Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e16 Episode Script

Hidden Enemy

S01E16 A planet under siege! Separatist forces mercilessly batter the beautiful and elegant world of Christophsis.
Unable to defend themselves any longer, the people of Christophsis call on the Jedi for assistance.
Hoping to save lives and prevent further destruction, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker plan a daring ambush which could turn the tide in the fight for this crucial star system.
- How are you doing over there? - We're set.
I've got some guys here that are anxious to get going.
Glad to hear it.
We're back, general.
The show is about to begin.
How's that cannon coming, boys? We'll have this one back in business in no time, sir.
The droids are advancing.
I'm seeing a full battalion coming right on schedule.
Tanks! They brought tanks.
A little closer.
They're splitting up.
What? Something's gone wrong.
Prepare all troops for Abort the mission! Our position's been compromised.
Obi-Wan, what's going on? We're cut off.
The droids are onto us.
Gunship, come in.
Hawk, we need an e-vac in the south tower.
Roger that, sir.
We're coming.
- South tower? We're in the north.
- Not for long.
Rex, fire your cables.
Blast them! - This way is clear.
- How did you get over here? I improvised.
Now what? Maybe this tactical droid will tell us how they knew our plan.
The Republic army is in the north and south towers: level 46.
It just doesn't make sense.
Blast! Well, at least we're not the only ones having a bad day.
Generals, they had all our intel.
That would explain the ambush.
How could we have left ourselves so vulnerable to a security breach? - I don't think we did.
- You think someone - infiltrated our defenses? - Possibly.
It'd have to be someone cunning and resourceful enough to gain access to all our plans.
But that's still wouldn't explain how they got our intel.
You're right.
They wouldn't act alone.
They'd have someone working with them.
A spy, sir? But who would want to betray our troops to the Seppies? Excellent question, Commander.
Perhaps it's time we made a visit behind enemy lines.
- I think we'll find our answers there.
- We'll get right on it.
No, Captain.
I need you here to find the security breach.
- You can count on us, sir.
- One more thing: this mission is extremely confidential.
The spy could be anyone.
Let no one know of our mission.
Understood, sir.
Someone left this comlink on.
Someone has been listening to everything we said.
Hey! Stop! Who's that? I'll follow him.
You take the west corridor.
I'm on it.
He must have gone in the mess hall.
We've got a big problem.
The only people in here are brothers.
One of us? Great, but which one? We'll have to wait for his next move.
Keep this to ourselves.
Better contact the Jedi.
I'm on it.
Don't shoot.
Just keep their communications jammed.
Roger, roger.
We can't reach General Kenobi.
Whoever it is has blocked our communications.
We're gonna have to find this guy ourselves.
R2, come over here and plug in.
What are you doing? The guard got his messages out there somehow.
- We just got to find them.
- What do you think? - He just sat down and wrote a note? - You have to start somewhere.
We appear to have picked up some friends.
In fact, I believe the number of eyes watching us has been steadily growing.
Perhaps this means our adversary has learned about our mission.
Perhaps it does.
Of course, nobody's tried to stop us yet.
Also true.
They want us to get to the Separatist headquarters, which means this is a trap.
I imagine it is.
Well, that's unfortunate For them.
R2's found something.
What is it? Is it the traitor? I'm not sure.
- Maybe.
- What is he looking for? Wavelength interference, weak frequencies, spotty, irregular.
See, how it shows up every few days then disappears? Day to day, you wouldn't notice it.
- What? - It's the pattern.
The band's only coming off one terminal in the whole base.
Check it out.
Slick's barracks.
Only Sslick's men would have access to that terminal.
Slick's not gonna like that.
No, he's not.
But if one of his men is giving away our intel, we have to find him and sort this out.
No guards, no barricades, you'd think the Separatist headquarters would be better protected.
But clearly, keeping us out is not what they intend.
No way.
My guys are the best.
No way they're capable of something like this.
Something like what? - You called them here? - Of course we did.
We're getting to the bottom of this Now.
Look, let me have a few minutes with them first.
It's gonna hit them hard.
They trust each other, and if one of our own betrayed us I don't think that's necessary.
Your men are tough, right? Take a seat, gentlemen.
We have a turncoat in our midst, and we think it's one of you.
So this is the belly of the beast.
And here I thought this mission would be unpleasant.
The pleasure's all mine, my dear Obi-Wan.
I've missed you.
I don't know, I was doing the things I always do after a mission.
- Things like what? - I'm sorry, sir.
I'm just a little nervous.
You're my C.
The way I figure it, you tell the truth, you got nothing to be nervous about.
Jester is telling the truth.
He cleans his weapon after every mission.
First thing, every time.
He's kind of obsessed that way.
Is that right? - You were cleaning your weapon? - Yes, sir.
Go on the computer while you were in here? No, sir.
I didn't even power it up.
