Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


Well, that doesn't look comfortable, for either of you.
We're fine.
Chow time.
Finally! Hit me again.
Well, that's all for now.
Rations are low.
You can have mine.
Hey, Omega doesn't even have a place to sleep.
You wanna take her food too? No, no, thanks.
You keep it.
I guess I'm not used to having a kid around here.
Well, none of us are, but she's not complaining.
Echo, lights cut out again.
I thought you fixed it.
Yeah, add it to the list.
The ship got hit hard when we fled Saleucami.
Several systems have been glitching ever since.
Repairs would go faster if I had some help.
As soon as I finish building this scanner.
Testing the functionality of our inhibitor chips takes precedence.
But I thought you said they were defective.
A theory this device will be able to prove.
Besides, the ship-wide diagnostic report indicated no critical systems were compromised.
Getting thrown out of hyperspace.
I'd say that's pretty critical, Tech.
It's not affecting life support.
We're fine.
Are you kidding me? The power capacitor's blown.
We need to land immediately.
Get ready for your first crash landing.
- Crash? - Omega, strap in.
I can't see anything! Hold on! We're gonna die! We're gonna die! We're gonna be fine.
We're gonna be fine.
Everybody all right? Is it over? The storm's getting worse.
It's knocking out our comms.
I suspect one of our capacitors sustained damage during our firefight with the regs.
We won't be able to take off without replacing it.
Inventory analysis indicates we have one spare onboard.
Is it in here? What? That's Crosshair's weapon kit.
I'll say it.
I kinda miss him.
He shot you, remember? Ha! I sure do.
That hurt! It's worth noting the possibility that Crosshair's actions were influenced by his inhibitor chip.
It can do that? That's what it was designed to do.
So, it wasn't Crosshair's fault? Well Look, debating this won't fix the ship.
Right now, we need to find that capacitor and get off this rock.
Greetings, CT-9904.
You will be pleased to know your vitals are at optimum levels.
Go away.
I am compelled to comply with your request.
The data shows he's responding favorably to the procedure.
Let's see if he stays that way.
Governor Tarkin.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Right on schedule, Rampart.
I hear your chain code implementation has been most successful.
Laying the foundation of our new empire is of the utmost importance.
Is that the enhanced clone from the report? It is.
CT-9904 is a top specimen.
What is the status of Project War Mantle? On schedule, sir.
Our top recruits are here to begin their training under their new commander.
A strong ruling government requires an increase in soldiers to maintain order throughout the galaxy.
Our facilities are fully capable of creating more clones for the task.
Sustaining such a vast engagement is not one clones must do alone.
There are other ways of producing loyal soldiers.
May I present our first Elite Squad.
Top soldiers from across the galaxy.
Imagine more squads like this being trained by skilled clones.
Together they would make a formidable army.
A partnership such as this could have promise.
I believe it will strengthen the future of this burgeoning Empire.
Those capacitors hold a massive charge.
I am well aware.
I just need to secure it.
What was that? I'm a little busy at the moment.
That should do it.
Tech Look at this.
Well, those weren't there when we landed.
What's wrong with you? I must've hit my head in the crash.
The capacitor's in place, but other systems are now failing.
Something's causing damage to the exterior hull.
You wanna narrow that down? - Look! - What? What is it? Some kind of creature, about this big, with a long tail.
It ran off with the part.
She's right.
The capacitor's gone.
And that was our last one.
The creature is most likely an Ordo Moon Dragon.
A species that feeds on raw energy.
It was probably drawn to the capacitor's electric charge.
Well, that would've been good to know beforehand, Tech.
You two get those other systems online.
Wrecker, stay here.
I'll go after the dragon and get our part back.
I'm fine.
I You're staying.
I'll go with you.
No, that thing could be dangerous.
I'm part of this squad now too, right? All right, kid.
Just stay close.
I didn't join the military to be studied and poked at.
The war's over.
Who's left for us to fight? With the Empire, I get paid, I get fed, and I have a roof over my head.
That's more than the Republic ever did for me.
Conscripted recruits will never reach the same level of military proficiency.
Our clones have been trained since their creation.
Skills can be taught.
The loyalty of those who willingly enlist is what I see tremendous value in.
A tangible test is in order.
We need to see them in action.
By all means.
Send the clone and your recruits to Onderon.
I want Saw Gerrera's camp found and wiped out.
Let's see if they can succeed where Clone Force 99 failed.
It shall be done.
What are you doing? Tracking.
Could I learn to track like you? Well, it's an enhanced skill.
Wrecker and Tech, we each have one.
And Crosshair.
You shouldn't be angry at him.
He can't help it.
I'm angry at myself.
We don't leave our own behind.
Then we'll find a way to get him back somehow.
Why would they put him in charge? Problem? Tell me this, clone.
If you all are so efficient, how come the Empire's scouting soldiers like us? Sounds to me like it's time for a change.
Enjoy being commander for now.
We'll see how things shake out.
Sir, just received a transmission from Gerrera.
He's standing by at the rendezvous.
All right.
Let's move out.
A sensor's been triggered in sector 2A.
Alert the others.
Get our people on the shuttle now! See it? Wait here.
It's getting away! Hunter, your mask! Hunter, wake up! Wake up! Echo, Wrecker, Tech, come in! We need help! Okay, Omega.
You can do this.
Where's Gerrera? I don't know, but I wouldn't tell you if I did.
I believe you.
Do any of you have information you'd like to share? We don't know anything.
We were promised transport off world, that's all.
Then you're of no use to the Empire.
What are you doing? Gerrera's fighters are dead.
These are civilians.
We should bring them in.
Those weren't our orders.
Forget our orders.
This is wrong.
So, you're not going to comply? No.
None of us are.
Ignore the clone.
We signed up to be soldiers, not an execution squad.
We're going to detain the prisoners and take them in for questioning.
You want to know why they put me in charge? It's because I'm willing to do what needs to be done.
Good soldiers follow orders.
Finish the mission.
There it is! Guess I got lucky.
Omega! Omega! Omega! Omega! I'm coming! Are you okay? What were you thinking going down there? The mission was to retrieve the capacitor, wasn't it? I tracked the dragon, like you did.
Is that my blaster? Don't worry.
I didn't have to use it.
I got the part.
It appears your squad is one trooper down.
Unfortunate, but soldiers know the risks of battle.
Gerrera was already gone, but the rest of his camp was dealt with.
The Clone Commander's new squad has followed through where his brethren did not.
Further proof that this initiative has potential.
The Clone Trooper program is a cost prohibitive relic of the past, but until the time is right, it will continue to serve a purpose.
With more time and training, our forces will be unlike anything the galaxy has seen.
Then I leave this project in your capable hands, Admiral.
Thank you, sir.
If Rampart has his way, conscripted soldiers will make clones obsolete.
I fear for the future of our operation.
We must ensure our clones remain essential.
The original genetic material from Jango Fett continues to degrade.
Then it is time to begin the next phase.
If your experiment can yield a superior clone, it will secure our relationship with this Empire.
Such a contingency cannot be created without a direct source.
The clones required will not return willingly.
They are Kaminoan property, and we only need one.
Our survival hinges on it.
Tech, get us outta here.
Systems are up and running.
Yeah, took you long enough.
And where have you been? Hey, kid.
Come with me.
Cover your eyes.
Open 'em.
Check it out! It's your own room.
Well, what do you think? I thought this place could feel more like a home.
It's perfect.
Thank you, Wrecker.
It was nothing.
I never had my own room before.
Well, you're a part of this squad now too.

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