Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e15 Episode Script


Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E15 Republic outpost overrun! The Jedi have lost all contact with the clone security force stationed on the bleak snow-covered planet of Orto-Plutonia.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, accompanied by dignitaries from the nearby moon of Pantora, are sent to investigate the disappearance of the clone troopers on the desolate and forbidding landscape.
And this is the planet's tropical zone.
It's not Tatooine, that's for sure.
Captain Rex, have your men survey the area.
Place as many sensor beacons as you can before dark.
Right away, sir.
Unload that gear! Let's move! Why would the Republic want an outpost way out here? The chairman of Orto-Plutonia requested it? Why? General Kenobi.
Chairman Cho, Senator Chuchi.
I suggest you wait here until we can secure the area.
I respect your judgment, General Kenobi, but I will go where I choose.
This is sovereign Pantora territory.
I thought this planet was uninhabited, and therefore, it's not aligned.
Our moon of Pantora is the only civilization in this system.
I'm the one who asked the Senate to protect this planet.
This wasteland belongs to us.
With all due respect, Chairman, this is for the Senate to decide, not us.
But the Jedi report to the Senate, which is Senator Chuchi of Pantora.
Technically speaking, Master Jedi, the Chairman is correct.
Since the planet is uninhabited, the moon of Pantora reserves the right to continue as its protectorate.
Point taken, Senator.
Anakin, stay here with the Senator and the droids while we secure the base.
I don't get it.
It must be Separatists.
I am not sure.
Might we go inside, Master Anakin? R2 would like to get out of the cold.
We'll go inside as soon as Obi-Wan signals that it's safe.
Do you think the Separatists're building a forward base to attack Pantora? I don't think we're dealing with Separatists.
These computers haven't been touched.
Sir, our scouts have spotted a droid base on the other side of the ice ridge.
By the look of things, I'd say whoever attacked our base took out the droids also.
Rex, help Anakin place the sensor beacons.
- You four, come with me.
- Yes, General.
Let's go.
Did you find anything? I found some large footprints.
Have one of your men make a cast.
- Sensors are in place.
- I think I've found something.
Blast it.
685 to command.
There are too many of them! They've overrun the base.
We need reinforcements! - What was that? - Whatever it was, it's a good warrior.
The droid's log indicates they were investigating the southern canyon.
Sounds like a good place to start.
I want the weapon system back online and the shields operational.
There's no telling what the Separatists have planned.
Chairman, what makes you so certain the Separatists are behind this attack? Look around, Senator.
Isn't this carnage proof enough? I know, but there are no dead droids here, no blast marks.
The clones' injuries were not consistent with what So you're an expert on war now, are you, Senator? No, Chairman.
- No, I only - Let me tell you something, Senator.
I have led our people since before you were born.
Ive seen 100 planets rise and fall through force of arms.
If it's not the Separatists, it's a malevolentenemy nonetheless.
And I will not let whoever it is jeopardize the security of the people of Pantora.
But if the Jedi discover that the Separatists aren't behind this, then perhaps there is a peaceful resolution.
Senator, I am willing to fight and die for my people.
It's time to ask yourself if you are brave enough to do the same.
There's some kind of reflection up there.
Do you see it? Yep.
Well, they know we're coming.
Let's go.
Steady, Anakin.
They're only curious.
Let's not provoke them as the droids and our troops must have done.
Too bad we didn't bring 3PO along.
How do you plan on communicating with these things? Patience.
Maybe they're smarter than we are.
Well, say something.
Just shut up.
We come to you in peace.
We will not bring harm.
Glad you made it back, sir.
It's getting nasty out there.
You don't know the half of it.
What did you find? It seems we've stumbled onto an inhabited planet.
Our explorers have spent much time here over the long history of Pantora.
No one lives here.
They're trespassers.
With respect, Chairman Cho, these creatures, the Talz, aren't advanced enough to master space travel.
I think they may have been here longer than Pantora.
Whoever they are, they belong to us.
This whole system belongs to us.
Your majesty, if there are life forms here, then the Senate must decide jurisdiction.
They are savages.
Look at what they've done.
They've slaughtered your troops.
They only want to be left alone.
The droids attacked them, and I'm afraid our outpost got caught in the middle.
They must be subdued.
They're dangerous.
Captain Rex, prepare your troops for battle.
We promised their chief there would be no retaliation.
We've arranged a meeting between their high council and you and the Senator.
They want peace.
We can't send troopers.
They'll think we lied.
These creatures are little more than animals.
You can't lie to an animal.
They can't be trusted.
- But, your majesty - No! It is obvious these creatures are not covered by the convention of civilized systems.
The Jedi Council has no say in the matter.
