Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e13 Episode Script

Jedi Crash

The Republic fleet is on the defensive and pushed to the brink, as war rages in the much-contested outer rim territories.
Chaos and fear mount as the separatist army rages an epic battle against heavily outnumbered Republic ships.
In the far reaches of the quell system, Anakin Skywalker and his padawan, Ahsoka, race across the galaxy to aid Jedi knight Aayla Secura, who is in the midst of a fight for her life as the sinister droid army closes in.
Our shields are gone.
Hurry, Skywalker.
We're depending on you.
Prepare the gunships.
We have them now.
Send in the super droids.
Commander, get out there and stop those droids.
I'm on it.
This way.
We're ready, admiral.
- General, Skywalker's here.
- And none too soon.
We're entering the atmosphere.
Rocket droids incoming.
Those droids are boarding Aayla's ship.
Take care of that flanker.
I'll be on board Aayla's cruiser.
Master, are you sure that's the wisest thing - Hey, kid.
- I know, I know.
I'm hanging on.
This is taking too long.
Destroy that cruiser.
But, sir, there are still hundreds of droids on board.
I don't care.
Roger roger.
Nice entrance, Skywalker.
How do you plan to get us out of this mess? Well, I have a ship docking in the lower hanger as we speak.
- Activate docking port.
- On it.
Hold it.
We made it.
Gangway locked in, sir.
It's too late.
Master! - Don't move the ship.
- Are you guys all right down there? Ahsoka, we have to leave now.
Get him on the ship.
I'm going to turn on the deflector shields.
Gangway release.
You'll never be able to dock in the middle of this battle.
We had no choice, admiral.
General Skywalker's condition may be critical.
We must get him on board the resolute.
Are all Jedi so reckless? Just the good ones.
The hyperdrive's been activated.
- Shut it down.
- I can't.
- General Secura, what's going on? - We're going into hyperspace.
- Detach! Detach! - They'll take us with them.
Evasive maneuvers.
Plot every course along their last known trajectory.
We need to finish this battle and find them.
I need you with commander Bly up on the bridge right now.
I should stay.
Commander Bly doesn't need my help.
Anakin does.
You can help Anakin by getting this ship to safety.
- General Secura, we have a problem.
- What is it, commander? In our haste to escape, the navicomputer's coordinates were inputted incorrectly.
And, we're headed right for a star.
It's no use.
The navigation computer is completely fried.
Shut down all power circuits to reset the coordinates.
That will cut off Anakin's life support.
I don't like it either, but it's a risk we're going to have to take.
We're switching off primary power units.
Cutting it awfully close.
Ready to shut off auxiliary power.
On three.
One, two, three.
We're out of hyperspace.
Resume all power.
Switch the power back on.
What are you waiting for? Hurry.
We're not going to crash into the star, but we're going to hit that planet.
Everyone out! Well, we made it.
And master Skywalker is still alive.
I'm just glad he wasn't awake to see that landing.
He would have been proud.
I've certainly perfected the art of demolishing ships and almost getting my master killed.
Anakin doesn't have much time.
We have to find help tonight.
You and Bly go south.
Rex and I will stay here with Anakin.
No, Ahsoka.
In order to get help quickly, we must work together.
I can't leave him.
Master, I know if I was hurt, he'd never leave me behind.
I know this is hard, Ahsoka, but Anakin has to stay behind, and we have to go now.
There is nothing more we can do for him.
We must do all we can to get off this planet.
As a Jedi, it is your duty to do what is best for the group.
General Secura, look.
We're not the only ones here on this planet.
There has to be some kind of something here.
If you don't mind me asking, general, where exactly are we going? To go find the people who live on this planet.
Where are we going to find them? We have no idea where they are.
It seems to me that the people we're looking for live near giant trees.
Very perceptive, padawan.
Be strong, master, just a little bit longer.
Rex will watch over you.
- It is time to go.
- Don't worry, kid.
I'll take good care of him.
Captain Rex, keep your locator on.
We should be back by daybreak with whoever or whatever lives on this planet.
Got it, general Secura.
Hey, kid, good luck.
Come on, guys.
Let's move out.
I can still sense your worry for Anakin, your attachment to him.
It's just I get so confused sometimes.
It's forbidden for Jedi to form attachments, yet we are supposed to be compassionate.
It is nothing to be ashamed of, Ahsoka.
I went through the same process when I was your age with my own master.
Really? You? He was like a father to me.
I realized that for the greater good, I had to let him go.
Don't lose a thousand lives just to save one.
But that doesn't mean that I can't try to save his life.
I don't see any signs of life.
Watch out! No wonder it's deserted.
It's a death trap.
You'd have to be crazy to want to dodge those on a daily basis.
It looks like someone or something intelligent enough to figure out a use for the pods has dragged them away.
All we have to do is follow the trail.
Let's go.
General? Are you all right? Be Behind you.
What the Watch your left! Cameron's dead.
So are Lucky and Flesh.
We have to keep moving.
Pod central.
We made it.
Hello? What have you come here for? We are peacekeepers.
We are Jedi from the galactic Republic.
Our ship crashed a few miles away, and one of us is very badly injured.
We need your help.
Violence breeds violence.
Jedi are no peacekeepers.
We're fighting for freedom.
And freedom and peace require fear and death? We colonized this system to find solace from your wretched war.
We came here to find peace.
You must leave.
You will only destroy what small amount of peace is left in the galaxy.
You will only bring the destruction of us.
Regardless of the clone wars and our part in them, we still need your help.
I'm afraid I must do what's best for my people.
We cannot help you.
Can you at least give us some medical supplies? My friend is dying.
I cannot ignore a plea for help.
I will send my son Wag Too to help your friend.
He is a healer.
But only one Jedi may go with him.
The other must stay as insurance.
We wouldn't want a surprise attack on our village or the kidnapping of our only healer.
Bly and I will stay.
Padawan, go and help your master.
The clone and his blaster cannot stay.
- He will go with the young one.
- I can handle it.
I don't need help.
Don't worry.
Be mindful of your surroundings, padawan.
Those creatures are still out there.
Got it.
We won't be long.
It will restore your energy.
Thank you.
I am sure you are aware that the Jedi did not initiate the clone wars.
Our only intention was to end it and restore peace to our galaxy.
What difference does it make who started the war and who only wants to end it? No side is free of fault.
It takes two to fight.
But isn't liberty worth fighting for? But is it worth killing for? Fighting for something doesn't necessarily mean you have to destroy everything in your path.
Only when you lay your arms down and pursue a course of nonviolence can you make this claim to me that the Jedi are peacekeepers.
General, you need to maintain your rest.
I can't rest.
Rex, they're coming.
I can hear them.
We must fight.
No, don't.
Good work, little guy.
Master! Good to see you, snips.
This is Wag Too.
He's a healer.
- He can make you well again.
- Don't you worry.
I can fix you right up.
Snips? The oil from the pods will aid in the healing process.
Don't worry.
You'll be well in no-time.
You were right all along, master Secura.
About what? If I had stayed with Anakin, we probably wouldn't have found this village in time to save him.
At least this whole ordeal is over now.
We still have to find a way off this planet.
Well, I'm sure admiral Yularen and the Republic fleet are looking for us.
It shouldn't take them too long to get here.
Every Jedi knows you cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved.
Droids inbound! We're stranded on an uncharted world, and the locals refuse to fight.
Your presence here endangers us.
But young Skywalker will not give up on them.
He just might be good enough to save them anyway.
We are about to find out.

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