? Don't they know who we are? Must be a protocol drill.
Transmitting clearance code.
Authorization confirmed.
Proceed to landing bay one-tac-one.
Level five lockdown remains in effect Shock troopers? What's the Coruscant Guard doing here? Level five lockdown remains in effect.
Security teams, report to the command center.
This isn't a drill.
What did we miss now? The end of the war.
Say again, Trooper.
General Grievous was defeated on Utapau.
The Separatist leadership has collapsed.
The war is over.
Just like I said.
It is just like you said.
Is there a problem? No problem.
We'll just head to our barracks then.
Best hurry.
There's a mandatory general assembly at 1500.
It's not just the clones on Kaller.
All the regs are acting strange.
Let's test that theory.
Excuse me, Trooper.
What division are you from? Step aside.
Well, they seem the same to me.
Good to be back.
The smell's getting worse.
You're still new.
You'll get used to it.
Speak for yourself.
Well, I'll get the board.
Eleven more successful missions.
Like there was any doubt.
Kaller wasn't a win.
Says who? We completed our objective.
Not every objective.
Hunter let that Jedi kid escape.
Or do you want to keep lying to us? I don't like to think of executing our commanders as a mission objective.
An order is an order.
Since when? None of this makes sense.
Those clones served alongside General Billaba for years.
How could they turn on her like that? Because of the regs programming.
What programming? It's been well documented that the Kaminoans inhibited the cognitive functions of clones to engineer them to follow orders without question.
Ha! We sure don't.
Obviously, we are different.
They manipulated preexisting aberrations in our DNA, resulting in your brute strength, Crosshair's sharpshooting skills, Hunter's enhanced senses and my exceptional mind.
My guess is we are immune to the effects of the programming.
Though I can't be 100% certain of it.
What about Echo? He was a reg before he joined us.
Yeah, if all regs were programmed, why didn't I react like the others? The damage you sustained on Skako Minor most likely wiped out all of your preset behavioral modifications.
You are more machine than man percentagewise, at least.
Lucky me.
All personnel report to the staging area for a briefing on the state of the Republic.
This is one meeting I don't want to miss.
First time for everything.
And the Jedi rebellion has been foiled.
The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated.
The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed.
You can say that again.
But I assure you.
My resolve has never been stronger! In order to ensure the security and continuing stability What is it? The Republic will be reorganized - into the first - Nothing.
Galactic Empire! Galactic Empire? For a safe and secure society.
Yeah! Still don't think the regs are programmed? Galactic Empire? We're soldiers of the Republic.
Republic, Empire What's the difference? The systematic termination of the Jedi is a big one for me.
Lads, we've got company.
What's that? Adolescent human female.
Origins uncertain.
My name's Omega.
I was wondering when you guys would come back.
You know who we are? Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair.
You're Clone Force 99.
What are you doing on Kamino, kid? Her job, of course.
She is my medical assistant, one with a curious mind that causes her to wander.
Come, Omega.
There is work to do.
This day keeps getting weirder and weirder.
Admiral Tarkin, this news is most surprising.
Chancellor Palpatine has always supported our cloning advancements in the past.
Emperor Palpatine's priorities have changed.
With the war at an end, the need for future clones is being questioned.
Our contracts stipulate the continued production.
Your contracts were with the Republic, which no longer exists.
Surely you realize the precarious state this newly formed Empire is in.
Clone troopers will be needed to maintain order throughout the galaxy.
A service conscription soldiers could provide at half the cost.
The skill level and efficiency of our clones is far superior to that of any recruited body.
I shall be the judge of that, Prime Minister.
His shuttle arrived earlier today.
I heard he's evaluating all the clones.
It's about time some of the fat got trimmed around here.
Clones being programmed.
Nothing controls me.
Wrecker, it is a logical conclusion that your affinity for destruction would stem from your conditioning.
You take that back! I am merely stating a scientific hypothesis based on factual data.
Well, I got a fact for you.
I like to blow things up because I like to blow things up! Got it? Well, I'm convinced.
An Imperial's been sent to evaluate the clones.
