Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Common Ground

The Empire is not your enemy.
We promise to treat all planets within the Confederacy of Independent Systems fairly.
All we asked in exchange was for your loyalty.
Yet that has not been forthcoming here on Raxus.
I can't go through with this.
Senator, it is your only option.
This is what it's come to? I must be a puppet for the Empire? If you do not comply, you will be arrested like the other senators.
Or worse.
To deal with the rise in incursions, a mandatory curfew will be put into effect for your protection.
Such measures were approved by your esteemed senator, Avi Singh, who would like to say a few words about the importance of cooperation as we build a unified galaxy.
Senator? GS-8, if anything happens to me, follow my instructions to the letter.
What will happen, Senator? Senator? Fellow citizens, I implore you to embrace these new laws.
Under the Empire, Raxus will flourish once more.
And as your senator, I promise I promise to… No.
This is wrong.
It is my duty to act in your best interest, and it is why I can no longer condone this unjust occupation.
They wish to intimidate us, to scare us, but we shall not cower at their acts of aggression.
Move in.
Step aside.
Clear out! We have every right to be here.
You're the ones trespassing.
I'm sending this message on behalf of my master, Senator Avi Singh of Raxus.
The senator has been seized by Imperial authorities and is in grave danger.
We require your assistance.
How's the Mantell Mix, kid? Better than ever.
Yeah, it is.
So, when's our next mission? With two bounty hunters after you, it'd be wise to keep a low profile.
Tech's right.
There's too much heat on us right now.
Ha! That never stopped us before.
The kid's been through enough.
She needs a break.
She seems fine to me.
I've got a mission for you boys.
- A simple extraction on Raxus.
- Raxus? That is the former center of the Separatist government.
It has since become an Imperial outpost I'm not interested in a history lesson, Goggles.
You're being hired to locate and free Senator Avi Singh from his confinement.
My client will meet you at the given coordinates to brief you.
Details are on this.
Now get going.
Help a Separatist? Not gonna happen.
Your debt's still not paid, remember? A job's a job.
I am not bringing Omega to a planet swarming with Imperials.
So leave her here with me.
I'll keep an eye on her.
I don't exactly trust you either.
You shouldn't.
But if keeping the kid safe means more money in my pocket, it's in my best interest to do so, isn't it? - If anything happens to her - Yeah, yeah, Bandana.
Just get outta here, will you? Ready when you are, Sergeant.
Not this time, Omega.
You're staying with Cid.
But th-the mission.
I'm part of the squad too.
Then following orders shouldn't be a problem.
Stay close to Cid and don't leave this parlor.
Got it, soldier? Yes, sir.
Hey, tiny, I got a mission for you.
Now get scrubbing.
We've never been to Raxus before.
The coordinates from Cid have us landing outside the capital city of Raxulon, the home of their Senate.
I can't believe we're helping a Separatist senator.
So you have said.
I always thought we'd make it to Raxus someday.
But not like this.
Unidentified transport, this is restricted airspace.
Transmit your clearance code.
Input the codes from Cid's client.
Hunter, the client is a Separatist.
How do we know this isn't a trap? You're cleared for entry.
Now are you convinced? No.
I am simply stating that the codes did, in fact, work.
The client being a Separatist is not relevant.
It is to me.
Forget politics.
We're here to do a job.
I am very pleased to hear you say that.
Who are you? I am your client.
We're working for a droid? That is correct.
My master, Senator Singh, was arrested for speaking out - against the unjust occupation - We don't care.
Just take us to where the senator's being held.
Right to it.
I like you.
Very well.
Follow me.
Enough with the moping around.
You're bringing the mood down around here.
All right, I'll bite.
What's wrong with you? I haven't heard back from them yet.
Do you think they're okay? They better be for what this job's paying.
I should've gone with them on the mission.
It's not fair.
I've got news for you, kid.
Life ain't fair.
You don't like it? Stop pouting and do something about it.
Maybe if you weren't so helpless, those four laser brains wouldn't have left you here with me.
