Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e19 Episode Script

Storm Over Ryloth

S01E19 Planet Ryloth invaded! Subjected to a brutal droid occupation, the people of Ryloth are starving under the blockade of a Separatists' fleet.
Evil Separatist leader Wat Tambor now rules with an iron fist.
Answering a pleas from the Senate, the Grand Army of the Republic mounts a bold offensive to liberate the system.
It is up to Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka to make way for Obi-Wan's ground assault.
Captain, are you prepared? Our blockade is impenetrable.
When the Republic attacks, they will get quite a surprise.
I'm counting on you, Captain.
We cannot allow the Republic to invade this planet.
All ships prepare for launch.
This is my first time commanding a squadron R7, let's make a good impression.
OK, are you boys ready? This is Two Ax.
Ready when you are, skipper.
Ready on three.
This is Slava.
Ready on four.
Kicked back, checking in.
Soup to Blue leader.
Group Two is standing by.
Taco on five.
Waiting for mother bird.
Launch all fighters.
- Tell Ahsoka the fleet is ready.
- Commander, you're all clear.
Thank you, Admiral.
Here we go.
- Clear! - I'm on it.
- Nice work! - Two new targets closing! That is General Skywalker's flagship.
He is leading this attack.
- Sir, their fighters are closing fast.
- Patience.
Let's see what trickery the Jedi have planned for us.
We've got their fighters occupied.
Ax, time for us to make a run for the battleship.
Come on you whiners, let's get dirty! Sir, a squadron of fighters are attacking.
They have a clear path right to us.
Now is the time to bring in our reinforcements.
Battlecruiser 17, Battlecruiser 19, attack position! Admiral, four more enemy cruisers have joined the blockade.
We've got to warn those fighters.
Commander, we've been caught in a trap! You're overreacting, Admiral.
I can get us through.
Blue Squadron, stay the course.
We're all set, Blue Leader.
I'm ordering you to return to the ship.
We're going to need your help.
Ahsoka, it's too risky.
Get your pilots out of there.
Sir, we've got their fighters surrounded.
She's not turning around.
Ax, are you still there? Got two on my tail.
I can't shake 'em! I can't help you, Ax, I've got my own problem.
- They're breaking our lines! - Ahsoka, we are in trouble.
I order you back here.
Alright, alright.
Let's go squad.
Pull back to the command ship.
- Why are we retreating? - We're not, we're following orders.
Intensify deflector shields.
There's too many.
We can't shoot them all! Fighter squadron, where are you? - We're almost there.
- It's too late! Run for it! Admiral, come in.
Admiral! - Hang on, Admiral.
- Get us out of here! Get those fighters onboard and prepare for lightspeed.
All fighters return! We're preparing for lightspeed.
Ax, stand on it! We only have a few seconds to get onboard.
Don't worry about me, skipper.
Captain, the Republic space forces are in retreat.
Shall we pursue? No.
Do not break our formation.
Let those cowards run.
My power converters, they're failing! Just stay with me, Ax.
Overload! Close up the hangar doors, we're home.
Jump to lightspeed.
Get your squad together.
I need a head count.
I need to know how many we lost today.
Ahsoka, I am very disappointed in you.
You not only disobeyed the Admiral, you disobeyed me.
I thought I could knock out those ships soMaster Obi-Wan could get through.
I know you meant well, Snips, but there's a bigger picture you're not aware of.
First rule of war, listen and obey your superiors.
But sometimes you get carried away.
All that means is I understand what you're going through.
- But I failed.
- It was a trap, Snips.
It wasn't your fault.
I lost so many of my pilots.
Take heart, little one.
That's the reality of command.
General, we're approaching our staging area.
Very good, Captain.
Master Windu requests a report on our progress.
Our progress? - We haven't made any progress yet.
- I'll tell him, sir.
No, Rex.
I'll tell him myself, thank you.
As soon as we tend to our wounded.
Get me a damage report.
Right away, sir.
Snips, I'm gonna need you to Captain, what is the status of the enemy attack? The Jedi were crushed, of course.