If the Jedi are able to communicate with them, their status is in doubt.
Do you stand against your chairman, Senator? Of course not, your majesty.
If we're going to meet with Thi-Sen and his council at the arranged time, we'll have to leave now.
The gunships can't take off in this storm.
We don't have enough bikes for the entire platoon.
Have the rest of the men stand by here.
No matter what the chairman thinks, we're not going to war.
Captain, put your men on that ice ridge.
We will attack as soon as the savages arrive.
- There will be no attack, chairman.
- You will do as I command.
This planet is under my jurisdiction.
Nothing is under your control, Chairman.
The Talz are already here.
Their scouts have been following us for some time.
It seems thi-sen doesn't trust you any more than you trust him.
Rex, tell your men to stand down.
Stay here and don't do anything to provoke them.
Yes, sir.
Your Highness.
We have returned As promised.
These savages have no rights here.
Chieftain Thi-Sen welcomes you to his home and hopes you come in peace.
He wishes to be good neighbors, but he does not wish you to remain on his planet.
Listen, droid, translate everything I say and exactly as I say it.
Would you like me to in this matter? Not on your life, Senator.
There will be no diplomacy this time.
Listen here, you savage, this world belongs to the moon of Pantora.
And as the Supreme Chairman and exalted ruler of Pantora, you will not command me to leave this planet or do anything else.
Your Majesty, we can't.
Droid, tell him.
I recommend a less confrontational discussion.
The Talz are easily provoked.
That didn't go over very well.
Chairman, I promised the Talz that we would leave them in peace.
This is now an internal affair of Pantora.
The great Thi-Sen, son of suns, asks again that you leave or it will mean war.
Then war it is.
Troopers, mount up and follow me.
What's up, general? You're gonna stay with the chairman until we can work things out.
Protect him at all costs.
Mount up! We're moving out! Senator, you know a preemptive strike is illegal.
Isn't there anything you can do to stop him? I'm afraid not.
He has proclaimed this conflict an internal affair.
You could petition the Jedi council for an intervention.
You mean, without his authorization? There must be someone on your moon who could approve it.
The speaker of the assembly.
He has the power.
Let's get back to the base.
The storm is letting up.
Maybe we can get a transmission through.
Here they are.
Fire when you're in range.
Sir, with all due respect, we're only here to protect you.
- Ambush! - It's a trap.
Kill them! We're surrounded.
Defensive formation! Chairman, get down! We've got to hold out! Fall back! First squad, cover the retreat! Retreat? We can't retreat from these animals.
The assembly has decided that the actions of Chairman Cho are out of order.
Senator Chuchi, you're given the authority to negotiate a peaceful settlement between the sovereign planet of Pantora and the Talz.
- It is decided then.
- Pilot, let's get moving.
Here they come! Senator, now that you have the authority, how do you plan on making peace with the Talz? Actually, Master Jedi, since you're far more experienced, I was hoping you could negotiate on Pantora's behalf.
I'm afraid that's not possible, Senator.
But I don't understand.
The Jedi serve the Senate.
- I must order you to - Senator, it is your people the Talz are at war with.
If the violence is to stop, it is you who must represent your people.
- Good to see you, sir.
- You okay, Rex? - It's just a scratch.
- What's going on? We're in quite a mess, sir.
including the Chairman.
Chairman, can you hear me? Senator, good.
You much avenge me.
As my final command as chairman of Pantora, I order you to destroy the Talz! I'm afraid I cannot do that, Chairman.
The Pantoran assembly has called you out of order.
I am to negotiate peace.
No Impossible! Peace? Never! I died for our people.
Senator, now is the time.
Protocol droid, come with me.
Yes, Master Ani.
Droid, - translate for me.
- Yes, Mistress.
To die for one's people is a great sacrifice.
To live for one's people, an even greater sacrifice.
I choose to live for my people.
What do you choose? He chooses to live as well.
We will leave Orto-Plutonia under the watchful eyes of the Talz from this day forth and recognize your sovereignty as a free and equal people.
- Well done, Senator.
- Yes.
Most impressive.
Thank you, Master Jedi.
Now that you have created peace between your people and the Talz, remember one crucial thing.
Yes, Master Kenobi? Make it last, Senator.
Make it last.
And be an example to others so not only this war, but every war waged may come to an end as well.
I will.
I promise you.
There's a treator in our midst.
- Take a seat, gentlemen.
- And it's one of my brothers.
First, someone sent General Kenobi and Skywalker into a trap.
Come and get me, boys.
Move! Then, he blows up the hangar deck.
It can only be one of my brothers.
But who? And why? I'm gonna find out.
- Stop! - Make him pay.

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