Everybody's talking about it.
What kind of evaluation? Hopefully not mental.
Clearly we'd never pass that.
Hello again.
From earlier? In the corridor? Yeah, kid.
We remember.
Don't you have someplace to be? No.
I'll stay.
You want to sit with us? That's never happened before.
I like you.
You don't fit in around here either.
What are you really doing here on Kamino, kid? Don't you have a family somewhere? Parents? Parents? Check it out.
The defect squad's got themselves a new recruit.
Another member added to the Sad Batch.
What the Who threw that? I did.
Now apologize to my friends.
I like this kid! What did you say to me? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back off.
I suggest you keep moving.
Know your place, lab scrabber.
That's it.
Yeah! Not again.
Echo, watch out.
But mistress Nala Se summoned you to the sub-level medical wing.
- You must go.
- No.
I'm staying here until he wakes up.
Whe Where? No! Get them off! But my tests are not yet complete.
Echo, it's It's okay.
It's me.
I understand.
I don't like being hooked up to their machines either.
Hello, CT-1409.
His name is Echo.
I am AZI-345211896246498721347, your assigned medical droid.
Ha! Told you he's alive! You owe me two credits.
CT-1409's condition is stable.
But I have some distressing news for the rest of you.
According to your test results, you all appear to be genetically defective clones.
I will leave you to process the shock of this revelation.
We've got a problem.
Not really.
We're more deviant than we are defective.
Not that.
Admiral Tarkin's here.
He's the one evaluating the clones.
The same Tarkin from the Citadel rescue when you - How shall I put this? - Blew up.
And turned into that.
And he's not a big supporter of clones.
We'll soon find out.
We've been summoned by the prime minister.
Guess he didn't find that mess hall fight amusing.
But I sure did.
Come on.
Let's get this over with.
The fight was my fault.
I'm going too.
Not happening.
We'll handle this.
- But I - Listen, kid.
Our squad's nothing but trouble.
For your sake, keep your distance.
Got it? Where do you think you're going? The training facility is that way.
Training facility? For a battle simulation.
Admiral Tarkin has requested to see more of your squad in action.
Then we are not being reprimanded? No, you're being tested.
Now, go gear up.
So, we're not in trouble, and they want us to fight more? Ha! Maybe this Empire thing's not so bad after all.
The value of all clone troopers is being challenged by the Empire.
To demonstrate your effectiveness, a combat-proficiency test is in order.
Take your positions.
We've done these a thousand times, boys.
You know what to do.
A battle simulation? Give us a real challenge.
You may begin.
Crosshair, take the towers.
Move in.
Finally! I'll cover you.
This is taking way too long! What else ya got? Gimme more! If the Galactic Empire is to be stronger than the Republic which preceded it, it's soldiers must follow suit.
Switch to live fire.
Admiral Tarkin, I must protest.
Live rounds could damage my clones and my facility.
For which you will be fairly compensated.
Do it! New toys.
Now we're talking.
Yeah! They're using live rounds.
Get Wrecker.
We'll cover you.
Wrecker, are you all right? I felt that one.
Fall back.
This is going well.
These training blasters are useless on them.
Then we improvise.
If Tarkin wants to test us, let's not disappoint him.
I hate hand signals.
Perhaps if you memorized them.
Why don't you memorize them? I have.
What we did on Felucia.
Well, why didn't you just say that? Incoming.
Reprogramming this thing will be pointless if you crush it.
You better be right about this.
These are rather unusual tactics.
The clones of experimental Unit 99 have a tendency to veer from standard combat protocol.
Hurry up.
Let him go.
Look alive.
Stay down! I can't sustain the connection.
Tech! Crosshair, we need more cover fire.
Tech! Hold tight, buddy.
I'm not going anywhere.
Wrecker, knife.
Nice work.
Extraordinary, aren't they? That remains to be seen.
Tell me about Clone Force 99.
They are medically defective clones whose cellular mutations enhanced traits desirable in a soldier.
How many of these enhanced clones do you possess? Five are all that remain.
They could be an asset to your new Empire.