What are you two looking at? I'm not helpless.
Look, kid, I told dark and broody I'd keep an eye on you and keep you safe.
For how much? Not enough.
We have reached our destination.
There are six exterior guards and multiple heat signatures inside.
Four in the subterranean level.
Why do I get the feeling you're setting us up? It is against my programming to send my allies into danger.
- We ain't allies, tin bin.
- Enough.
We need to take out the compound's surveillance system.
Move in.
Time to make yourself useful.
I do not possess a military skill set for a tactical advantage.
We're counting on it.
You! This is a restricted area! To whom are you addressing? This is my master's residence.
I suggest you leave before Dear.
Stop! Stop! I am tapped into their security system.
You two, clear the upper levels.
Tech, we'll take the main floor and below.
Droid, you're sticking with me.
There's two at the door.
I'm clocking four in the adjacent corridor.
I'll handle them.
You and Omega loop back around.
That would be impossible, seeing as Omega is not on this mission.
- Right.
- Not to worry.
- I am getting the hang of this.
- No, wait! Excuse me, guards.
I appear to be lost.
Can you direct me to the nearest egress? Do be careful.
This antique vase was gifted to Senator Singh for his years of service.
It is priceless.
You've got her cornered! Yeah, I'm real scared.
Delay all you want, you're not getting out of this one.
I wouldn't do that.
Hear that? We got an expert here.
She's done for! I told you.
Well, expert, what should I do next? You blew it! Yeah, but you're the one who said to bet it all! You wanna take this outside? Gladly! How'd you know to do that? It's a strategy game.
I'm good at strategy.
How good? Enough to, win a few matches for some money? Depends.
What's my cut? Thirty percent.
Defying Imperial law and openly inciting civil discord.
I thought we had an understanding, Senator.
I refuse to be your puppet.
My loyalty is to the people, not the Empire.
An unwise choice.
Regardless, we will acquire what we need from you.
Your draconian tactics won't work on me, Captain Bragg.
That would be a first.
Senator! I followed your instructions to the letter.
I knew you'd come through, GS-8.
And behold.
I have saved your most prized vase.
Now can we get out of here? With pleasure.
An alert has been triggered.
- Our position has been compromised.
- Follow us.
Come on! There.
We'll seize that tank and blow our way outta here.
How do you intend to gain control of the armored vehicle from up here? Coming through.
All clear.
You can't possibly expect me to do that.
Just don't look down.
Nicely done.
Get this thing moving, Tech.
They'll feel that in the morning.
They've commandeered one of the walkers.
Pin them down.
The rear axle stabilizer is off-line.
We will need to recalibrate manually.
Get this bucket up and running.
Wrecker and I will hold them off.
No, you don't! Wrecker.
Yeah! Tech, how we doing? I need more time.
Drop your weapons.
You there.
Senator! I never much cared for that vase.
- Repairs complete.
- We're on our way.
Turn down that alleyway.
We'll be trapped in a choke point.
You're going to have to trust me.
They're moving into a dead end.
Move into position next to that wall.
It leads to a subterranean passage.
If you don't mind, please blast a hole in the wall right here.
That I can do.
This way.
Captain, the walker's empty.
What am I doing? I cannot abandon my people.
I must help them.
You will, Senator, but not if you are in Imperial custody.
She's right.
Live to fight another day.
What's all this? No one can stop this kid.
Of course.
She did it again! All right, show's over.
No more bets.
Kid, where'd you learn to do that? She's a natural.
I've never seen anything like it.
I told you to keep a low profile.
This is the opposite.
Ease up, Bandana.
Omega made enough money to pay off the debt you boys owe me, so try showing a little gratitude to my friend.
You did good.
Senator, glad you made it.
Let's talk payment.
You really paid off our debt? I wanted to be useful, even if I couldn't go on the mission.
How about we put those strategy skills to the test? One match.
If you win, then no more sitting out on missions.
You ready for this? Are you?
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