Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Cut and Run

Well, this is a first.
Inspecting every corner of the ship finally tired her out.
Yeah, she's curious.
I'll give her that.
Hunter, she's a child.
What are we gonna do with her? We are coming up on Saleucami.
What's with her? Whoa.
What is this? That would be dirt.
It's amazing.
Come on.
Let's get moving.
So this friend of yours, what's he doing all the way out here? Hiding.
That's what deserters do.
Staying off the radar's not our specialty, but he's been doing it for years.
And you trust a deserter? Why not? We're all deserters now.
What are we looking at? A booby trap.
Single trip wire.
That's cute.
Whoa! Easy, Wrecker! Was that me? What do we have here? More clones who have lost their way.
It's been a while, fellas.
I see a few new faces.
Echo and Omega, Cut and Suu.
Pleased to meet you.
Where's Crosshair? It's complicated.
Sounds familiar.
Rex told us about the clone troopers turning against the Jedi.
You talked to Rex? When? Well, he passed through yesterday.
Where'd he go? Didn't ask.
He was going on about some behavioral implant.
He must mean the inhibitor chip.
The what? Inhibitor chips.
The Kaminoans implanted them in the clones to modify their behavior.
Tech, you said the regs were programmed but you never mentioned a chip.
How else did you think it worked? Mom, Dad! There's a ship outside! Shaeeah, Jek! Remember me? - Uncle Wrecker! - Uncle Wrecker! Who are you? Omega.
We never see kids around here.
Come with us.
What's the purpose of this? To have fun.
Here, you try.
You're supposed to catch it.
All right, out with it.
What's with the girl? She's a defective clone, like we are.
Not exactly.
What do you mean? The Kaminoans don't create without a purpose.
You all have one, so what's hers? It doesn't matter.
She's just a kid.
Battling droids was easy compared to raising a child.
You have no idea what you're in for.
We didn't have a choice.
Kamino wasn't safe anymore.
Well, neither is Saleucami.
Rex warned us of the storm that's coming.
Clone troopers have already started showing up.
I'm heading into town to book us a transport off-world.
We can take you where you need to go.
Nah, you're wanted men.
It's too risky.
I have to do what's best for them.
I caught it! Troops should be pulling their forces, not securing a post.
The war is over.
Well, it doesn't feel that way.
They started seizing ships about a week ago.
Military ships? All ships.
They're tagging them inside that impound lot.
The stall's up ahead.
Let's book the shuttle before we're spotted.
So, where will you and your family go next? I suppose find a remote piece of land on a distant planet.
That's all we really need.
That's the key to not being found? You wanna know how to disappear? Put being a soldier behind you and make a new life for yourself.
What do you want? I need to book passage on the next shuttle out of here.
Those credits won't do you any good without a chain code.
New galactic policy.
My what? Your chain code.
Your individual chain code, every citizen can exchange their invalid currency for Imperial credits, thanks to the generosity of the new Galactic Empire.
The war is over.
With peace comes opportunity and prosperity for all.
I booked passage on this transport.
No planetary travel without a chain code.
But I have to get on this ship.
Stand down, citizen.
Get in line, get your chain code, and don't make any trouble.
It's not just ships.
They're registering people too.
Getting off-planet's gonna be harder than I thought.
Nice one.
I'll get it.
It's past the fence.
We'll get it later.
Jek! Come inside.
We have to finish packing.
But it's still early.
Inside, now.
Where's Omega? She was right behind me.
Omega! Got it! Omega, don't move! It appears all public transport is now restricted without chain codes.
Which Cut can't sign up for.
He'll be arrested when they discover he's a deserter.
The next shuttle leaves in a few hours.
Codes or no codes, we need to be on it.
Mom! Mom, it's Omega! She went out past the fence! What were you doing out there? Do you realize you could've been killed? Easy.
She's not a soldier.
Are you hurt? Now, let's take a look here.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to get the ball.
I didn't know.
You're safe.
That's all that matters.
Come on.
Hey, kid.
You all right? She'll be fine.
All in all, I would say that could've gone much worse.
Tech, you think you could forge some chain codes? I only learned of them moments ago, but yes.
Do it.
We're getting Cut, Suu and the kids on that shuttle.
Need another set of eyes out here? Almost forgot how good of a shot you are.
