Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e07 Episode Script

Duel of the Droids

Missing in action.
Anakin Skywalker heroic droid navigator R2-D2 was lost in battle.
When a desperate search fails to locate R2, Anakin is forced to take on a new navigator, R3-S6.
Now, the Jedi embark on a dangerous new mission to find the secret enemy listening post.
Meanwhile, R2-D2 has fallen into the hands of a vile droid smuggler and is on his way to General Grievous who will surely plunder the Republic secrets hidden within him.
I am entering your orbit now, General.
I will be at your station shortly.
And, General What is it, Gha Nachkt? I prefer to get my reward in cash.
We've searched their supply grids, sir.
There's nothing to indicate the presence of an enemy outpost.
Master, I'm receiving a strange transmission.
I can't seem to make it out, though.
Boost the volume, Goldie.
No, you're losing it.
- That's R2.
- That doesn't sound like R2.
It's him.
I could never forget that voice.
- Trace it, Rex.
- Sir.
What is going on here? You sneaky little scrap pile.
You'd better be worth all this trouble.
Master, our orders were to find the Separatist listening post.
Perhaps R2 is at the listening post.
Did you consider that? We have a lock on the droid's location, sir.
- Prepare to jump to those coordinates.
- Yes, sir.
Hold on, R2, old buddy.
We're coming.
What is it, Gha Nachkt? I've arrived.
Could you lower your shields? Keep moving, grease spot.
This is the droid those Jedi came looking for, General.
What secrets do you carry, my little friend? So defiant.
No need for fear.
We're all droids here.
Rip this little rat apart, and find out everything he knows.
Right away, General.
Sir, the last transmission came from that moon's upper atmosphere, directly ahead.
That's a Separatist battle sphere.
I'm picking up a lot of encrypted chatter.
Contact Obi-Wan.
Stubby, scramble secret code set 1477.
I don't want that station to pick this up.
- Anakin? - Master, I believe we've found your Separatist listening post.
Excellent work.
Back off and wait.
I'll send 2 mainline cruisers to help you destroy it.
But R2? We believe my droid, R2, is on board.
He's the one that led us here.
This complicates things.
You must sneak aboard that station and destroy it before they crack R2's memory banks.
I know you're fond of that droid, but he's fallen into enemy hands.
I could rescue R2.
No, this is not a rescue mission.
Keep jamming their scanners.
If they spot us, we're dead.
We're bringing the droid? We'll need Goldie to open secured hatches and access the station's computer for us.
And Rex, you get to carry him.
That's just great.
Follow me, boys! Take this upstairs, and be sure not to drop it.
Those 631s are not the brightest lights on the ship.
Next time, you're lugging this astromech around.
All this moisture is corroding my servo-motors.
Go up to level eight.
Get your head adjusted.
- It feels great.
- That'll feel gr What the All right, stubby.
Get to work.
We are here.
The reactors are 30 levels below us, there.
Ahsoka, you take the squad and blow up those reactors.
Gravity will do the rest.
- We'll meet in the landing bay.
- Where are you going? I'm just going to have a little look around.
I hope you find R2 in one piece.
Get going, Snips.
Looks like it's up to us to complete the mission As usual.
This is General Grievous! What is it? It appears this droid's mission memory has never been erased.
It contains every Republic formation and strategy they have.
Good work.
You certainly earned your fee this time.
More than my fee.
This droid is worth more, I get paid more.
Now, I suggest There is your bonus.
Report, agent R3.
The Jedi are here? Delay them until I arrive.
Goldie, where are you? Sound the alarm.
What are you doing back here? Come on.
Now, we will transfer all your secrets to me.
Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you.
Republic troops have infiltrated the base.
Keep this droid secure.
I will deal with the Jedi myself.
We found the reactor room, sir.
The alarm triggered another security door, ray-shielded.
- This could take a while to bypass.
- Good luck with that.
Go ahead, Goldie.
Make me proud.
This'll be good.
Those droids are getting close.
R3's going to open up that door any time soon? He's working on it.
Patience, Captain.
- I can always hot-wire it, sir.
- Hurry up, Goldie.
- I think we've run out of time.
- Blast 'em! - Rex, droid poppers, now! - Droid poppers! Take the captured R2 unit to my ship.
They sent a child to destroy my station? The Republic must be running out of Jedi.
You must be General Grievous.
He's just another tinny, boys.
Let's scrap him like the rest.
Sorry to interrupt your playtime, grumpy, but wouldn't you prefer a challenge? That wouldn't be you.
All units, stay on high alert.
Watch out for a second Jedi loose in the station.
R2! Hang on, R2! Where is the fight you promised me, youngling? Ahsoka, it's me, Rex.
There are only two of us left.
Should we abort the mission? No, complete the mission.
Set the charges, and rendezvous at the landing bay.
- But, sir - That's an order, Rex.
I'll keep the General busy.
Ahsoka out.
She's distracting Grievous.
Come on.
We still got a job to do.
Come here, child.
I'm looking for you.
So far, you have failed to impress me.
Goldie, over here.
Ahsoka, we're in the reactor Your friends won't help you.
You're stuck with me.
You have something that belongs to me.
Thanks, R2.
It's great to see you too, buddy.
You don't look so good.
You okay? Rex? Rex, can you hear me? R3? R3, is that you? I've got R2.
I'll meet you back at the landing bay.
R3? Yeah, I had to get a replacement droid.
Look, sorry, R2.
It was Obi-Wan's idea.
Look, we'll talk about this later.
Twilight, this is Skywalker.
Rendezvous at the south landing bay immediately for evacuation.
Acknowledged, General.
I'm on my way.
R3, what have you to report? That stubby little backstabber.
So Skywalker has come for his R2 unit.
Go and make certain they do not escape.
Great, there's the Twilight.
Now where's everyone else? Sir.
Hey, stubby, where's Ahsoka? General Skywalker.
Explosives are in place, sir.
Objective completed.
- Where is Ahsoka? - She engaged General Grievous.
Alone? She distracted him while we completed the mission.
It was on her orders, sir.
The droid was with her.
- We got to find her.
- I can take you to her, sir.
What is the matter with you? Are you trying to get us killed? I've got a bad feeling about this, sir.
That double-crossing droid is a spy.
Another lightsaber to add to my collection.
My spy droid, R3, has trapped your precious master.
When I've finished with you, he's next.
You're wrong.
He's gone by now, and he's going to blow up your precious spy station.
Not this time.
Captain, trigger the explosives.
But, sir, we're still in the station.
You just let me worry about the details.
Yes, sir.
R2, I need you to get the hangar door open.
See if there are any controls on the outer platform.
So what did I miss? The usual.
It was foolish of you to take on Grievous by yourself.
Well, I was leading the mission, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Did he tell you your stubby little gold droid pal works for him? He might have mentioned it.
I guess we were all fooled.
General Skywalker, there are fuel cells over here.
Get ready, Rex.
- R2 did it.
- Of course he did it.
Now let's get out of here.
R2, where are you? General Skywalker has gotten into his fighter.
Where's he going? He's going after R2.
I'll be right back.
Don't wait for me.
Come on, R2.
So let me get this straight, Anakin.
You risked the mission, all your men, even your padawan to save a droid.
R2 found the listening post, and he saved our lives.
We couldn't just leave him there, Obi-Wan.
One day I'm glad we got R2 back, master.
But Obi-Wan does have a point.
Ahsoka, I knew you would complete the mission.
Besides, R2 is more than a droid.
He's a friend.

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