Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


- [thunder rumbling.]
- [wind howling.]
From now on, I'm to be apprised of all matters here, Prime Minister.
Scrappers on Bracca reported a power surge on a Jedi cruiser.
Send a scout team.
We'll need more than that.
It's Clone Force 99.
Admiral Rampart, the clones of experimental unit 99 are highly skilled assets.
It would be most beneficial to have them returned alive.
I have no interest in a group of rogue clone deserters.
If you find them on Bracca, terminate them.
[birds chittering.]
And that's how you disassemble a thermal explosive.
There's tons of live ordnance buried in this shipyard.
If you trip one, you need to know how to disable it.
Seems simple enough.
Well, if you're so sure, here.
Disarm it.
- Me? But I only watched you once - Ten seconds till we're both goners.
- Ten, nine… - The conductor feeds the coil expander.
- …eight… - This connects to the transmitter.
- …seven… - Then what? …six, - five, four… - [beeping.]
- I don't know which wire to cut next.
- Better get it right.
Three, two, one! - [beeping speeds up.]
- Obviously not that one.
Too late! Run for it! [grunts.]
- [scoffs.]
Why didn't it explode? - Ha! Because it's a smoke bomb.
You think I'd let you train with a live explosive? I'm not crazy.
You should've seen your face.
Wrecker, Omega, pack it in.
Hunter wants us back at the Jedi cruiser.
How'd the test go? I don't wanna talk about it.
Cheer up, kid.
I failed my first disarming test too.
With my help, you'll be a pro in no time.
We've got eyes on us.
Yeah, I see 'em.
How many? At least three.
Stay casual.
Wrecker, you ready? Waiting on you.
Stop! [scrapper groans.]
Oh, no you don't.
- Whoa! I've got this under control.
- [Echo.]
Hunter, Tech.
We were spotted by scrappers.
Wrecker's in pursuit.
He says he has it under control.
That's not comforting.
- Echo, get a visual.
- I'm on it.
- [beeps.]
- [machine whirs.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]
Are you okay? I I was just waiting to make my move.
Rex warned us about the scrapper patrols on Bracca.
We should leave.
In our present situation, we need money.
And we have a chance to make a lot of it right here.
Ha! In this dump? How? Tech, what's the potential haul inside this cruiser? My scans indicate the armory and artillery bay have not been fully off-loaded.
The dianoga must have kept the scrappers away.
Just a few of those weapons should clear our debt with Cid.
We're soldiers, not arms smugglers.
There's no Republic for us to rely on anymore.
We're presented with an opportunity here.
We have to take it.
I would also add that the intel from the bridge's central system has the potential to be worth far more than any weapon.
Not to me.
Tech, get to the bridge.
Get the power online and whatever intel you can gather.
Uh, what do we do about them? We'll grab what we need and be gone before they even wake up.
- [banging.]
- [door creaks.]
[animal chitters.]
- [creaks.]
- [bangs.]
Wrecker, you're gonna like this.
Oh, yeah.
You think that's great, check this out.
- [comm beeps.]
- [Tech.]
The power's back on.
Yeah, we can see that.
Whoa! So many proton torpedoes.
Come here, beautiful.
Can you show me how to arm that? - Sorry, kid.
This one's all mine.
- [comm beeps.]
Omega, I need you up on the bridge.
Copy that.
[laughs, kisses.]
With a haul like this, Cid will owe us for a change.
If we'd left with Rex, we wouldn't have to owe Cid at all.
He's on a different path than us.
Hunter, we're soldiers.
What other path is there? - [bangs.]
- [grunts.]
[electricity crackling.]
- How's it looking? - [Tech.]
We're in luck.
Whoever scuttled this ship didn't wipe the hardware's data imprint.
I'm transferring the files, but I still need to copy the master drive.
It's under that panel.
Tech… what was the war like? It was a primary mission objective comprised of battles on various fronts.
But what was it like? Hmm? I just told you.
[console beeping.]
Why is this button blinking? That's the proximity sensor.
It signals when there's an approaching vessel.
It's most likely a short circuit.
- [comm beeps.]
- Hunter, we've got company.
Is it more scrappers? No, it's the Empire.
Prime Minister.
We can no longer delay.
The Empire's mission on Bracca poses a threat to our contingency plan.
I will have to call upon further assistance.
Is that wise? We already have someone handling matters.
As long as one of these bounty hunters deliver the young clone intact, that is all that should concern us.
[Hunter sighs.]
It's Crosshair, all right.
He won't be able to detect us.
I'm blocking their scanners.
That won't stop him.
Come on.
That cruiser's where the power surge was detected.
Any life signs on board? [ES-03.]
Can't tell.
The scanner's not working.
There's too much atmospheric interference.
No, you're being jammed.
They're still on board.
Take a shuttle and find their ship.
Yes, Commander.
[electricity crackles.]
How many troopers we talking about? Three attack shuttles' worth.
We already got what we came for.
Let's get to the Marauder.
They're already on board the cruiser.
We need a covert way out.
They'll do a forward-to-aft sweep.
We can alternate corridors.
Come on.
- [comm beeps.]
- [CT-8508.]
What is it? We found their ship.
There's no one inside.
- Secure the perimeter.
- Yes, sir.
Talk to me, Tech.
I'm trying to tap into the regs' comms so we can monitor their movements.
