Star Wars: The Clone Wars s01e21 Episode Script

Liberty of Ryloth

XviD-SC-SDH Republic victory is at hand.
Clone troopers, under the command of the Jedi, have successfully invaded the Separatist-occupied world of Ryloth.
Anakin Skywalker battles the enemies in the skies, while Obi-Wan Kenobi frees villages from the grip of vile Separatist leader Wat Tambor.
Now Jedi General Mace Windu leads the attack on enemy lines in the final offensive to liberate the capital city of Lessu.
Take cover.
- We have stopped the enemy advance.
- Give me those.
Now order our cannon to target their rear units.
We'll box them in and blast them to pieces.
We're pinned down! Commander, bring out the lightning squad.
I want lightning up here now! Get the injured back.
I'm gonna clear the road.
- Sir, the enemy is advancing again.
- Let me see.
Find some cover.
Move it! Let's go! He's all yours, General.
We'll lead the way, Commander.
Forward! Now that Jedi is leading the attack.
Concentrate all your fire on those walkers! Should we run? It would be better if we just surrendered.
How many men did we lose? of 3 walkers.
The good news is General Kenobi's broken their lines.
We have a clear path straight to the capital now.
This battle was costly.
We're gonna need help to take the city.
The Republic is advancing faster than I expected.
I calculate they will reach the main gates by morning.
- I recommend we prepare our retreat.
- I will not retreat.
That Jedi does not have the troops to take this city.
Bring our units inside the walls and secure the bridge.
What's your progress, Skywalker? My fighters have secured control of the space around Ryloth.
We have the Separatist cruisers on the run.
Very good, General Skywalker.
Master Kenobi has taken the Jixuan desert, so the southern hemisphere is ours.
Then it's almost over.
Not yet.
The key position is the capital of Lessu.
Our spies are certain the Separatist leader Wat Tambor - has his command center there.
- When taken the city we have, - capture Tambor we must.
- It's not going to be easy, Master.
Tambor has chosen his stronghold well.
This plasma bridge is the only way in or out.
I'm afraid a siege could drag on indefinitely.
My people have suffered so much already.
A plan you have to take the bridge, Master Windu? With our forces stretched so thinly, I'm gonna enlist the help of the freedom fighters led by Cham Syndulla.
His fight against the droids made him a symbol of freedom for the people.
Cham Syndulla was a radical before the war.
He is very unpredictable.
He can't be trusted.
I know Syndulla seeks to gain power.
We were political rivals.
I'll leave the politics to you, Senator.
I'm gonna do whatever I can to help these people.
Perhaps we could send you Republic reinforcements instead.
There are no reinforcements available, Chancellor.
We can't win without Syndulla's help.
What makes you think the rebels are this way, General? What is it, sir? The resistance fighters ride creatures native to this region.
And these tracks are fresh.
Which means they can't be that far.
Isn't this the spot where they were massacred? Looks like it was a quite of a fight.
Wonder who put up these gravestones.
Is that them? Your tactical droid has informed me of the pitiful job you have done protecting our investment on Ryloth.
That droid exaggerates.
I have not lost yet.
You're no match for Master Windu.
Do not become greedy, Emir Tambor.
Take what valuables you can and destroy everything else.
Everything? We can put this defeat to political use.
The charred ruins of Ryloth will demonstrate to the galaxy the cost of a Republic victory.
As you wish.
Keep on the lookout for that lost patrol.
Did you hear that? I don't see anything.
- Why didn't we take them out, sir? - I have a feeling the rebels will do it for us.
- Look out! It's an ambush! - Help! It's the resistance! I was wondering when you'd find me, Master Jedi.
General Syndulla, - I've come for your help.
- What makes you think you'll get it? Emir Tambor, our bombers are nearly ready for launch.
And now I will ready your ship for evacuation.
I am not yet ready to leave.
In any case, we have a schedule to keep.
The ship will be ready.
- Some hideout you have here.
- It has advantages.
We saw the graves of many of your people in that battlefield as well.
Together, we can prevent that from happening again.
Do you know why we were massacred, Master Jedi? When the droids swept over Ryloth, the Republic was unable to help us.
We were forced to surrender, and we came here unarmed.
The Separatists brought tanks to exterminate us.
Come here, boy.
Come on.
Don't be afraid.
See, there's nothing to be afraid of here.
He says his blurrg may be ill-tempered, but she's much faster than your riding machines.
I don't know about that.
What is this, a scratch? Gobi, get better.
I need you.
