Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e03 Episode Script

Shadow Malevolence

A deadly weapon unleashed, The Separatists battleship Malevolence advances and apposes to Republic space, tearing apart any ship that stands on its path.
After a daring rescue and narrow escape, Anakin Skywalker prepares a cover attack on the enemy Ship.
And it's diabolical droid commander, General Grievous.
This strike force has been commisioned by the Senate to hunt down the enemy's new battleship.
As the bulk of our fleets are engaged on the front lines We'll be on our own.
General Skywalker has prepared our attack strategy.
Thank you, Admiral.
While our capital ships is vunerable to the enemy attack.
I believe its squadron bombers cannot move their ion weapon Our target would be the bridge and General Grievous.
The head clancker.
Skywalker's getting pretty ambitious.
Our bombers will attack at high speed to evade the enemy's ion weapon.
We concentrate our firepower on the bridge super structure, here.
We destroy Grievous, we can bring the war to a quicker end.
Pilots, prepare your bombers.
Skywalker, this is an aggressive plan.
Are you sure your squadron can complete this mission? Matchstick, you think our boys can pull it off? Yes, Sir.
There hasn't been a mission shadow squadron couldn't complete.
That's right.
Minimal casualties, maximum effectiveness.
That's us.
I admire your confidence, pilot.
Even so, minimal casualties may be enough to prevent you from breaking Grievous' defenses.
Master Plo is right.
With Grievous on that ship's bridge, - it's bound to be well-protected.
- Don't worry, Ahsoka.
We'll destroy that bridge and Grievous along with it.
Master Skywalker seems to inspire great confidence in his men.
He does lead by example.
So much for the Jedi escort.
The last transport is fleeing, General.
Charge the plasma rotors.
- They're getting to fire, Sir.
- Still setting the coordinates.
Are we clear to make the jump to hyperspace? Fire ion weapon.
We've lost all power.
Boy, this is a lot more fun when they're not shooting back.
I still can't seem to hit anything.
Grievous, those battle droids are expensive.
The Jedi are never that harsh with their clones.
The care these Jedis show for their troops is a weakness.
A weakness we shall continue to exploit.
I have the coordinates for a new target: the Republic's secret outer rim medical station.
It is unprotected and treating over 60,000 wounded clones.
We will do them a favor and put them out of their misery.
Once you have destroyed it, there will be nowhere for the Jedi to send their wounded, and they will die.
It will be a pleasure, my lord.
I feel very confident leaving the ship under your command, General.
Target those escape pods.
I have a reputation to uphold.
- Which one's mine? - You're with me.
You'll be my gunner.
- Somebody's got to watch my back.
- Broadside could do that.
Besides, you have R2.
But I so enjoy your company, my padawan.
Just admit it.
You don't like my flying.
No, it's not that.
It's just, I Skywalker, the enemy warship has attacked our convoy of medical transports near Ryndellia.
Medical transports? Only General Grievous would go after clones who can't fight back.
The Ryndellia system Near Naboo.
Isn't that where our medical base is? I'll bet that will be his next target.
There are many star clusters in that area.
With a ship that big, he will be unable to chart a course that's less than ten parsecs.
Looks like we're gonna have to take a shortcut.
Admiral, warn that station what's coming.
This journey may be treacherous.
If you lose any ships before you reach the target we won't lose anybody.
I will come along and fly fighter escort.
Any help is welcome, Master Plo.
Just try not to fall behind.
I had a feeling you'd be coming along.
Your ship has already been prepped.
Even if we had the transports, it is not possible to evacuate all of our wounded in time.
You must try.
You won't stand a chance against that battleship.
Nala Se, I only just received word.
I've contacted the naboo.
They are sending ships to help you, and I am on my way as well.
Thank you, Master Jedi.
If they reach us in time, do you really think they're going to stop that thing? It is our only hope.
Launch the fighters.
I hope you know what you're doing, Anakin.
Well, if I don't, I won't be around to hear the "I told you so.
" That's reassuring.
Well, take your shortcut, and I'll take the long way, but you'd better be there - before I arrive.
- I'll be there, Obi-Wan.
Shadow squadron, tighten formation.
Call in.
Shadow 2 standing by.
Shadow 3 standing by.
Shadow 4 standing by.
I know, "R2-ey.
" This is gonna be a tough one.
Cut the chatter, Ahsoka.
Shadow 11 standing by.
Shadow 12 standing by.
Fighter escort ready.
This is Admiral Yularan.
You are cleared for hyperspace jump.
- Good hunting, Sir.
- Thanks, Admiral.
All right, boys, let's go.
Broadside, if we make it through this one, drinks are on me.
I can already taste it.
What's taking so long? I want to get there before too many wounded clones escape.
Sorry, sir.
The navi-computer has had to calculate a complex course around a large nebula near the medical station.
They told me this ship was fast.
Okay, if we can just manage to navigate through my shortcut, we'll be all right.
A nebula can be very unpredictable.
I advise caution.
Don't worry about us, Master Jedi.
We can hold our own, right, shadow squadron? Copy that, shadow 2.
Does anyone care what the padawan thinks? Of course we care, snips, but we're still going through that nebula.
Thanks, "R2-ey.
" The evacuation is proceeding slowly, Madam.
We will have to move the patients in stable condition first.
The more critically injured will have to wait.
What about the bacta tanks? Many of those men can't be moved at all.
I know, Commander.
