Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e08 Episode Script

Bombad Jedi

The clone war threatens the unity of the Republic.
As battles rage across the galaxy, more worlds had come to the seductive lure of the Separatists and leave the Republic.
On a vital mission of peace, Senator Padmé Amidala journeys to Outer Rim world of Rodia desperate to ensure its loyalty remains to the Republic.
Senator Amidala, I just received words that you have ventured through enemy territory into the Outer Rim Senator Farr requested me personally, Chancellor.
His planet is in crisis.
His people are starving.
He's a very old family friend.
I could not refuse his plea for help.
I understand, but in these dangerous times, you should be accompanied by a clone escort.
This is a mission of peace.
I put my faith in diplomacy.
We can't solve all of our problems by throwing troops at them.
Yousa no needing to worry, Chancellor.
- As resempative of Nab - Jar Jar, look out! What is happening? May I recommend that only those who are qualified for these delicate peace talks participate in them.
I will follow your advice, Chancellor.
Thank you.
Lookee, lookee, it's a swamp planet just like home.
Meesa have to get going.
Jar Jar, you would be doing me a great favor by staying with the ship.
Meesa knowing meesa be big help with the negotiations.
I need you to watch over 3PO.
You know how he always gets himself into trouble.
Trouble, me? Really.
I won't be long.
Meesa understands, My Lady.
His Excellency, Ah-Twa.
I've missed you so much.
I was afraid you might not come.
We are such a small and humble system.
Uncle Ono, you are very important to me.
We've been friends since I was a little girl, when you were my father's strongest ally in the Senate.
Rodia is very important to the Republic, and of course I'd come to help you.
You speak of friendship I have not witnessed of late.
Where was the Republic when our supply ships were destroyed by pirates? Where was the Republic as my people starved? We have been stranded out here without any help at all.
I know it is not your fault, but my people starve all the same.
I'm sure the Republic Senate will approve a relief effort.
The vote was postponed, but you will get your food.
I am sorry.
It is too late, my sweet.
The Separatist leader Nute Gunray has promised to support us with a very generous relief effort.
He is giving us food, ships, and protection.
Nute Gunray cannot be trusted.
He will bring war to your system just as he did to mine many years ago.
I am afraid I have already done what I must for my people.
Viceroy, I should have known.
You won't get away this time, Senator.
Your friend made a deal with me, and you are part of it.
3PO, come in, 3PO.
- Stop her.
- Three No one can help you now.
I am so sorry, my sweet.
I had no choice.
There's always a choice.
- To live in fear is no life at all.
- Take her away.
Please, Uncle Ono, don't do this.
You have made a wise decision, Senator.
I will be there within the hour to bring food for your people and collect my prize.
How rude.
I'm afraid the local swamp life doesn't have a very high opinion of us.
- Whaten dey speaking? - I couldn't possibly repeat it.
Theesa swamp dwellers just like meesa.
I will convince them of our good fellowship.
Do be careful, Jar Jar.
I don't think they're quite like your friends on Naboo.
Meesa make contact.
Oh, dear.
I don't think that requires translation.
Thisen is a different swamp altogether.
Oh, my stars.
Battle droids.
Weesa in trouble now.
Stop where you are.
Wait for me! Jar Jar, you great webfoot, you're squashing my circuits.
Blast 'em.
Wait, where are you going? Oh, no.
I'll be crushed for sure.
- Hang on, Three-so! - It's 3PO.
That was close.
What are you doing? Get me down at once.
It's not too late.
Uncle Ono, you can stop this madness.
Keep moving, prisoner.
Look out, Jar Jar.
A crab droid is headed right for you.
Headed for meesa? Yes, yousa! No, Jar Jar, go to your left.
Behind you.
Watch out.
I can't bear to watch.
Oh, no.
Jar Jar's been killed.
I knew something like this would happen.
What a horrible way to die, and it's all my fault.
He was so brave.
Now he's gone forever.
Meesa okay.
Jar Jar, you're alive.
Meesa okay, Three-so.
Meesa okay.
If you've finished messing around, I need help.
- Jar Jar, kindly don't do that.
- But meesa save-ed you.
That's the end of our ship.
Are those chains necessary? Welcome to the separatist way, Senator.
Viceroy Gunray's orders.
I hope it's worth it to you.
Thisa one big mess.
Weesa going nowhere.
Perhaps we should try to contact the clone troopers.
Here's a button that's still working.
What did you break now? Meesa doing nothing.
Thatsa looken like a Jedi robe.
Whosa you supos'n this belongs to? I wouldn't know.
But our only hope is to hide in this closet until Mistress Padmé returns.
If those droids attacking us, Padmé's probably in trouble.
My Lady gave us very specific instructions to remain here.
We musta hafta try and saving her.
Jar Jar Binks, have you gone completely mad? You'll do more harm than good.
I shall meet the Viceroy when he lands.
What about Senator Amidala's companions? If there are no signs of her friends, they must have fled into the jungle.
Yes, this is perfect.
I want no sign of trouble.
Our people need those supplies.
Meesa eyeball's stuck in the sleeve.
- Just look at you.
- Something's wrongo here.
The battle droids will surely capture you, or worse, me.
Not with thisa on.
Theysa won't be recognizing me.
- You can't be serious.
- Co me on, Three-so, - we can do it.
- I have a very bad feeling about this.
The citizens of Rodia welcome you, Viceroy.
Where is Senator Amidala? Awaiting your arrival as promised.