We have little food or drink, but it is our tradition to share what we do have with our guests.
Target every Twi'lek village in range, - the inhabited ones first.
- Of course.
Our scouts reported in from the village up ahead.
The enemy's already pulled out.
Women and children are all that's left.
See if we can spare some rations.
They'll be hungry.
Sir, enemy ships are entering our sector.
- Damage report! - There's no tactical damage, sir.
It didn't hit us.
They bombed the village.
Make contact with General Windu.
I hope you don't mind this.
A little distraction goes far to ease the burden of the war on my men.
You have provided well for your men, all your people.
So why won't you help me free them from this occupation? I don't trust senator Ta, his plans for our world after the war.
The Republic will help you rebuild.
- We won't abandon you.
- Your troops will stay for security? For a while, to keep the peace.
Another armed occupation is not a free Ryloth.
How long before I am fighting you, Master Jedi? What is it? The droids have begun a firebombing campaign.
Several villages in our sector have been destroyed, sir.
Make the arrangements.
I will speak to senator Ta.
Is this all of it? We are still awaiting two transports from our southern base.
- Should we depart without them? - No.
I will have every valuable on this rock before I leave.
Emir Tambor, why haven't you evacuated? Our exit strategy is taking more time to implement.
I want you out of the city before the Republic arrives.
Once Master Windu has invaded the capital, you will bomb it from afar.
- Am I understood? - Yes, count Dooku.
You will not do anything until I give the order.
We have our orders, Emir.
Senator Ta, so glad you could join us from comfortable Coruscant.
Our people have survived with only me.
I knew you would try to turn this into a campaign to take power.
Need I remind you that it is I who leads our people in the senate? And it is I who leads our people here and now.
There will be nothing left to lead if you two refuse to work together.
- General Windu, do you copy? - I hear you, Skywalker.
My fighters are taking out the bombers as fast as they can, but there are just too many.
I doubt we can stop them all.
I suggest you get the people away from the cities.
You must destroy those bombers, Skywalker.
- Then meet me at the capitol.
- I'll do what I can.
What can the Separatists hope to gain from burning our homes? Nothing.
Wat Tambor spoils for others what he cannot possess.
Then we must act quickly.
Senator, your people are hesitant to join us because they're worried there'll be another military occupation.
The people have my promise that the clone army will leave once Ryloth is free of those droids.
What assurance can you give Senator Ta you will not try to assume power? I only want to see my people free, Master Jedi.
I give my word.
I believe in democracy.
Then we are together in this.
Men of Ryloth, the time has come to free ourselves! Keep moving.
Try and keep up, clone.
Tambor is still there.
How are we going to attack with my people so close? Your people will never be in danger if our walkers can cross the bridge into the city.
The key is getting control of that bridge.
Perhaps there is your way.
My spies tell me those transports carry treasure.
You think we can use them to get across the bridge? It is risky.
They are usually scanned while crossing.
When I get control of the bridge, you must start the attack.
They're in.
Let's go.
Commander, I'll need you to create a diversion.
Get the rest of Lightning squadron ready.
Yes, sir.
My men are ready.
It is time to leave.
The Republic walkers are holding at 1,200 meters.
Sir, the last shipments of treasure are approaching.
Just in time.
Activate the bridge and get them across immediately.
Initiating plasma projectors.
All right, hold it there.
Let's go.
The boss wants this done.
This one's all clear.
Here they come.
Wait! I'm picking up an anomaly in there.
Stay alert.
Trooper, prepare to fire.
Open the cargo hatch.
- Oh, no! - You're under arrest.
You have the r We're under attack! Deactivate the bridge! Well.
Too bad for them.
Run for it! They're turning the bridge off! I'll hold them off.
Get that bridge back up.
Sir, yes, sir! Charge! Save it.
Bridge is up, sir.
You take these droids.
I'll go find Wat Tambor.
My ship! I'm afraid Emir Tambor refused to retreat in time.
That is Unfortunate.
Order our bombers to destroy the capitol immediately.
General Windu, perhaps we can come to a compromise.
Not when I hold all the cards.
It appears a surrender is unnecessary.
We will all perish for the glory of the Separatist alliance.
- That was close, Master.
- Isn't it always, snips? What are your terms for surrender? They're unconditional.
I thank you, Master Jedi.
Today, all of Ryloth thanks you.
You're earned your freedom, General, all of you.

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