Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Battle Scars

How much longer until we're in hyperspace, Tech? That depends on when Echo plans on getting the drive back online.
I'm working on it! I don't think Ruby likes this very much.
You named that thing? What's with these guys? Well, we did steal from them.
Technically, the Rhokai stole the lizard first.
We are merely intercepting it.
They don't see it that way.
It's loose! It's loose! Get it off! Get it off.
Get it off! Stay calm.
You're scaring her.
Get it off.
Get it off.
Get it off! Hyperdrive's online.
Got her.
That is one strange-looking lizard.
What's your client want it for? Maybe it's a pet.
Maybe he wants to turn it into a stew.
Don't know, don't care.
As long as you get paid.
Now you're catching on.
And guess what? That means you get paid too.
Bring the lizard in the back.
Hunter? What are you two up to? The mission's over.
Can we go? Again? It's a tradition.
It makes the kid happy.
The kid.
Don't take long.
All right, fellas, here's your cut.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You said the job paid three times this.
For me, not for you.
And just how is this a mutually beneficial arrangement? You're breathing, aren't you? Rather generous considering the debt you owe me.
What debt? Docking fees, port charges, gear, fuel, rations, and 20 cartons of Mantell Mix.
Best part of the mission.
That'll be 14 credits for the Mantell Mix.
Yeah put it on Cid's tab.
Hey, you're in my seat.
Move it! He's ignoring you.
You hearing me? I said move it.
Now, I like you boys, but I'm not running a charity here.
You need a big score for us to be square.
Like what? Like retrieving that tactical droid, but you bungled that op.
I suggest you figure something out before you see my ugly side.
That's not her ugly side? What was that, goggles? Move! Out of my way! Hey, what's going on in here? Who are you? Rex? Great.
Another clone.
Just what I needed.
Well, don't get comfy.
I'm done taking in strays.
This ain't a clone clubhouse, ya know.
Thinkin' they own the place.
It's been a while, boys.
Where have you been, Rex? That's a long story.
And when the war ended, I guess you could say I've been keeping a low profile.
Very low.
Imperial files have you listed as killed in action.
Being dead in the Empire's eyes has its advantages.
Well, how'd you track us down? Trace and Rafa Martez.
They said a squad of rogue clones helped them on Corellia.
They told me I could find you here.
And that you were traveling with a kid.
Who is she? Omega.
She's a clone like us.
Well, look who it is.
Come here, Rex.
Good to see you too, Wrecker.
I thought you didn't like the regs.
This one we like.
Omega, this is Rex.
I've met many clones in my time, but never one like you.
You're a generation one.
Now how'd you know that? From the lines on your face.
Yeah, I guess I've been around.
You got that right.
Tech, I need one of those med patches.
You used the last one.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's just a headache.
Which are becoming more frequent.
Is that so? If you're concerned about the so-called inhibitor chips, don't be.
Our deviant nature appears to have impeded their functionality.
Except in Crosshair.
You're telling me you haven't removed your chips? No, not yet.
Rex? Those chips make you a threat to everyone around you.
Even her.
You're all ticking time bombs.
Take it easy, Captain.
What's in your head is more dangerous than you can imagine.
I've seen what happens when the chip activates, and I don't want to bury any more of our brothers.
Trust me.
It is not something you can control.
I couldn't.
It's a risk you do not want to take.
How do you suggest we get them out? Good question.
I'll be in touch.
I don't like this plan.
We agreed to meet Rex on Bracca.
That's what we're doing.
He wants to cut open my head.
All of our heads actually.
Not mine.
I don't have an inhibitor chip.
Why not? Now, that's not fair.
How's the chip scanner coming? Since Rex's chip was removed, I am able to establish a baseline by comparing his brain scan to ours.
Allowing for the detection of any cellular anomaly.
He means, "It's almost finished.
" Do we really have to do this? If Rex is sure, we should trust him.
What is this place? A starship graveyard.
I'm picking up Rex's beacon.
Right on time.
How's a junk planet gonna help us? Follow me.
Bracca may not be much to look at, but it has exactly what we need.
I had my inhibitor chip taken out on a Jedi cruiser just like that.
That's where we're heading.
Then why'd we land all the way over here? Everyone down.
