Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e14 Episode Script


We're being hailed.
It's… Rex.
Hello, boys.
Sorry to cut right to it, but I could use your help.
What do you need, Captain? I received a distress signal from a clone trooper, but I'm a bit tied up at the moment to retrieve him.
You want us to recover a reg? He's an old friend, and he's in trouble.
I need you to get him out.
Out of what exactly? Can't talk right now.
Sending you his signal.
I'll be in touch.
What was that about? The distress signal sent by CC-5576 is originating from Daro, a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim with no known settlements or installations.
What's he doing all the way out there? Well, does it matter? We've gone on missions before without much intel.
But this would be stretching it.
Rex wouldn't ask us for help if it wasn't urgent.
Echo's got a point.
May I remind you that we are in the middle of a job for Cid.
If we deviate, we will not be compensated.
No money means no food.
Tech's got a point.
But Rex's friend is in trouble.
That's more important than getting paid.
Well, the kid's got a point.
We'll check things out.
But… …I don't like it.
The operation is ahead of schedule.
Ensure every viable clone is mobilized.
And the Kaminoans? We have our orders.
Keep an eye on them… until the time is right.
Mistress Nala Se, isn't leaving the facility against protocol? Your training will continue elsewhere.
We'll still be soldiers, won't we? Of course.
That is what you were made for.
You best hurry.
I will join you later.
The Empire has canceled all of our contracts.
Our success with the clone army is known galaxy-wide.
Surely, we will find other clients who value our scientific advancements.
The Empire is not like the Republic.
We have empowered them to our own detriment.
I fear they will destroy us rather than allow this operation to continue.
We must leave to ensure our survival.
Gather those essential.
I will arrange for our departure.
Yes, Prime Minister.
We are approaching Daro's atmosphere.
I'll bring us in low to avoid any possible tracking scanners.
We're banking a lot on a clone we don't even know.
Rex trusts him.
And I trust Rex.
The signal is coming from that direction.
The beacon should be right ahead.
Found it.
So, where's this reg? We're already too late.
The clone was being hunted.
He was dragged.
That way.
Hang on.
There's something here, inside that mountain.
I believe you are right.
My scans are being jammed.
You said there was nothing on this planet.
That data appears to be inaccurate.
Wrecker, you and Omega wait on the ship.
Wait, why can't Coming here was up for debate.
This isn't.
What is it? A shuttle landed here.
What exactly is in that mountain? Only one way to find out.
This looks like some sort of military base.
Not one that I've ever heard of.
Come on.
Let's get a closer look.
I'm clocking a couple of commandos and squads of clone troopers.
And they've updated their armor.
Let me see.
The mountain's natural composition makes this base well-fortified and nearly impenetrable.
This is no longer just a simple extraction.
Let's get back to the Marauder and leave word for Rex.
But what about the mission? We do not know for certain if CC-5576 is even in there… or if he is still alive.
We'd be going in blind without any reinforcements.
You did that on Skako Minor when you rescued me.
I'd still be trapped in that place if you hadn't.
If there's a chance that trooper's being held against his will, we have to try to get him out.
It's still your turn.
I know.
I'm thinking.
Wrecker, do you copy? Yeah, we hear ya.
Did you find the reg? Not yet.
But we did find an Imperial base built inside this mountain.
We're going in.
Wait for us! We'll help.
Stay on the ship.
You're our backup.
Comms will be jammed once we're inside, so keep alert.
I'll need to tap into the central database to pinpoint CC-5576's location.
There are entry points we can access in the lift shaft.
That's our way in.
Get ready to jump.
Anything? This encryption's new.
This might take a while.
This doesn't make any sense.
The muster report lists 50 clone commandos and 1,000 TK troopers.
TK trooper? I'm not familiar with that designation.
How much longer? Almost got it.
Found him.
Cellblock 25, four levels down.
Hey, newbie, how about you be useful? Get me some food.
Quiet, traitor! That's Captain Traitor.
Insubordinate plebe.
Are you CC-5576? That depends.
Who's askin'? Rex sent us.
In that case, the name's Gregor.
Now let's move out.
They're gathered for inspection.
There's no way past 'em.
If we can't reach the lifts, we can't get out of here.
I can redirect them.
Armor like that, I take it you're CCs like me? CT-99s.
Defective clones? If you ask me, it's the ones who want to stay here who are really defective.
What was your assignment? I was an instructor What's going on, Tech? I keyed a Code-16 to redirect their forces.
I don't know what happened.
Clone codes don't work here.
You just triggered a security alert.
Intruders on level six! Is there another way off this base? Only one way out.
Look at this.
These are not clone troopers.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
These are our replacements.
If you can believe that.
Are you sure you know where you're going? Hey, I'm the one who escaped here before.
And you were captured.
After I made it out.
I thought you said you trained these guys? I didn't teach them everything.
That wouldn't be very smart, would it? We need an authorization code.
Got it.
These new troopers, what do you mean they're our replacements? Well, we clones are soldiers of a Republic that doesn't exist.
These recruits come from all over the galaxy.
They swear loyalty to the Empire.
They're not as skilled, but there's an endless supply of 'em.
Numbers aren't everything.
You were saying? We'll, take a detour.
How can you be so relaxed? I'm preparing.
I'm chargin' up before I charge in.
We should've heard from them by now.
What if something went wrong? I'm sure they got everything under control.
Hunter! How bad? Ha! Don't worry about me.
This is nothing.
I got blown up once and survived.
I can survive this.
They have all access points to the central ring blocked off.
Those pipes are reactor conduits.
And? Well, they should lead to the main reactor's external exhaust port.
That is our path to the outside.
The exhaust vent's halfway up the mountain.
We can't survive that jump.
No, but we would be able to signal our ship.
How did you even end up in this place? I was sent here with other commandos… …and quickly realized I wanted out.
It turns out the Empire doesn't take too kindly to desertion.
Yeah, no kidding.
Wrecker, Omega, come in.
It's them! We read you, Hunter.
We have the target, but we ran into some trouble.
- We need a pickup.
- On our way! On our way! They're escaping through the reactor port! Ooh.
Glad we're not going that way.
We are on approach! We see you.
Keep it steady, kid.
I'll do my best.
Little closer! Come on! I can't hold it! That is sufficient.
I'll take it from here.
Wrecker, get on the tail gun.
Shields are down.
We're losing power! Gonky, we need you! It's working! Systems are back online.
We're coming back around.
Be ready! Jump! Hunter! Multiple system failures! We cannot take many more hits! Get the ship out of here.
I'll find another way back.
The odds of escape are not in your favor.
Go, Tech! That's an order! No! Turn around! We have to go back for him! Hunter, tell them to come back! Order them to come back! Sorry, kid.
I can't do that.
Admiral, what can I do for you? I am disappointed, Prime Minister.
You promised the Empire your full cooperation.
That is what I have given.
A disturbing matter has been brought to my attention.
Your Chief Scientist was gathering medical personnel to flee Kamino.
This is most surprising.
I will ensure a proper punishment.
While I never found your clone troopers to be overly impressive, I do believe you will be of great service to the Empire.
A scientist, I have use for.
A politician, I do not.
I'm afraid your services are no longer needed.
I figured you'd show up.
I was hoping for the whole squad, but you'll do.

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