I owe you one.
Children will always find ways of getting into trouble, Hunter.
It's what they do.
Protecting them is what we do.
Where's Omega? She wanted to stay on the ship.
I've been thinking about what you said.
And you're right, she's not a soldier.
Just give her some time.
When you leave Saleucami, I want Omega to go with you.
You two can give her something that we can't.
Is that what you really want? It's what she needs.
It's ironic.
Clones wanted names instead of numbers, yet now people are signing up to be given numbers.
It's ingenious.
You could create a database to identify anyone in the galaxy.
Glad you're impressed, but where are we going to find the data for these chain codes? And the disks? Already thought of that.
Clones now control the spaceport.
There we can tap into their network and replicate the codes.
Then what? Hunter said they're tagging ships inside their impound facility.
That is our way in.
You're suggesting we call the authorities and have them seize our ship? That is exactly what I am saying.
I guess if they think it's abandoned, that just might work.
You did what? Tech! This was the simplest solution.
Getting our ship impounded is not my idea of a solution.
We'll meet you at the spaceport with the chain codes.
I have this under control.
There's one big problem.
Omega's on the ship.
I think it's a good plan, Tech.
So much for simple.
Clamp it down and add it to the list.
We'll run its signature later.
What kind of ship is this anyway? Looks like a modified Omicron-class attack shuttle.
It's a mess.
No wonder it was abandoned.
So far so good.
Now how can I help? You've had enough action for today.
We'll handle this.
Go to the security kiosk.
Scomp in, copy the data and grab the blank disks for me to program.
Roger that.
I don't see any disks, Tech.
They'll be locked in a safe compartment.
Found 'em.
Tech, we're in the spaceport.
What is your status? In progress.
The encryption shouldn't be a problem.
Mom, I don't like this.
Everything will be okay.
Hurry up.
We need those chain codes to get them on the shuttle, or we're going to have to blast our way out of here.
Don't worry.
I can slip through security unnoticed and deliver the disks to you momentarily.
No chance you're getting past all them undetected.
We can't get caught with these chain codes.
We can't get caught at all.
What are you talking about? If we get tied up in a blaster fight, they're gonna lock down the whole port.
Where'd the disks go? And where's Omega? Found her.
This great plan of yours is looking really lousy about now.
Have your chain codes out and ready for inspection.
The chain codes are en route with Omega.
By herself? You let her go by herself? - Well, we didn't let her go.
- I'm on it.
She ran off on her own.
If something happens to her Like I said, kids always find trouble.
What is taking so long with the boot? Are you trying to get caught? I'm doing my best.
You wanna come out here and give it a try? Hey, who are you? You don't belong here.
I'm the maintenance tech.
I've got a situation at bay That is not ideal.
We're in agreement on that one.
No! Don't do that.
That hit the spot! Wrecker, we could use some help over here.
On my way.
They're waiting for you at the dock.
Better get going.
Where are you going? Show me your chain code, citizen.
I got it right here.
Right, must be in this hand.
A couple of locals with blasters got past the barrier.
Step forward.
We're running out of time, Hunter.
Omega's on her way.
No, something's wrong.
She should've been here by now.
Stick to the plan, Cut.
Let me see your identification.
- I can't risk it.
- All right, move along.
We have to find another way out.
I'm here.
- And I have the chain codes.
- Yeah, Omega! Tech accidentally made five disks instead of four.
You didn't tell her? Tell me what? Keep moving.
The extra chain code's for you, so you can leave with Cut and Suu.
Why? Did I do something wrong? You need a family, kid.
They're good people.
They'll give you the life you deserve.
But I want to stay with you.
Quit holding up the line.
You have to go, Omega.
It's for your own good.
You're clear.
Go on through.
Hunter, we have worn out our welcome.
We need to go right now.
On my way.
Ready? Glad you could make it.
What are we waiting for? The clamp's still magnetized.
The system's not responding.
It responded to that.
Let's go.
Omega's not back.
- Wrecker, she's not - Wait for me! Is there a problem? You look like They need reinforcements at the impound dock.
Carry on.
I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don't have to get rid of me.
I left Kamino with you.
This is where I wanna be.
Tell you the truth, kid, I guess I've got a lot to learn too.
If this is where you want to be, then this is where you'll stay.

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