Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Rescue on Ryloth

Ah, Cham Syndulla, the liberator of Ryloth.
Now the traitor of Ryloth.
Attempting to assassinate your own senator? How unfortunate for your people to see you fall.
They won't believe your lies.
Taa said you'd be a challenge, but he was mistaken.
Your loyal followers will be even easier to deal with.
Your daughter too.
Surely you know how dangerous it can be out there.
You don't know Hera.
Eleni, you're the reasonable one.
Tell us where she is and I will ensure she is returned to you safely.
I have seen how you treat your allies, Admiral.
I prefer to be your enemy.
Have it your way.
Scour the entire planet if you have to.
I want all of Syndulla's sympathizers found and arrested.
Sir, the people are not insurgents.
We have no cause to arrest them.
They're supporting a menace.
Syndulla's forces attacked our transport and shot Senator Taa.
I was there.
That blast didn't come from Cham or his fighters.
Is that so? Then please enlighten me.
Who is responsible? I don't know, sir.
Leave the thinking to me, Captain.
You have your orders.
Yes, sir.
I'll locate Hera Syndulla myself.
That's not necessary.
Another squad is handling that.
It's only a matter of time before she's found.
[Chopper chattering on comm.]
I'm here.
Hang on.
We searched the house.
The Syndulla girl's gone.
She could've already fled the planet.
Not without her parents.
Find her.
New plan, Chop.
Meet me at the base.
We need to send out a transmission, and fast.
[Chopper chatters on comm.]
[Gonky honking.]
What's going on here? Gonky's prime power source won't fully charge.
I'm fixing it.
You can't.
He's a defective unit.
[Gonky honks.]
Don't worry, we're defective too.
We are receiving a recorded transmission, but I do not recognize this frequency.
Patch it through.
Omega, it's Hera.
You have to come back to Ryloth.
-Isn't she the kid from the weapons drop? -[Gonky honks.]
Hera? The Empire's taken my parents, and they're after me now too.
I'm sending coordinates.
Please hurry.
I need your help.
You gave her our comm channel? For emergencies, and that sounded pretty urgent.
We have to go.
Perhaps the situation is not as dire as described.
Children often overreact.
No, we don't.
You heard her.
She needs us.
Omega, it's a big galaxy.
We can't put ourselves on the line every time someone's in trouble.
Why not? Isn't that what soldiers do? [Chopper chattering.]
What's his problem? [Hera.]
Thank you for coming.
I wasn't sure you would.
You said you were in trouble.
Care to tell us why the Empire is after you? Because my father is Cham Syndulla.
The freedom fighter? Yes.
This was his old command outpost.
It's where I've been hiding.
The Empire's begun targeting anyone loyal to him.
What do you want us to do? Free my parents from the Capitol.
That's where they're being held.
They can pay you if you get them out.
I don't have anyone else to ask.
Let's see what we're up against first.
But no guarantees.
[probe droid beeps.]
Citizens of Ryloth, the shocking attack on your beloved senator has left you shaken, but Orn Free Taa's condition continues to improve, and he will make a full recovery.
But The perpetrators of this heinous assassination attempt have been captured.
-Assassination attempt? -[Rampart.]
Rest assured, -Cham Syndulla and his insurgents -That's not what happened.
will answer for their betrayal.
Hunter Crosshair's here.
Just what we need.
The plasma bridge into the city's been deactivated.
Well, I say we fly in and blow our way out.
The Capitol scanners would detect our ship.
I don't like the look of this.
The troop presence here is similar to that of Raxus.
This is a military occupation.
Ryloth's not a Separatist planet.
Exactly my point.
[probe droid beeps.]
Wait here.
[probe droid beeps.]
[probe droid beeps repeatedly.]
[Chopper chatters.]
Oh, good.
A probe droid.
The Empire will know we're here.
And so will Crosshair.
Come on.
Let's move.
Come on.
[Chopper chatters.]
Command received a transmission from a probe droid in sector five.
All my father wanted was peace on Ryloth.
Why is this happening? He's a voice the people stand behind.
That makes him a threat to the Empire.
I don't care about any of that.
I just want my parents back.
[Chopper chattering.]
We're all over the Imperial comm channels.
They've increased patrols within the city.
Crosshair will expect an attack.
The element of surprise is gone.
There's nothing we can do.
Wait, you can't leave.
I told you no guarantees.
We'll get you off world and take you some place safe.
Stop! I'll pay you double.
All the money in the galaxy won't matter if we're dead.
What you're asking us to do, it's not worth the risk.
Not to you.
[Chopper chatters.]
You shouldn't have said that.
Being strategic means knowing your limitations, Omega.
She's trying to save her family, Hunter.
I'd do the same for you.
[Chopper beeps.]
No, Howzer.
"Some" isn't good enough.
I want all of Syndulla's supporters found.
Sir, if we continue rounding up peaceful citizens, it will incite an uprising.
Then they will be arrested too.
Peace has a cost, Captain.
Clone Force 99 is on Ryloth.
They were spotted near the Capitol.
We have a battalion of troopers right outside.
That's not enough.
I know what they're capable of.
I'm more worried about what you're capable of.
Since your squad has yet to locate Hera Syndulla, I suggest you stay on task.
Or I will find someone who can.
-[Chopper chatters.]
I don't need a lecture, Chop.
[Chopper chatters.]
I didn't give up.
He did.
Hunter means well.
I know you're scared, but don't give up.
He'll come around.
Why do you trust him so much? Because he's my brother.
-[Chopper chatters.]