Someone's coming.
[comms chatter.]
[device beeping.]
[comms chatter.]
I'm in.
- [Crosshair.]
All squads.
- [trooper.]
Yes, sir.
Push the targets towards the hangar.
- We'll pin them down.
- Roger that.
- [device beeps.]
- Aren't we headed to the hangar? Not anymore.
We'll cut through the artillery deck.
Uh… Okay, I'm not going out that way.
[clone trooper.]
There they are.
Stand down.
[door opens.]
Tapping our comms to track our movements? So predictable.
[Wrecker scoffs.]
Nice to see you too, Crosshair.
Echo, scomp in and reroute reserve power to the cannons.
If these cannons fire, this whole deck will collapse.
Look at you all, scavenging like rats.
How pathetic.
Why come after us? You're traitors.
Move into position.
- [Echo.]
- [beeping.]
Crosshair, wake up.
You're being controlled by an inhibitor chip.
He's telling the truth.
The Kaminoans put chips in all the clones.
Remember what I told you in the brig? You can't help it.
Aim for the kid.
- Your issue's with me, not her.
- [Wrecker.]
Hurry up.
- [Echo.]
Systems online in three, two, one.
- I suggest you drop your weapon.
Go! [groans.]
[clone trooper groans.]
Look out! [Wrecker shouting.]
[clone trooper screams.]
Whoa! - [Wrecker grunts.]
- [ES-04 groans.]
Direct hit.
Yeah! [Wrecker.]
The ion engine chamber? Why'd you bring us here? [Tech.]
Because this is our alternate egress off the cruiser.
[Wrecker groans.]
I don't even know what that means.
[Crosshair groans.]
- [comm beeps.]
- Status report? [clone trooper.]
There's no sign of them.
They're avoiding the choke points.
Bring a shuttle to the artillery deck.
They must be heading aft.
Get to the bridge and wait for my orders.
We're almost there.
A little further.
I didn't think you meant we'd be escaping through the engine.
I could not have been clearer.
[Wrecker stammers.]
Whoa! Whoa, I've never been inside an ion engine before.
It'd be weirder if you had.
These chambers are quite the engineering marvel.
This blast primer coating is capable of withstand - [Wrecker.]
No one cares! Keep movin'.
- [Tech groans.]
[Wrecker groaning.]
Well? Now what? [Tech.]
Whoa! Whoa.
Try again, Hunter.
I told you before, you're surrounded.
Double back.
[machine whirring.]
What is that? [Hunter.]
Sounds like the engine's coming online.
But that's not possible, right? - [Tech.]
Technically, it is.
- [beeps.]
I restored the ship's main power core when I accessed the central system, which means the engines can be activated.
Crosshair wouldn't do that, would he? [Echo.]
How much time do we have? [Tech.]
I estimate less than two minutes.
[controls beeping.]
What do we do? [Wrecker.]
Uh, what about Plan 7? [Echo.]
Plan 7 has nothing to do with this situation whatsoever.
Well Well you think of something! Can we use the explosives from the armory to disable the engine? [Tech.]
It won't cause a large enough reaction to affect the thermal chamber.
But if we place a series of charges around this cone, we may be able to break away from the cylinder while destabilizing the core.
Break away? You mean fall? All the way down? [Echo.]
It's that or be incinerated.
Everyone take an explosive.
Tech, Omega, up top with me.
[explosive beeping.]
[Wrecker grunts.]
[Omega grunts.]
[explosive beeping.]
[clone trooper.]
Sir, the engines are ready.
[controls beeping.]
Everybody, get down! - [beeping.]
- [explosions.]
Whoa! [Tech.]
Hold on! [Crosshair.]
No! [screams, groans.]
[all grunting.]
[gasps, groans.]
[Omega screams.]
I've got you.
- [grunts.]
- [crashing.]
Turn the engines off.
Hunter, we landed on the port side.
What's your status? [Hunter.]
We're by the engine, and we've got company.
Meet back at the Marauder.
Commander, can you hear me? - We need a medic! - [Crosshair groans.]
They're headed for their ship.
Stop the [groans.]
- [comm beeps.]
CT-8508, have you secured the enemy ship? CT-8508, do you copy? CT-8508.
Report! What happened to them? Someone's here.
This wasn't the scrappers' handiwork.
Wasn't much work.
Get behind me.
I've taken down so many clones over the years.
Once you figure out one, the rest are easy.
You're in for a surprise.
I doubt that.
He's a bounty hunter.
Ain't you smart? The kid's got it all figured out.
You're in trouble now.
Who hired you? Son, that's confidential information.
Now hand her over.
She's with us.
She's not going anywhere.
That's unfortunate… For you.
My booster! Hunter! Hunter! [Sobs.]
Hunter? Sorry, little lady.
[gasps, screams, groans.]
- [comm beeps.]
- [comms chatter.]
Ground forces have them on the run.
Get me on the shuttle.
- [Echo.]
Wake up.
- [beeping.]
[Hunter groaning.]
What happened? Where's Omega? [Echo.]
He was shot in the chest plate.
We have to get him on board.
Incoming! [Echo.]
Got him.
Tech, fly us out of here! [Wrecker.]
Go, go, go! [Hunter breathing heavily.]
He… He took Omega.
Who? Crosshair? No.
A bounty hunter.
We have to find her.

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