Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e01 Episode Script


Great leaders inspire greatness in others.
A galaxy, divided by war.
Peaceful worlds must choose sides or face the threat of invasion.
Republican Seperatist armies vie for the allegiance of neutral planets Desparate to build a Republic supply base in the system of Toydaria, Jedi Master Yoda travels to secret negotiations on a remote neutral moon We are getting no signal from the republic your heighness.
I don't see anything.
It is not like the Jedi to be late.
Greetings, King Katuunko.
- Who are you? - I am only a messenger majesty.
My master wishes to speak with you.
Katuunko, Great king of Toydaria, forgive my intrusion.
Count Dooku.
I am aware Master Yoda hopes you will allow the Jedi to build a Republic base in your system.
in exchange for protection, correct? Your spies serve you well, Count.
I ask, How can the Jedi protect you, if they cannot protect themselves? Toydarian Royal Delegation, this is the Republican envoy, please respond.
General, the Toydarians beacon is active on the moon, but all our transmissions are being jammed.
We caught them by surprise alright! We're losing our shields.
Too late it is, sprung is the trap.
- I must get you to safety General.
- Retreat you must, on the moon below, is my mission.
There, I must go.
I suppose you and your droid armies can do better? Without a doubt.
I sense you are one who respects strength, your heighness.
Our droid armies outnumber the Republic clones 100 to 1.
Perhaps, But I have heard, That a single Jedi equals 100 battle droids.
Quickly now, Reach the planets surface we must.
In an escape pod sir? The enemy will fire at anything we launch.
Then launch all of them, you will.
Master Yoda's powers have been greatly exaggerated.
That remains to be seen Count.
Indeed But when you decide to join us, my apprentice will contact me.
Hang on, almost What a terrible shot.
Ah well, It's my programming.
That was a close one.
General, I think we're out of range.
I agree, But, entering another trap we are.
Are you sure? A disturbance in the force, there is.
My Lord, Master Yoda's warship has fled the system.
What further evidence do you require of the Jedi's weakness? This is King Katuunko.
Master Yoda would like to talk with you sir.
A pleasure it is, to hear your voice, your heighness.
Master Yoda, of the Jedi Council this is.
Master Jedi, I though perhaps Count Dooku had, frightened you off.
Delayed have I been, but not too far away am I now.
Unaware I was, Count Dooku was invited to our meeting.
The Count invited himself.
He assures me that in this time of war, his droids can offer me greater security than your Jedi.
hmmm, a matter of debate that is.
Your Majesty might prefer more than words.
What do you have in mind? If Yoda is indeed the Jedi warrior you believe he is, let him prove it.
Allow me to send my best troops to capture him.
If he escapes, join the Republic.
But should my droids defeat Yoda, consider an alliance with the Seperatists.
I did not request Yoda's presence here to test him in battle.
Accept the challenge I do, your heighness.
Arrive by nightfall, I will.
Master Yoda must be given a fair fight.
My dear King Katuunko, I would have it no other way.
Beautiful this moon is.
Amazing the universe is.
There's gotta be a full battalion in there.
Probably packin' armor too.
We'll have somethin' for 'em.
I'm deploying my forces, master.
Yoda has made a grave mistake, straying this far from Coruscant.
I will see the Jedi gets his "fair" fight.
Carry only what you need, slow you down it will.
Destroy Ventress, your weapons will not.
Come lieutenant.
Hurry we must.
Sir, the rendezvous point is that way.
As is our enemy.
To reach our goal, a straight path we will not follow.
Let's move it boys.
Find Master Yoda.
Ahh, what does he look like? He'll be the small shriveled green one, with the light saber.
Small huh? Don't worry Supreme Leader, we'll take care of him.
I think I see them.
They're hiding deep in the trees.
Fire on Sector 11.
At ease be, my friends, within range we are not.
Hold it, Hold it.
I said hold it! That's far enough! I mean it! Stop I said Stop! - We're too big to fit in there.
- No we're not, watch this.
- You were right.
- Next time listen to orders.
Those tanks are too big to follow.
See, see? Size is not everything.
Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind.
Do you have any idea what the General was talkin' about? How should I know? There's no figurin' a Jedi Master.
Infantry, advance.
Go get 'em boys.
Sir, there are two patrols coming in on foot.
Now is the time to face the enemy lieutenant.
Ambush them we will.
We'll flank them from the South.