They fled the system, their ships in flames.
I assure you our blockade is very much intact.
Congratulations are in order, Captain.
But do not underestimate the Jedi.
Commander, bring me the archive data on General Skywalker.
I need to learn more about our opponent.
Roger, roger.
They caught us by surprise, Master.
- We were outnumbered.
- How many men did you lose? We lost a cruiser, the Redeemer, plus an entire squadron of fighters.
And your Padawan? No, Ahsoka is fine.
She's just recovering from the battle.
Losing her squadron was hard to take.
Give her time, but, Anakin, you will need her help if you're to get through this.
I know.
Your forces have been cut in half, Skywalker.
If you can't break that blockade before the next planetary rotation, we'll have to postpone the invasion.
The Twi'leks can't wait for ever, Master.
The longer the Techno Union keeps control of Ryloth, the more difficult it'll be to free them.
I agree.
We don't have much time.
Rex, see if you can find Ahsoka.
He is stable for now.
Admiral, I am so sorry.
They're all gone.
Commander Ahsoka, General Skywalker is looking for you.
No, R2, the other one.
That's it.
This'll do it.
You wanted to see me, Master.
Ahsoka! Hand me that socket plug.
Thanks, Snips.
How are you feeling? Oh, I'm fine, Master.
Just fine.
That's good to hear.
I'll need you levelled-headed if we're gonna pull this off.
Pull this off? Pull what off? I talked to Master Windu.
We're to proceed with our attack on the blockade.
What?! We can't! We have to break that blockade.
The Twi'leks are depending on us.
I understand that, Master, but we've lost so many men.
- Did we get more support? - No.
We have to make do with the forces we have.
- And I need to come up with a plan.
- You don't even have a plan?! Don't worry, Ahsoka.
That's what you said last time and now everyone's gone! My whole squadron! We can't just smash through that blockade.
Skywalker here.
The Defender is contacting us, there seems to be a problem.
Alright, Rex, I'll be right there.
Go back to your quarters and cool off! We'll finish this talk later.
Not a conventional Jedi to say the least it would seem.
- Commander! - Yes, Captain? Prepare all cannons and send the droids to their battle stations.
Yes, sir.
Captain, are we under attack? But if Skywalker's record indicates anything, he'll be back.
Trooper, what's going on? The starship Defender is being evacuated.
Evacuated?! Why? I'm not sure.
We're on our way to help General Skywalker in the hangar.
Alright, men, this way.
Come on, move it.
Move it! Let's go! No time to waste! Master, I'm almost afraid to ask.
- I ordered the Defender evacuated.
- I can see that.
Why? Well, actually, I got the idea from you.
Oh, great.
Rex, take over will you.
You said we couldn't smash through the blockade, I decided that's partly true.
You implied my plans put a lot of people at risk - and I agree with you on that one.
- That's a first.
The only way we can break the blockade is if I pilot the Defender into their battleship and take out the commander.
- What?! - This way I'm the only one at risk.
Besides, the Defender is damaged already.
You can't be serious, Master.
- You'll die! - No, I won't.
That's where you come in.
The enemy can't stop that ship taking them out, R2 and I will jettison an escape pod right before impact.
But the enemy fleet is right there! I know and I'll pretty much be defenceless in an escape pod, so I'm depending on you to engage the remaining fleet with our forces.
Master, I I can't.
If something goes wrong, I can't be responsible You are responsible.
These men are depending on you and this time so am I.
But, Master, last time I Attention! Everyone! Attention! Alright, men, listen up.
I'm taking over the Defender and I'm leaving Ahsoka in charge.
She'll lead the mission when we engage what remains of the blockade.
Commander Ahsoka will fill you in on the full plan.
- Master, wait! - Good luck.
Master! Awaiting orders, Commander.
I'll be on the bridge.
Well, you heard her, boys, back to work! Come on! Move it! Move it! - Commander on deck.
- At ease.
General Skywalker is contacting you.
