Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e13 Episode Script


Cid better pay us extra for that mission.
It wasn't so bad.
She failed to mention the drop zone would be swarming with Gundarks.
It is not the first time she has left out key details.
When did this place get so popular? And who are they? Not our problem.
Let's find Cid.
Where do you think you're going? It's rude to barge into one's office unannounced.
This isn't your office.
Guess again.
- Ruby? - She's my prized pet.
What are you doing with her? I paid.
Cid delivered.
And where is Cid? Cid's out.
This parlor and Ord Mantell are now my territory.
But if you're looking for work, I might have use for you.
We'll think about it.
You do that.
We're getting off Ord Mantell.
Tech, prep the ship.
The rest of us will gather supplies.
But what about Cid? What did he mean when he said she was "out"? Given his tone, it is a plausible assumption that Cid was either forced out or taken out.
Well, we have to find her and help her.
Nice to see one of you cares.
So you boys met Roland.
He's a former client and the son of crime boss Isa Durand.
Roland's trying to make a name for himself by joining up with the Pykes.
What's he doing on Ord Mantell? This port's connected to multiple hyperspace routes, ideal for smuggling.
My parlor's right in the middle of the action.
Roland saw the value in it and took it.
But we are taking it back.
- We? - If I lose, you lose.
Don't forget how good I've been at keeping secrets.
I believe she's threatening us.
You're quick.
When we needed help, we came to Cid, remember? Now she needs help.
We can't just walk away.
You tell 'em, Tiny.
So, what's your plan? My sources tell me that a buyer is meeting Roland tonight to acquire a shipment of spice he's storing in my back office.
You want to disrupt his supply chain by stealing the shipment and thereby sabotaging the deal.
Very good, Goggles.
When the Pykes come to collect, Roland won't be able to pay, and he'll be their problem.
Start climbing, tough guys.
Where are we? Ord Mantell's old mining tunnels.
These rails run underneath the city.
It's how we're sneaking into my parlor to steal the spice.
Well, why don't we just walk in there and take it? We can handle those guards.
No one can know we're involved.
Roland is one thing, but the Pykes aren't an enemy you want to make.
We'll use these carts to transport the crates of spice.
They're not in the best shape, but I can get the motors operational.
Motors are too loud.
This is a stealth mission.
You boys are good at that, right? Tiny, Goggles, you're with me.
Now, listen up.
When we pass through those doors, not a peep out of anyone.
We don't want to wake the hive.
The what? The caverns have a slight infestation problem.
We're not afraid of a few bugs.
Well, it won't be a problem if everyone keeps their traps shut.
Big guy, get the door.
- Wha What did I say? It was an accident.
Keep moving.
We're here.
This ladder leads into my back office.
Up you go.
Without eyes on the office, how do we know Roland is not inside? I've got that covered.
Ruby? Don't just stand there.
Find her! -All clear.
And I thought Wrecker was a slob.
Can the commentary.
Roland won't be gone for long.
Six crates of spice confirmed.
Hand it over.
Where is she? We looked everywhere.
Can't find her.
Keep looking.
Keep that thing quiet.
Give it more mix.
Now you've done it.
New plan! You coward! There you are.
Good girl.
After them.
Out of time, boys.
- Get the last two crates.
- I'll seal the door.
Don't worry.
We'll catch those two and kill them.
Yes, we will.
From now on, you need to stay close.
The spice.
It's gone! That's secure enough.
Let's go.
Found them! We've got incoming! - I said no blaster fire.
- Tell that to them! If those laser brains woke the hive, we're all dead.
What's that sound? Cid, I don't like this.
Power up the engines! We've got more coming! They're avoiding the light.
Use your torches.
Not the spice! Forget the spice.
Let's go! - Wrecker, seal them in.
Well, at least we got rid of the spice, right? I didn't anticipate Cid to be so bold or foolish.
It It was all her idea.
- We swear.
- Yeah, it was a distraction.
We weren't gonna hurt Ruby.
Tell me where Cid took my spice! We don't know.
She didn't say.
Get them out of here.
Where is our payment? The shipment was stolen.
You'll get your money, but I need more time.
We did not come to hear excuses.
If you cannot deliver as promised, you are of no further use to us.
I said you'll get your money.
I suggest you go back to Oba Diah and wait.
You are out of your depth, Durand.
Either you correct this grave mistake, or you and your entire family will experience what pain truly feels like.
Are you sure your parlor's safe? Bolo and Ketch said the Pykes already came for Roland.
I told you they don't take kindly to unpaid debts.
See? My plan worked like a charm.
Even better than expected.
That's her.
She's the one you want.
It has come to my attention that you have stolen our shipment of spice.
Return it to us, and we will consider this issue resolved.
Not sure what he's been telling you, but we don't have any spice.
Kill them all.
We don't have the spice on us, but we know where it is.
My patience is wearing very thin.
If you know where the spice is, then you should have no problem retrieving it.
Until you do, the child stays here.
Not happening.
You misunderstand.
This is not a negotiation.
If I may… You all don't realize who you're dealing with.
If you don't lower your blasters, we're all gonna wish we were dead.
Let me handle this.
We can't leave Omega with them.
We don't have a choice, but we know where the spice is.
We'll return it, and the kid will be fine.
The ptero-creatures we encountered in the cavern are Irlings.
They are nocturnal insects with visual sensitivity to thermal registers.
Our best chance is to strike before nightfall.
Muscles and I will rappel down into the cavern and locate the crates.
I got the kid into this mess, and I'll get her out.
You've gotta be kidding me.
And this time, don't drop it.
Found one.
I'll secure it.
Start looking for the other crates.
Don't try it.
They'll kill you.
If your friends don't return the spice, we're both dead.
That's what happens when you meddle in other people's business.
Us? You're the one who took Cid's parlor from her.
You take what you want.
That's the Durand way.
It's a tactic my mother has perfected.
So, she's a criminal too? You make it sound so undignified.
If she saw me now… Ruby doesn't take a liking to many people.
Don't worry, Ruby.
We'll get out of this.
Crates three and four are aboard.
It's almost night.
Those things are gonna wake up.
I am preparing for that possibility.
…in hand.
Rest later.
Final crate secure.
Bring us up.
Quit squirming.
Maybe they didn't hear it.
I don't think we're that lucky.
Yeah, me neither.
Get us out of here! Wrecker.
What's going on? Irlings.
Lots of 'em! Help! Help me! Help me! Watch out for the spice.
This should distract them.
Incoming! See, Muscles? That wasn't so bad.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Since the spice has been returned, the matter between us is resolved.
But not with you.
- Don't! He made a mistake.
That's all.
She's right.
Kill him and you'll be starting a war with Isa Durand.
Do you want that heat right now? Call this a bad deal and walk away.
We do not accept bad deals.
Our business is finished.
It would not be wise for our paths to cross again.
Are you okay? It's a small price to pay.
I'll be going now.
Come on, boys.
First round's on me.
You owe us way more than that.
Don't push your luck.
Why did you stick up for him after what he did? I don't know.
Ruby likes him.
Maybe he's not all bad.

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