-Brother? Him? They all are.
You're lucky.
You can trust them too.
All we need to do is think of a plan and convince Hunter.
Why would he listen to me? Because it's strategic.
Ryloth is your home.
You know it better than us.
Yes, I do.
[Chopper chatters.]
So this is the side you've chosen? [sighs.]
You both attacked an Imperial convoy.
What did you think would happen? Taa gave us no choice.
We had to protect Hera.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Admiral Rampart's squad is out there looking for her.
She's in danger.
So please, if you know where she is, tell me.
I'll protect her.
Like how you swore to protect Ryloth? We trusted you, Howzer.
I won't make that mistake again.
Attack the Capitol? Wh-- That was my plan.
Not the Capitol, the Imperial refinery on the outskirts.
I've been spying on their activity.
I know their routine.
If we attack there, reinforcements will be diverted from the Capitol.
We can use that distraction to rescue Hera's parents.
Any heavy defenses at the refinery? Five perimeter cannons, but they are unmanned.
Auto cannons are extremely vulnerable.
Where is the control console? [Hera.]
Right inside the main gate.
It is heavily guarded, but Chopper can slip inside with the other droids and disable the cannons.
All right.
You two go with Chopper as backup, but at a distance.
-Really? -Really? [Chopper chatters.]
By themselves? Tech, Wrecker.
Wait until those cannons are down and move in.
Echo and I will scale the Capitol wall and free Hera's parents.
I guess we'll follow your lead.
[Chopper chatters on comm.]
We are in position.
[clone trooper.]
Have your chain codes out and ready for inspection.
[droids beeps.]
[Chopper chatters.]
They're approaching the checkpoint.
Get ready, Chop.
[Chopper chatters.]
-[droid beeps.]
-[device beeps.]
[Chopper chatters.]
[droids beeping.]
[Chopper chatters.]
[droid beeps.]
[Chopper chatters.]
[Chopper chatters.]
[droid beeps.]
-[Chopper chatters.]
-[droid beeps.]
[droid whimpers.]
[Chopper chatters.]
What do you mean it won't work? You said you could disable the cannons.
[Chopper chatters.]
[clone trooper.]
Hey! You don't belong here! [Chopper chatters.]
We have to help Chopper.
We will, but first, we need to take the console off-line.
Uh, how are we going to do that? With one of those.
You said you wanted to be a pilot, right? Yeah.
Well, come on.
[comms chatter.]
[clone trooper.]
Huh? -[Echo.]
A little help? -[Hunter.]
[clone trooper groans.]
[Hunter grunts.]
My parents would never approve of this plan.
I won't tell if you won't.
Omega, has Chopper deactivated the perimeter cannons? No, but Hera and I are working on it.
Just don't shoot down our shuttle.
What shuttle? Here we go.
Sorry! [screams.]
[clone trooper.]
We've got a security breach! Unauthorized launch from shuttle two! [clone troopers groan.]
[alarm blares.]
[Chopper chatters.]
Omega, I am registering multiple explosions near the refinery.
That was us.
Cannons are down.
Do some damage, Wrecker.
-[Wrecker laughs.]
That, I can do! Hang on.
Whoa! [console beeps.]
Yeah! [laughs.]
Call in reinforcements! [console beeps.]
The refinery is under attack.
I'll handle it.
Stay here and guard the Capitol.
[blows landing.]
[clone trooper groans.]
[control panel beeping.]
-What are you doing here? -[Hunter.]
Breaking you out.
You know them? They are mercenaries.
But I didn't hire them for this.
Hera did.
Hera? Where is she? Is she safe? We're getting the hang of this.
Yes, your dangerous and uncontrolled maneuvering is as confusing to them as it is to us.
[alarm blaring.]
The admiral said to protect the refinery.
That's not their target.
Then why are they attacking it? [alarm blaring.]
Cham, wait! You're walking into a trap.
There's a squad out there waiting.
Why should we trust you? Because I'm on your side.
What the Empire is doing is wrong.
You have to get out of here.
They have the exits blocked.
We can use Senator Taa's shuttle in his private tower hangar.
I'm sorry, General.
I should've stopped this sooner.
Our fight for Ryloth is not over.
We will return.
You can't stay here.
They'll know you helped us.
I will not abandon my squad.
They're good men.
I have to try to get through to them.
Go, while there's still time.
Tech, Omega, we have alternate transport.
Meet at the rendezvous.
Because there are multiple Imperial vessels inbound.
Commander, should we move in? [Crosshair.]
Stay in position.
This is their way out.
What are we doing? We came here to free Ryloth from Separatist control, and we succeeded.
But look around you.
We're now being ordered to target the very people we swore to protect.
And I will not be a part of it any longer.
Who will stand with me? Arrest those traitors.
Here's the payment Hera promised.
Keep it.
You'll need it.
These occupations are happening on other planets besides Ryloth.
I hoped to have fought my last war, but our people need us now more than ever.
We must organize.
Well, that's not something we can help with, General.
I have my own people to look out for.
[device beeps.]
If a war is coming, it will be their fight as much as ours.
Come along, Hera.
Tech showed me how to scramble a ship's signature.
We will soon see how well it works.
It is time for us to go.
Well, copilot, we didn't do too bad.
Do you have to go? For now, but I'm sure I'll see you around.
And keep an eye on your brothers.
They need it.
I will.
For believing in me.
[Chopper chatters.]
[ship departs.]
It would seem I underestimated your four friends.
If only they were fighting for us instead of against us.
Request permission to hunt them down.

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