Guide the patients that can be moved onto transports as quickly as you can.
At once, Madam.
This soup is thick.
Can you see anything? Just keep your eyes on my thruster, shadow 2.
They'll have to.
The scanners are useless.
This is old-fashioned flying.
You have to feel your way through to stay on course.
Skywalker is right, Ahsoka.
Clear your mind, young one, and you will see the path.
Right now, I can't see anything at all.
I always know where I'm going.
Yeah, where's that, Broadside? I'm gonna blow up that battleship.
A clear path if ever there was one.
Sir, the navi-computer indicates we only have one parsec to go.
Good, we will maximize our casualties with this attack.
General, there's an incoming transmission from Count Dooku.
General Grievous, I have received intelligence from Lord Sidious.
The republic has launched a small strike force to attack the Malevolence.
Let the republic come.
Our ship is unstoppable.
Skywalker is leading the mission.
Do not underestimate him.
I assure you, Count, if anything, it is Skywalker who will underestimate this ship and its power.
So, skyguy, how did you know about this shortcut? It's an old smuggler's route.
The pilots used to talk about it on Tatooine.
Smuggler's route? That makes me feel better.
They call it the Balmorra run.
Balmorra run? I think I'm picking up a contact.
Skywalker, listen to me.
We need to turn around.
We can't, not if we're gonna catch Grievous.
Another contact.
This one's much larger.
Skywalker, Balmorra's the nesting ground of the giant nebray mantis.
Another, another! Take evasive action! Those gas-gulpers are huge.
Don't shoot, or they'll panic.
They'll panic? I'm about to panic.
There are so many of them.
I'm hit.
My stabilizer's out.
Pull it together, Matchstick.
I'm okay.
I got it.
These things are gonna make a meal out of us.
- All wings, line up behind me.
- Roger that, boss.
Hurry, they will not follow us beyond the nebula.
- That one looks hungry.
- Nah, it's just smiling at you.
We're coming out of it.
Let's hope your shortcut paid off.
We're not far behind Grievous now.
The medical station reports That's not good enough.
They'll never be finished before the enemy arrives.
General Skywalker still has a chance to catch Grievous.
If he does, we have to be ready.
Yes, Sir.
Shadow 2, what is the damage to your ship? Just a scratch, Sir.
We must not take any more unnecessary risks.
If we lose even a single ship, our mission is that much closer to failure.
Understood, Master Plo, but we didn't lose any ships, and I didn't - Sir, another contact.
- I thought those things - wouldn't follow us.
- Not following; coming out of hyperspace.
It's a ship.
It's the Malevolence.
A squadron of Republic fighters is approaching.
Launch fighters and bring the ship around.
There are several medical transports surrounding the station.
Target the transports first.
I want every single ship destroyed.
Roger, roger.
This is too easy.
We've got fighters coming in.
Steady, come on.
Hold it Steady.
Charge the ion cannon and prepare to fire.
But, Sir, our fighters will be caught in the blast.
Fire at my command.
Get those fighters off of us.
Your fancy flying is making it difficult.
- Incoming! - Make towards the edge of the ray, now! Give it everything you've got.
Shadow 2, your speed is dropping.
What's wrong? Nothing, sir.
Just trying to keep it together.
You can make it, Matchstick.
Hang on.
Look out! Shadow squadron, check in.
We lost Matchstick and Tag.
Shadows 6, 7, and 10 were caught in the ray.
It looks as though Skywalker has failed.
He's lost almost half his ships.
We should go, Madam.
I will stay.
Stay on course.
This flak is heavy.
All deflectors double front.
Master We need a new plan.
We can make it, Ahsoka.
Hang in there.
Sir, the enemy fighters are closing.
Let them come.
Prepare the ion cannon.
First we will destroy the medical station.
Then we will finish off Skywalker.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Watch those towers, boys.
We're too close.
Loosen up.
Ion cannon ready.
They're targeting the station.
We're running out of time.
Master, you can make it, but everyone else is getting shot down.
Master! Station has been targeted.
Start the ion cannon acceleration.
If we can do enough damage, the weapon may overload when Grievous tries to fire.
Shadow squadron, new target.
We're taking out the starboard ion cannon.
Ion cannon 75% charged.
Torpedoes away.
Fire! Good work, shadow squadron.
Nice job, Ahsoka.
Damage report.
We've lost both primary weapons.
- The hyperdrive has been disabled.
- Impossible.
General, we are picking up three Republic warships entering the system.
- Anakin, do you copy? - I'm here.
It looks like your mission was a success.
Partially, but Grievous is still alive.
The battle was pretty rough on my men.
We're heading for the medical station.
We'll take it from here, but don't worry.
- We'll call when we need you.
- I'll be waiting, Obi-Wan.
All right, let's finish what Anakin started.
Ahead full.
Full retreat.
Make for Separatist space.
Great job, Master Skywalker.
Your leadership skills are most impressive.
You didn't do so bad yourself.
Excuse me? I believe it was my suggestion to change the plan.
- That's kind of true, snips.
- From a certain point of view.
Make sure our ships are ready.
We'll only have a short time before Obi-Wan calls us for support.
Yes, Sir.
General Skywalker, I wanted to thank you for your valiant effort today.
Do not take the lives you saved lightly.
I don't, but I also can't take the lives I lost lightly.
I see.
If you will excuse me, I must prepare for the coming battle.
Your master is a very curious Jedi.
He is one of a kind.
This is Senator Almadola.
- Where do you think you're going? - Somebody has to save her skin.
I thought you might say that.

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