That's why.
It's the Scrapper Guild.
They control this entire planet.
We need to keep out of sight from their patrols.
Let's move.
Fives tried to warn me about the chips, but I didn't understand at the time.
It's still hard to believe now.
How did you boys find out about them? Omega.
The kid? Whoa.
It's much bigger up close.
This is an original Venator-class ship from the first batch off the line.
First off the line? Just like you, Rex.
What is it? Stay above the waterline.
The last time I was aboard one of these it didn't end so well.
If the inhibitor chip isn't something you can control, how'd you get yours out? I had help.
The medical bay's at the other end.
Wrecker, grab that cable.
This? W-Why? W-W-What are you gonna do with it? Nicely done.
You're up, Wrecker.
Yeah, my head doesn't hurt anymore.
I'm fine.
You guys go without me.
You can do it.
Just keep your eyes on the cable.
Whoa! Whoa! That was close.
Wrecker! Whoa, whoa! Are you all right? No! Smells awful down here! - What's that? - Wrecker, start climbing.
- Why? - Hurry! - Wrecker! - Grab the cable.
Get him up.
Faster! Pull faster! Whoa, whoa! Wrecker! Pull! Whoa! Whoa, whoa What was that? Makes you miss battling clankers, doesn't it? Yeah.
This will do nicely.
I would no longer call this medical bay a sterile environment.
Do you prefer to use the facility on Kamino? This will do nicely.
I'll calibrate the surgical pod.
Time to get scanned, Wrecker.
Let's get this over with.
Hunter, just because the surgery worked on Rex, doesn't mean it's safe.
This is dangerous.
It's more dangerous to leave their inhibitor chips in.
We have to do this.
It's worth the risk.
And what if something goes wrong? I'll be left here with no one.
We're not going anywhere, Omega.
You're stuck with us for the long run.
Got it? I think I found something.
Ninety degrees from his right orbital floor, below the parietal and temporal intersection Get that away from me.
Something's not right.
We need to speed this up.
You boys got lucky.
Very few clones were immune to the effects of Order 66.
It's rare.
When the regs attacked the Jedi on Kaller, we didn't understand why.
We couldn't save the general, but at least we helped the Padawan escape.
Relax, this won't hurt a bit.
You're in direct violation of Order 66.
Wrecker? He'll destroy the equipment if we don't get him out of here.
You're all traitors.
We'll draw him out.
Omega, stay with Tech.
Come on, Wrecker.
Snap out of it.
All clones in violation of Order 66 shall be terminated.
This isn't you, Wrecker.
It's the inhibitor chip.
Conspiring with traitors makes you guilty of treason.
Please, stop.
I don't want to hurt you.
But, Wrecker, I'm your friend.
Good soldiers follow orders.
Is it supposed to take this long? I'm not sure.
I've never been on this end of it.
The procedure's complete.
Wrecker! He should be awake by now.
He is alive, but his vitals have not stabilized.
We won't know more until he regains consciousness.
This could be a while.
Why don't you take Omega topside and get some air? No.
I'm staying until he wakes up.
Hey, kid.
Why Why the long face? He's awake! You made it.
Welcome back.
One chip down.
Three to go.
Who's next? Listen, Omega.
About what happened I I tried to control it.
I tried as hard as I could.
I just couldn't make it stop.
I know, Wrecker.
It's okay.
But still I I'm sorry.
The mission's over.
We can't break tradition.
Thanks, kid.
Copy that.
I'll meet you at the rendezvous by the next rotation.
I figured you weren't out of the fight just yet.
I spent my life defending the Republic.
Can't stop now.
The Republic's gone, Rex.
Not all of it.
We're here.
Others are out there too.
Your squad's skills would be a tremendous asset.
Things aren't like before.
Our priorities have shifted.
So I've noticed.
Omega needs us, and I have to do what's best for my squad.
Which is what? I'm still figuring that out.
I guess we all are.
When you sort things out, let me know where you land.
Tell the boys I'll see them around.
Stay out of trouble.
I was gonna say the same to you.
Well Take care, trooper.
If you're ever in a bind, you know how to reach us.
Intruders confirmed on the Jedi Cruiser.
Notify the Empire.

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