Yet reports indicate they exhibit a concerning level of disobedience and disregard for orders.
A side effect of their mutation.
Yet one that has never hindered the completion of their missions.
Then they executed Order 66? Since both the Jedi General and Padawan on Kaller were eliminated, one would assume.
Assume nothing.
Only the general's death is confirmed.
A counter-report, filed by one of their own, says the Padawan escaped.
Let us see where the loyalty of these clones truly lies.
Live rounds? They used live rounds! On us! We were there, Wrecker.
We know.
I tried to warn you about Tarkin.
Who's that Imperial snake think he is? Stow it, already.
You got shot.
It happens all the time.
There's a fundamental difference between taking fire in battle and being used for target practice.
Exactly! We're not dummy droids.
That much we agree on.
That was quite an impressive display.
Didn't have much choice.
Our new empire may have methods which seem a bit unorthodox, but so does this squadron.
Both certainly have their merits.
Nala Se speaks quite highly of her five enhanced clones.
She claims you're more capable than an army.
You have a mission for us, sir? Indeed.
We have tracked a group of insurgents to the Onderon sector.
They must be dealt with.
What sort of insurgents? Separatist forces intent on keeping the galaxy at war.
If you neutralize this grave threat, you will be looked upon most favorably as I assess the needs of the Imperial Army.
Find any more intel on the insurgents? Negative.
Imperial files are locked down tight.
Give me time.
I'll crack them.
I'll say this for the Empire, they know firepower.
You should see the new armory.
He actually cried.
Hey, we both did.
There's no room onboard for that.
Yeah? Well, I'll make room.
A new mission and unlimited explosives.
Things are back to normal.
That's not going near my rack.
I refuse to sleep by a projectile again.
I told you to keep your distance.
I know, but I need to talk to you.
All right.
What is it? That Imperial officer, I think he has it out for you.
I overheard him talking to Lama Su.
He doesn't like clones.
That's nothing new for us.
But we get the job done.
I don't trust him.
A mission's a mission.
It's nothing to worry about.
Then let me come with you.
Kid, you're not a soldier.
It's dangerous.
It's dangerous here too.
Things aren't like before.
We need to leave Kamino.
Hunter, let's go! Change takes getting used to.
You'll see.
Just give it time.
Um, n-never mind.
Problem? Um, something about her I can't figure out.
Well, I guess kids aren't your area of expertise.
Come along.
I told you to stay close.
What was that? You don't want to know.
Well, at least it's not a swamp.
Close enough.
The Separatist encampment's two klicks south.
We'll continue on foot and do a full perimeter scan.
Come on.
It's been days since I've blown something up.
Easy, Wrecker.
Your programming's kicking in.
Hey, don't start with that! How many droids are we talking about, Tech? I can't tell from this distance.
Something's blocking my scan.
Clankers always travel in packs.
Let's get a closer look at what we're walking into.
Tell me what you see, Tech.
I'm clocking 25 heat signatures ahead but zero droids.
Tarkin said insurgents, not droids.
I'm not sure they're either.
There are children down there.
Children? Out here? Something's not right.
What are you waiting for? Give the order.
- Negative.
Stand down.
- What? You mean, we're not blasting any droids? There aren't any droids, Wrecker.
Well, so what do we do? We finish the mission.
Make the call, Hunter.
We're not alone.
Now stand down.
You heard him.
Stand down.
Let's hear them out.
Trust me.
These aren't Separatists.
They're Republic fighters.
Why would Tarkin send us to attack our own forces? Because we refuse to fight for an Empire.
You're Saw Gerrera.
Trained by Captain Rex and General Skywalker to fight for the Republic.
So, the newly declared empire sent you to wipe us out? Well, we're here to neutralize a group of insurgents.
Well here we are.
What are you gonna do? Strike us down like you did the Jedi? Is that a request? Enough.
We expected to find battle droids, not Civilians? Times change, targets change.
Why don't you take a look at the insurgents you were sent to destroy? Makes you wonder what else they're lying about.
Let's mobilize.
Pack up the camp.
