Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e06 Episode Script

Downfall of a Droid

Episode Air No: 6 Production No: 2 Downfall of a Droid Written by George Krstic Directed by Rob Coleman After suffering a series of disastrous defeats at the hands of General Grievous, the Republic's foothold in the Outer Rim is in jeopardy.
Commissioned to protect the strategic world of Bothawui, Anakin Skywalker and his weary battle group are all that stands between the system and domination by the droid army.
Among our most recent losses was the battle group at Falleen.
The Separatist fleet commanded by General Grievous is headed your way.
Seems like that coward always knows where and when to attack us.
You're heavily outnumbered, Anakin.
I advise retreat.
If we run, the Separatists will take control of this sector.
I can't let them do that.
And that is your problem.
Master Kenobi is right.
We should regroup.
We don't stand a chance against Ahsoka.
Suicide is not the Jedi way, Master.
You should listen to your Padawan.
As you listened to yours, my old Master? No, we are going to stay and fight.
And I think I know how to beat Grievous at his own game.
Our spies were right, General.
The Jedi have positioned a fleet beyond the planetary rings.
Move our ships through the asteroid field to engage them.
Through the field, sir? If we attack from above, they will have the advantage.
So we will go through the rocks.
That didn't sound good.
All power to the forward shields.
What if they attack us from behind? They can't.
The asteroids will protect us.
Gold Squadron, tighten formation.
Slow approach.
Let's draw them in.
Yes, sir.
Don't worry, R2.
Grievous is falling right into our trap.
Resolute command to Gold Leader.
We are standing by.
Enemy closing to zone six.
Patience, Ahsoka.
Zone four.
Zone three.
General, we have a clear shot at their cruisers.
Good! They're right on top of us.
Should we commence firing? Wait.
Concentrate fire on the closest Republic cruiser.
Roger, roger.
We're outgunned.
We're not gonna last a mynock minute out here.
Hang on, Ahsoka.
We've got em' right where we want em'.
Watch your stabilizer, Gold Six! It's no good.
Incoming's too heavy.
Gold Squadron, take evasive action.
Sir, yes, sir.
Breaking off.
No, R2, we're not retreating.
Good thing you gave us that extra power.
Let's finish them off! Ahsoka, they're in position.
Unveil our little surprise.
Right away, Master.
Rex, old boy, it's time you joined the party.
With pleasure, sir.
General, we've been outflanked.
All units, fire at will.
Impossible! Forward cannon, let em' have it.
This is too easy.
Get us out of here! Uh, where are we supposed to go? Uh, General? Well, I guess I'm in charge now.
Grievous! Let's finish this.
All batteries, target that command bucket.
He's powering up his hyperdrive, R2.
Hang on.
More speed, R2.
See what you can do about that, buddy.
I got a bad feeling about this.
What happened? You owe Rexster your skin, Skyguy.
Just doing my job, sir.
It was your plan that won the day.
Grievous is awol, but his fleet of tinnies is nothing but spare parts.
Good work, both of you.
Where is R2? I'm sorry, Master.
He is gone.
Congratulations, Anakin.
Your resourcefulness always amazes me.
Thank you, Master.
You look troubled.
I lost R2 in the field.
Well, R2 units are a dime a dozen.
I'm sure you'll find a suitable replacement.
I could take a squad out there, track him down.
It's only a droid.
You know attachment is not acceptable for a Jedi.
It's not just that, Master.
Uh, how do I put this? I didn't wipe R2's memory.
What? He's still programmed with our tactics and base locations? If the Separatists get a hold of him What possessed you not to erase that droid's memory? Master Obi-Wan, sometimes R2 having that extra information has come in handy.
Well, then find that droid, Anakin.
Our necks might very well depend on it.
Right away, Master.
You ready to go, Snips? Master, they just delivered your replacement astromech droid.
This is R3-S6.
I've heard that the new R3s are far faster in thinking skills and more powerful than the old R2 units.
And best of all, Master, he is gold.
A gold droid for Gold Leader of Gold Squadron.
You can't replace R2.
Don't worry, Goldie.
You'll get to know him later.
Come on.
There's my ship.
R2 is gone.
He must have escaped.
He's got to be around here somewhere.
R2 isn't on the scanners.
But there is a ship out there.
[ Vulture's Claw .]
Looks like a Trandoshan scavenger, probably combing the battlefield for salvage.
The historical texts say Archive texts can only teach you a part of the picture, my young Padawan.
You'll learn a lot more through some hands-on experience.
Ugh! What's that smell? You'll get used to it.
