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STAR WARS THE BAD BATCH STAR WARS THE BAD BATCH Season 01 Episode 04 Episode Title: "Cornered" Aired on: May 21, 2021 Sync corrections by srjanapala Idaflor, that's where we'll go.
But Idaflor's not even inhabited.
Which makes it the perfect place to hide out.
"Hide"? But I've been stuck on Kamino my whole life.
Can't we explore? Not right now.
We have to wait for things, to settle down.
Well, we won't be doing either.
We don't have enough fuel, and we are also entirely out of rations.
Without the Republic to provide us supplies, we'll have to acquire these necessities - on our own.
- Well, we got a bigger problem.
Comm chatter has our ship's signature on a wanted list.
So we scramble it.
You can do that? Of course I can do it.
But I need to land in order to perform those modifications.
By my calculations, the closest planet is Pantora.
Well, Pantora it is.
Pantora it is.
Why'd you tell me we're out of rations? Now I'm starving.
Our priority is scrambling the ship's signature key.
Your priority.
Are you fellas here for repairs? Just a minor calibration and fuel.
Have at it.
Just need to scan your ship in.
Are you sure about that? I suppose I could skip that step.
Ah, that was easy.
Aren't you, uh, forgetting something? Huh? You you-you said you'd skip the step.
- I could.
- Great! If I had some incentive of the financial variety.
I think he means credits.
Is that sufficient incentive? Pleasure doing business with you.
We're getting the hang of this civilian thing.
This is Raspar Six at Ro station.
Word on the channels is, you're looking for a certain modified Omicron-class attack shuttle.
I might know where to find it, but that information's going to cost you.
I'll make it well worth your while.
Transmit the coordinates and make sure they don't leave.
You can't sell that explosive.
It's our last one.
And it's the only thing we have worth any money.
You wanna eat, don't you? Why do Tech and I have to do all the repairs while you get to go sightseeing? "Sightseeing"? No, no.
This is a supply run.
In and out, quickly and quietly.
And you stick out too much.
Oh, and you don't? Not dressed like this.
All right.
Let's get moving.
- Omega, you're with us.
- Yes.
Hey! Bring back something good to eat.
registering for your individual chain code, every citizen can exchange their invalid currency for imperial credits What are they celebrating? The end of the war.
Chain code post like on Saleucami.
Your individual chain code, every citizen can exchange their invalid currency for Imperial credits at no cost, thanks to the generosity of the new Galactic Empire.
Things are changing quicker than I thought.
Let's get what we came for and get out of here.
But the war is over.
Isn't that good? Depends which side you're on.
at no cost, thanks to the generosity of the new Galactic Empire.
The signature key should be embedded below the rear parallax inverters.
Just tell me what to rip out.
Well, start with that.
No sale.
Look, this is a pyro denton worth at least 1,800 credits.
Maybe in the black market, but I'm running a reputable business here.
Hey, kid! You break it, you buy it.
If you're looking to sell something, how about your droid? Droid? Uh, he's a he's a military prototype.
Military, eh? Hmm.
I'll give you 2,000.
Give me a minute.
No, no, no.
You can't be serious.
We need the credits.
Once we get the supplies, I'll give you the signal and you can leave.
Fine, but not at that price.
- I am worth more than 2,000.
- Right.
Make it 4,000.
Hello, there.
Hey, wait.
Hey! Echo, go to your new owner.
Yes, whatever you require.
Omega? Omega? Hey! Watch it.
S Sorry.
Oh, are you all right? You seem lost.
I got separated from my friends.
I can help with that.
Not to worry.
We'll find them.
We'll finally have some order around here.
Now, get to work and start supervising these droids.
I beg your pardon.
I am the droid in charge Oh, my! You're not a droid.
You're right, Clink.
I will report his deception at once.
I'll take your complaint.
Dear me! Anyone else? Thanks for helping me look for my friends.
It's no trouble at all.
You hungry, kid? Yeah, but I don't have any credits.
Sorry about that.
Thank you.
You're so kind.
My mistake.
But we didn't pay for these.
It's okay to break the rules sometimes.
Are you a soldier? Not exactly.
Then why do you have a blaster? To protect myself.
The galaxy's a dangerous place to be on your own.
It's a good thing I have my friends.
Aren't you lucky? I know.
If you're alone, you should come with us.
Now that's the best offer I've had in a long time.
Come on.
This way.
Oh, there's one of my friends now.
Omega, step away from her.
Why? She was helping me look for you.
Yes, Omega and I were getting to know each other.
Hunter! Let go! Omega, run! Citizen.
Halt! Wrecker, easy with my ship.
Your ship? There.
That is the signature key.
Got it.
With a slight adjustment, we'll be able to scramble our signature whenever we need to.
Wrecker, Tech, Echo.
I lost Omega.
Somebody attacked us.
Somebody who? A woman.
Highly trained.
She's after the kid.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
I'll tap into the central security network.
There should be enough cameras in this city to find her.
Listen, I made a bit of noise out here.
Get the ship ready to go.
Well, it's not technically a ship at the moment.
And unless you have a team of maintenance droids, it's going to be a while.
I can help with that.
Gear up, fellas, we're going into the field.
I am afraid that is impossible.
We are prohibited from leaving this post.
Look, the sooner we do this, the sooner you're back in charge.
Even so, I'm not capable of removing our restraining bolts.
That's why I'm the supervisor.
Hey! Where do you think you're all going? Get back inside.
You're not a droid.
You got me for a bargain.
Hey! Watch it! Be advised, a public disturbance has been reported in the central marketplace.
We have a 315 in progress.
Two suspects on foot.
All available units to respond.
I have eyes on Omega.
She went down into the maintenance tunnels.
Head northwest, at 155.
And she's got company.
There you are.
Wrecker? You had us worried.
Can we get out of here? You got it.
I'm with Omega.
We're on our way.
Get to the ship.
I'll handle her.
You mess with the kid, you mess with me.
Tech wasn't kidding.
We got our work cut out for us.
I am not programmed to repair or assemble starships.
Oh! No, you don't, Clink.
I give the orders around here.
225, DK-3, get to work on the repulsors.
Wrecker, where are you? Wrecker.
Do you copy? Reports of a child hanging from a tower - in the lower division.
- I do not see Wrecker, but Omega is hanging from a maintenance tower in the skyway.
Hanging? For now.
I suggest you hurry.
Hey! You can thank me later.
Tuck and roll when you land, kid.
I gotta find Omega.
Hunter's already on it.
Get back to the ship.
Hey! Hunter! Look out! Hold on, kid.
We're not out of this yet.
Huh? I'm missing all the action.
My diagnostic test indicates this vessel is now operational.
Thanks for the help, boys.
They're all yours.
You heard him.
I am back in charge.
Follow me.
We need to go.
Wrecker, pick up the pace.
We don't have all day.
I'm here.
They can't leave! No.
Wait! Don't go! She hasn't paid me yet! Stop! She has to be a bounty hunter.
A what? Someone hired to retrieve targets.
And you appear to be the target.
Me? Hey, don't scare the kid.
We have to find out who she is and who hired her.
I I tried to stop them.
If they come back, you know how to contact me.
The target got away, but I'll find her.
Sync corrections by srjanapala
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