Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e02 Episode Script

Rising Malevolence

Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.
The clone starfleet is under seige.
Dozens of Republic warships have been destroyed in merciless surprise attacks that leave no survivors.
Rumors spread of a terrible new Separatist weapon.
In the face of growing fear, The Jedi Council sends Master Plo Koon to hunt down the menace before it strikes again.
The enemy ship has reduced its speed General.
They must have realized we're tracking them.
We're tracking 3 Republic cruisers.
What should we do? Jam their transmissions.
The fleet is holding its position sire.
I think it wise to report our position before we attack.
Skywalkers' fleet is nearby, in the Bith system.
Perhaps he can reinforce us.
From what I hear, Skywalker's always ready for a fight.
So I've heard.
Koh-to-ya, Master Plo.
Koh-to-ya, little Soka.
How's the hunt for the mystery weapon going? We've tracked it to the Abregado system.
We need reinforcements.
I'll have to ask the Council Master Plo.
I was given strict orders to protect our staging area.
Master Plo, what's happening What is wrong with the transmission? There's too much interference sir.
We've lost 'em.
You heard Master Plo, He needs our support.
We have to go help him.
We have to see what the Council decides first.
This is an important meeting, Ahsoka.
Remember, be mindful, and speak only when spoken to.
This mystery weapon has struck in a dozen systems, and disappeared without a trace.
We cannot afford to lose anymore ships my friends.
Master Skywalker.
Have you had any success in finding General Grievous' secret weapon? Master Plo was here in the Abregado system when we lost contact.
- The enemy ship is closing.
- Prepare for battle.
General Grievous, this will be a suitable test for our new weapon.
You may fire when ready.
Yes my lord.
We're picking up a large energy reading from the target sir.
- Open fire.
- We're not in range yet sir.
Fire! Brace for impact! We're losing all our power.
That energy field has left us defenceless.
- Their shields are down.
- All cannons, fire.
Their tearing us apart one by one.
Quickly, into the pods.
We don't have much time, get inside, hurry! Another successful test, wouldn't you say Count? We must keep our position secret.
Send out the hunters.
I want all of those lifepods destroyed.
We've had no further contact with General Plo Koon.
The absence of distress beacons indicates that his fleet was that his fleet was destroyed, like the others.
We are about to prepare a rescue mission.
Hasn't clone intelligence reported this weapon never leaves any survivors? The Separatists are being unusually tidy.
They don't want any witnesses.
Tragic are these losses, but prevent more, we must.
The power grid is burned out.
We've no engines, communications or life support recharge.
So, we'll just sit here, and hold our breath.
Someone will come looking for us, right? Let's get the power restored, so we are here to be found.
All our battle groups will be reassigned to guard our supply convoys.
Including yours Skywalker.
I'm afraid we can't risk any more ships with a rescue mission.
Wait! Just because there haven't been any survivors before, doesn't mean there won't be any this time.
Boldly spoken for one so young.
She is learning from Anakin.
Excuse my padawan.
We will deploy, as you've instructed, Master.
Ahsoka! If anyone could survive, Master Plo could.
- I don't understand why - What you don't understand, is Jedi protocol, or your place, my young padawan.
We'll split up our ships to maximize our defense area.
I'll scout ahead for enemy activity.
Isn't that risky, with the mystery weapon out there? It might be, but I know you won't argue my orders.
Come on Snips.
The air in here's getting a bit stale.
Don't look at me, it's Boost sir.
He only takes a bath when he's on leave.
Save it.
Just keep working on the pod, not your jokes.
Do you think we've got a chance General? I don't believe in chance Commander.
I know if we work together we will stay alive, and someone will find us.
With all due respect General, strategically it doesn't make any sense for someone to come look for us.
If I was in command, I'd be huntin' that weapon down.
I value your life, - more than finding that weapon.
- Sir.
There's another pod out there.
If we only had power we could contact them.
How 'bout we just wave hello when the viewport comes around.
They're dead.
Someone busted that pod wide open.
We are not alone out here.
Set those new coordinates R2? Master, I should tell you why I spoke up before You don't have to explain anything.
R2, set up the scanner, modulate for incoming, "mystery" weapons.
No, R2, tune the scanners for life forms.
highest sensitivity.
Why would we scan for life forms to spot an enemy weapon probably just filled with, battledroids? The Abregado system.
So it's okay when you don't follow what the council says! Doing what the Jedi Council says, that's one thing, how we go about doing it, that's another.
That's what I'm trying to teach you my young padawan.
So you always meant to come out here for survivors? Lives are in danger Asohka, we can't just turn our backs on them.
That's what I said back in the briefing room! I know, but the way you said it was wrong.
Hurry up, switch on the illuminator.
We haven't got much time before the fleet misses us.
No, that's not it.
This one goes there, that one goes there.
Are you sure? We don't want to make things worse.
How, are we gonna make things worse? When you ask for trouble, you should not be surprised when it finds you.
I think trouble already found us sir.
What if we connect these two wires, right here? I'm getting something.
pod 197we're under attack.
Is anyone out there? It's one of our other pods.
I repeat, we are under attack.
Is anyone out there? That signal is weak, they must be close by.
They've locked onto our ship! Go get 'em boys! Our position is mark 12, at point 26.
- Let's cut this can open.
- I have visual contact.
Pod 1977, do you copy? The droids are hunting for survivors.
They're cutting through! There they go.
