Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Devil's Deal

[crowd murmuring.]
[male Twi'lek.]
They shouldn't be here.
I have a visual.
Gobi Glie and his fighters are here.
[female Twi'lek.]
This is not right.
What has Taa done? [Rampart.]
I'm disappointed, Senator Taa.
Despite our new refinery bringing countless jobs to your citizens, they seem troubled by our presence.
Not at all.
I speak for the people when I say this partnership is most welcome.
Wouldn't you agree, Syndulla? I will always support that which helps Ryloth.
And what about you, General? Do you share your wife's outlook? After years spent fighting, peace is what is needed.
And with peace comes prosperity.
This is a new era for Ryloth.
Shall we? Everything all right, General? [sighs.]
I should be content the war's over.
But change is not always easy.
I hope my people will embrace this peace.
Ryloth is safe, Cham.
This is what you fought for.
Yes, it is.
Thanks to the generosity of the Galactic Empire, our new refinery will bring stability and growth to Ryloth once again.
Now is the time for all Twi'leks to step down from their military posts and enjoy their hard-fought freedom.
-[crowd murmuring.]
-Step down? With order established throughout the Galaxy, the Empire has offered its valiant clone army to protect and defend us.
We want Syndulla! [crowd shouting.]
[male Twi'lek.]
Cham, tell us what to do! [shouting continues.]
My friends, I understand your uneasiness.
The one thing we have always done as a people is stand together to defend Ryloth.
When the Clone War began and the Republic was losing, we were on our own.
But when our losses mounted and the enemy closed in, the clone army came to our aid.
We would not be here today if it wasn't for them.
They fought with us.
They fought for us.
And they have earned our respect.
I trust them to protect us as they always have.
The war has ended.
Let us lay down our weapons and focus on Ryloth's future.
What a shame your daughter's not here to share in this.
Hera has other interests, Admiral.
-Anything suspicious yet? -[chatters.]
Let me take a look.
I dunno, Chop.
Nothing looks out of the ordinary.
Just a mining facility.
I overheard Father say this is only the first location.
No, we can't go.
Uncle Gobi told us to stay and gather intel.
[Chopper groans.]
Chopper? Uh-oh.
Clones should not be the ones defending Ryloth.
How can Cham support this? He knows the people are tired of fighting.
We can't go on as we have been.
By turning over our weapons, he's made us defenseless.
I can't accept that.
I've already reached out to my contact to acquire more.
[Chopper chattering.]
What happened now? Sorry about this, General, but they were found inside a restricted zone.
We were just exploring.
I'm in a tough spot, Cham.
Between us, things are a little tense at the moment.
I won't report this, but it can't happen again.
I assure you it won't.
Thank you, Howzer.
What were you doing out there? I already told you.
I want the truth, Hera.
I sent her.
Hera, Chopper, inside now.
It's not fair.
We didn't do anything wrong.
The Imperial refinery is off-limits, Hera.
You know that.
Uh, I never said we were at the refinery.
I have my ways too.
Now then, tell me what you saw.
Leave nothing out.
That is unacceptable! Do you realize what could have happened if this was reported? My daughter spying on an Imperial facility? Why would it be spying? What don't they want us to see? This is a delicate situation.
I will not have you put Hera in the middle of it.
The clones were supposed to leave Ryloth when the war ended.
I will not stand by while more arrive each day.
We agreed to disband when the time came.
What was the point of fighting if we cannot accept peace? We've been friends a long time, Cham.
I'm telling you, the Imperials are up to something.
You just don't wanna see it.
Despite your warnings, Cham Syndulla's proven to be more cooperative than anticipated.
Did you see how the crowd reacted to him? His influence over them is a problem.
Gobi Glie is your real threat.
Glie's his lieutenant.
Syndulla's fighters will always be loyal to him.
They all must be dealt with.
We each have our parts to play, Senator.
Be sure to see this through.
Do you still dream of flying? All the time.
Then I can go far from here.
My dream was for a free Ryloth.
For our people to happily live in a world at peace.
We have that now.
The people don't seem very happy.
Their lives, much like yours, have been surrounded by war for far too long.
But we are coming through it.
Uncle Gobi doesn't think so.
He says things are getting worse.
I am well aware of what your uncle thinks.
He and I want the same things but differ in our approach.
If we need to fight, I am as capable as anyone.
Gobi trusts me to do my part.
Why can't you? [chuckles.]
That fiery spirit.
You remind me of myself at your age.
But I want more for you, Hera.
Fighting… it takes a toll.
My hope is that you won't ever have to live a life like mine.
As you can see, we are in the early stages.
But the doonium mine here will rebuild parts of the galaxy affected by the war.
We were told this refinery would not be a military facility.
But your soldiers and armament suggest otherwise.
Under the Republic's rule, your planet was vulnerable, but that is no longer the case.
The Empire is dedicated to protecting the interests of Ryloth.
Please excuse me.
There's a matter I must address.
