Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


Rampage Çeviri: rexothek twitter.
com/rexothek It's not an exact fit.
I get my own comm device? Technically, it was Crosshair's, but he doesn't appear to need it.
Echo, what's your position? Over.
It's not a toy, Omega.
Copy that.
Why are we going to Ord Mantell? I thought the plan was to lay low.
Not while a bounty hunter's after you.
We need to find out why.
I know an informant there named Cid who might be able to help.
- And you trust him? - Well, the Jedi trusted him.
The Jedi who are all dead? Well, anyone have a better option? He has a point.
Not a toy.
Remember the rules? Don't wander off, keep my eyes and ears on my surroundings, and trust no one but my squad.
- And if you get into trouble? - Use my comm and give my location.
- This is the place.
- Charming.
Filthy cheat! I saw that! Me? Who are you calling a cheat? Which one of them is Cid? I couldn't tell ya.
I only heard about Cid.
Never actually met him.
That would have been information to share earlier.
We're looking for Cid.
You know him? You know what you did! Cid, huh? You broke the machine again with your stupid hands! Nope.
Doesn't ring a bell.
What about them? I'll break you with my stupid hands.
Was I not clear? You're in the wrong place.
So unless you're here to spend money, get lost.
Great plan, Echo.
I'm certain this is Cid's.
The Jedi came here during the war.
Well, perhaps Cid heard what happened to the Jedi and fled.
Or he was arrested for violating countless health code regulations.
What's your deal, tiny? You're Cid.
You're sharper than your friends over there.
Did the Jedi have any other informants? Several, but Cid was the only one I knew how to find.
- So, we came all this way for nothing? - I found Cid.
I had a good thing going with the Jedi.
They valued my insights, but now that they're all dead, the demand for my services has declined.
Thanks to this new Empire.
Times have changed for all of us.
No kidding.
I never had clone deserters come to me before.
Yes, well, we separated due to a fundamental difference in ideology.
That's cute, you thinking I care.
Cut to it and tell me what you want.
By all means, make yourself at home.
We encountered this woman on Pantora.
- Do you know who she is? - No, but I know a bounty hunter when I see one.
- Can you find out who hired her? - That depends on what you boys do for me.
Are you fresh outta the tube? You pull a job for me, and I get the information you want.
That's how this mercenary thing works.
Mercenary? Not too quick, are ya? Clearly, the kid's the brains of your operation.
What kind of job? A rescue.
There's a nice bounty on a kid named Muchi.
My sources say she was taken by Zygerrian slavers who are holed up on the other side of the planet.
Bring me the kid and I'll get you your intel.
Well, who collects the bounty? Oh, look.
It talks.
We split the bounty 70-30, my favor.
Take it or leave it.
Grab a kid from a few Zygerrians? We could do that in our sleep.
Looks like we have a deal.
Details of the bounty are on that.
Don't screw it up.
- You all right? - Yeah, yeah.
It's nothing.
According to Cid's intel, the Zygerrian slave traders are hiding in the ruins of Old Ord Mantell city.
- What's a slave trader? - Someone who buys and sells people for credits.
People can be sold? They don't have a choice.
They're captives treated like property.
That doesn't seem right.
It's not.
And we are going to stop it from happening to that kid.
As well as earn a decent amount of credits once the job is complete.
Yeah, that too.
Don't worry, Muchi.
We'll rescue you.
I have a visual.
I only see one child.
Poor Muchi.
She looks scared.
I'm clocking two dozen hostiles.
Multiple entry points with minor fortification.
Simple smash and grab like that time on Kuat.
Easy enough.
I'm in.
What are we waiting for? - You get back to the ship.
- But That's an order.
Yes, sir.
Echo, you're the eyes in the sky.
Wrecker, draw the Zygerrian forces out.
Tech and I will grab the kid.
Not a problem.
Echo, sitrep.
Two roving patrols on speeders.
First guard checkpoint dead ahead.
Hang on.
I think I've got company.
Well, take care of it.
Watch out! A mission of this nature requires planning.
Assure your employer, he'll be reunited with Muchi soon.
Now, now.
There's no need for threats.
I have my best people on it.
I'm making some alterations to my trooper.
Now she's a Bad Batcher.
What do you think? We found their ship.
Gonky, hide.
Check the hold.
Make sure no one's on board.
The ship is clear.
We're returning to base.
Hunter, do you copy? Tech? Echo? Wrecker? Anyone? It's getting looser.
Do that one more time and you'll be Save your energy.
We are going to need it.
Relax, Muchi.
We're the cavalry.
- What are our odds out of this, Tech? - I am not certain.
So much for being smart.
This is not a standard military operation, and seeing as how we've never been tasked with rescuing a child from slave traders before, there is no data I can compare it to.
We need to signal Omega before their scouts find her.
Except our comms are over there with our weapons.
We won't need a comm to signal her.
Look at what we have here.
Four new slaves to add to my collection.
Strong ones too.
You should fetch a nice price.
The Republic outlawed slavery.
We're not in the Republic anymore, skug.
You're lucky we don't have our gear because this would go very differently for you.
We can make do with one less slave.
Maybe I'll feed you to my pet.
As for the rest of you, you will be part of a new beginning.
With the meddling Republic gone, we can return to Kadavo and rebuild what was taken from us.
Under this new Empire, our operation will flourish once again.
And if you do not comply I know.
the person next to you will pay the price.
- No - Gotcha! Let me go! I found her sneaking around the cage.
I wasn't sneaking.
I was unlocking.
Secure the cage.
Stop her.
Don't let her get away.
A rampaging adolescent rancor is not the distraction I was anticipating.
That's their problem.
We're getting out of here.
It's okay, Muchi.
We're here to take you home.
Muchi! Muchi! The rancor is Muchi? Gear up.
We have to go after Muchi.
If we don't capture her, we don't get our intel from Cid.
What about them? Omega and I will get them to safety.
You find Muchi.
Go for the speeders at the south entrance.
She's doing fine on her own.
You're going to pay for this, skug.
I'll handle him.
Go get Muchi.
Omega, stay close! Any ideas how to stop that thing? Rancors adhere to a social hierarchy.
You have to challenge the alpha for authority.
Oh, that I can do.
You're free.
Go quickly.
Come on.
Let's get back to the others.
How long's he been at this? Too long.
He's losing his touch.
You Come on, Muchi.
Go to sleep.
There we go.
She's kinda cute up close.
Nicely handled, Wrecker.
What a pleasant surprise.
I'm graced by the presence of Jabba's right-hand man.
Bib, relax.
I always deliver on my promises.
You'll see.
I told you, this is a delicate mission.
Tell Jabba to be patient.
That's a good rancor.
See, Bib? All is well.
Now, about the matter of payment.
Bye, Muchi.
Gotta say, fellas.
I wasn't sure you could pull this job off.
You could have told us we were going after a rancor.
Must've slipped my mind.
You, dark and broody.
My office.
Your bounty hunter is Fennec Shand.
She's new to the scene but has already proven herself to be cunning and ruthless.
- Who hired her? - Unknown.
My sources in the Guild say she's working on a direct commission.
With someone like her nipping at your heels, you're going to need two things: friends and money.
Mostly money.
Well, we're not swimming in either at the moment.
I guess it's a good thing ya met me then, isn't it? Here's your cut.
There's more where that came from if you're looking for work.
I'll think about it.
It's interesting, a bounty hunter of Fennec's caliber being after you.
You fellas must be pretty valuable.
Don't worry.
I'm good with secrets.
Çeviri: rexothek twitter.
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