What's going on here? Who are these people? Villagers, croppers, former Republic fighters, all now displaced refugees since Palpatine unjustly appointed himself Emperor.
According to reports, the Jedi made an attempt on the Supreme Chancellor's life.
His actions were a defensive measure.
And I figured you for the smart one.
With the Jedi decimated and the clone army under his command, Palpatine will have control over the entire galaxy.
Unless we stop him.
The war is over.
If we give up now, everything we fought for everyone we lost, will have been for nothing.
I won't let that happen.
The Clone War may have ended, but a civil war is about to begin.
With a handful of fighters and limited firepower? You don't stand a chance.
Not alone we don't.
We should leave if we're gonna make the rendezvous.
What do we do with them? The clones once helped us free Onderon, so we'll give them a choice.
The old ways are done.
You can either adapt and survive, or die with the past.
The decision is yours.
At least with the Republic we knew where we stood.
Tarkin and this Empire are a whole different story.
Why are we debating this? We need to complete the mission.
Wake up, Crosshair.
They sent us to eliminate innocent civilians.
Who said they're innocent? What's wrong with you? Me? I'm following orders.
Those insurgents are plotting against the Emperor.
If you don't have the stomach to do what needs to be done, then you're not fit to lead this squad.
We're being followed.
That is a probe droid.
Tarkin's spying on us now? The Jedi never did that.
Not that you know of.
What about her? She warned me about the mission.
And Tarkin.
She said not to return to Kamino, that it's not safe for us anymore.
Maybe she's right.
We're taking the word of a child now? I would not discount Omega's insight.
A state of heightened awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone such as herself.
Good one, Tech.
You almost had me.
When Nala Se spoke of five clones, Tarkin assumed that meant us, but Echo's a reg.
The fifth is Omega.
I confirmed my suspicions after analyzing her DNA while we were in the infirmary.
And you waited until now to mention it? Well, I thought it was obvious.
How is it obvious? We're going back for her.
Disobeying orders again over a kid? Bad play, Hunter.
She's one of us.
We're not leaving her there.
What is all this stuff, AZI? My scanners are indicating an assortment of armament, curios and detritus of little to no value.
I like it.
We should not be here, Omega.
Nala Se instructed us to stay in the medical wing.
Don't worry.
We're on a research assignment.
A research assignment? Those are my favorite.
What is it we are searching for? Is it this? What about this? Or this? Is it this? Perhaps this? What about this? This is a curious keepsake.
Shh! People will hear us.
I have concluded this space is unfit for habitation.
Someone is coming.
Time to go.
You're not authorized to be in here.
I got lost.
It won't happen again.
Pack up their gear and take it to the hangar.
You, you're coming with me.
We will not.
We are official Kaminoan medical personnel Don't touch me, droid.
I'm getting no response from com-scan.
This is unusual.
Bring us in.
We'll find out what's going on.
Stick to the plan.
Split up, find Omega, meet back here at the ship.
Freeze! As expected.
The Empire does not tolerate failure, Sergeant.
There were complications.
Yes, the probe droid's report was quite detailed.
Conspiring with Saw Gerrera.
I assume you know the punishment for treason.
Treason? Throw them in the brig.
Smells weird.
Because it's clean.
Well, the plan wasn't a total failure.
I warned you not to come back.
Had to.
We were looking for you.
Me? What do you say, kid? You wanna come with us or did we get captured for nothing? You came back for me? That's right.
Or you can stay on Kamino if No, it's like I said before.
I want to go with you.
How touching.
Hunter, how are we breaking outta here? I'm working on it.
You know what you should work on? Explaining when you went soft.
Stow it, Crosshair.
Don't you see we're locked up in here because of him? He had us disobey orders.
I never thought you disobeying orders was a problem.
We do it all the time.
Good soldiers follow orders.
Every choice you've made since Kaller has been wrong.
First the Padawan, then Gerrera.
You're becoming a liability.
We can debate my choices later.
For now, let's focus on getting outta here.
You're angry.
How perceptive.
I know what you're going to do, but please don't.
