Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e04 Episode Script

Destroy Malevolence

Grievous in retreat! Before the battleship Malevolence could destroy an Outer Rim clone medical base, a Republic strike force, under the command of Jedi Anakin Skywalker, crippled the warship, disabling its dreaded ion cannon.
All the Jedi relentlessly persue the Malevolence.
Commander, what is the damage level to the enemy ship? She's lost a primary shield and stabilizes.
But the ship is so massive, it can take all the fire our cannons can give it.
We must summon reinforcements.
That's why I'm here, Master Plo.
Anakin, were you able to contact Master Luminara? Yes, Master.
She's busy with a fleet of separatits reinforcements nearby.
She won't be able to give us support until she's turned them away.
Then we'll have to make due with what we have.
We've lost our primary weapon.
The hyperdrive has been disabled.
General? General, the forward engines are shutting down.
Impossible! - Admiral, status report.
- They're not attempting to jump to hyperspace.
Their hyperdrive must be damaged.
This is our chance.
All ships, target the bridge, maximum firepower.
It has not sustained extensive damage.
General, I have arranged a trap which will give you an advantage over the jedi.
I assure you, that is unnecessary.
Do not compound your failure this day by allowing our prize warship to fall.
My lord, they will never capture me or this ship.
Heading towards you is a very important galactic senator.
With her as your hostage, they will call off their attack.
As you wish, my lord.
My lady, are you sure the information from chancellor Palpatine is reliable? Yes, it was secretly given to him by the supreme executive of the banking clan himself.
If they leave the separatist alliance, it will go a long way to shortening this war.
We're approaching the system now.
My goodness! This isn't right! That's a droid warship.
We're in the middle of a battle! Sir, we're scanning a small ship off our bow.
Our hostage has arrived.
Master, I'm picking up a signal near the enemy vessel.
Something just came out of hyperspace.
- Enemy reinforcements? - No.
It looks like a Naboo ship.
Gunners, stand down.
What in blazes are they doing out here? Ahsoka, contact that ship.
- Naboo cruiser, identify yourself.
- This is senator Amidala.
Padme? What are you doing out here? I was sent on a special mission.
The senate was told the banking clan - wanted to negotiate a treaty.
- Get out of there as fast as you can.
Activate the tractor beam.
- Have we been hit? - I'm afraid it's much worse than that.
Padme, what's happening? I'm being pulled inside the droid cruiser by a tractor beam.
I will not be made a separatist bargaining chip.
Continue your attack.
You must destroy this monstrous ship! Admiral, order our ships to stop firing.
It does not look safe out there, my lady.
I see now this whole thing was a trap, and I'm afraid I walked right into it.
Sir, the Republic cruisers have halted their attack.
Jedi are so predictable.
Get the repair team up here.
Continue working on the hyperdrive.
I'm going down to the main hangar.
This ship must be returned to Count Dooku intact.
There is no room for failure.
Rail jet departing.
Come on, I've overloaded the power system.
We're doomed.
- Where do you think you're going? - Somebody has to save her skin.
I thought you might say that.
I'm afraid Master Skywalker is taking a terrible risk.
You get used to it.
Come on, 3PO, hurry.
Hurrying, my lady.
I'm not sure this is such a good idea.
Welcome to rail jet substation 9-4.
Mind the gap.
Mind the gap.
Mind the gap.
You two, come with me.
Looks like the engines are set to destroy themselves.
Get out of my way! Hey, that's just rude! Watch what you're doing with that thing.
Sound the alarm! We have stowaways on board.
I trust you've already formulated a brilliant plan to rescue the senator.
As a matter of fact, I have.
But do we have a plan "B"? Every operation needs a backup, Anakin.
I don't have a backup yet, but I do have a plan for getting on that ship.
Really? The enemy sensors are obviously damaged, so we'll sneak in behind them and dock at the emergency airlock.
That's your plan? Just fly there, land, hope they don't spot us, and walk in the door? Basically.
Let's get going.
Pardon me, but might I suggest we keep moving? I think I hear battle droids approaching.
But we also need to contact the fleet.
If I can just get this comm panel working.
My lady, I'm afraid I was right.
- General? - What? The damage to the hyperdrive was not as bad as we first thought.
We should be able to get under way again shortly.
I must inform Count Dooku.
Stay here.
Continue the search.
Find the stowaway and bring them to me.
Roger, roger.
If they spot us, we'll be pulverized.
They're too busy repairing the ship.
They don't have time to notice us.
Subtlety has never been one of your strong points, Anakin.
Everything I know I learned from you, Master.
If only that were true.
- What was that? - What? That noise.
Didn't you hear it? It sounded like a ship docking at one of the emergency airlocks.
Your circuits are loose.
No one's crazy enough to do that.
Anakin, you're crazy.
Spinning is not flying.
- But it's a good trick.
- We do not want to be spotted.
- I knew it! It's them! - No.
You stay here, R2.
Another bold strategy by Skywalker, I presume.
- That's my master.