Hey, we'd like to buy a droid.
You sellin'? We're looking for an R2 unit.
You happen to pick up any recently? An "R" series? No, no, not for a long time.
"Pookums" here really has her heart set on another R2.
She lost the last one.
Pookums? Oh, brother.
Nice R3 unit.
Trade for a C-14? Not on your life, lizardo.
Now let's see how much I have here.
I tell you what.
I may have an R2 unit buried somewhere in the hold.
Help yourself.
But be careful.
There are many, um, unique items down here.
Master? These must be the unique items we were warned about.
These assassin droids can be very unpredictable.
They're switched off.
They don't look so tough to me.
Nothing looks tough to you.
Take my word for it: they're deadly.
R3, access the computer and find the inventory manifest.
R2's gotta be around here somewhere.
Did you hear that? Hear what? That sounded like R2.
How can you tell the difference? It came from down here.
R3, get this open.
We don't need the lights on! No, Goldie.
The hatch.
Never mind.
I'll do it myself.
Master! Goldie, shut these droids down! I'm afraid R3 is a little slow on the uptake.
Back at you, piston head.
You were right about the hands-on experience, gramps.
Much better than the archives.
Good job, but you missed one.
As for you, Stubby, you'd make a poor excuse for a light switch.
I'm sure he did his best.
His best to get us killed? R2 would have never made that mistake.
R3 can't even get the door open.
A little late, Stubby.
If you didn't have a lightsaber, you'd be a dead man.
Where's my droid? Master, what are you doing? R2's not here.
Let's get out of here.
I told you there were no R2 droids down here.
Look at this mess you made! You owe me, Jedi.
You'll be sorry you ever came aboard my ship, Jedi.
I'm about to make your life miserable.
What is it? I'm en route to the rendezvous point, General.
I've got the merchandise you were looking for.
It must be valuable.
A Jedi came looking for it.
Maybe it is worth more than we negotiated.
Don't push me, slime.
You bring that R2 unit to me as fast as you can get here Or else Ah, yes, of course, General.
Just kidding.
We have to assume that R2 was destroyed in the explosion that claimed your ship.
Yes, Master.
Our intelligence has confirmed that Grievous' spies have been intercepting our transmissions.
He must have some sort of secret listening post out there somewhere.
That would explain how he's been able to ambush our fleets.
Split up your squadrons, Anakin.
Find that base and destroy it.
It's as good as done, Master Kenobi.
May the Force be with you both.
I'll sweep the outer corridor while the rest of your ships focus on the center.
Are you sure you want to go it alone? I'm sure.
More than one fighter will just draw too much attention.
Yes, sir.
Master, you'll need a droid to help you navigate.
I think Stubby is defective.
Give him another chance, Master.
This is the perfect time for you and him to, you know, bond.
All right.
Come on, Stubby.
May the Force be with you, Master.
Removed your restraing bolt, have you? What were you up to? R3, have you verified those coordinates on the search grid? Okay, let's see what we can find.
Activate long-range scanners.
No, not the tracking beacon! Shut it down, R3.
Shut it down.
That's Master Skywalker's tracking beacon.
What's he doing? Rex, get a hold of as many men as you can.
Right away, sir! There's our Jedi tracking beacon.
Skywalker, now you have fallen into my trap.
Why do I have to do everything? Let's hope Grievous didn't hear that.
Yeah, he heard it.
Time to leave.
Plot a course out of here and prep the hyperdrive engines.
What are you doing? I said "prep them" not "drop them".
Where's R2 when I need him? Launch everything we have.
Sir, it's only one fighter.
He can't escape.
Everything! I know, I know! Missiles.
I hate missiles.
We're going on the offensive, R3.
Get ready to cut the engines.
Will you just do what I tell you? Hit the stabilizers, R3.
Hey, that was clever.
Silence! Move the cruisers into attack position! All right, R3.
Let's get turned around before those fighters catch up to us.
You know, if this ship blows up, you go with it.
What do you mean the laser guns won't fire? Cargo bay doors open.
You better get inside.
I'd love to, but R3's having a problem with the engines.
Destroy those ships! Don't let them get away! Let's give him some cover, boys.
Yes, sir! Steady.
Almost there.
I'm inside.
Now let's get out of here, Ahsoka.
Power it up, Rex.
We're going right between those tin cans.
Hit it, Rex.
Uh They got away, Sir.
Hey, Goldie! What did you think of your first adventure? I'll tell you what I think.
I think I'm lucky to be alive.
Great, now you hurt his feelings.
His feelings? What about R2? He's still out there.
I know it.
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