You can see yourselves out.
Admiral Rampart cares more about his own interests than those of our people.
I hear Gobi's voice in your thoughts.
Don't lose sight of what we're trying to achieve.
I am questioning the cost to achieve it.
How can we trust these Imperials when they are keeping things from us? We need to try for the sake of Ryloth.
And if the Empire's version of peace is not one we can accept, then what? You're late.
Let's get moving.
I can't go.
I'm sorry.
Your father said no more spying.
This is a simple supply run.
Still, I think I should stay here.
All right.
But I was going to let you fly this time.
Fly? Really? I guess it will have to wait.
Chop, cover for me! Wait! [chatters.]
[rapid beeping.]
Glie's ship's been tagged, and he's not alone.
Making our approach at one-six-two.
How was that? Yes, yes.
Very good.
Now ease off on the thrust.
It's time to land.
I can do it.
No takeoffs or landings.
Not yet.
Watch and learn.
The contact's inbound.
What supplies are we here to get? Weapons.
But we just turned over all our weapons to the Empire.
Not for long.
I've never seen a ship like that before.
Are you Gobi? Cid sent us.
Along with three dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators.
Let's see them.
What type of ship is this? A modified Omicron-class attack shuttle.
Can I have a look inside? Hunter, can she come aboard? Okay.
You can come up.
But no funny business.
Funny business? Uh-huh.
I'll be watching you.
Uh… [chuckles.]
Okay, then.
Show me around.
This is the sensor array, and that's the deflector shield.
Over there is the nav readout, and this is the hyperdrive.
You sure know a lot about this.
Do you fly? No.
Tech won't let me train until I can recite all the ship's specifications from memory.
Specs are only half of it.
Flying is-- It's about a feeling.
What do you mean? When I close my eyes and picture myself up there, I feel it.
The instruments help guide you, but you plot your course.
You're free.
So you're a pilot? No.
Not yet.
But one day.
Come on.
I'll show you my favorite part of the ship.
Up there… that's where I sleep.
You get to live on a starship? That's my dream.
Well, technically, it's our gunner's mount.
But when we're not getting chased or shot at, it's my room.
Who's chasing you? Are you in some kind of trouble? I thought you were in trouble.
Isn't that why we're here? [Gobi.]
It's a start.
Have Cid contact me when she has more to sell.
Building an arsenal attracts attention.
You better know what you're getting into.
We don't have a choice.
Hera, we're leaving.
Thanks for the tour.
Good luck.
Make a new friend? She's kind of strange.
I like her.
Did you know flying's about a feeling? [Tech.]
What feeling? If takeoffs and landings are the hardest, isn't that more reason to teach me? You are persistent.
We've got an Imperial ship approaching.
Go low.
Try to lose them.
[alarm beeping.]
Move in.
[beeping continues.]
What do we do? These three were caught smuggling weapons onto the planet.
Miss Syndulla, I find your involvement in such matters to be most distressing.
Cham's behind this! She's the proof.
He's plotting an uprising.
That's not true! You being here is enough to implicate him.
The public won't see it that way.
You said it yourself.
He has influence over them.
And the fact remains, Cham has not committed a crime… yet.
But this Syndulla has.
Sir, she's only a child.
She is an insurgent.
Take them away.
I'm clocking three of Glie's fighters on the western ridge.
Should I take care of them? No.
Let them report back.
Just make sure you get into position.
We have to contact the general.
Smuggling weapons? What was Hera thinking? We must speak to Senator Taa immediately.
What did you find out? [chatters.]
Guilty of treason? They haven't had a trial yet.
-Taa will see that they never get one.
We must intercept that convoy before it reaches the capital.
Where are they now? Western outskirts.
Sector 3.
Chopper, let's go! The tank's heading for the narrows.
We have to seize control of it before then.
Split up.
-Stay here and wait for my signal.
We've got hostiles inbound! -The convoy's being targeted.
It's Syndulla.
I know it.
What are you waiting for? Attack! Yes, sir.
[trooper grunts.]
[blaster fires.]
We're losing the signal! -Where are the reinforcements? [garbled comms transmission.]
Our comms have been cut.
What do we do now? [electronics beeping.]
[alarm blaring.]
You must hold them off until reinforcements get here.
It's too late for that.
Tell them we surrender.
Surrender? What are you doing? Keeping us alive, Senator.
Mom! What is Father going to do? Taa will not let this go.
Let us worry about that.
How dare you attack our convoy! You are all traitors.
You threaten my daughter and accuse her of treason? For years, I've watched you put your greed and self-interests above Ryloth.
You are the one guilty of treason.
Do something! He's the one holding the blaster.
Cham, stop and think about what you're doing.
Taa's time will come, but not this way.
Thank you for playing your part, Senator.
-[blaster fires.]
Chopper, get Hera out of here.
Go! Arrest these insurgents for the attempted assassination of Orn Free Taa.
The Syndulla girl won't get far.
Have our forces find her.
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