Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e20 Episode Script

Innocents of Ryloth

Invasion! Separatist leader Wat Tambor has taken control of the planet Ryloth and subjugates its people through a brutal droid occupation.
In a daring surprise attack, Jedi Anakin Skywalker and his padawan, Ahsoka Tano, defeated the space blockade guarding the planet.
Now Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead a massive invasion to liberate the starving people.
First trick will be getting our troops on the ground.
If you take the city of Nabat first, we'll have our landing zone.
Well, it's time to meet the natives.
You must not allow the clones to reach the surface.
Our new proton cannon are in the optimum position to prevent that, sir.
What? What if they focus the attack on your cannon? I am utilizing the prisoners from this village as living shields.
I calculate the Jedi will not risk the prisoners' safety with a direct assault.
We need to remember why we're here.
We came to aid the Twi-leks, not destroy their home.
Cody? That means we'll be taking it back the hard way.
Minimal destruction with blasters and droid poppers only.
No rockets or detonators.
Check your aim.
Keep an eye out for the locals.
Am I understood? Sir, yes, sir! If we're her to free the tail-heads, the list they can do is get out of our way.
Sir, the enemy is in range.
Fire at will.
General, the enemy fire is penetrating our shields.
Get me Kenobi.
We can't risk landing the larger transports - until you take out those guns.
- Pull back.
We'll take care of it.
Commander, the Republic transports have turned away, but the gunships are still heading toward us.
Just as I calculated.
I think I see movement in the trees.
Fire, fire! That bunker is gonna be a problem, General.
Leave the bunker to me.
Bring in your troopers on my signal! Let's take them out! Ghost company.
Let's move! Sir, I've lost contact with our outer defenses.
The Republic troops have overrun the village perimeter.
Find out how the Jedi plan to attack.
Roger, roger.
The wall is secure, sir.
Are we moving on to the guns? We need to know what the droids have in store for us.
Send your best men to scout ahead.
Will do, sir.
Boil, Waxer, come with me.
I guess we're the best.
Buildings are just buildings.
What really makes a city are the inhabitants that live in it.
So where are they? We'll check out the courtyard.
You two, take the south sector.
Be back at command by 0620.
Yes, sir.
I tell you, Boil, this is creepy.
You think they've killed all of them? Well, there are no bodies.
They were driven from their homes.
I don't think they had a Had a what? Choice.
Not going to be easy getting to those guns, sir.
There is always a way, Wooley.
Wait, Twi'leks.
They're holding all the survivors hostage.
We have to report this to General Kenobi.
They're in the courtyard here and here.
But there's a complication.
They've taken the locals hostage and they're using them as shields.
The Twi'lek prisoners will make this difficult but not impossible.
I still have a good plan for taking out those guns.
Getting the villagers out of harm's way is our first priority.
I have faith in you, General Kenobi.
Cody, we'll go in with everything we have.
Clear those hostages.
So it's General Kenobi who is leading this assault.
He is known for his deceptive maneuvers.
Roger, roger.
Download his file.
- It's just a little girl.
- What are we going to do with her? Why do we have to do anything? - We've got a mission to finish.
- We should do something.
- I say we take her with us.
- You can't be serious.
She'll only slow us down.
- Look, she's afraid of us.
- Not us.
Quick, hide! That was a recon unit.
We'd better get moving.
We can't leave her here.
Fine, we'll take her.
Be careful.
Don't worry, Waxer.
I don't think she's armed.
Little tail-head bit me.
Stop, you're scaring her.
She probably thinks we're droids.
It's all right.
See, I'm flesh and blood, just like you.
She looks half starved.
No, I'm Waxer.
He's Boil.
You made a friend.
Mission accomplished.
Can we go now? Come on, kid.
Come on.
Look, she doesn't even want to go.
Little monster was fine before we came along, so let's move.
Sergeant, are the creatures ready? I starved them, like you ordered, sir.
I wonder what happened to her family.
They're probably dead.
Hopefully, she'll survive this mess.
So what happens to her? I mean, after we leave.
I don't know.
Don't get any ideas.
We're not taking her with us.
She's gone.
I'm sure the little biter will turn up.
There you are.
How'd she get in front of us? No, don't go that way! That's where the recon droid went.
Waxer, let her go.
I'm not just going to let the droids get her.
I'm just trying to keep you alive! I'll be darned if I know why.
Where's she going? Wait! Hold on, there! There you are.
Good, you caught her.
You know, I have binders if we need 'em.
What? What are we doing here, anyway? I guess this was her home.
Poor little thing.
She lost it all.
It's okay now.
We're here to help.
Don't cry, kid.
We'll keep you safe.
I promise.
The men set, Cody? What is it? Waxer and Boil are not responding.
- They never returned from scouting.
- That isn't like them.
They may have run into trouble.
Sergeant, use the high-powered transmitter, - see if you can reach Waxer and Boil.
- Yes, sir! Let's get the rest of the men moving.
The others will catch up.
They are on the move.
Sergeant, the attack is coming.
Release the beasts.
It is time to execute my plan.
Roger, roger.
It's the commander.
We're way overdue, Waxer.
We're going to end up polishing R2 units.
How are we going to explain all this, her? You're asking me? Maybe if we hurry back, we can tell them we ran into a little trouble.
Oh, that's for sure.
And our transmissions were jammed by the droids.
It's worth a try.
But mark my words, this will end badly.
I think I know why the kid never came back here.
You see what happens when we don't follow orders? Let's get out of here! These suckers won't give up! You grab the gun and I'll hold 'em back.
- Aim for their eyes! - Look out, look out! Fall back! The Republic ground troops have been routed, Emir.
What was that? I calculate the remaing clones are attempting a desperate final offensive.
Their chances of success against us are 742:1.
You had better be right.
I am a droid.
I am always right.
No, wait.
- Incredible.
- Quiet, rookie.
Shoot the bridge! Don't shoot.
Waxer, Boil.
Where have you two slackers been? Sir, there is an explanation.
We got sidetracked.
I think I see what sidetracked you.
The clones have defeated the creatures.
Yes, but their numbers are thin.
Prepare for their final attack.
Hello, little one.
She brought us here through the tunnels.
Knows her way around them pretty good, sir.
The girl can lead us through the tunnel to the prisoners.
Cody, we're going to need a diversion.
Yup, this is about the worst job in the droid army.
What? What? I'll take care of this.
You keep her here.
There they are.
Let's go! Pull back! Pull back! Commander, we have a problem.
The Jedi is freeing the prisoners.
Numa! Waxer, Boil, come with me.
We're with you, sir.
Ready, General.
Setting Alpha five or six! Where's the override? You lose, General Kenobi.
Does not compute.
Does not compute.
Does not compute.
Does not compute Great job getting rid of those cannons.
Now we have a more difficult objective.
We must take the capital and free this world.
See ya later, little one.
Hey, numa.
Stay out of trouble.
Don't be afraid.
We'll be back.
Sir, what is that she keeps calling us? Nerra.
It means "brother.
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