What do you know? I know it's not your fault.
You can't help it.
CT-9904, you're coming with us.
No, no, no.
We stay together.
Stand down! Well, what is his status? CT-9904's genetic mutations have altered much of his cranial activity, including his inhibitor chip.
Yet he exhibited loyalty to the Empire during their mission.
While the chip is not as active as a standard clone's, the order does appear to be working.
Can you intensify the programming? Yes.
Then proceed.
I've got it.
Why didn't I think of it before? This is not a prison.
Yeah, well, I beg to differ.
This is a Kaminoan facility.
It was built prior to the Clone Wars.
There were no barracks or prisons when it was constructed.
Well, how does that help us? Because while these cells were retrofitted to hold normal individuals, they could not possibly account for someone like Wrecker.
You mean I could punch our way out? - Shh! - Shh! Right.
You mean I could punch our way out? If you punch the correct spot.
Show me where.
If this is gonna work, we'll need some cover.
Form a wall.
Hit this.
Tell me when.
Nothing happened.
Are you sure this is gonna work? Try it again.
A little harder.
You're all clear.
Make it count.
It still didn't work.
Yes, it did.
I'll never fit through that.
Astute as always, Wrecker, but I was actually going to suggest I'll do it.
You sure, kid? I'm sure.
Get to the console and hit the lever to lower the ray shield.
Wait, where's the girl? You tell us.
Harm her and you're a dead man.
Operations, we need a status report on prisoner 0219.
What was that? Sorry.
These floors don't hold me so well on account of them not being designed for abnormal individuals such as myself.
What's behind you? Nothing.
Move away from the wall.
Why don't you come here and make me? Copy that.
The girl's still registered in lockdown.
Tell us where she is.
Hit the switch, Omega! Get off! Hey, Red.
Ha! Not bad.
We need to find out where they took Crosshair.
Let's move.
We're not going to get very far without our gear.
They started moving all your things to the hangar.
Your gear might be there too.
This way.
All right, boys, suit up.
Let's make this quick.
No! Where is it? Where is it? It's gotta be here somewhere.
Tech, power up the ship.
The rest of us will go after Crosshair.
I don't think we'll have to go far.
Is that Crosshair? Best stand down, Sergeant.
Make it easy on yourself.
Have you lost your mind? We should've killed that Jedi.
You disobeyed orders.
I did what I thought was right.
You never could see the bigger picture.
Now surrender.
Is that an order? Heh.
I guess it is.
Well, I guess I'm disobeying that one too.
Tech, we gotta move.
Now! I'm working on it.
Wrecker, clear the smoke on three.
You got it, boss.
Omega, stay low.
One two Three! Omega, don't! He's using Wrecker as bait.
But he needs help.
- Tech, we're out of time.
- Almost got it.
Seal the bay doors! Sir, someone's overriding the controls.
When I say "go," you head for that ramp and don't stop.
Got it? Echo, we go for Wrecker.
Only one way out, Hunter.
Your move.
Go! Has the matter been rectified? The inhibitor chip augmentation was a success.
However, the remaining clones of squad 99 have escaped, along with Omega.
We must be cautious.
Until the Empire's intentions are made clear, say nothing.
Yes, Prime Minister.
Ouch! Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
What's that gonna do? You'll be okay.
Just hold still.
Is this what you were looking for? You found my Lula! Let's see here.
Hold still.
Don't examine me.
I'm not a computer.
This will take just a second.
Get that thing away from me.
Your first time in space? First time anywhere.
Impressive shot back there.
Where'd you learn to do that? I don't know.
I never fired a blaster before.
I guess I got lucky.
She's not the only one.
I'm fine.
It'll take more than a blaster shot to take me down.
You were down.
Yeah, well, not for long.
What's the plan, Hunter? I thought we could go off on our own.
Lay low.
But with Crosshair gunning for us, I'm not so sure.
What about your friends? Could any of them help us? That would be a short list.
I can think of one.
Plot a course for J-19.
We know a guy.
Yeah! Strap in, kid.
You're not gonna wanna miss this view.

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