Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Bounty Lost

Any sign of that bounty hunter? The only vessel in our scanners is Crosshair's and he is right on top of us.
Don't let them get away.
It's getting hot back here! Prepping to jump.
Not without Omega.
The bounty hunter who took her is long gone.
We'll have no chance of finding them if Crosshair shoots us down.
Rear deflector shields are failing.
Make the jump.
Let me out of here! Afraid not.
Looking for your communication device? It has been confiscated and placed in a secure compartment.
I said let me out of here.
I would advise you to cooperate.
Bane does not respond well to prisoners who are difficult.
- How's my asset doing? - My name is Omega.
Who are you? Cad Bane at your service.
Where are you taking me? You'll be sorry when my friends come for me.
Your friends are long gone.
I made sure of that.
No one is coming for you, little lady.
Now sit tight and don't cause any trouble.
But when will you have time to fix my leg? It is quite inconvenient.
Bane, did you hear me? Mr.
- I have the girl.
- What is her condition? Alive, so I expect a premium.
See that she stays that way.
That depends on you.
I'll be at the rendezvous.
Bring my unmarked credits.
I will deliver the payment and retrieve Omega.
Your personal interest in the young clone has threatened our operation enough.
Taun We, you will go to our abandoned facility on Bora Vio.
Bring the bounty hunter his payment and recover our property.
Yes, Prime Minister.
When the clone is returned, confine her to the sublevel facility.
Once you have retrieved the genetic material needed, terminate her.
This is all that clone's fault.
He shot my leg off.
He was protecting me.
That's what friends do.
Why isn't yours helping you? Well, Mr.
Bane is very busy.
I could fix your leg if you want.
I mean, it's a simple booster adjustment.
I've done it a bunch of times for AZI-3 back on Kamino.
I am a techno service droid.
I am quite capable of completing my own repairs.
You are a prisoner and are not to be trusted.
Have it your way.
Your description of the bounty hunter is a match to one from the Republic's files.
That's him.
Cad Bane.
He had multiple run-ins with the Jedi and was responsible for attempting to abduct Chancellor Palpatine.
First the bounty hunter on Pantora and now this guy? Why are they after the kid? Because she is more valuable than we realized.
What do you mean? I further analyzed Omega's genetic profile and discovered she has pure, first-generation DNA.
Whoa! Wait.
W-W-What does that mean? All clones were created from a host named Jango Fett.
While our genetic structure was modified for growth acceleration and obedience, Omega is a pure genetic replication.
How many clones like that exist? To my knowledge there's only one other.
A male clone code-named Alpha, later referred to as Boba.
Since he disappeared at the start of the war, that makes Omega the sole living source of Fett's raw genetic material.
If she's vital to the Kaminoans' cloning operation, they must have put the bounty on her.
So how do we find this bounty hunter? Tech, check with Cid.
See if her contacts know anything.
We'll keep monitoring comms.
Not that way Look, you need to rewire… …the servos in your hip first.
That is what I am trying to do.
Will you just let me help you? You are a prisoner.
It's not like I can escape off this ship.
That is a valid point.
I'm only a kid.
Oh, all right, but make it quick.
And not a word of this to anyone.
Of course not.
Let's get to work.
Do not try anything funny.
Bane will be back shortly.
How long have you been working for him? Many years.
I am his trusted confidant.
We are a team.
Really? He's not very nice to you.
On the contrary, my treatment is perfectly adequate… Most of the time.
How does your leg feel? It is misaligned.
You will need to adjust the calibration, but be careful.
I've done this before.
Oh, my.
That's working.
It feels brand-new.
It's only temporary.
Now, where did you hide my comm device? Todo, get your chassis up here.
I can't see anything in this chop.
Todo, get up here.
Todo? Come on, come on, come on.
Where is it? Ah, yes! Ya glitchy droid.
What's taking so long? Todo? Where's the kid? Mr.
Bane, she's quite obviously right there.
Wait here.
Hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear me? Yeah.
Cid knows all about Bane but not how to find him.
She said we're on our own.
Come in.
Come in.
- Anyone? - Omega! Omega, are you there? Omega! It's long-range.
I'll try to boost the signal.
Is anyone there? Omega, do you copy? Hunter? I'm here.
I got away, but you have to hurry.
Where are you? I… I I don't know where I am.
Hang on, kid.
We're coming for ya! The signal's too weak to establish a direct connection trace.
Omega, we need a relay of your position.
Try to create a power surge.
Can you find a panel nearby? There's one by a door.
It looks like the ones on Tipoca City.
That's good.
First, see if you can activate it.
It worked.
Now what should I do? Next you will need to reroute the circuits to overload the main grid.
By hook or by crook… You're coming with me.
Omega? - Get off of - Do you copy? - Let me go! - I still can't get a good read.
Hunter, I need you! Omega! Omega It really does feel brand new.
Bane, an unidentified ship is approaching.
Check it out.
I am not going with you.
You're lucky they want you alive.
Who wants me? You'll soon find out.
I told you you'd be sorry when my friends showed up.
Taun We? She needs help! None you can give.
He's right.
Fennec Shand.
Hello, Bane.
You got no business messin' with my score.
You of all people know it's all about the price.
Besides, she was my score first.
Omega and I go way back.
Don't we? You lack the experience to be goin' up against me.
Yet, I'm the one who has the payment.
That's my case you're holdin'.
Hand it over and I'll let you walk outta here.
How about a trade? The case for the girl.
Sounds fair.
You first.
I have the case! My credits! Todo! Find the kid.
I am on it! You should know when to quit, Shand.
I think I've got her.
She's in the Lido system.
Where in the Lido system? I'm pinpointing the exact coordinates.
Hang on! Mr.
Bane! Do not worry.
I will recover the target.
I will not fail you! They won't get here in time.
The only person you can rely on is yourself.
Why did you kill Taun We? Part of the job.
You should thank me.
What their Prime Minister has planned for you is far worse than why I'm here.
What does he want me for? You already know the answer.
Omega, I'm trying to help you.
You said the same thing on Pantora.
There you are! You are coming with It's too late for that.
It's time to go, Omega.
Flight pods.
Playtime's over, little lady.
Going for the flight pod? That will not get you very far.
You are coming with me.
Let me go! Ah ah ah.
Where do you think you're going? Oh, no! You'll be sorry for this… Bane, the target is getting away! Get to the ship! Ugh! No! - Omega! Are you in there? - Wrecker! Aw! Good to have you back, kid.
Are you okay, Omega? Are you hurt? Why is this happening? Why are the Kaminoans after me? Hunter, you have to tell her.
You're valuable to them.
More than all the other clones.
Even more than us.
You're different.
Different? How? Get us in the air.
I am trying, but our systems are not responding.
They appear to have been sabotaged.
I require an update.
Omega was rescued by the same clones I encountered on Pantora.
I can track them, but that will cost extra.
As long as she is not in the hands of Lama Su, she is safe.
I will transfer your payment.
If you change your mind, you know how to reach me.
Can't sleep? I keep thinking about the Kaminoans.
Seeing that place.
I don't want to end up an experiment in a tube.
That's not gonna happen.
If I'm as valuable as you say, Lama Su will keep sending bounty hunters after me.
He can send everyone in the galaxy.
You have us.
You can't fight them all.
Omega, you don't have to worry.
You are never going back to Kamino.
Promise? I promise.

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