I do not wish to keep her waiting.
Shall we go? We are holding the Senator in the detention tower.
I hope it is not too painful for her.
Sheesa up in that tower? Weesa got to rescuing her.
And how precisely do you propose to do that? Look, a Jedi.
We're doomed.
- A Jedi? - Jedi? Where's a Jedi? I do believe they mean you.
- Meesa not a Jedi.
- Kill the Jedi.
Don't shoot.
We surrender! Forget surrender! Weesa run! - Is he dead? - The Jedi got away.
He slipped through this grate and went underwater.
Sound the alarm! Find that Jedi! I can see your busy, so I'll just be going now.
And take that Republic droid scum to the dismantling center.
Dismantling center? Wait, wait.
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent, I tell you.
Let's find that Jedi.
Roger, roger.
Take me to Senator Amidala at once! There's a bad boogie monster down there, you betcha.
Don't be fearing, Padmé.
Meesa coming.
Better watch out.
There's a Jedi on the loose.
You know, you will soon be destroyed.
I can't tell you how many times I've seen battle droids sliced in half by a lone Jedi.
Quiet you.
All right, cut the chatter.
I want you troops to go outside and secure the perimeter.
You made it.
I'm rescued at last.
Hurry before the battle droids figure out what's happening.
- Quiet in there! - Thank you.
Let's get out of here, Master Jedi.
Jedi? There's no Jedi in here.
Wait, there's no prisoner in here.
How did she do that? Where's the alarm button? I am a protocol droid - fluent in over 6 million forms of - Quiet.
Mistress Padmé.
Thank The Maker you're safe.
Have you - Where's Jar Jar? - I'm afraid he went to rescue you.
- What about the Jedi? - There is no Jedi.
It appears the battle droids have mistaken Jar Jar for one.
That's not good.
Hang on, My Lady.
This is our chance to capture Viceroy Gunray, but I need you to stay calm.
Go back to the ship and call for help.
I regret the transmitters on the ship are out of order.
What? - The ship has been destroyed.
- Battle droids? All right, then find a communications room and send out a distress signal.
Hopefully there're some clone ships within range.
I'll track down Jar Jar.
Viceroy Gunray, when can we expect the supplies to arrive? My people are starving.
They haven't arrived yet? I'm sorry.
Your request will be taken into consideration after Senator Amidala's execution.
Execution? You can't.
She's a prisoner of war.
We were promised.
You are under my protection now, and you will do what I demand of you.
Padmé was right.
I have made a grave mistake joining with the separatists.
I know, I know.
We must appease Viceroy Gunray so he does not destroy us all.
Be on alert for that Jedi.
He is our only hope.
Bring Senator Amidala before me.
She caused a great deal of damage to our droids, and she escaped, sir.
- Escaped? - It's the Jedi! Shoot him! Thisa rescuing is hard jobbing.
Capture her! Oh, dear.
The Jedi has been spotted in the south hall.
- Let's move.
- Roger, roger.
I think that was rather clever.
Sir, over there! The Jedi is escaping.
Not likely.
Where did she go? What the Senator Amidala.
So good to see you at last.
Hello? I say, is anyone there? Why is there never an R2 unit when you need one? This is a restricted frequency.
Who is this? I am C-3PO, human-cyborg No droids.
This code is for military use only.
This is a priority message from Senator Amidala on Rodia.
- We require immediate assist - Hold it.
- Oh, dear.
- You're under arrest.
So you didn't find the Jedi, then? You got him, boss.
Too bad you can't take out that slug monster.
Yousa okay, bogey? Yousa save-ed me.
Yousa my new palo.
Mistress Padmé, where you able to find Jar Jar? I think Jar Jar's dead, 3PO.
Not again.
Oh, poor Jar Jar.
He was always such a misfit.
I want to make sure this time.
Don't do this, Viceroy.
I beg you, do not kill her.
There must be another way.
Silence! I say, I think there has been some horrible mistake.
I am a protocol droid on a diplomatic Ready.
It's the Jedi! - It's the Je Juh - Jedi.
Release the Senator.
That Jedi is going to attack.
Shoot him! Shoot them all! That Jedi has summoned a monster.
We have to get out of here.
I made a very good friend.
Hold it right there, Viceroy.
At last we can finish this.
Onaconda, it is about time.
Blast that Jedi and shoot her! Uncle Ono, I think it's time to tell the Viceroy about our little secret, how you never meant to leave the Republic and how you truly care what's best for your people.
What is she talking about? Sorry, Viceroy, she is right.
I am with the Republic, and you are under arrest.
You will pay for this treachery.
Viceroy, you are going to spend the rest of the war in a cell.
Your victory will be fleeting, Senators.
Those are Republic warships.
The clones have arrived.
We got your message, general.
What are your orders? My message got through.
Take this separatist scum away.
Master Bombad, on behalf of the people of Rodia, I thank you.
You're either the bravest or the most foolish Jedi I have ever met.
I'm just a gungan, and I don't think I'm either.
Well, I think you're a little bit of both.
Senator Amidala has brought your people's needs to my attention, and I have already sent a convoy of supply ships to your system.
Thank you, Chancellor.
The capture of Viceroy Gunray is a major victory for the Republic.
All of you should be commended for your courage, and from what I hear, especially you representative Binks.
Ah, it'sa nothing.
Can you ever forgive me, Padmé? It is the Republic that should be asking your forgiveness, my old friend.
Far too often, we forget that our most important allies are not always the most powerful.

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