Right, let's move.
What was that? Blast him! Look, little green life form.
You bucket head, that's the Jedi! He is a little one.
Blast him! Split up by squad and spread out.
roger roger, roger roger OK clankers, SUCK LASER! - Where's the General? - I don't know, we got separated.
Clankers! Fall back, there'r too many of them.
He's around here somewhere.
Hey, get off of me! Don't move.
The Jedi destroyed our advance troops.
Master Yoda is living up to my expectations.
Commander, have you pinpointed the Jedi's location? Affirmative.
The clones gave away their position.
Our heavy troops are moving to engage them now.
I hope the General reaches the rendezvous point.
This should buy him time.
- Lieutenant, can you walk? - I think I'm okay.
Die Republic dog! What are we gonna do sir? - What's the General doing? - Keep blasting! Hey, what's going on? Get out of the way, all of you! I'm having a serious malfunction! Don't shoot! I'm on your side! - You found us just in time sir.
- Left behind, no one will be.
Rollers, inbound.
Retreat! Cover you, I will.
Republic troops are injured, the Jedi is in full retreat Supreme Leader.
Pursue them without delay.
The contest is not over yet.
Master Yoda, I hear you're having trouble with the droid army? Trouble? I know nothing of this trouble.
Look forward to our meeting soon I do.
The Jedi won't allude me for long.
Are you sure we should go in there General? There's no way out.
Now rest, we must.
We're low on ammo sir.
Only 2 grenades, and 1 rocket for the launcher.
Against a battalion? Forget it, we've lost.
So certain of defeat, are you? With respect General, maybe you should go on.
Let us slow 'em down.
All around us, is that with which we need to prevail is.
Come, sit.
Your helmets, remove them.
Your faces I wish to see.
There's not much to look at here sir.
We all share the same face.
Deceive you, eyes can.
In the force, very different each one of you are.
Rys, always focuse on the enemy, are you.
For inspiration, look to yourself, and those beside you.
Jeck, concerned about weapons you are.
Weapons do not win battles.
Your mind, powerful it is.
Outthink the droids, you can.
Thire, rush not into fights, Long is the war, Only by surviving it, will you prevail.
Clones you may be, but the force resides in all life forms.
Use it you can, to quiet your mind.
- Is that the best they can throw at us? - Yeah, but I've only got one shot left.
- Greet them I will.
- General, you don't plan to take that whole column by yourself? Have you three I do.
Outnumbered are they.
Know the time to help me, you will.
It's the Jedi! Block his escape! Prepare to fire! Supreme Leader, we found the Jedi.
Where is he? He's just sitting here, in front of our tanks.
Shoot him, shoot him now! Quickly! Ready, Aim, Fire! Fire! He's gone under the tank! Oh no! Run for it! But, I, just, got promoted.
Doesn't look like the General needs help to me.
We've got him in our sights.
That's a lot of smoke, for a surrender.
What's going on over there? Where is 224? Destroyed, Supreme Leader.
The Jedi has overrun our position and I think perhaps all those stories about the Jedi are true.
The fight isn't over yet, Majesty.
The General's cutting 'em up.
We've got trouble.
Clankers sent reenforcements.
General's too busy with that tank, he won't see 'em coming.
I think I know how to deal with them.
Yeah! Great shot sir! That's givin' it to the clankers.
Learned something today, have you lieutenant? I think we all did General.
Come, behind schedule are we.
Not polite to be late.
You were right, Dooku.
One Jedi is not worth 100 battle droids.
More like, 1,000.
I'm sorry, but I will be joining the Republic.
I urge you to reconsider wise king.
I promise you won't regret it.
Your agent also promised me Yoda would get a fair fight.
I will not deal with those who break their words.
So be it.
Perhaps our negotiations will be more fruitful with your successor.
Ventress, kill him! Jedi Master Yoda.
I am very pleased to meet you, at last.
Share the feeling, I do, King Katoonku.
Failed you, Ventress has.
I don't fear you Jedi.
Strong you are with the dark side young one.
but not that strong.
Still much to learn you have.
Surrendur, you should.
In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side.
It's a pity I wasn't there in person, my old master.
A pity, indeed, my fallen apprentice.
Perhaps now, begin negotiations we can.
That is not necessary, my friend.
You have my faith.
Toydaria would be honored to host a Republic base.
My people, are at your service.
Your Majesty, fail you, we will not.

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