Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e12 Episode Script

The Gungan General

Dooku held for ransom.
After escaping capture by Jedi knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the villainous count Dooku fell into the clutches of pirates led by the brigand Hondo Ohnaka.
Eager to get custody of Dooku, the Republic agreed to pay Hondo a hefty sum in exchange for the Sith Lord.
But Anakin and Obi-Wan had not counted on the treacherous cunning of Ohnaka and his band.
What happened? Well, I guess that pirate brew is stronger than we thought.
I only took a sip.
We were drugged, obviously.
Why would they risk losing the ransom? The deal appears to have changed.
They must be trying to triple their payday.
A shrewd observation, Master Kenobi.
It's you.
I did warn you these pirates were devious.
You will notice our shackles are bound together.
I have tried to separate us to no avail.
It's bad enough we have to be in the same cell, but could you at least spare me the sound of your constant chatter? And while I hold my tongue, the two of you will devise a brilliant strategy for getting off this godforsaken planet? Yes! Excellent.
I told you kidnapping the Sith Lord was a stroke of brilliance.
I can almost smell that spice now.
It'll be worth twice as much to us on the black market.
But I think we could've gotten a bigger ransom from the separatists.
You fool.
Sometimes I wonder why I bother to keep you around.
If we tried to ransom count Dooku off to the separatists, they would simply send their droid armies here to wipe us out.
Now, as my sweet mother always said, "Son, if one hostage is good," "two are better.
" And three? Well, that's just good business.
How much do you think they'll fetch? Don't you worry about how much.
You'll get your cut.
Just see to it that the Republic's ransom gets here.
Once we get the ransom for the Sith, then we'll get the ransom for the Jedi.
Thank you, mom.
The spice is on its way.
Hondo has asked me to go out and meet the Republic senators and bring them here with the ransom.
But I want you to intercept that ship and force it down.
Be careful.
I want that spice intact.
It's too risky.
What about Hondo? Yeah, that nitwit couldn't kill a nuna.
He depends on me for that.
I'll tell him the ship was destroyed with everyone on it, including the spice.
By the time he finds out the truth, we'll be long gone.
- And we'll be landing - Hidey ho, chancellor.
- Me-sa have a question.
- In a moment, representative Binks.
Good work, Senator Kharrus.
I am relieved you're about to arrive at the pirates' stronghold safely.
Captain Hondo, the leader of those brigands, will accept the ransom and turn count Dooku over to the Jedi.
And then they will bring him back with you.
Once we've landed, our signal will be strong enough to set up proper communications.
Thank you, Senator.
Senator Kharrus, representative Binks, take your seats.
We are coming in for a landing.
The last time I went on one of these ransom missions, I spent three weeks in a dungeon.
Representative Binks, stop fooling around.
We're landing.
Secure yourself.
Me-sa trying.
Is-sa stucken.
- We're under attack.
- We've been betrayed.
- Missile closing! - Bank left! What the - Jar Jar, what are you doing? - Sorry.
Me-sa fix it.
- Mack, what's going on back there? - Sir, you must get out of the cockpit.
- We're hit! - Sir, you must leave.
Get back into your seat.
We're going down.
Don't you think our priority should be escape first, eat second? Do control your protégé's insolence so I can concentrate.
- Anakin.
- What? Control your insolence.
The count is concentrating.
Well done, if I do say so myself.
Most impressive.
Me-sa no see a senator Kharrus.
Pilots are dead.
Sir, over here.
I found the senator.
He can't be dead.
We've got to figure out a way to contact Coruscant.
They crashed into Doshar field.
Good, good.
And you have the spice? No, not exactly.
I think there are survivors.
We have to call it off.
Maybe we should tell Hondo.
No one tells Hondo anything! If anyone survived that crash, we'll take care of 'em.
Trust me, we're getting that spice.
We do know where we're going, don't we? Hush, Anakin.
Do we know where we're going? Quiet.
I was brought this way when I was captured, it was open then.
I found the door key.
This is the way to the hangar.
Yes, but are you sure it's safe? - The key works.
- Is it safe? Of course it is.
Right Hold it right there, Jedi.
What were we thinking, following a Sith Lord? What to do? What to do? What to do? I don't want to kill you, per se.
In fact, you seem like decent fellows Even you, Count.
This is just business, and once I get my money, we can go back to being friends.
It's very simple.
Now, try not to complicate things by breaking out again.
We have to get out of here before the Republic arrives with the ransom.
For once, I agree with you.
- Any luck repairing the homing beacon? - No, sir.
You-sa find rest, Senator.
Thosen with good in their heart always passen too soon.
Sir, with the death of senator Kharrus, are you now in command of the mission? Technically, no.
Then, who is? Representative Binks is the highest-ranking person here.
- We be missing you, Senator.
- Sir, this place is dangerous.
Look, those geysers are spitting out acid.
These-a beasties don't like the geysers neither.
What is it, Sergeant? How are we gonna deliver the ransom to the Jedi and get count Dooku back? You do not want to stand guard.
I do not want to stand guard.
You want to deactivate the cell bars and go out drinking.
I want to deactivate the cell bars and go out drinking.
Not bad.
Yes, most impressive, Master Kenobi.