You can check.
Show me your weapon.
Yep, freshly scrubbed.
- The rag's over there in the corner.
- Good man.
- You were cleaning your weapon too? - No, I was hungry.
I went back to the mess.
- Right away? - Yeah.
Anyone with you? Sketch, sir.
We got to the mess at the same time, got our grub, and sat together.
Anyone else in the mess able to confirm what you two are saying? Lots of guys there.
Ask any of them.
- We will.
- Captain, give me a moment with them.
No, it's okay, Sarge.
I got nothing to hide.
I was in the infirmary.
Got banged up pretty good by one of those clankers.
A med droid was fixing me up.
Doc's got all the records there if you want to check.
So, Chopper, old boy, - what's your alibi? - I was in the mess hall.
No, you weren't! I mean, you If you know something, kid, you should speak up.
Chopper came in a lot later.
After everyone else.
My loyal informant let me know you were coming.
Well, then, we thank you for your hospitality.
Where were you before you went to the mess, Chopper? Nowhere.
Walking around.
Son, you know we'll need a better answer than that.
I was hiding at the south exit.
I didn't want anyone to see me string these together.
Battle droid fingers.
I just I just wanted something back.
I guess I felt like they owed me.
I always knew there was something deficient about you.
This isn't good, Chopper.
Lying about where you were, taking forbidden items from a battlefield.
I know.
I put up with the attitude 'cause you have skill.
But if you could break these rules, your whole character's in question here.
Wait, no! Hang on.
I'm no spy! Chopper, we're all brothers.
But how can we trust anything you say now? - No, sir, I'm telling you, I did not - It's okay.
We'll get you a proper investigation.
You don't have to say anything till the Jedi come back and talk to you.
Maybe you should talk, sir.
Tell them where you went.
I was at the south exit, remember? I saw you go in go in, sir.
I saw you.
Chopper, I have been patient.
Everyone else turned right toward the barracks and the mess.
You turned left, toward the command center.
- Where were you going, sir? - Obviously, the kid feels cornered.
Sergeant, what did you mean, "Till the Jedi come back"? How did you know the Jedi were gone? I really wish you hadn't noticed that, sir.
It's Slick? Slick's the traitor? - I've got someone by the gunships.
- That's our Slick.
Now that he's exposed, he has to get out of this base.
There's no escape now, you piece of rankweed! Move.
Move! He took out our weapons depot.
He knew where we'd look.
He's not trying to escape.
He knows all our moves before we even make them.
Give up, Ventress! I am all yours, Obi-Wan.
You've served your purpose.
- We have to get back.
Now! - It's already too late.
So hard to know whom to trust these days, isn't it? What's the plan, Master? Bringing us here was a mistake, my sweet.
You've overestimated your abilities.
Really? Come and get me, boys! You didn't tell us you were bringing friends.
Poor Obi-Wan.
You've been betrayed.
And now we're about to take control of this world.
- How do we get this guy? - Sir.
Slick ran into the command center.
You guys stay here.
Seal the perimeter.
Prepare to march on the city.
Have General Loathesome delay the Jedi as long as possible.
I will need time to execute the next part of my Master's plan.
Yes, Mistress.
Pretend you're Slick.
What's in your head? My cover's blown, it's time to go, but I decide not to use a ship because it's too obvious.
The lockdown.
He wants to get around the lockdown.
He's blinded us by taking out the power.
He could disable the entire security system.
But he knows we'd expect him to do that.
Or does he? - Yeah, I see what you're getting at.
- Go to the south exit.
- What are you gonna do? - I'll stay here, get the power back up.
- That'll help.
- Got it.
Hey, there, Slick.
Gun's empty.
You know what's funny, traitor? We knew you'd never take a chance on the exits while they were blocked.
I'd stay here to open them myself first.
Just like you.
Don't do a job till you've guaranteed the best odds, right? You knew I was here.
Of course we knew.
You think we wouldn't have a plan? I'm not the traitor.
You are! All of you just blindly following orders, for what? At least I got something out of all this suffering.
I bet you sold out your brothers for some real shiny coin.
Yes, she offered me money.
But she offered me something more important.
Something you wouldn't understand.
Freedom! I think freedom's gonna have to wait, kid.
Slick? - It was you? - He gave us a bit of a chase, sir.
You couldn't be a greater disappointment.
How could you do this to your brothers? Only a Jedi would ask that.
It's the Jedi who keep my brothers enslaved.
We do your bidding.
We serve at your whim.
I just wanted something more.
And all you had to do to get it was put the rest of us all at risk.
I love my brothers.
You're too blind to see it, but I was striking the blow for all clones.
If you loved your brothers, you wouldn't have put them at risk.
You betrayed everyone of us.
Take him to lockup.
Were you able to salvage anything from the weapons depot? Slick pretty much scorched the whole thing.
That seemed to be what he was going for all along.
We managed to save the heavy cannons, though.
That's good, 'cause there are about The fight goes on, gentlemen.

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