Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e18 Episode Script

Mystery of a Thousand Moons

Hard-pressed Jedi and their valiant clone troopers have thwarted an insidious Separatist plot to plant bombs loaded with the deadly blue shadow virus in key Republic systems.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker have captured the vile scientist behind the nefarious scheme, Dr.
Nuvo Vindi.
Now the Jedi prepare to transport Vindi to the Republic capital for trial.
That was close.
If that virus had escaped, everyone on Naboo would be dead now.
Oh, well.
Just another boring day saving the universe.
All right, let's take this sleemo back to Theed so we can help Padmé and Ahsoka clean up down there.
Senator, you should see this.
It's one of the virus bombs.
It looks like the chamber that holds the virus is missing.
- That droid must have taken it.
- Sound the alarm.
How could droids have gotten ahold of the virus containers? I don't know, but I don't want to be around when they set it off.
We've already taken the virus containers out of these bombs.
We'll just have to check them again.
The virus is liberated.
You are doomed, young Jedi, along with the rest of the planet.
Hey, you.
Get away from there! What was that? Virus leak.
Get to the safe room.
Come on! - There's the safe room! - No chance! - Hurry! The doors are closing! - Don't worry.
Get inside, Captain.
Hurry! Ahsoka, what is going on down there? The droids released the virus, but we managed to seal the lab.
- And Padmé? - Haven't heard from her since the bomb.
Anakin, can you hear me? - Anakin? - Padmé, I'm here.
- Are you all right? - Yes, for the time being.
Jar Jar and I were in a safety chamber when the alarm went off.
We're wearing protective suits.
The virus is loose, but Ahsoka has sealed off the entire facility.
Yes, but any remaining droids will try to break out.
I'll do what I can to stop them.
I cannot let that virus escape.
Be careful.
Put this on.
Come on, Jar Jar.
We're going to find Ahsoka.
We'll need her help to find those droids.
Where's the antidote, Vindi? You mistake my role, Jedi.
My job was to manufacture a plague, not to cure it.
We don't have time for games.
Patience, Anakin.
There's more than one way to skin a womp rat.
I said, "where?" Yes, kill me now and spare these old bones the blue shadow's dire embrace, because once the first droid breaks out of that laboratory, all Naboo is doomed! The fastest way to save senator Amidala and Ahsoka is to get Vindi back to the capital and find an actual antidote.
Oh, no, no, no.
Some of the virus got in here.
We didn't close the door fast enough.
We may be dead men, but we could still stop those droids.
Don't worry.
My Master will find a cure for this virus.
- We're not dead yet.
- Is anyone out there? - Can anyone hear - Senator Amidala, we're trapped in the safe room at the end of complex "B.
" We'll be right there.
Are you contaminated? I'm afraid so.
Vindi, you'll pay for your treachery.
Take him away.
- Now we'll need to find an antidote.
- I think I found an answer for you.
So you think you found a cure? Possibly.
A little-known extract made from reeksa root, a weed-like vine found only on Iego, the world of 1,000 moons, deep in Separatist-controlled space.
Let's go.
- You must move cautiously if you - There's no time for caution.
My padawan is trapped on there, and so is Padmé.
I mean, senator Amidala.
I applaud your courage, General Skywalker, but it's suicide.
Once we contain the virus, we can send troops.
No, Obi-Wan and I can handle it.
I concur, Anakin.
Padmé and Ahsoka will be fine.
They will be, if we succeed.
All the doors are locked.
How are we gonna get out? - It's not our problem.
- Boy, that's a relief.
Senator Amidala, - where are you? - We're right outside your safety room.
- Can you get the door open? - Go ahead, Jar Jar.
I'm sorry, Ahsoka.
Don't worry about us, senator.
We still have a job to do.
There aren't very many droids left.
We saw some heading toward the south entrance.
As long as we're able, we'll help you destroy those droids before they breach the compound.
You take the north corridor, and we'll take the south.
The droids are close.
I can hear them cutting through the wall.
- Stop! - Don't open that hatch.
Too late.
There it is.
- What do you make of this? - It looks like a graveyard of ships.
Let's go.
Anakin Not good.
Welcome to Iego.
Roger, roger.
Anakin, wait.
Wait! Welcome to Iego.
Very impressive.
You just destroyed 17 defenseless battle droids without suffering a scratch.
Welco The venerable Jaybo Hood requests an audience.
Jaybo? Hey.
You guys have any idea how long it took me to repurpose those droids? - You're Jaybo? - Well, do you? I apologize for my friend's rather rash behavior.
Nine months, man.
It took me nine months.
Oh, that's our cue.
Channel two.
How'd a kid like you come by this many battle droids anyway? When the Separatists took off, they left all this junk behind.
I got a whole warehouse - full of 'em right over there.
- So you programmed them to serve you.
No reason to let a good droid rust, right? Looks like you used a macro protocol to wipe them all simultaneously.
- Impressive.
- I see you know your droids.
You're Jedi, aren't you? You want me to show you how I did it? Perhaps another time.
What we need now is reeksa root.
- Do you know where we can find some? - Here, there, everywhere.
We don't have time for games, kid.