Things, just got a lot worse.
The scanners are practically useless.
Got anything on the emergency channel R2? Now Ahsoka, we might find something you don't want to find.
I know Master, but I have to believe.
How do you know Master Plo anyway? He's one of my oldest friends.
It was Master Plo Koon who found me, and brought me to the temple where I belonged.
Now he's lost, so I thought, maybe I could find him.
Incoming transmission Master.
Anakin, where are you? Hello Master.
Uh, we made a quick stop in the Abregado system.
- You have other orders.
- It was my idea Master Obi-Wan.
Oh I'm sure.
- Well, have you found any survivors? - No, you were right.
The Separatists don't want any witnesses.
All the more reason for you to rejoin the defensive escorts.
We need you, Anakin.
You're going to miss the rendezvous with the fleet if you don't hurry.
I know Master.
We're on our way.
I'm sorry Ahsoka.
What is it R2? R2 thinks he's got something on the emergency channel.
Can he trace it? Let's get going.
I think they see us.
Corporal, there's another pod over there.
It is time to go.
Go? Where are you going sir? Outside to destroy the enemy.
I can withstand the pressure for a brief time.
Put your helmets on.
If you say so sir.
Wolf, keep the communications signal alive.
It is our only chance someone will find us.
Let's just hope someone's looking for us.
Are we still picking up that signal? Yes, but why aren't we finding anybody? I don't know Ahsoka, I don't know.
Well, this looks like the last one.
Let's finish the job.
Is there anyone out there? This is Ahsoka Tano.
Can anyone here me? Time to put the squeeze on them.
Is there anyone out there? Come in.
- This is Ahsoka Tano.
- It's Ahsoka.
- She must be close.
- Keep the signal alive, commander.
R2, see if you can boost the reception.
We're trying to boost the power.
Hang on.
We're losing the signal.
The pod can't take much more damage.
- Sinker, your turn.
- I'm on it boss.
What the Eat lazer clankers.
Sir, we've lost contact with the pod hunter.
Perhaps some survivors are putting up a fight.
That is something we cannot allow.
We must find a way to destroy this mystery weapon.
In this war, a step ahead of us, Dooku always seems.
Tell me, has there been any word from Master Plo Koon or his fleet? No, we must fear the worst.
Actually, I just received word that Anakin has found the remains of Master Plo's fleet and is searching the debris for survivors.
On whose authority has he done this? His own, I'm afraid.
With his fleet out of position, we are left vulnerable.
Oh his fleet is right where it should be, He's taken only a small ship, and his padawan.
Twice the trouble, they have become.
A wreckless decision, Skywalker has made.
Let us hope it is not a costly one.
Well, General, another fine mess we've gotten into.
Your sense of humor is improving.
I don't mean to say I told you so, but I never believed anyone would come looking for us.
Anakin, the Council is furious.
Why, have you left your post? I decided we couldn't just give up on Master Plo Koon.
A noble gesture, Anakin.
But the Council feels your daring may put others in danger.
Please, listen to me Anakin.
Return at once.
Yes, Exellency.
Time to go Ahsoka.
We have to stay.
Ahsoka, I want to believe Master Plo is alive but I know he's alive! I can sense it.
Seargent, why are you so certain no one is coming? We're just clones sir.
We're meant to be expendible.
Not to me.
- There they are! - Ready tow cable Cable loaded Master.
Come on, hurry! Are you okay Master Plo? There's someone in the pod.
Will they be alright? The pressure suits offer some protection, but they require a medical frigate for recovery.
I will stabilize them sir.
Your men are safe now.
Tell me, were there any survivors? We couldn't find anybody else.
The hunters must have destroyed the rest.
I'm sorry, Master Plo.
We tracked the mystery weapon to this system, that is when we found out it was an ion cannon.
An ion cannon? A weapon that neutralizes all power to our ships, leaving the targets defenseless.
There's a massive vessel approaching.
Shut down the power systems before they detect us.
The droid! Sorry little guy.
That is one big, cruiser crusher.
There's still no signal from the pod hunter.
Reduce speed and activate your scanners.
We will find who is responsible.
- Hey, what's with the lights? - Power is gone out.
Maybe that ship has returned.
We should get up to the bridge.
You're too weak.
Let me go see what is wrong.
We're picking up a faint signal from a droid, it's not one of ours.
They're right behind us.
Move us into attack position.
They're coming back.
Are all the systems shut down? Is there a problem sir? We forgot to shut off the medical droid.
We've got to get the power back on now.
- May I be of assistance? - No thanks.
Just get in the back and take care of the clones.
That is my programming, sir.
- Come on, we've gotta get out of here.
- I know! I know! Sir, the enemy is attempting to flee through the debris field.
General, I don't want any witnesses.
Energize plasma rotors.
R2, program the navicomputer.
Be ready to get us out of here.
You forgot, we turned him off! 'Cotooya' droid.
Target range almost locked sir.
They're not going to make it.
R2, program the hyperdrive.
Anywhere, hurry! Enemy ship targeted General.
Fire! Master? We're clear.
Now the Republic will learn of our ion cannon.
Your failure is most unfortunate.
I will have to discuss this, with my Master.
- Get back to work! - Roger roger.
Thanks for getting us out of there in one piece General Skywalker.
You have my padawan to thank for that.
She always said you guys would pull through.
General Plo said someone would come for us, we're glad he was right.
Skywalker, it is time to give our report to the Council.
Right, the Council report Come on, Ahsoka.
You want me there? - I figured because of before - Asohka, through it all you never gave up, You did a great job.
But, if I'm getting in trouble for this, you're gonna share some of the blame too.
so come on, let's go.
Right beside you, Master.

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