- Once they make it off that ship, we'll need reinforcements to finish off the enemy.
I am on my way, Master Plo.
We're receiving a transmission from inside the Malevolence.
I believe it's the senator.
Master, we've found the senator.
I'm patching her through.
- Padme? - Anakin.
Are you all right? Where are you? On the lower levels.
I'm fine, but I don't know for how long.
- Droids are everywhere.
- Obi-Wan and I are on board too.
What? What are you doing here? We came to get you off this ship.
Ahsoka, how can we get to the senator? According to our scans, there seems to be a larger open area in the center of the ship It should be halfway between the two of you.
We're on our way.
Did you hear that, Padme? I'll be there.
General, we just detected an unauthorized communication - coming from within the ship.
- What did it say? Well We don't know.
We didn't catch it in time.
Monitor all internal communications.
I want that senator on this bridge.
- I don't see her, Anakin.
- She's here, master.
I sense it.
This is where we're supposed to meet them.
He's probably late again.
But we do have company of another sort.
Blast them! There! Look, Jedi.
- Fire! - No, wait.
I knew that was a bad idea.
Jump! Who, me? Padme! There they are.
Fire! - The bridge is out.
- Jump to me.
You have to trust me.
- I've got you.
- Nice catch.
I'll fetch the droid.
The things you do to get me alone.
Stop talking.
What is going on? Stop me, please! Blast, that's not good.
Anakin, I got separated from your droid.
I'll take care of it.
- We'll meet you back at the Twilight.
- No, we can't leave yet.
I overheard Grievous.
Their hyperdrive is almost repaired.
I'm already headed in that direction, so I'll make certain that the hyperdrive stays offline.
We'll see about that, Jedi.
Come with me.
I'm getting you out of here.
R2, I need you to help me find 3PO.
He's on the rail jet.
I know.
I know.
He does.
Look, just find him for me, and I'll be there soon.
Someone stop this contraption, please! I suppose I did ask for that.
Hello, there.
General Kenobi, did you really think I would leave the hyperdrive unguarded? Anything is possible.
You haven't exactly impressed me today.
Kill him.
That was impressive.
Guard the hyperdrive! I will deal with this Jedi myself! Obi-Wan? Come in, Obi-Wan.
Anakin, I'm afraid Grievous is on to us.
Yeah, we noticed.
We'll rendezvous back at the Twilight.
The fleet must engage the Obi-Wan? Come in.
Obi-Wan! - What's wrong? - They're jamming us.
- That might buy us some time.
- I suppose you have a plan.
Follow me.
I do believe I'm lost in enemy territory and all alone.
Don't shoot! I surrender! R2-D2, my you are a sight for short circuits.
Master Anakin sent you to find me? What kept you then? The General is demanding a status report.
Is the hyperdrive repaired yet? It's almost done.
I'll give him the good news.
Ever since I've known you, you've been playing with droids.
I used to put them together.
Now I only take them apart.
So where do we start? First we need to get rid of these droids so they won't know we were here.
I'm gonna hotwire the ship, give Grievous a little surprise.
I guess I'll clean up the droids then.
Our ships are in attack position.
Any word from master Skywalker? No, the droids are jamming our transmissions.
We need to give him more time.
I'm not sure we can.
That ought to do it.
How's the housecleaning going? Done.
Let's get out of here.
I guess repairs are finished.
- Prepare to charge up the hyperdrive.
- Roger, roger.
R2, are you quite certain the ship is in this direction? This way looks potentially dangerous.
I know the whole place is dangerous! I suggest we stay here and let master Anakin find us.
Don't just stand there.
Let's get back to the ship.
- Power up the engines, R2.
- Hold the ship! I'll contact the fleet.
R2, release the docking clamp.
- Time for some clever tricks, Anakin.
- That's what I was thinking.
All batteries, open fire! You know, we have guns.
You can shoot back any time.
- I was just about to - I got it.
She seems to know her way around.
General, the hyperdrive has been completely repaired.
- Should we retreat to friendly space? - Engage the hyperdrive.
I'll meet you at our secret base in sector four.
You heard the General.
Prepare to make the jump to hyperspace.
Yes, Sir.
- Nice shot, senator.
- Beginner's luck.
Pardon me, Sir, but R2's scan of the enemy's ship indicates their hyperdrive is activating.
- Don't worry about it.
- What? Coordinates are locked.
Hyperdrive is engaging.
I think we have a problem.
General, there's something wrong with the hyperdrive.
I thought the hyperdrive was fixed.
The navicomputer is heading us right into the moon! Fools, reset the navicomputer! Quick, reset the navicomputer! General, we await the Malevolence at the rendezvous point.
Have you made your escape yet? No, reset it General? General? Transmission has been cut off, Sir.
I think the General did it himself.
We're gonna die! Abandon ship! I imagine you had something to do with that.
All part of the plan, Master.
Next, all new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Nothing going on.
As usual.
Landed on the most boring post, in the Outer Rim.
- And one of the most important.
- What the It's an ambush! Send the alarm! This way, hurry! We have to retake this base.
You wanted excitement.

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