Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e09 Episode Script

Cloak of Darkness

Seasone 1 Episode 9 Viceroy Gunray captured! Senator Padmé Amidala has scored a victory against the Separatist alliance on the remote world of Rodia, securing the arrest of diabolical confederate leader Nute Gunray.
The Jedi council has dispatched Master Luminara Unduli and Anakin Skywalker's Padawan Ahsoka to escort the Viceroy to Coruscant under heavy guard.
Once there, he will face trial for his many war crimes.
Captain, have you made contact with the cruiser? Yes, General.
We'll patch you through now.
Jedi cruiser Tranquility, this is General Luminara Unduli requesting permission to land.
You are clear, General.
- We await your prisoner's arrival.
- Thank you, Captain Argyus.
I look forward to delivering him to you.
I am a man of great wealth, and I can be very generous to my allies.
That is a very tempting offer, Viceroy.
In the meantime, I have a gift for you.
It's been such a boring trip.
This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice.
- I demand my litigator.
- Keep moving.
Greetings, General.
We have the brig all ready for this traitor.
Very good, Captain.
Commander Gree, let's get under way.
Right away, sir.
Let's move.
Senate commandos? How does a money-grubbing worm like Gunray rate all this security? He doesn't look that dangerous.
Don't let your overconfidence give Gunray another advantage, Ahsoka.
Even now, his allies may be conspiring against us.
Gunray's capture could be a serious threat to us, my friend.
The Viceroy will not last long under Jedi interrogation.
I have already put a plan into action, My Lord.
My best agent, Asajj Ventress, will infiltrate the Jedi ship and either free Gunray or silence him.
Ventress? You are putting a great deal of faith in an operative who has failed us in the past.
She is a gifted Assassin.
You have my word she will complete her mission to the letter.
Very well.
You may proceed.
There is no margin for error this time, child.
You must prove yourself worthy of being my apprentice.
I am worthy, as you shall see.
How goes the interrogation? - Has the Viceroy cracked? - Not yet.
Neimoidians are a slippery lot, but the Jedi will wear him down.
Your thoughts betray you, Viceroy.
I can sense your concern, the fear that you will lose the wealth and the power that the war has given you.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You hide a great many things: the names of your secret allies, the locations of their bases.
I am an innocent pawn in all of this.
If you're merely a pawn, then who are you protecting? No one.
I know nothing.
Liar! Liar! I'm tired of all this whing.
Tell us what we want to know right now, or I will gut you like a rokarian dirt fish.
Padawan, terror is not a weapon the Jedi use.
I wasn't serious.
But the only way he'll talk is if he's scared enough.
Perhaps I was too hasty.
Let us negotiate.
Captain, status report.
Droid fighters incoming.
They've brought boarding ships.
Green company, prepare to repel the enemy.
Green leader to Commander Gree, super battle droids have breached our hull.
They're headed for the detention level.
We need reinforcements.
- Commander, I'll need your assistance.
- Let's go.
You will stay here with Captain Argyus.
- Guard the Viceroy.
- But As you wish, Master.
It appears you are in no position to negotiate after all, Padawan.
- Perhaps after my rescue - Rescue? Maybe they're here to make sure you won't talk.
All units, there's a bomb Trooper, what have you found? Come in, trooper.
Do you copy? Super battle droids are everywhere.
Fall back to the detention level.
We have to protect the prisoner.
See anything? Engine room seems clear.
- We'll lock it down.
- Good, Captain.
The enemy's advancing toward the prison level.
We're on our way.
You keep watch here, 327.
Okay, 327T.
You know droids never like to be called by their nicknames.
Looks like the last of them, General.
Yes, Commander, but I sense our troubles are not over.
Sounds like your rescue didn't work out after all.
I am ready to discuss our bargain again.
Padawan Tano, may I have a word? Certainly, Captain.
If I leave, you won't go anywhere, will you? I've got the all-clear.
The enemy has been repelled.
And their attempt to free Gunray has failed? If it isn't the hairless harpy.