Where's the root? What my friend is trying to say is that we are in a bit of a hurry.
Not anymore you're not.
Look, you little This system is haunted, cursed, whatever.
Anyway, Jedi or not, no one gets off this rock alive, not past Droll.
Droll! Droll? Yeah, Droll, the phantom ruler of Iego.
He destroys anything that leaves the planet.
in the galaxy have tried.
I suppose that explains the ruined ships in the moonbelt.
First things first.
We'll have to deal with this droll later.
- This-a help.
- Jar Jar, no.
Senator! Senator, your suit's been compromised.
I'm so sorry.
Don't blame yourself.
These things tend to happen in a war zone.
- Are you coming? - You've got to be kidding.
No way I'm going down there.
- You trying to tell us something? - Don't worry, it's simple.
Follow the vines to the bottom, dig up the roots, but don't touch the vine.
Aside from the obvious, why not? Because the plants don't like it, and they have big, sharp teeth.
Teeth? This is getting better by the minute.
And watch out for the flying Xandu.
What's a Xandu? I'm not sure.
Master, hop on.
This isn't going to work.
How are you doing up there? I'm almost through.
There they are.
I'm all right.
There, those are the roots we're looking for.
Oh, poodoo.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Don't take too long with that.
I'll go as fast as I can.
Anakin, hurry.
- Anakin? Now.
- Okay, okay.
Got it.
- Hold still.
- We've got to get out of here now.
You made it.
I knew you would.
Oh, did you? The place dried up once the spice convoy stopped running.
Out here, we're just one of the millions of little backwaters no one cares about.
Those of us who are left can't leave because of the curse.
Cursed, we are.
The planet is cursed.
Cursed by whom, my twitchy friend? The ghost of Droll, that's who.
A ghost? The spirit of the 1,000 moons, our protector and destroyer.
- It sounds like a load of - Superstition? That's one word for it.
Superstition, you say.
Can't hold on much someone help me.
That was Takido.
He was a friend of mine.
Try to leave this planet and your fate will be the same.
They'll never make it past Droll.
The ghost of Droll may be a local superstition, but something real blew up those ships.
"Real" we can handle.
Too bad.
- I really liked those guys.
- Thanks for your help, kid.
- We couldn't have done it without you.
- Have you run into Droll yet? Not to worry, Jaybo.
What's the matter, R2? Afraid of a ghost? Droll is just a superstition There's our ghost.
We've triggered an energy field.
Turn the ship around.
We'll never make it through.
The Separatists installed those lasers to prevent people from leaving the planet.
They're coming back.
Master, can you hear me? R2, amplify the signal.
destroyed all the battle droids inside the compound, Master.
Naboo is safe from further contamination.
I repeat.
Naboo is safe.
Promise me that no one will ever open this bunker.
Good-bye, Anakin.
I We'll borrow a power converter from Jaybo and reprogram it to feed our - Slow down, Anakin.
- "Slow down"? You saw them, Master.
They're dying.
A great leap forward often requires first taking two steps back.
And sometimes all it requires is the will to jump.
At least hear me out on this.
Citizens of Iego, Droll is not a ghost.
Rather, it is a Separatist security system.
You were lucky to escape alive, simple as that.
And who says we didn't make our own luck? The ghost of Droll does, that's who.
Did anyone inhabit Iego's moons before the Separatists arrived? - The angels, of course.
- Angels? We were a peaceful people before the Separatists drove us from our homes and stole our moon.
And which moon was that? Millius Prime.
The primary node, it must be near Millius Prime.
Vulture droids.
Jaybo, can you reactivate those vulture droids? Sure.
I can even fly them by remote control.
We can have R2 fly the vulture droids as a decoy into the laser field.
And since we know what we're up against, we can destroy the laser emitter.
And cut a path right to Millius Prime.
What a waste.
With all due respect, Senator, It's what they're born to do.
I hope that their sacrifice brings us closer to peace.
It will, Padmé.
- You must believe that - Ahsoka.
Ready, General Kenobi.
Jaybo, activate the droids.
Transfer control of the vulture droids to R2.
R2, intercept the lasers.
Send the vulture droids directly into the laser generator.
You guys okay? Guys? We're fine, kid.
I'm afraid you'll need some new droids to boss around, Jaybo.
The ones you lent us are pretty much toast.
But the good news is that you're now free to leave Iego whenever you choose.
R2, set a course for Naboo.
I spoke with the medical droid.
He expects you to make a full recovery.
I never lost faith in you.
None of us did.
That's good to hear, 'cause there were a few moments where we weren't so sure of ourselves.
Well, you did make it.
By the way, your padawan, was brilliant.
I trust I'll see you soon, General Skywalker? Of course, my lady.
I heard you were quite brave fending off the battle droids, Jar Jar.
Really? Senator Amidala suggested we offer you training to help hone your skills with a blaster.
Really? Really.
Oh, boy.
I'm a-gonna be trained.
I am not training him.
You did a fantastic job today, Snips.
All thanks to your training, Master.
Yeah, you're right.
I probably do deserve most of the credit but not all of it.
Good thing I know you don't mean everything you say.
Pilot, get these two out of here.
Thank you, Master.

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