Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

Return to Kamino

Where are we going? - You'll find out soon enough.
- And so will your squad.
Using my comm won't work.
They'll know it's a trap.
They'll still come for you.
- Spanner wrench.
- This is taking too long.
Omega, focus.
I can't.
We have to get back to Daro and rescue Hunter.
We will, but we can't go anywhere until the ship's fixed.
Hand me the spanner.
That should do it.
The hull's patched.
Nearly finished getting the systems online.
I left Gregor with Cid.
She wasn't too happy about it.
What else is new? We are up and running.
Let's go get Hunter.
His communication device has just been activated.
It appears he is no longer on Daro.
What do you mean? Where is he? Where are the rest of them? They'll be here.
We'll intercept upon arrival.
So you're the one they call "Hunter.
" The destruction your squad caused on Ryloth got my attention.
I leave this to you, Commander.
Stay on schedule.
I question the clone's motives with his old squad.
I don't trust any of them.
If his plan fails, none of them will be a problem any longer.
Keep an eye on things.
Yes, Admiral.
Activating Hunter's comm was intentional.
The Empire wants us to come to Kamino.
I am uncertain as to why.
No turning back now.
Are you positive about these coordinates? Yes.
I told you.
They're to a landing pad that we can use in Tipoca City.
Every platform down there will be swarming with troopers.
Not this one.
Trust me.
I'm only seeing three cruisers.
Where's the rest of the fleet? Who cares? That's a good thing.
Locking onto the coordinates.
Hang on.
This is going to get bumpy.
We are at the given coordinates, Omega.
There is nothing here.
You have to get lower.
If I go any lower, we will be in the water.
It's the only way to activate the platform.
Hold on.
Scanners are picking up a large structure directly beneath us.
Never doubted you for a second, kid.
Landing was only one problem.
How are we going to get into the city? We'll take the tube system.
The what? Come on.
This type of underwater transport system is not documented on any schematics.
Kaminoans keep a lot of secrets.
Omega, how did you know this existed? Nala Se.
This tunnel leads to her private research lab.
The others run throughout Kamino.
You, uh, all right? It doesn't matter.
Saving Hunter is what matters.
Where are all the regs? When did you start caring about them? No Kaminoans either.
This facility's being decommissioned.
You don't seem too concerned.
Why would I be? Because the Empire will be phasing out clones next.
Not the ones that matter.
A ship was detected entering the system, but we lost them below scanner range.
It's them.
I'll notify the scouts.
Don't bother.
They'll come to us.
They don't leave their own behind, most of the time.
You tried to kill us.
We didn't have a choice.
And I did? That looks like every other Kaminoan lab to me.
Not exactly.
Most in Tipoca City don't know about it.
Hunter's comm is still active.
I'll pinpoint his location.
I'll tap into the system.
I don't get it.
What's so special about this lab? It's where I was created.
Here? You all were here too.
What do you mean? Your mutations were enhanced in this room.
Experimental Unit 99 began right here.
I was there.
Is that true? How could I possibly know that? It was only for a short time, before you were sent to be with the other clones.
Something's not right.
All the central files have been wiped.
There's nothing in the system.
- Anyone else think that's weird? - Do not shoot! I am AZI-345211 AZI? Omega, I am relieved it is you.
What are you doing down here? I am in hiding.
Soldiers were deactivating droids and forcing key Kaminoan medical personnel onto transports.
Those who resisted were eliminated.
The clones did that? No, these were other soldiers.
All clone troopers were reassigned and transferred off-world, with the exception of CT-9904.
Crosshair's here? Should've known.
It is not safe here, Omega.
You must leave.
We can't.
Not without Hunter.
Found him.
His comm is pinging from the central cloning platform.
Come on, AZI.
You're with us.
Crosshair, I've seen what the Empire's doing, occupying planets and silencing anyone who stands against them.
You know it's not right.
You still don't see the bigger picture, but you will.
Can't you see they're using you? It's that inhibitor chip in your head.
- It's making you follow - We have an unauthorized entry on platform 5.
Right on schedule.
Time to go.
AZI, you said all the clone troopers were gone.
Those are not clone troopers.
They're TK troopers, like on Daro.
Hunter's on the move.
This way.
According to the comm signal, Hunter is directly above us.
The training room? That's open ground.
If Crosshair's waiting, he'll pick us off.
Oh, he's waiting.
Precisely why we will not be going in through the main entrance, like he would expect.
We'll enter through the lift.
That should give us a slight advantage.
Omega, wait here.
No, we should stick together.
No, Echo's right.
Crosshair's after us, not you.
Stay out of sight.
If things go south, we'll send you a signal.
Get back to the ship and contact Rex.
Well, guess you were wrong about that.
And here we all are, together again.
You won't be needing your weapons.
See? Following orders isn't so difficult.
Where's your little sidekick? We're smarter than that.
Lying was never your strength, Wrecker.
Find the kid.
-It's the signal.
Per CT-1409's instructions, we should flee to the research lab.
Something went wrong.
We have to help them.
But that means we will also be in danger.
Focus, AZI.
I have an idea.
We're running out of time, Commander.
Hold your positions.
So this was your grand plan? Bring us here and kill us? If I wanted you dead, you would be.
Not that it wouldn't be justified.
You betrayed everything we stood for.
And for what? The Republic? We're loyal to each other, not some Empire.
You weren't loyal to me.
I was one of you.
You may have forgotten, but I haven't.
And it's why I'm going to give you what you never gave me: a chance.
I think I've almost got it.
- [ES-02.]
- [gasps.]
Uh, hello.
Sir, I've found the girl.
Send her on a shuttle off-world.
Crosshair, don't.
It's for her own good.
And yours.
Omega belongs with us.
Living among fugitives where she's in constant danger? You want to protect the kid, then let her go.
Stop pretending to be something you're not, Hunter.
We're not like the regs.
We never have been.
We're superior.
The Empire can't protect the galaxy without strength.
This is what we were made for.
Think of all we could do together.
We were brothers once.
We can be again.
Why would we trust you? Stand down.
Negative, Commander.
Does that answer your question? I said move it.
I'm kinda in the middle of something.
I did it.
Nice work, AZI.
Now let's hurry.
You all are meant for more than drifting through the galaxy.
It's time to stop running.
Join the Empire, and you will have purpose again.
You really don't get who we are, do you? Don't make the same mistake twice.
Don't become my enemy.
Crosshair, we never were.
Hey, why did you activate the droids? This was not my doing.
I believe you may have activated a few too many droids.
I can see that, AZI.
Admiral, the commander lost control of the situation.
Pull all remaining forces out.
Let the clones die together.
All essential personnel have been removed from Kamino.
And the chief scientist? Secured.
The cloning technology is now firmly under Imperial control.
Very good, Admiral.
You may fire when ready.
Move into position.
Crosshair, forget the Empire.
This isn't you.
It's your inhibitor chip.
We can help you.
I had my chip removed a long time ago.
Since when? Does it matter? Yes.
This is who I am.
Sorry, Omega.
I know I promised you'd never have to come back here.
You did the same for me.
Hunter, three Venators are descending on the city.
We need to leave, now.
Wrecker, grab Crosshair.
He's coming with us.
Sir, we're in position.
Open fire.
Hurry! Get to the lift! Back inside! Go!
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