If it isn't Skywalker's filthy, obnoxious little pet.
How nice of you.
I'll tell you what.
I'll give you a merciful death.
The Padawan.
Come on.
Shoot her! Skywalker's not here to save you now.
Good thing I don't need saving.
Over here! Open this door, and I'll buy you a planet.
Yes, yes, such delicious irony.
How do you like your room now, youngling? Halt, assassin.
What are we waiting for? Thanks.
Everything's running haywire: doors, lifts.
Communication's down.
Propulsion's dead.
She's crippled the entire ship.
Our attacker has come for Gunray.
Stay here and guard him.
I'll confront her myself.
Master, all due respect, but Ventress is too powerful for any one Jedi to fight alone.
Let me help you.
I am more than capable of dealing with a lone Assassin armed with undisciplined fighting skills.
- But - Stay here and keep a clear head.
Luminara Unduli may be a Jedi Master, but she has no idea what that bog witch is capable of, no idea.
I can't let her face that lowlife alone.
Wouldn't we have a better chance of stopping her if I helped? Sometimes being a good soldier means doing what you think is right.
That's why we're superior to droids.
Do you think you'll still be able to call on the Force after I've separated your head from your body? Even with my vision clouded, I recognize the fighting style of Count Dooku.
Your version is unrefined, amateurish, sloppy.
I can't disobey a direct order and leave my post, - can I? - I wouldn't.
Don't worry.
We've got this under control, Master Jedi.
Your friend won't be going anywhere.
All I know is, I never risk my own skin if I don't have to.
What? - Watch him closely.
- You can trust us, Commander.
Call us if you need help, sir.
Now you fall, as all Jedi must.
I know.
I know.
You told me to stay.
Well, as long as you're here.
We have to find her.
We can't let her get to Gunray.
What's that, Captain? Nothing to worry about.
What are you doing? No, please don't.
Do shut up.
Count Dooku is paying me a fortune to deliver your slimyry carcass, so please, try to stay alive.
What happened to Padawan Tano? This Assassin, I've never faced an adversary like her.
I should have listened to your advice.
Master, I never meant to overstep my bounds, but General Unduli, we've been betrayed.
Argyus has freed Gunray.
I've been a fool.
Let's get back there.
We'll take her together.
This is your last warning.
Don't shoot.
I am an innocent pawn.
He won't shoot.
He doesn't want to damage his prize.
- Stand down, Captain.
- Come and get me.
Why'd you do it, Argyus? A clone like you would never understand.
I wanted a life with more than empty servitude.
And for that, you'd betray the Republic? Like I told the Padawan, sometimes being a good soldier means doing what you think is right.
You and I disagree on what makes a good sol You should have taken my offer when you had the chance, clone.
The outer shields are still down.
The ship is still in turmoil.
We're home free.
As successful a rescue as one could hope for, Viceroy.
I will be a legend for this.
I always had a good feeling about you, Captain.
You see, Assassin? Our plan went off without a hitch.
Our plan? And I will, of course, make sure your contributions are noted in my report to Count Dooku.
I'll tell him myself.
Greetings, Viceroy.
I always had a good feeling about you, Assassin.
I'm sorry that despicable wealth-worm Gunray got away.
It's okay, snips.
I know you did your best.
Master, I Troubling is the treachery of the Senate guard Captain Argyus.
Revealed all around us our enemies are.
I'm not sure all is lost.
Gunray and his accomplices stole a Republic ship to make their getaway.
It could be tracked.
- Indeed.
- A coward Viceroy Gunray is, but powerful allies he has.
Swiftly we must move if we are to recapture him.
Master Fisto's fleet was near Gunray's position.
I've already contacted him to follow the signal.
Ahsoka, I'll meet you at the rendezvous point.
Yes, Master.
Master Luminara, I guess this is good-bye for now.
I owe you my life, Ahsoka.
Protecting a Jedi Master is the role of the Padawan.
And teaching is usually the role of the Master.
Master Skywalker should be proud.
Thank you, Master.
Commander, let's get under way.
Yes, General.
Ahead full.

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