Alright, Ahsoka, we're ready to get under way.
Master, are you sure you won't reconsider this? This is the only way, trust me.
Better fill us in, Commander.
Count Dooku has assured me the Republic forces are stretched thin in our sector.
They should be unable to mount a counterattack.
Any attempt to do so would be suicide.
Still, I am certain this Skywalker will return.
He's ultimate defeat shall be my greatest victory.
You admire Skywalker? As a general, yes, his record shows he is a great warrior.
And I want him to know it is I who has beaten him.
I have to say this plan is questionable.
Yeah, but with their general destroyed along with their battleship, the droid commanders will be in chaos.
Only temporarily.
And there's still General Skywalker to find in all that mess.
I know.
Our first attack had three fully armed cruisers and we failed.
I wish General Skywalker had discussed this plan with us.
The odds are very much against us.
They always are.
Yes, but normally we have General Skywalker to lead us and I meant no offence, Commander.
None taken.
Sir, an enemy ship is emerging from hyperspace.
I knew he'd return.
There is an incoming transmission, sir.
Put it through.
Greetings, Captain.
I'm Anakin Skywalker, general of the Grand Army - I know who you are, Skywalker.
My reputation precedes me, then.
I've been ordered to surrender myself, the entire crew of this vessel and my ship in exchange for safe passage of food and medical supplies to the people of Ryloth.
A noble gesture, Jedi.
And your capture would make me the envy of the Separatist fleet.
Sir, even if Skywalker is successful and destroys the battleship, how will we stand up to the combined firepower of the remaining frigates? I thought about that and, well, I have an idea.
Go ahead, Commander.
If we took the Resolute and angled her hull against the incoming frigates the bridge and hangar deck would be relatively safe from their attack.
We could draw them in and then use the bombers to outflank them.
The bombers would be too fast and they would be trapped.
I'm not sure about this, Commander.
I think If we were certain the shields would hold.
Perhaps a different strategy.
We need to take more time and plan.
No! We don't have any more time! Master Skywalker needs me now! He needs us now.
The Commander is right.
I know this strategy is very bold, but these circumstances call for drastic measures.
Then, the strategy will work, sir? Well, will it? Yes, it will.
We have completed the scan of the enemy ship.
And? The ship is heavily damaged.
All power is diverted to the forward shields.
There is only one life-form onboard.
- What?! - The ship is heavily damaged.
- All power is - No, you insolent scrub! Skywalker, what treachery is this? You have nothing to bargain with.
In that case, I'll be going.
You can still have my ship.
There's a second Republic ship entering the system.
She made it! Boost the engines and let's get outta here.
When those two ships collide there'll be chaos.
We need that time to get General Skywalker's pod into the tractor beam.
Right, Commander.
I'll man the fighter squadron.
Wait for my signal to begin our attack.
Yes, sir.
All canons, fire! Fire! We can't stop it! - What should we do? - You stay here.
I'll be back.
That's great.
See, I told you it would work.
Approaching your position.
Standby for retrieval.
Right on time, Ahsoka.
I don't think they're going to attack.
- We'll have to retreat.
- No! Wait! Remember, they are droids.
They're just a little slow.
They'll figure it out.
I think the Captain left.
- Who's in charge? - Not me.
- What should we do? - Begin attack.
The droids are attacking, sir.
Commander, on your order.
Commence flanking manoeuvre.
OK, boys, here we go.
Follow my lead.
- We've been outflanked! - Affirmative! That-a girl, Ahsoka.
Where is the Captain? What is going on?! He's in an escape pod.
Idiots! The blockade has been broken! Where are those escape pods? Commander, the invasion fleet is coming out of hyperspace.
Ahsoka, this is Obi-Wan, may we begin our landing? Yes, Master.
You're cleared for ground assault.
I won't even ask where the rest of Anakin's fleet is, or why he's in an escape pod.
That's probably for the best.
Rex, that reminds me, send a shuttle to pick up Master Skywalker.
General, are you still there? Yep.
I'm just sitting here watching the show.

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