What's-a that? You think this is trouble? They could be the ones we're supposed to deliver the ransom to.
Or they-sa the ones that be shooting us down.
You're right, Binks.
Incoming! Form a circle! There's not enough cover out here.
They're cutting us off from the shuttle.
We've got to regroup.
Follow me.
Let's hide.
Come on, men.
Where'd they go? I don't know.
Maybe they fell in a crater.
Find the spice.
Should we look for the clones in the crater? Get back here.
Once that geyser goes off, they're broiled.
- We're not gonna last long in here.
- Don't worry.
As long as those beasties are up there, we're safe.
When they run, we run.
See? Me-sa knew it was safe, since the beasties are nearby.
Come on, let's go! Commander, you're right.
The ransom's gone.
I suggest we stay here and wait for the Republic - to send the rescue party.
- We-sa can't wait.
We don't have much choice.
Ani and Obi are waiting for us to deliver the spicen.
Those pirates are on speeders.
How are we gonna catch them? Me-sa be having an idea.
Hurry it up, Dooku.
You should be more patient, Master.
After all, the count is an elderly gentleman - and doesn't move like he used to.
- I suppose you're right.
I would kill you both right now if I did not have to drag your bodies.
Look! There they are.
Giddy up! Let him go, sir.
We've got the spice back.
Now we just have to get beyond that wall.
Let's go! This is not going well.
Don't let them get away! Hey, what are you guys doing? You're too heavy.
I can't do it.
Drop Dooku! I guess this means we won't be friend? Right, now that we have the spice, we need to find the compound.
- Anything to the south? - Nothing, sir.
Who knows where that pirate stronghold is from here.
Well, look at that.
Power lines.
They must lead somewhere.
There's-a power, dere's-a be people too.
Captain! Well, Turk, did the Republic arrive with my spice? The Republic deceived us.
They didn't send the ransom, they sent an army.
They ambushed us in Doshar field.
I suggest we counterattack with tanks.
- Where are your men? - I was the only survivor.
I think they will attack us to try and free the Jedi.
I warned them.
I didn't want to torture anyone.
But now, even in a galaxy at war, you hope to find some honor.
Let me take our tanks.
I'll make 'em pay.
Stop them before they reach the compound.
I will deal with the Jedi.
Yes, Captain.
We have to find a way out of here before Senator Kharrus and Jar Jar arrive.
We'll look like fools.
I think it's time to lose the dead weight.
You two, come with us.
There be some bombat clankens coming this-a way.
What? Bombat clankens? Right there! - Where? - There! - Wait! - Over there! Come on! There! You're right.
Bombat clankers.
Representative Binks, we're going to need your services - for this part of the mission.
- Who-sa? Me-sa? Yes, sir.
You are the senate representative.
We need you to go out there and negotiate with the pirates.
Me-sa no liken this idea, but I think is-sa what senator Kharrus woulda do-sa.
He's probably going to get himself killed.
Don't worry.
He's smarter than he looks.
I take it the Republic didn't arrive with the ransom.
Your Republic obviously doesn't want the Sith Lord.
They didn't show? They did.
They did show With a huge army that they thought would be enough to get the better of me, - Hondo! - That can't be right.
Are you calling me a liar? Isn't that kind of what you do for a living? You reject my hospitality, refuse to wait in your cell, and now, you're going to insult me? - I'm just saying.
- Anakin.
What? He is a pirate.
Yes, but this may not be the best time for you to speak - But you - At all, Anakin.
What are you supposed to be? Me-sa representative Binks.
Me-sa coming to deliver the spicen.
Where's the army Turk reported? Don't know.
Let's fry this one and look around.
No, if he's a representative, he might be worth something as well.
You, representative Bink, we'll take you to your Jedi friends so you can negotiate.
Okey day.
Sir, they're taking - representative Binks hostage.
- Get ready.
Sorry! What happened to the power? I was having fun.
What the Hold it right there.
Kill him.
Kill him.
He's no representative.
He's a plague! Who's-a plague-a? Me-sa? I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Nice work, sir! We're leaving without the spice? It won't be long until Hondo figures out what's happened.
What are you doing? What chance do you really have, Jedi? Now let me go, and I might let you live.
Approach us, and he dies.
Looks like your forces were destroyed, Jedi.
Ani! Obi! Me-sa have arrived with the spicen.
Excellent, Jar Jar, assuming he pirates still have count Dooku to trade.
Well, that answers that question.
Commander, start the engines, please.
So what now, Jedi? You're going to arrest me? - No.
Anakin, release him.
- What? Captain, you have nothing we want, and since we're not prisoners anymore, you have no bargaining power.
What? You-sa was in bombad trouble? Me-sa rescued you.
No, Jar Jar.
We weren't in any trouble.
Let's leave on even terms.
Hold! Jedi, after everything, you're just going to walk away? We have no quarrel with you, and we seek no revenge.
Very honorable, Master Jedi.
Captain, you will find that count Dooku doesn't share our sense of honor, and he knows where you live.
I'm so worried about my Master.
- Hurry! - We made it! Too late! He got hurt saving our skins from the Separatists.
And now, we're stuck on some uncharted planet.
- Did you hear that? - I've got to convince these villagers to help him before it's too late.
I have a bad feeling about this.

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